Next year’s format has been announced!

Majestic Dawn on…

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What are you thoughts? Let’s get some discussion going on this hot topic. :)

  • Poteet24

    Call Energy Stays
    Pixies Stay
    SPs don't lose anything essentially. Outside of Unown G

    Gyarados doesn't really lose anything.
    Hand Disruption becomes huge.
    Very interesting

  • JPN-Gallade

    What a shock! The format is going to be Majestic Dawn on?! Whoa there! Looks like it won't be PL on unfortunately.

    Man, next year is going to be interesting that's for sure. PLOX will be gone, so will Unown G, Claydol, Roseanne's Research, Dusknoir DP, Wager, and Felicity's Drawing. Now, we are going to have it Majestic Dawn onward. Uxie and Uxie Lv.X will be the new drawers, Azelf will still be played, and even more things will occur. Luxchomp will still really live on quite nicely now that Uxie will still be in next year. Then, we have Call Energy still remaining, Machamp will be broken because of Unown G's absence, Hand Disruption will be common, and Gyarados will still remain, but it will have to newer ways to discard Magikarps without Felicity's. Now this format will be interesting thus far that's for sure.

  • Aron Figaro

    Hand Disruption doesn't “become huge”; it becomes more viable as one of the metagame defining broken cards (which if GOOD devs were involved would have never been printed/been banned in a month), aka Claydol. We all play it, and love it or hate it it's going away.

    Night Maintenance is expected to be reprinted, afaik. If it's not, we still have Palmer's. Roseanne's isn't a huge loss. Collector and Interviewer's Questions do both halves of its job so much better that they're already worth using.

    BDIF? Not sure. SP will be interesting.

  • CyberTails

    Does the POP8 Roseanne's Count too?

  • NM2

    Talk about unexpected here. Well, I don't really like the format change this year, other than Claydol's absence, it doesn't really have a huge impact on the game. Correct me if I'm wrong but apart from Plox and Speedrill, is any other deck archetype rotated out? Sure, with Claydol gone, decks like CurseGar and Jumpluff will go down, but their main cards are still in-format, waiting for a draw engine to be released in the future.

    Still though, it will be interesting to see Gengar-Machamp making a little comeback, even without Claydol.

  • espy87

    this is really stupid IMO. nothing really changes at all. everything in the deck i play now is still playable for the next year minus the 3 roseannes and claydol. its pretty much the same thing for every single deck

  • JordanBaker

    Machamp is still in and unown g is gone. Wow! SP might be in trouble.

  • JordanBaker

    claydol being gone is huge.

  • Ed

    This is disappointing news. I was hoping that we'd have to actually think up new decks.

    Also, the announcement states, “Last year we announced that our goal was to have a Modified format that starts with 9 regular sets at the beginning of the season and ends the season with about 13 regular sets.” I didn't know that, and I don't recall that being mentioned on any of the rotation speculation threads/articles. Was this overlooked?

  • Espeon200

    I don't think it was announced officially. When I wrote my horribly incorrect speculation article I did a little bit of research and nowhere I looked had that information. Doesn't mean POP didn't decide that internally, though.

  • CyberTails

    I agree on that one, but I already re-made my deck to comply with next season's format

  • Ed

    Hmmm, weird. Maybe they officially announced it to themselves, but they seem to be claiming that it was public knowledge.

  • Espeon200

    Well, I guess this kills any speculation on what the next format is going to be. I could state the obvious and say that's definitely not what I was expecting, but I won't… oh wait… I kinda just did.

    It doesn't change up a whole lot, but it does remove Claydol, which is a dominate force of draw in the game right now. Surprised Uxie is staying in, but I guess they had to keep some sort of draw in, and you can really only use Uxie a maximum of 8 times, as opposed to once every turn, so I'm not really complaining.

    I think that removing Unown G is a great “counter” to SP decks for the simple reason that Machamp can now destroy an entire SP deck. That said, SPs are probably still going to be one of the dominant archetypes. Also, I'm glad Unown G is gone because there were a couple of damage-counter-effect cards in the next set that have a slightly better chance of seeing play thanks to the lack of Unown G.

  • Espeon200

    My big question is, why the fudge is the Professor Cup Platinum on? I mean, it would make just as much sense to be HGSS-on or to do a booster draft.

  • Jason

    I had read this on some website and I had speculated MD-on for the format. The stated goal of keeping the sets in was to have about 9 sets post-rotation. The one gap year was supposed to create this shift.

    A link to the website:

  • Espeon200

    Once again, I've been owned :)

  • chrataxe

    Well, my first thought: hmmm…..

    I guess we are going to have to wait until the next few sets come out to see how the game changes. Doesn't really seem like the rotation effects too much. Something has to happen in the near future to make legends playable. I think that will be the big factor in how the game will change.

    No Claydol? I think we will all be ok. Kills Jumpluff but won't effect SP much. I think Blaziken FB LvX will become huge. Good attacks, low energy and can't be sprayed and will be a good way to keep Machamp in check, as will Luxray.

    Also, lest we forget, Chatot stays!!

  • JordanBaker

    Uxie X is looking like a decent draw engine

  • Ed

    Good call, Jason.

  • pgmcsskater

    Gyarados is gone! No felicitys…i mean you can use volkners and regice but wont be as effective.

  • Kurama

    YES. Goodbye unown g. no one will miss you

  • pgmcsskater

    sp will

  • Fritzhans98

    i thought it would be pl on md on …. md is in the middle of dp…. thants …. unbelievable, i think nobady has been thinking it woul be a format like that. but i think its the best for business and my decks(gengar and kingdra prime) are ablr to be played next year im happy :))))

  • Tonu

    Toxicroak G PL says hi. This would require Skuntank G and Stadium with either Belt and Crobat G or Lucario GL to get Machamp OHKO'd. Machamp's Take Out does nothing on Toxicroak G since its Body prevents its effect.

  • pgmcsskater

    i just remembered something ahh…Mewtwo stays. Gross.

  • davehueglin

    I like this rotation. I think it gives a nice opportunity to foster more creativity. I agree with Poteet 24, especially on hand disruption. I don't think Stage 2s will die, they will just have to re-think their fundamental strategy vs SPs.

    Loss of Unown G really opens up a chance for all of the Special Condition based Pokemon that have been almost totally ignored because of Unown G. I know many will say that hardly anyone is playing Unown G right now, but just the threat of it being in the format has been enough to virtually eliminate Special Condition based decks.

    There are several cards coming out that really punish decks using Special Energy cards (not to mention the retention of Scizor MD), so Garchomp abusing DCE may become more of a risk for the SP player.

  • davehueglin

    There was reference made to it. Bullados fron the Gym has pointed it out several times.

  • Master Entei

    Sablelock becomes BDIF?

    I'm a bit unsatisfied with MD-On, would've liked something a bit more gamechanging… this just makes Machamp and Gengar jump up for a while…
    SP isn't really affected, it's probably just annoyed that it loses the ability to Spray and snipe Claydol.

  • chrataxe

    Which cards are these?

  • AdkZero

    Still, in order to counter just Machamp, you have to tech that Toxicroak G with Skuntank and add probably Galactic HQ or Snowpoint. It still sounds like a threat to the consistency of SP decks. It's like putting Relicanth SV in some decks fearing that without it Unown G is countering them, whereas Unown G doesn't see much play as it did once. What I mean is that just the sole existence of Machamp in the metagame without Unown G will change for sure the way SP decklists are made and it's definitely good to give a nerf to the current BDIF in order for other decks to shine, even if the nerf is only in the consistency of the deck. Oh and I won't even mention the case when any of the 4 cards that are needed to counter Machamp are prized :P

  • ESP

    Wait, do we keep Night Maintenance or not?

  • JordanBaker


  • JordanBaker

    I don't think so. Without great draw power, the “disruption” of sablelock might actually turn into a decent way to refresh your opponent's hand.

  • JordanBaker

    machamp and stormfront gengar specifically.

  • JordanBaker

    uxie lv x should be able to handle toxicroak just fine.

  • Abrove

    I don´t think so… I think is good, only good player will play SP ñ_ñ

  • davehueglin

    Lost Remover – Goods (Trainer)
    Place 1 Special Energy attached to an opponent’s Pokemon in the Lost Zone.

    Raticate – Colorless – HP 80
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Rattata
    [C] Chew Apart: 30 damage. Discard 1 Special Energy attached to the opponent’s active Pokemon.

    Scizor – Metal – HP 100
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Scyther
    Poke-Body: Red Armor
    This Pokemon receives no damage from the attacks of your opponent’s Pokemon that have any Special Energy attached to them.

  • Kenny Wisdom

    I haven't read this entire thread, but here are my feelings…

    [Disclaimer: As I've been very vocal about, we still have tons of cards coming out and a lot of things could change in the meta between now and when rotation hits. My post is just for funsies outlining some of the things I think are good/bad about how the format works now. None of this will probably matter once we get more sets and the bigger tournaments happen, etc.]

    – Firstly, I was right. Not to be rude about it, but I think my article about the format has even more traction now that the format that everyone was banking on isn't going to happen. Not that I also didn't expect it to happen, and not that my article didn't also have several other points as to why testing for next format was dumb, but I was correct in my thinking that people would be wasting their time testing for PT-on. And no, I still think you're wasting your time if you're testing for MD-On, too. ;)

    – The main thought that springs to mind is that SP is going to be huge. Power Spray is bigger than ever, considering that there is no other Pokemon-based draw power other than Uxie. Before, a Spray would usually just slow you down a turn (which, I admit could be huge) but now a single Spray could literally cost someone the game, as there are very fews 'outs' to it, in that you can't try again next turn, etc. SPs in general are going to get bigger though, as they are hit the least hardest here.

    – Unown G doesn't matter. It's not as if the absence of Unown G is going to make Machamp the BDIF. Most SPs don't even play Unown G right now, so unless something radical happens and cards are release that break Machamp, I don't think it's going to be any better than before. I'd argue that without Claydol it's going to be worse, actually.

    – To whoever asked, yes, POP sets are being rotated, unfortunately for Roseanne's. =[

  • davehueglin

    Just for the sake of discussion, I am going to disagree with some of your points. These are the thoughts that came into my mind as I read your post Kenny. I don't really know which one of us is right – in fact “right” is probably somewhere in between both of our views.

    Firstcomes the “Spray” issue. I think there will still be several ways to bait a Spray before dropping an Uxie. One way is Dodrio and Noctowl (not that they are remotely close to Claydol), which have once a turn draw powers. It's very unfortunate they are weak to lightning, but they can provide some draw power. It might not seem worth Spraying one of the birds, but at a key point in the game it may be a factor (who knows, maybe Uxie will be the bait!). On a related note, Underground Expedition and Cynthia's Guidance might see some more play as they are a way to get Uxie without your opponent knowing you have him. I think with Uxie, the surprise factor will be very important.

    The second thought is on Unown G. I think Unown G has been in the meta so long that it has affected the mindset of players. Everyone initially was running Unown G, so players reacted to that and almost completely stopped relying on Special Conditions and effects of attacks, other than damage. Gradually, most players who were playing Unown G realized that they didn't really need to play it anymore because very few people were using Pokemon that it could affect. However, the threat of it being in a deck was always present and few players would take a chance build a deck based around Special Conditions and effects of attacks. It didn't need to be played, just the threat of it being in the format was enough. Now that it will be gone completely, Special Condition and effects of attacks will start to become much more effective again and will be used more.

  • AdkZero

    I couldn't agree more about the Unown G issue and I'm really glad it finally left the format. :D Not that I'll enjoy being sniped by Gengar or being Taken Out but still it will be a pleasant change from all the Sablelocks. Crobat Prime finally gains a boost too.

  • JordanBaker

    How exactly is testing for the new format a bad thing? For those of us who aren't going to nationals, there isn't really any point in playing the current rotation anymore.

  • davehueglin

    That's a no on Night Maintenance. As of now it is only available in MT, OP8 and SW, all of which are rotating out.

  • pgmcsskater

    sp doesnt like an autoloss to machamp but now toxicroak says hi lol

  • pgmcsskater

    i agree i have taken out all my old stuff and plan to put it in a lot on ebay and just play with next formats cards…

  • pgmcsskater

    true but judge may become even more disruptive because your opponent cant claydol. however most deck will probably run 2-1 uxie now

  • JordanBaker

    uxie lv. x and belted machamp both ohko toxicroak

  • pgmcsskater

    yeah but toxicroak can replace unown g. but im greatly disappointed that weavile cant replace call.

  • JordanBaker

    In Reply to pgmcsskater (it wouldn't let me reply to you for some reason)

    He does not replace g. g protected any basic. toxicroak only protects himself. Not only that but as I explained above a belted machamp and Uxie X (which will see alot of play) can both OHKO toxicroak.

  • Altaria334

    I'm actually quite pleased with this format, partly because it disclaims that “PL on” format everyone's been supporting, and partly because my favorite card, Warp Point, is still legal. It's kind of weird without Claydol though, my Jumpluff deck's going to need some changes, at least my Uxies will go up in value.

  • Gwaihir

    I can't see how belted machamp OHKOs Toxicroak G. IMHO belted machamp's take out effect is prevented by toxicroak's body thus leaving toxicroak G unaffected by dmg at all. Only way machamp can deal dmg to toxicroak G is to use another attack (Strong-willed from its lv.x form and belt) and that requires more energy.

  • Gwaihir

    I can't see how belted machamp OHKOs Toxicroak G. IMHO belted machamp's take out effect is prevented by toxicroak's body thus leaving toxicroak G unaffected by dmg at all. Only way machamp can deal dmg to toxicroak G is to use another attack (Strong-willed from its lv.x form and belt) and that requires more energy.

  • pgmcsskater

    yeah i understand but im just saying toxitank may make a comeback next format…

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