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We are always looking for new writers for the front page of 6P. If you have any interest in writing and showcasing your skills, go for it!

Benefits of Writing for SixPrizes

  1. For each of your articles that make it to the front page, you will receive a free 1-month subscription to SixPrizes Underground.
  2. Composing about the Pokémon TCG – a topic you are likely passionate about – is an excellent way to work on your writing skills, which can help with school.
  3. Many of the best players out there have written for Pokémon TCG sites at some point in their playing times, which makes it almost a sure-fire way to help you improve at the game.
  4. Putting your experiences with the Pokémon TCG into writing is a great method of encapsulating an enjoyable and memorable time in your life. (In five or ten years you may look back at your articles and get a nice kick of nostalgia.)
  5. You will get recognition and respect from the Pokémon TCG community for putting yourself out there.
  6. If there is anything you’d like to promote (like a website or personal endeavor), you are more than welcome to mention and link to it.
  7. Our editing team will work with you to make sure your article turns out great!

Want to get started? Here are the steps to take from piqued interest to published article:

Step 1: Write

First decide whether you want to write a full article (1,500+ words) or a mini (closer to 1,000 words or less). It is recommended that you begin with a mini – a brief, well-written piece on a narrow topic – to get your feet wet, especially if you are not yet a prolific writer. Then try to think of an interesting topic that you are knowledgeable about which falls into one of the following categories:

Search to make sure no one has recently covered your desired topic. There is nothing more disheartening for an editor than to have to reject an article because its subject matter has already been thoroughly covered. Do your best to make your article unique in some way and bring either new information or a different spin to the table.

Please ask for input if you are unsure about your topic – we will let you know if you’ve picked a good one (or should go in a different direction).

Note: Do not write articles focused on cards that have not yet been confirmed for English release. We don’t know what our metagame will look like when Japanese cards come out, and English sets often unexpectedly include or exclude Japanese cards, so please wait on discussing them extensively. It is ok to speculate to an degree, but a full article on the unknown is jumping the gun. A mini or subsection in a full article on Japanese cards could be ok though as a means for generating discussion.

In order to create consistency between articles, both in terms of making editing easier for our editors and improving reading comprehension for our readers, we’ve created a set of technical requirements for SixPrizes articles. Please read over them before you begin writing! It will be painfully obvious to the editors if you haven’t taken a look at the page.

As far as where to write your article, if you are already an approved front page contributor, type it directly on the site. You should see a “Write New” link in the header while you are logged in – click that and type away. Click “Submit for Review” when finished, otherwise “Save Draft.”

If you are not an approved front page contributor, you can either type your article in a word processor (such a Microsoft Word or Google Docs) or on our forums in the draft category. It can be helpful to first outline your article and come up with a descriptive title (as after all, you should have honed in on a specific topic by now). Regardless of where you feel most comfortable initially typing your article, you should ultimately post it to the draft category upon completion so that it is out in the open and can receive communal feedback.

Don’t worry about including images – the editors will take care of making your article look good. You can make note if you do have any special requests for pictures, though.

Step 2: Apply

Before your article can be considered for the front page, you must first explicitly apply to become a front page contributor. Once approved, you will be able to submit articles for publishing (and can skip this step).

Begin the application process by filling out the following form:

Sorry. You must be logged in to view this form.

Step 3: Submit

Once approved, you will see links in the site header (next your Account link) for submitting and working on articles. The editing interface should be fairly self-explanatory. A private message will be created between you and the editing team once you submit for review and we will be in contact with you throughout the editing process. It typically takes a couple days, depending on how busy we are, from when you first submit your article for review to it being published.

As for the free 1-month subscription to Underground, after each of your articles is published or scheduled, I (Adam) will add access to your account. If I forget (which I sometimes do), please remind me!

If you have a current paid Underground membership, I will refund your current month. If you already have a freebie membership, I will add another month on top of it.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a SixPrizes contributor, and good luck!

P.S. If you’re curious about writing for Underground, I’ll sometimes give writers a chance to contribute to UG if they’ve written a few regular articles that have been well recepted by the community. There are no guarantees of securing a spot through this method though since there is a very limited amount of Underground writing opportunities each month (about 8 or 9) and a lot of competition for them. It helps greatly if you’ve also had standout tournament results.

Feel free to ask though about upcoming availability and I will be as honest as possible about the current situation.

Image Credits: pokemonscreenshots.tumblr.com