A Possible Combo with Flygon

I have been continuing my “training” to get back into the swing of things by studying all the Pokémon cards that are out right now. I came across Groudon LA and realized that it could have potential with Flygon RR. After showing Jeremy my original Flygon list, seen here, he told me that there was a variant of Flygon that uses Weavile SW to attach extra energies to Flygon with its “Shadow Charge” attack.

Groudon Legends Awakened LA 29 Pokemon Card
Groudon’s “Drought” attack is fairly similar, in that it allows you to get extra energy attachments for your turn. While Groudon’s attack requires you to have energy in your hand in order for it to be effective, Groudon is a basic Pokémon, which is an advantage over Weavile, who is a stage 1 Pokémon. Groudon does carry a hefty 3 Retreat Cost, however, when used with Flygon it will have free retreat thanks to Flygon’s “Rainbow Float” Pokémon Body.

We will post a list for this Pokémon deck idea once we get a chance to test it out. If you want to try it out, let us know how the testing goes by clicking to comment below.

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  1. Joshua Hall

    The nice thing about weavile is that you can add 4 special darks to your deck to do a bit more damage with flygon which could help with 2KOs, but the benefits of not having a stage 1 to deal with might overcome that. Also, you want to have evolutions on your bench for Flygon’s attack, not basic pokemon.

    • Adam Capriola  → Joshua

      Hey quaziko,
      Those are all great points. Weavile’s Pokemon Power could also be useful when facing a Gengar from Stormfront due to its weakness to darkness. You could attack them with an Uxie LA for 50 damage with only 1 energy by changing its type to darkness. This is very nice damage for only 1 energy, plus you can avoid Gengar’s “Fainting Spell” Pokemon Power because you have the option of shuffling Uxie back into your deck.

  2. alex d

    You’ve got to remember that Weavile adds damage for Power Swing, which is probably the biggest reason I stay wary from Groudon.

    • Adam Capriola  → alex

      Yo Alex, yea that is another great reason to stick with Weavile. This was just an idea I came up with as an alternative to Weavile. Jeremy is just getting back from vacation today, but we’ll eventually try it out and see how it does.

  3. vitor2097

    that groudon it’s very good…in thetournament i win vs that groudon…with a galade 4…

  4. vitor2097

    that groudon it’s very good…in thetournament i win vs that groudon…with a galade 4…

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