Vote for Writer of the Month – June 2011 + SECRET PROJECT REVEALED

What’s goin’ on everyone??

Is Stantler the unofficial Canadian Pokémon?

First of all, good luck to all my friends north of the border this weekend! I hope Canadian Nats goes well for everyone and I can’t wait to hear how it goes with the HS-on format… the results could have a big impact on US Nationals!

Secondly, we had 23 different contributors to the site last month! I thank everyone who submitted an article. I really appreciate it, and without you guys the site is nothing. I sincerely appreciate the effort everyone puts forth in every single article.

The article quality is just getting better and better too… I’m seriously blown away by some of the articles. I feel so fortunate that people like you contribute to the community and help grow consciousness of the game… it’s awesome!

And now it’s that time of the month again to vote for who was the best of the best from last month (June 2011). This month I’m opening things up so you can pick your 5 favorite writers (last month you could only pick 4).

There were so many good articles this month it’ll be hard enough to choose with 5 votes, but take your time and pick whomever you think is most deserving. Voting ends on Tuesday, July 5th at 11:59 PM EST.

As always, the top 10 vote getters will receive a FREE month subscription to SixPrizes Underground.

If YOU would like to become a contributor to the site (and have a chance to snag one of those free UG memberships), check out the instructions here.


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In other news…


Last month I posted about a secret project I was thinking of starting… and a month later it’s pretty much completed. Here’s where it starts:

I originally had the idea of having our own card scans on SixPrizes, so we wouldn’t have to always borrow from Pokébeach and Pokégym. (I really appreciate those two sites allowing us to use their images by the way.)

During my planning phase of the project I decided it would be a lot easier from a technical point of view to start a new website, and just have card scans on it. I’ve spent the past few weeks coding this new website during my free time, and I’m happy to say it’s pretty much completed!

It was pretty challenging trying to design the site since it’s a lot different than SixPrizes, but I think you’ll really like it. I have a few more things to get done on my “To Do” list, but I should be ready to launch the site sometime this weekend.

The only thing is that I am going to need help with people contributing scans to the site. I have been in contact with one collector who said he would help out, but I’ve sort of lost contact with him as of late. (Dan… where are you??)

If you’d be interested in helping out, please send me an e-mail at I’ll be sure to reward you for your efforts… more info on the specifics of that once the site launches.

Oh and if you’re on the SixPrizes mailing list, you got a sneak peak screencap of the site… look for that in your inbox today.

Before I start rambling, thanks for reading and again, good luck to everyone at Canadian Nats this weekend and I’ll see everyone else at US Nationals next weekend!