Such a beast! Dragonite FB.

Dragonite FB Rising Rivals RR 56A Dragonite FB at a first glance, August 2009:

100 HP…

x2 Weakness to a popular type…

-20 Fighting resistance…

3 Retreat Cost…

and two expensive and unreliable attacks?

But hey! Take a really good and hard look at Dragonite FB’s “Mach Blow” attack. It may be a really bad to start because of it’s many expensive attacks, unreliable weakness and Retreat Cost, however it could WORK because of two new cards released since the release of Supreme Victors.

Double Colorless Energy HeartGold & SoulSilver HS 103Since there are MANY popular Pokémon-SP that usually have an average of 80 Hit Points. With that in mind, you could easily splash that in a Garchomp C LV.X deck to one shot most of the opposing Pokémon-SP in one hit with just an Energy Gain and a now reprinted Double Colorless Energy!

What about the odd 90HP Pokémon-SP? Or even 100HP? It’s really simple. For those with 90HP, it can be done rather easily with just a Crobat G “Flash Bite” drop. As for those with 100HP, a new Pokémon Tool card can easily solve the problem even better – Expert Belt. Expert Belt now allows you to boost your damage from a normal 80 to 100, allowing you to one-shoot a normal Dialga G or Palkia G without wasting all of your PokéTurns to secure a Knock-out with Crobat G’s “Flash Bite” Poképower.

Expert Belt Arceus AR 87However, the only main downside for the Expert Belt power boost, is that you cannot attach Energy Gain at the same time. So decks like Garchomp C LV.X would use great synergy with this card due to Double Colorless Energy and would work amazingly if you start with this card first with Call Energy in hand alongside an Expert Belt and Double Colorless Energy to attach in order to deal a Turn-Two 100 damage with “Mach Blow”!

Like Ambipom G once was an underlooked card, and became good again due to Garchomp C LV.X release, and I can see this Dragonite FB card would be even better with the release of Double Colorless Energy.

Thoughts, anyone?

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  1. Brandon Bittinger

    Even with the DCE I don't think his energy requirements are worth it for what he does, also if you have it Expert Belted you can attach a TGI Energy Gain so you still need another energy. It is kin of good i can one hit most Sp Level ups if you drop a Crobat, if his energy requirements were maybe 2 colorless instead, I would say that he could be played as a tech because of his colorless type and colorless energy requirements.

  2. jordan baker

    I agree, this card might work in a fun deck to mess around with, but it has no place in a competitive deck.

  3. Adam Capriola

    I remember some people talking about this card after Supreme Victors came out as a Garchomp counter. I think it's pretty decent, but Ambipom might be the better tech against Garchomp at this point.

    Interesting idea of putting Belt on it…if it wasn't weak to Colorless I think that could work, but pretty much every SP deck is using Garchomp now. Even the non-Lv.X could surprise you for 100.

    The only real advantage it has over Garchomp is that it's a basic, so you could surprise your opponent with 80 out of no where. 1 might be worth it for a mirror match or LuxChomp!

  4. Brandon Bittinger

    Ya, it would be good to to use as a Garchomp counter because it is definate damage so you can do it after they snipe or if they have an energy on it you can still one hit K.O. it!

  5. jordan baker

    yeah but unless you have an energy gain its going to take two turns to set up at which point its not very surprising.

  6. Mark Stroup



  7. Brandon Bittinger

    Sorry if were being negative this is a well written article but the card just can't be played competitively!

  8. Toni Taitto

    You can get Dragonite FB out with Expert Belt in single turn. You play Dragonite FB down, then give it a (DC) energy, move (DC) energy with Bronzong G to move one previously given energy to Dragonite FB, then drop Belt down and do 100 damage +/- Weakness or Resistance.

    Garchomp C, (Regigigas FB) and Dragonite FB is mainly the only ones on SP Pokémons that will counter Dragonite FB. Any other Pokémon will have almost impossible to try to OHKO it in return. 80 damage or Belted 100 damage will KO most of SP Pokémons. If your Belted Dragonite FB is about to KO, Turn it back to your hand.

    IMO this card seems pretty good for against any SP deck. Against any other non-SP deck, this is bad. CCC for 20 and CCCC for 100 if Heads. Lower atack is great against Flygon if you happen to get a heads. This is why you should play only 1 or 2 of these in any SP Deck that runs DCEs. I wouldn't recommend this card to be run in non-SP deck. DCE, Bronzong G, Energy Gain and Expert Belt makes Dragonite FB semi-viable card.

    A bit offtopic for now:
    I created Luxray GL/Dragonite FB deck on JWittz DCE competition. DCE Luxray GL can try to donk 30 HP Basics on T1. Luxray GL lvX can Gust something front and deal 60 damage with low energy cost. Dragonite FBs were planned on versus any other SP decks. Uxie lvX could use DCE to use its attack. Tech Chatot were to lock opponents Spiritombs with Chatter. Medicham SV were Mewtwo lvX counter. 2 energy for 60 and weakness. Psy and DCE and you could hit a move which does extra damage for every card on your opponents hand.

    PS: I didn't get into top-5 decks or got randomly selected as a winner on that contest. :P

  9. jordan baker

    Yeah, don't let our negative comments stop you from writing another article. I love seeing new articles on SixPrizes.

  10. Aloïs de La Comble

    If I was you I would delete this topic immediately.
    Who would like to put a card in his deck which is slow, not very powerfull and not the best tech against SP decks ?
    Which hits 80/100 for 3 (if the opponent is SP) given that Gengar hits 80 + 10 and goes back on the bench, Gyarados 90 or more, Luxray 60 anywhere, Garchomp C 80 !

    I think it is the worst idea a deckbuilder ever had but I can forgive you… it sometimes happens…

  11. Toni Taitto

    Teching Dragonite FB in uses only a few cards in your deck if you play SP deck yourself. How much space it takes to tech Gengar, Gyarados, etc in it? A lot. You could use Garchomp C lines if you want to Snipe around and discard your DCEs. Dragonite FB is viable tech idea. I do expect to counter at least one deck that has Dragonite FB in upcoming States.

    I don't think that anyone would like to play Dragonite FB on a non SP deck since it requires way too many cards to tech it on non SP deck. Dragonite FB is just a tech, not main attacker. If you know how to use it properly, it will work.

  12. Adam Capriola

    I don't think it's that bad…one as tech might be good for LuxChomp mirror! I am terrible at playing SP decks though and don't have the patience to learn how to play it, but having the ability to one hit your opponent's Garchomp without sacrificing one of your own doesn't seem bad.

  13. alex d

    Hm. This looks good, except he can be OHKO'd by Garchomp C's Earthquake rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright back atcha.

    And it is sort of a waste of a DCE, although I suppose Garchomp would be doing the same damage but have to discard…


  14. Michael Randolph

    Ok so the real problem you would find with this card is it is virtually useless against non SP builds, because your attaching allot to just hit for 20 or taking a huge risk on a flip. Other than that I think there are ways to make it work if teched into an SP deck. Wether it works efficiently or not it doesnt matter because you tried to show us something that you thought was a nifty idea and for that i'd say you did a damn good job! Keep up the good work man!

  15. Collan Baker

    You guys keep mentioning that it will get one hit KO'ed by a flygon or a garchomp….but I think it's a little more important that Dragonite FB can one hit THEM. Whats a lowly tech matter to you when your taking out a built up chomp of flygon? kill a built up Garchomp or Flygon and poketurn it up to your hand, and you haven't wasted any resources but one poketurn.

  16. Collan Baker

    You guys keep mentioning that it will get one hit KO'ed by a flygon or a garchomp….but I think it's a little more important that Dragonite FB can one hit THEM. Whats a lowly tech matter to you when your taking out a built up chomp of flygon? kill a built up Garchomp or Flygon and poketurn it up to your hand, and you haven't wasted any resources but one poketurn.

  17. Poteet24

    Don’t attach an Expert Belt to this guy.

    DCE/Gain for 80 KOs…

    Luxray GL
    Garchomp C
    Garchomp C Lv X
    Crobat G
    Blaziken FB
    Blaziken FB Lv X (After a Jet Shoot)
    Ambipom G
    Other Ramdom SPs (Skuntank G, Weavile…)

    If you run Garch, you can splash it in, as it only takes one space…
    Of course it isn’t useful against SPs……but there are tons of SP decks in the format.

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