A Semi-Competitive Charizard Deck?

Hello everyone, I have been on 6p forever and have submitted a couple articles to the site, but most of them weren’t posted…so if you’re reading this, this is my first posted article. Enjoy! I really hope it gets posted I spent a long time editing it and trying to make it perfect in Word!

Ninetales HeartGold & SoulSilver HS 7Basics:

I wanted to post an article about a deck that I have been play testing lately, I call it Charphlosion! So what is Charphlosion you ask? Charphlosion is a combination of Charizard (AR) and Typhlosion (HGSS)! So what is the point of Charphlosion? The objective is to get out an active Charizard (AR) and have 1 Ninetales (HGSS) and 1 Typhlosion Prime (HGSS) on the bench along side three other Charizard if possible (it is called Charphlosion but you don’t attack with Typhlosion…I needed a creative name!)


Charizard Arceus AR 1So now to the strategy now that you know the basics! Let’s start with the Charizard (AR). It does 30 damage for 1 R Energy or 2 Fire and 1 Colorless to do 80 then discard an Energy. Why is this Charizard so good?

What makes the Charizard so good is it’s “Fire Formation” Poké-body that makes each of Charizard’s attacks do 10 more damage for each fire Pokémon on your bench. That means with “Fire Wing” you can hit 80 with one R Energy (providing you have a full bench and your body isn’t blocked)! Another thing that makes the deck good is even if Dialga G LV.X blocks your body, is that you can still 1 hit it with “Burning Tail” and only discard one Energy.

Here’s were the Typhlosion Prime comes into play; you use its “Afterburn” Poké-power to bring the Energy right back and you can hit 80 repetitively. The Typhlosion also works great with the Ninetales because with the energy you discard its “Roost Reveal” Poké-power you can attach with the “Afterburn” Poké-power so you can attach two Energy a turn! The Ninetales fits perfectly into this deck it count’s toward the “Fire Formation” body unlike Claydol. I believe that this was the reason why people didn’t play the Charizard in the past. So now that you know about the deck here’s my list!


4 Charmander (SW)
2 Charmeleon (SW)
4 Charizard (AR)
2 Cyndaquil (HGSS)
1 Quilava (HGSS)
2 Typhlosion Prime (HGSS)
2 Vulpix (HGSS)
2 Ninetales (HGSS)
4 Roseanne’s Research (P8)
4 Pokémon Collector (HGSS)
4 Pokémon Communication (HGSS)
3 Professor Oak’s New Theory (HGSS)
2 Copycat (HGSS)
4 Rare Candy (P8)
2 Night Maintenance (P8)
2 Fisherman (HGSS)
4 Poké Healer + (SF)
12 R

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  1. Ryan Vikander

    2 copy cats and 3 prof oaks new theory is just too much. I would cut it down to 1 or 2 oaks and no copy cats. Professor Oak's New Theory > Copycat. Also Dialga G X destroys this deck, I added 2 Pokemon Reversals to counter that because once he is on the bench there is no coming back for this deck. Also Expert belts help out a lot.

  2. Toni Taitto

    I see no reason to not play Luxury Ball and Belts in this deck. I would prob run SSUs and more basics too.

  3. Ryan

    This is almost my deck to a T.

    Except I run
    4 Roseannes
    3 Bebes
    1 Luxball
    1 Copy Cat
    4 Expert Belt
    1 Pokemon Communication
    4 Rare Candy
    1 Night Maintenance
    1 Fisherman

  4. zzzapdos

    right idea, but this list is a little weird (especially the trainers).

    i'm going to suggest this

    Poke's (17)
    3 Charmander (SW)
    2 Charmeleon (SW)
    3 Charizard (AR)
    2 Cyndaquil (HGSS)
    1 Quilava (HGSS)
    2 Typhlosion (MT) – abuse it while you still can – it has the same poke power, but without the damage counter drawback
    2 Vulpix (HGSS)
    2 Ninetales (HGSS)

    Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums (30)
    4 Roseanne’s Research (P8)
    2 Bebe's Search
    2 Pokemon Collector (HGSS)
    3 Pokemon Communication (HGSS)
    1 Professor Oak’s New Theory (HGSS)
    2 Expert belt (AR)
    1 Copycat (HGSS)
    4 Rare Candy (P8)
    4 Super Scoop Up (MT..?)
    3 Broken-time Space (PT)
    2 Night Maintenance (P8)
    2 Fisherman (HGSS)

    Energy (13)
    10 Fire Energy
    3 Call energy

  5. Drew Stillwell

    Why do you have 4 RR AND 4 collector? You do not have that many basics, so you don't need that many basic finders. Change the 4 collector to 4 bebe's, and take out the fisherman (Typhlosion is your fisherman) for 2 expert belts. The pokehealers you won't ever use, so I would change them to reversals due to ryan's reasoning.

    Nice, brief article (that being said, it could have been more in-depth, like why you should use ninetails over claydol), just a mediocre list. A solid effort though, but if you aren't confident in the list's validity I would just write a killer article and have some suggested pokemon/TSS.

  6. Adam Capriola

    Hey Brandon, glad to finally get one of your articles up! I could tell you really made an effort on this one.

    I echo the thoughts that everyone else left regarding you list…it needs a bit of work. I really like the concept overall though and may work on a list myself.

    Expert Belt seems killer in this, I'd play 3 or so. 100 for 1 is close to Gyarados strength, and then maxing out at 150 for 3 is great too.

    I would almost consider playing Exploud in this to help against Gyarados. I actually think you could beat them.

    Wish I'd tested this before to give more specific suggestions, but you've got me intrigued. :x

    EDIT: I'd maybe even consider 3/3 Ninetales so that Garchomp doesn't shut you down as easily.

  7. Brandon Bittinger

    The only reason I run them is because Ninetails really loads up my hand so I need something that lets me shuffle back in.

  8. Brandon Bittinger

    I was thinking about it because it would be a good idea, I think I am now!

  9. Brandon Bittinger

    I play 4 of both because I use the Collectors to pull Pokemon and the Roseanne's to pull energy with.

  10. Scnappy

    I would love to see this played with a
    1-0-1 Blaziken Pl
    1-1 Blaziken FB Lv X
    They can help boost your damage even more with The ability to have all your pokemon Hitting for an Extra 40 damage a turn when fully set up. However I'm Pretty new and it's a bit inconsistent sooo…
    Also I feel BTS and Luxury ball and Bebe's can do better than Poke Healer + and some collector,oak's Reasearch and Copycat.

    Just my Ideas though anyone got any feedback.

  11. Brandon Bittinger

    Thanks for the suggestions, and I am glad I got an article posted I am going to try and submit one every now and then. Also since I made the deck I have added Call Energy. I will try some of your changes and see how it goes thanks again!

  12. Adam Capriola

    I don't think you need anything that shuffles your hand back in, I'd rather keep a huge hand all game. Just have cards to get Fire Energies in your hand.

    At most you might need like one shuffle card to make sure you don't deck, but I doubt it would come to that point.

  13. L M

    Unfortunately Typhlosion MT can't add a Fire Energy to your active Pokemon. While you could add Stark Mountain to the mix, I think it'd be more consistent to just run BTS and Ty Prime.

  14. L M

    This deck needs Fisherman because you need to be able to have Fire Energies in your hand in order to use your Ninetales draw engine. Although I do agree that Pokemon Collectors do not belong in this deck. I don't think you'll have enough turns to dedicate towards setting up to be able to use a Pokemon Collector and then a Roseanne's Research in subsequent turns.

  15. L M

    I don't know if you need Call Energies if you switch to the Charmander from Arceus. It can search out a basic for you and has 10 more HP. I think you'll find yourself hating the Calls when you need another Fire to either attack or use “Roast Reveal.”

  16. L M

    I really like the deck idea. I've played against a similar deck before and Charizard PA can be quite beastly. However, I think I would change around your T/S/S lines a bit. As I already mentioned I don't think this deck needs any Pokemon Collectors. I would take out those and 1 or 2 Pokemon Communication for 3 Bebe's Searches. As of now any trainer locking would prevent you from searching for an evolved Pokemon. I think 5 hand refreshing cards (PONT and Copycat) is a bit much. I think I would replace them with Looker's too. The Worth a Look article a couple of days ago made some valid points as to why it's worthwhile having it in a deck. Either way I hope this deck works out for you and maybe I'll see it in action at States.

  17. BB2Si

    Only problem with that is the PA Charmander puts the Fire-type Basic Pokemon to your hand, not the bench. =/

  18. BB2Si

    If that's the case, I'd change out the Roseanne's for Energy Searches. Sure, it's one less, but you can play both in a turn. Maybe even do 2 Collector, 2 Roseanne, 4 Energy Search?

  19. BB2Si

    The Charizard deck is very nice with the newly released Ninetales from HGSS. The biggest problem I see with this deck is it's weakness to benching (and water). Although dealing 80 damage with 1 Fire Energy (or 100 with Expert Belt) is nice, if your opponent catches you off guard with a bench limiter, you're out of luck. For example: Dusknoir with “Dark Palm” Poke-Power or Dialga 'G' Lv. X with “Time Crystal” Poke-Body combined with Palkia 'G' Lv. X using it's Poke-Power “Lost Cyclone.” You instantly lose out on precious Fire-type Pokemon that you need to power up Charizard.

    Otherwise it's a great deck!

  20. Brandon Bittinger

    Interesting idea I never really considered Energy Search before!

  21. xavier fields

    Best name for this deck= Chuck Norris Inferno

    (CHarizard Ninetails inferno)


  22. Brandon Bittinger

    Thats the reason I play the call but they really don'y help the deck so i am probably going to cut them anyway!

  23. Mark Stroup

    Yeah I would definately cut some of those draw-hand-shuffle cards out of the deck, just because your opponents probably going to have less cards than you do for Copycat, and Prof Oak sorta ruins your hand.
    SSU>PokeHealer+ imo
    Other than that, could really do some solid damage! =)

  24. Joshua Hall

    If you run Dialga G Lv. X, you don't attack with it. It just sits on the bench, and you do minimal damage. Hopefully the speed of the deck would overcome the many things going against it.

  25. dude

    Hey guys what about the butterfree form storm front it does 30 damge for 1 energy and gets rid of 4 hit counters to the pokemon of your choice

  26. Ryan Vikander

    That's why you run Pokemon reversals because once Dialga G x is on the bench he isn't coming out.

  27. Adam Capriola

    Charizard got 2nd in North Carolina I believe. From the report I read, it has Spiritomb, a tech Ninetales MT, Scoop Up, and Reverals. Don't know too much else though!

  28. Perry Going

    yeah kevin nance autolossed to his brother lol…playing palkia lock

  29. Perry Going

    yeah kevin nance autolossed to his brother lol…playing palkia lock

  30. chrataxe

    I hate to bounce such an old topic, but I just wanted to say that Energy Search is horrible! Why not just run energy instead?

  31. Brandon Bittinger

    You make a good point I doubt I will ever run it anyway.

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  35. Fred Distasio

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  36. Ossie Borski

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  37. Anonymous

    My decklist charizard is :

    4 Charmander (AR)
    2 Charmeleon ( AR)
    4 Charizard (AR)
    2 Cyndaquil (HGSS)
    1 Quilava (HGSS)
    2 Typlosion Prime
    2 Vulpix (Unleashed)
    2 Ninetales (HGSS)
    2 Houndour (LA)
    2 Houndoom (LA)
    1 Uxie

    24 Pókemons

    3 Bebe search
    3 Pkm Comunication
    3 Pkm Collector
    2 Profº Oaks
    2 Expert Belt
    4 Bala rara
    1 Seeker
    1 Interviewers
    2 Switch
    1 Luxury Ball
    2 Broken Time Space

    24 T/S/S


  38. Joey A

    Thanks! This article is awesome. I run a charizard deck and this is very similar to mine.

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