The Secrets of Mew: The Many Wonders.

Mew Secret Wonders SW 15Re-creation attack, for one Psychic and two C Energy, allows you to copy an attack from one of your opponent’s Pokémon from the discard pile. It has been over 2 years since this card was released, a time when Double Rainbow Energy and Scramble Energy were popular and legal for the format. It was a complete pity and surprise Mew didn’t get a quick boost to turn the tables, as those two cards could only be attached to a evolved Pokémon.

Two years later, a really good card that would allow Mew some to gain a surprise factor, Double Colorless Energy was released. With the potential combination of Mew and Double Colorless Energy, there are two consistent ways to get Mew into play and turn the table around.

Gardevoir Platinum PL 8 Pokemon CardGardevoir, from Platinum is the first option. Assuming you would have a P Energy already in play, its “Psychic Connect” Poké-Power allows you to move said Energy onto a Mew, and simply attach a Double Colorless Energy card onto the newly coming-into-play Mew card to deal nasty surprises using your opponent’s discarded Pokémon cards!

Bronzong G, also from Platinum, is the second option. It’s Poké-Power, “Galactic Switch” have a bit of a restriction, which requires an Energy already on a Pokémon-SP in order to allows the Energy transfer from that Pokémon to another. Since both Mew, and most of the Pokémon-SP have amazing synergy being Basic Pokémon and some require Double Colorless to utilize maximum usability, it could be one heck of a force!Bronzong G Platinum PL 41 Pokemon Card The only downside, that is you would need to include a P Energy or two in the deck to utilize it, but it could not be much of an issue if the list already runs P Energy due to Toxicroak G, Fighting type promo.

What table turning surprise that Mew would make against any matchups? Firstly, Mew does not need to copy the energy requirement it needs to copy the discarded Pokémon attacks, which could be amazing vs decks like Gyarados SF. Assuming you would have placed some damage on their second Gyarados, you would surprising make them cry by getting a Mew into play and use Gyarados’s ridiculously expensive attack that the opposing deck would never be able to use – Dragon Beat, for 100 damage which normally requires 2 Water and 3 C Energy. OUCH!

Gyarados SF Stormfront 19Another thing is, you would easily mess their strategy or comeback plans up rather badly by exploiting Gardevoir Secret Wonder’s “Psychic Lock” attack, which means, they would not be able to use their Claydols or anything to try and hit their much needed recovery cards! If a big bad threat occurs after a Gallade knockout, you could easily exploit that card to knock-out and deal big damage by using “Psycho Cut”.

There are many powerful cards in the format that Mew can easily exploit for rather huge damage, such as Gengar from Arceus or Flygon from Rising Rivals. Heck, if you are facing a Machamp deck, and have a Lucario GL in play, you would either take advantage of their discarded Machamp or Flygon to 1-shot them, allowing you to stay ahead of the match!

So many nasty table-turning tactics, but only one main downside in itself is the low 60 HP…and a common weakness.


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  1. Michael Randolph

    And here I was thinking I was the only one thinking that this card had major playability since the re-release of DCE!

  2. Adam Capriola

    Interesting card! Hadn't ever thought about it myself. 60 HP is weak, but it does sound like it could be useful in a few specific spots.

    I think Ditto might be better though. It can fit into more decks and doesn't require any colored Energy. It seems like a good mirror match card, whereas Mew could help against more non-mirrors I guess.

    Overall great article. :)

  3. Scnappy

    Defender and E-Belt/Buffer piece, These could help its survivability.
    Great Idea BTW

  4. Len Deuel

    Your thing about using dragon beat, 3 for 100 with no useful side effect from a Pokemon with 60 hp is still bad, so thats not really useful at all

  5. Joshua Pikka

    Kind of a hard to read article.

    I dont really understand all your points, but I'll comment on mew.

    Its a decent card because it can be used in every deck because of its first attack. And as long as you run a psychic energy you might be able to use this card.

    BUt the ability to use this card doesnt happen too often.

  6. Colin Peterik

    I wouldn't waste 3 energy on anything with that low of HP besides Ditto. In theory, it seems justified to be able to use a Garchomp's “Dragon Rush” to snipe for 80… but then why not just run the Garchomp?

  7. Saturn

    I see this card as something to throw out in the end off the game. You don't have to pay the cost for any move, but you are actually paying 3 energy which is very costly for most moves (Like Dragon beat). With something like Bronzong G or Gardevoir it could win many games when needed.

  8. Renfield89

    *Drops Mew, attaches DCE, Galactic Switch my Psychic to Mew, Poke Turn active, promote Mew*
    “Dragon Beat for 100!”

    *Super Scoop Up Gyarados, Broken Time-Space*
    “Tail Revenge for 90.”

    lol, Not worth the slot in any deck. So situational and cost inefficient.

  9. Ryan Graham

    Incredibly annoying article to read mostly on account of the wording that was meant to sound intelligent and insightful, yet it was confusing and unnecessary.

    ^^^Doesn't that sentence sound like something that would be in this article?

    But, as far as the card goes, unbelievably situational. I can't see this ever being used.

  10. Dave Hueglin

    I have a feeling it was written by someone whose first language is not English and perhaps they used translation software to help out. That's probably why it reads a little differently.

  11. Ryan Graham

    I hope I didn't come off sounding like a jerk, although, re-reading my comment, it sounds jerkish. You're probably right about the second language of English. There goes me and my subtle douche-bagality again.

  12. Adam Capriola

    It's my fault for not proofreading carefully enough, I'll edit some of the grammatical errors right now.

  13. jangohunter

    would a machamp/rampardos deck do good for California States

  14. Collan Baker

    “Assuming you would have placed some damage on their second Gyarados”

  15. Joshua Hall

    mew's just another one of those cards that looks like it might be really good in so many situations…but it's not. if it had 80 HP originally, then maybe, otherwise, sorry little pychic dude, you're not going to see any play.

  16. Mark Stroup

    Great article, never thought about this!
    Mew's my favorite pokemon, my favorite in the way that deep down you wanna put it in the deck although it's not worth it and you deep down know it, it's that faze every player must go through when they realize that the only competitive pokemon are big and ugly since Gardevoir SW. =/

  17. Urahara fazli

    I use Mew in my deck, it work well during late game and when ur opponent strong pkmn in discard pile (something with 80 damages)and happen that you fight a pkmn that have expert belt with 80hp left and you have 2 prices left and he have 1 price left. that would a match up.

  18. Mike

    Does anyone know if there's a card with an attack like re-creation but uses an attack from something in your own discard pile?

  19. Mike

    Does anyone know if there's a card with an attack like re-creation but uses an attack from something in your own discard pile?

  20. Brenden Clark

    True but Ditto copies the energy cost too. And Mew would also be a good way to set up if its your active in the beggining of the game.

  21. Lois Kimbel

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