Oregon States 2010 – Ashley Clay Tournament Report

Gengar Stormfront SF 18 Pokemon CardTOURNAMENT REPORT TIME ! ! !

Round 1: Vs. Barbara Trube (Rhypherior/Donphan)
My first game of the night, I was nervous going up against such powerful hitters, but I managed to pull it off. I think I got pretty lucky.
Win 1-0

Round 2: Vs. Janet Bardossi (Machamp)
Janet was an amazingly skilled player. Round 1-of our game she had 2 Claydols and a Machamp active. It was probably the most intense match I have ever played. I managed to take 4 Prizes before I was K’d the F O.
Loss 1-1

Round 3: Vs. Audrey Corrales (Curse-Gar)
This was just creepy. This girl was running Gengar, as was I, she had the same sleeves as I did, she had the same dice as I did, and she had the same INITIALS as I do. I’m assuming either Twilight Zone or Clone…. Lol, anyway she played her deck very well and got me locked up with her Curse-Gar and Spiritomb. When she had 1 Prize left and I had four, I could do nothing, and I couldn’t even draw into anything that could remotely help me, so I scooped to her.
Loss 1-2

Round 4: Vs. Stephen Johnson (???)
I feel bad but I got lucky with this one, he had a bad start with a Relicanth and wasn’t able to draw into any other Pokémon besides a Misdreavus, so I beat him pretty quickly. Seeing as how I only saw those two techs though, I’m not really sure what kind of deck it was. He seemed to be a good player though, just having a bad match.
Win 2-2

Round 5: Vs. Nicole Ingles (Flygon)
I was nervous because I’ve had bad luck testing against Alex’s FlyPhan, but I did pretty well. She setup quickly and was kind of intimidating, but I did pretty well. I actually was really successful with most of my Fainting Spell flips that night.
Win 3-2

Round 6: Vs. Alex Ball (Jumpluff)
I was unsure at first because I had very little experience playing Jumpluff and Alex is a very good player, but I did better than I expected to. Alex was setting up very fast and he did a lot of damage, but I did great with Fainting Spell and Poltergeist.
Win 4-2

Round 7: Vs. Alex McNeil (Jumpluff)
Alex was a great player, I didn’t expect to beat him, but I had a pretty good advantage against Jumpluff again. It does a lot of damage, but the low HP makes it easier for me to snipe the Hoppips, and the large amount trainers is great for Poltergeist.
Win 5-2

All in all I was really happy with it, unfortunately though I missed the top cut (16) I finished in 37th out of 157. :)

Next week I’m headed to Washington States, but this time I’ll be judging instead of playing. Yay for Professor points!

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  1. jake

    haha I know 4 of the people you played personally. alex mcneil, audrey corrales, nicole ingles and janet bardossi. we all go to the same league.

  2. jake

    haha I know 4 of the people you played personally. alex mcneil, audrey corrales, nicole ingles and janet bardossi. we all go to the same league.

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