Gengar Spread with Butter!

Pokémon (23)
3 Gastly SF
1 Haunter AR 41
2 Gengar SF
1 Gengar AR 16
1 Gengar LV.X
2 Gallade E4
1 Gallade E4 LV.X
1 Mareep PL
1 Ampharos SW
1 Baltoy GE
1 Claydol GE
2 Crobat G
1 Azelf LA
2 Uxie LA
1 Uxie LV.X
2 Unown G GE
Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums (26)
4 Bebe’s Search
3 Roseanne’s Research
2 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
2 Level Max
4 Poké Turn
4 Rare Candy
2 Warp Point
2 Premier Ball
1 Luxury Ball
2 Night Maintenance
Energy (11)
9 P
2 Call

Gengar LV.X Arceus AR 97 Pokemon CardUpon making a deck that revolves around the lovely Gengar LV.X, from the Platinum: Arceus expansion, I decided that I could not let this cute little bundle of joy stand alone! The biggest need that Gengar LV.X requires is already-damaged enemies; and what way to give him that other than his best buddy, Gallade E4 LV.X! Opening up the game with a damage counter on each of my opponent’s Pokémon using “Blade Storm”, I can immediately Poké Turn out Gallade E4 LV.X and rush in my Gengar. I then throw on his LV.X, if I have not Level Maxed him already, and “Compound Pain” my opponent.

To get this all to work, I start out stalling with Gastly from Stormfront, using its “Pitch-Dark” attack, and Ampharos with its “Jamming” Poké-Body, while drawing out the deck with Uxies, Uxie LV.X, and Claydol, along with the various Trainers and Supporters. My opponent would only be left with a choice of using their one Supporter each turn (which with Ampharos in play would do 10 damage each of their Pokémon), thus giving Gengar LV.X another head start.

Ampharos Secret Wonders SW 1 Pokemon CardAll this time I am stalling with Gastly’s Energy-free attack, “Pitch-Dark”, I would be building up another Gastly into Gengar, via Rare Candy, as well as having a Gallade E4 ready to enter the battle, to Level Up and deal that wondrous extra 10 damage to each of my opponent’s Pokémon. Then, once Gallade E4 LV.X has done his job, I would Poké Turn him and bring out Gengar.

Of course, Gengar LV.X would not be using just his “Compound Pain” attack, but also his lower level’s “Shadow Room” attack, to Knock Out those pesky Poké-Power techs that my opponent may have stocked up on, over the duration of the game.

This is a medium-quick paced deck and should start dealing out some heavy damage around turn 3 or 4, possibly sooner if you work it right.

Gallade 4 LV.X Rising Rivals RR 106 Pokemon CardGallade E4 also works as a light hitter with his 2 Energy attack “Chop Up”, not only hitting the Defending Pokémon for 20 damage, but also hitting my opponent’s Benched Pokémon for 10 damage each. Just another up for Gengar LV.X.

Now, a big flaw here is Nidoqueen. And when it comes to Nidoqueen, it makes me wonder if I should take out the Mareep and Ampharos in order to run Duskull and Dusknoir from Diamond & Pearl, for his “Dark Palm” Poké-Power, to knock Nidoqueen back in to my opponent’s deck. I, personally, would stay with Ampharos for the lock-up on Trainers and Supporters. Some may think differently though. That’s why we build around the play styles we like.

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  1. Adam Capriola

    Garchomp C LV.X also hurt spread decks pretty badly. I think him along with Nidoqueen have put an end to any competitive spread.

    I feel like the only way to run Gengar now is with Machamp SF because it allows you to draw easy prizes. It can be difficult to draw prizes with Gengar at times because it can be easily played around.

    Also…play more Call Energy! :)

    • Matthew Riddle  → Adam

      That is my thoughts exactly. Garchomp C Lv.X is easily tech’d into many SP decks, and Nidoqueen is a very popular tech for Stage 2 decks. That pretty much covers the format.

  2. Soul

    Only 2 Call Energies, really? Also I think Ampharos is way to hard to get out for what it does, I’d rather add a second Claydol line instead. Well written though.

  3. Zachary Slater

    Yeah, I like this idea (Gengar Lv. X/Gallade 4), but I think Ampharos is more trouble than it’s worth. For the spots it takes up, it really slows the deck down especially to the main strategy of the deck. It works, but you could definitely work on better consistency with the other two cards if you took Ampharos out.

    • Brandon  → Zachary

      I agree the Ampharos is just dead weight i would place something else in maybe two more call energies if you can.

  4. I really like this idea, however I fear you may have too much stuff in the deck. As well as it not being a good play as far as match-ups go. Plus, I know this is totally unrelated, but is there any way to change my avatar? I couldn’t find a place to do it. Thanks.

  5. Nick

    I’ve been experimenting with Gengar/Gallade ever since Gengar LV.X came out. It’s okay… not the most consistent thing out there, but quite nasty if it gets set up properly. I play 2 Energy Gain for Chop Up, and since I have them in there, I play 1 Drifblim FB to try to 2HKO a benched Nidoqueen (even with Maternal Comfort), but I’m thinking that a 1-1 Dialga G LV.X line would be a better tech for her (I don’t play Ampharos/Metagross/anything with a body). I’d definitely like to up the Claydol line and the Call Energy in here. I’m also not a big fan of the Level Max. Great article!

  6. Brandon

    after you drop the Gallade 4 LV.X try putting in the spiritomb from Legends Awakend it’s Poke-power is called “curse Breath” it allows you to place a damage counter on every pokemon that already has damage on it but it’s both you and your oppenent if you have any damage on you it would put one on you but if you drop it at the begining of the game right after the level up it works great i think and that could be the extra 10 damage you need to get a K.O. with Gengar! Try it hope it works out!

  7. Rogue Archetype

    The spread idea is cool, but if you’ve ever tried to run Gallade, you know that the spread is TOO SLOW for today’s format(s)/meta(s). If you truly want to focus on that, you may want to just take out the Ampharos line and toss in a Dialga G X. This way Nidoqueen is teched for AND the random grass decks has the Shaymin LvX turned off (AND .. spiritomb is no longer a factor). So, I guess I’m just suggesting – Ampharos +Dialga G X.

  8. Power Swing

    I really love spread decks but they just don’t cut it in todays format. Gengar/Gallade 4 seams like a near combo but will get shut down by Nidoqueen. Gengar/Machamp is the best gengar deck right now. As for your deck the ampharos seems like dead weight. It has a useful power but it won’t be set up to quickly either. It seems like a near combo but it just won’t work out with all the spread counters we have. Near article none the less.

    • jesus69  → Power

      idk the last time i ever saw anybody win anything with a gengar champ deck.
      Sounds like it would lose to anything with uxies.

    • jesus69  → Adam

      Shorewood Il cities
      won be me.
      I didnt play a saturday one because i let a friend play the deck.
      and he probably would have top fored but ran into T-tar in round five.

  9. Mário Faccini Junior

    I understand also that the best way to play with this deck is 1-1 dalga G LV.X, but here in Brazil the most competitive deck is still “dialga g + palkia g + gachomp c + Mesprit and cia, great article

  10. jesus69

    I won a cities with a gengar spread list that didnt run amphy.
    I played a 1-0-1 omastar and 3 warp points.
    It took care of queen pretty good and the flyguy list.
    Obviously garchomp gives you a horrific time but it think it is still doable if played correcty.

  11. The Thunder

    Maybe you could add a little more Sps like the deck that Nick runs with Drifblim and the focus on Gallade 4. Then add Dialga G X and get 2 of those or a Crobat on the field for a Power Spray to stop a Garchomp C LV.X so you could keep on spreading and doing damage. This would really stop a G Chomp C X and KO some pokemon before they Poke Turn and Heal but get canceled by another Spray

  12. Renfield89

    The 1-1 Claydol and 2 Calls irk me.
    Especially when Amphy and LEVEL MAX are in the list =/

  13. Malocide

    You could always play Ampharos PL to shut of Garchomp C with damage on but you would sacrifice using any pokemon powers of your own of pokemon that have any damage on. Level max? Why not run Bebe’s and SP Radar? You can your needed Xs easy that way.

    The issue with this deck is a slow set up and not enough spread fast enough. I think you really have to be able to pull of 1-2HKOs with the spread and focus on the Uxies, Claydols, and other low HP support Pokemon. I wanted to try this out but I just can’t see much to do to make it top tier.

  14. jesus69

    i would rather try the amphy instead of adding more SP for power spray.
    The power spray is pointless, they are just going to poke turn it and do it again next turn. Not to mention all of the elite players are running a 2-1 garchomop C. so they can do it in the same turn.
    Sometimes you just have to except that you aren’t going to win every match up.
    SP was a good deck last year back the second we got to worlds what won.
    You have such a good match up against anything besides Garchomp C.
    One card isnt going to keep me from playing a deck.Take the loss to it and let something else beat the deck you cant.
    You will never run into The deck more than 2-3 times at any big event.

  15. CoMiT

    great deck!!
    call energies are neeeded more!
    maybe incorparate a garchomp c lvX ass it will help wipe the oponents out

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