POLL – Two A or Not Two A? T-Shirt Brand + Sizes Voting

What’s going on everyone? Thanks to everyone to took part in the t-shirt catchphrase poll! “Unown Pleasures” got the most votes, and that’s the option I was leaning towards anyway since it seemed most appropriate for this design, so that’s what we’re going to go with for the shirt.

Here is the final design I settled upon:

Thanks again to Jordan B. from Sizable Lion for making the design happen! If you need any graphic design work done, Jordan is your go-to guy.

Note: The graphic will likely be a little smaller on the actual t-shirt. It’ll be a little closer to this proportion.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

As some of you may know, I was kinda stressing about copyright on the original design, but I did extensive research behind the mountains/ripples image which you can read about on my blog if you’re interested.

Basically what I found was that the image depicts 80 successive radio pulses from the first pulsar ever discovered superimposed vertically upon each other. The diagram was first published in a 1971 issue of the magazine Scientific American, and does not list a copyright as far as I can tell (which was required to obtain copyright protection back then), so the image is in the public domain.

The only other legal thing to clear up is that the shirt is in no way associated with any band or artist. It’s just a SixPrizes t-shirt.

Other Catchphrases

Here are the catchphrases/slogan that didn’t win:

  • Super Effective (It’s Super Effective!)
  • Topdeck FTW
  • PKMN Masters
  • I Choose You
  • Good Game (suggested in the comments)

My plan is that we’ll keep those ideas in our back pocket, then in the future if we want to get new t-shirts made, we’ll vote on those phrases and use the winning phrase as the theme for the next shirt.

We’ll then have a contest to see who can come up with the best design based off that catchphrase! That won’t be happening for a while (probably not until Regionals next season), but it’s something to look forward to for all you artists out there.

Two A… or not two A?

That is the question… I want to know what t-shirt brand you guys and gals prefer! Our options are either American Apparel (AA aka two A) model 2001 or something else that’s cheaper. Here are the differences between the two:

Something else (probably Gildan Model 5000)

  • Lower quality (slightly less comfy)
  • Size ranges Small through XXXL
  • More of a regular fitting shirt
  • Price would be ~$15
  • Product page

American Apparel (AA) Model 2001

  • Higher quality (more soft/comfortable)
  • Size ranges XS through XXXL
  • More fitted fit
  • Price would be ~$20
  • Product page and measurements

So basically we go either go with a less expensive, less comfy shirt or slightly more expensive, more sizes, nicer quality shirt. Keep in mind that American Apparel is more fitted, so their XXXL might fit more like a regular fitting XXL. Check the sizing chart and compare the measurements to a shirt you own if you want to be sure.

Even better, if you’re unfamiliar with American Apparel, they’ve probably got a store at your local mall where you could try them on. Ask for t-shirt model 2001. I’m sure the cute hipster girl working there would be happy to help you out.

Anyway… please vote if you have an opinion on this. I’m happy to go with whatever brand you guys want.

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I’ll let this poll run for a day or two, then after it’s apparent want brand is the favorite, we’ll start taking pre-orders and get things moving!