Jordan’s Michigan States Report/Jumpluff Review

I’ve been playing Machamp for a few months now and when HGSS came out I decided to try something new. I built a Jumpluff deck tested it out a few times and decided to give it a shot at States. Going into the tourney I decided that I would be happy getting even one win with this deck. Surprisingly Jumpluff actually fared pretty well. Here is a quick report of my State Tournament run with my Jumpluff deck, which I call “95 Theses”.

JordanBakerSays 95 Theses decklist

Pokémon 19
4 Hoppip SW
2 Skiploom HGSS
4 Jumpluff HGSS
1 Cherubi AR
1 Cherrim SF
2 Baltoy GE
2 Claydol GE
1 Sunkern HGSS
1 Sunflora HGSS
1 Uxie LA
1 Shaymin PL
1 Shaymin LV.X
T/S/S 33
4 Bebe’s Search
4 Roseanne’s Research
2 Professor Oak’s New Theory
4 Rare Candy
1 Luxury Ball
4 Warp Point
2 Expert Belt
2 Night Maintenance
3 Super Scoop Up
2 Broken Time-Space
4 Pokémon Communication
1 Switch
Energy 6
6 G

Jumpluff HeartGold & SoulSilver HS 6As you can see I packed a ton of odds and ends into this deck and I really like how it turned out. The Sunflora and the Shaymin LV.X saved my butt more times than I can remember and I think they are absolutely necessary in any Jumpluff build.

The Michigan States had over 70 Masters and a top cut of 16. I finished 4-3, which was much better than I anticipated. To be honest there were only a couple of obstacles standing between 4-3 and 6-1, which I will explain below.

Round 1 – Ampharos/Tyranitar WIN

I’m not really sure what was going on here. He started with a Mareep, a Voltorb, and a Pikachu. I made light work of these starters and then he began setting up two Larvitars. I was really confused about this change, but took three more prizes quickly. I won this game without losing any prizes to my opponent. However, I did leave the table really confused about what deck he was playing.

Round 2 – CurseGar Spiritomb LOSS

I knew this would be a tough matchup. I hadn’t played Curse Gengar before and my opponent placed 3rd at Indiana States the weekend before. His Mr. Mime made it very hard for me to get much accomplished, but I did manage to Knock Out two Spiritombs and an Azelf thanks to Warp Points. His Level Down power made it impossible for me to use Shaymin LV.X and once I was out of Warp Points he quickly won the game.

Round 3 – BlazeApe LOSS

My third matchup was a quick one. I didn’t get a good shuffle and I started with a lonely Hoppip. I used Roseanne’s Research only to find out that both of my Baltoys were prized. I got out an Uxie and tried to get something going. My opponent quickly Knocked Out my Hoppip. I drew a card and realized that I was going to lose next turn so I did Psychic Restore and blacked myself out by returning Uxie, my only Pokémon, to the bottom of my deck. I scooped in style!

Round 4 – Sceptile/Leafeon WIN

Shaymin LV.X Platinum PL 126 Pokemon CardThis round was odd. I got set up very quickly and began one shotting my opponent’s Pokémon with Mass Attack. Strangely he kept refilling his bench with basics giving me the fire power I needed. I should have only lost 1 Prize to my opponent, but I forgot that my Shaymin LV.X was in play and I allowed him to take 2 Prizes after doing 110 to my belted Jumpluff. We realized the mistake during his next turn, but by then I had another belted Jumpluff out and ready to take the win so we didn’t bother calling the judge over for a rewind.

Round 5 – Garchomp LV.X (Not C) WIN

This was a quick game in my favor. My opponent started with a Luxray and a Unown G. I got out Jumpluff T2 and killed his Luxray. He said that he would scoop if his next card wasn’t a Supporter. He drew a DCE and scooped, giving me the win. I never even got to see his Garchomp.

Round 6 – Typhlosion/Charizard WIN!!!

I went into this game feeling pretty good after two straight wins. When my opponent flipped her cards for the first turn and I saw Charmander, Cyndaquil, and Vulpix I thought I was SCREWED. Jumpluff is X2 weak to fire and my BlazeApe opponent had mopped the floor with me. Fortunately I was able to swarm my Jumpluffs and stay away from ever having to use an Expert Belt. I got Shaymin LV.X out for the boosted HP mid-game which really helped.

I was also able to do a combination of Bebe’s Search, Pokémon Communication, and Sunshine Grace three turns during this game to get a fresh Jumpluff out with Broken Time Space in play. I got two Night Maintenances at critical moments and was able to use Jumpluff’s Leaf Guard attack for a Knock Out on a damaged Charizard and give myself a 30 damage buffer the next turn. All of these things falling into place allowed me to beat an opponent I had no business beating.

Round 7 – LuxChomp LOSS

I went into this game knowing that a win would put me into the top cut and a loss would almost certainly leave me out. I had an Uxie start and was unable to get anything moving. My opponent got completely set up T1 and I didn’t get anything on my draw. With no search cards and a guarantee that my opponent would Knock me Out T2 I Psychic Restored with Uxie and blacked myself out. Scooped in style.

Overall it was a good day. I went 4-3 and Jumpluff held up really well against some great decks (and some not so great ones too). I think if I had played this deck for more than a week leading up to States I would have had a much better chance at making the top cut. I also realized that two of my losses we due to poor starts, and I only lost one game that made it past T3. That said I can’t see myself making too many changes to this decklist and I will probably be playing 95 Theses at Regionals in a few weeks. This deck is a lot of fun to play and I’m surprised at how well it did at States.

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  1. Adam Capriola

    Thanks for the report Jordan! I can't believe you beat a Charizard deck, that's pretty gnarly.

    How did the 4 Pokemon Communication work out btw?

  2. Ryan Graham

    Good article Jordan. Too bad I didn't get to mop the floor with you at States. I guess that will just have to wait for our Monday Night Pokemon meetings. :)

  3. jordan baker

    The Communication works great with both Roseanne's and Sunflora. Sunflora lets me grab a grass pokemon every turn for free, and I can also use it to snag a grass pokemon to trade with Pokemon Communication. I beat the Charizard/Typhlosion deck by using BTS and using Sunflora, Communication, and BeBe's (or Roseanne or Luxury Ball). Having so many search options allowed me to get full lines out in a single turn with BTS.

  4. jordan baker

    I might add the Azelf but the 2-2 Claydol has always been a staple in my decks and it has come in handy numerous times. Getting 2 Claydols out during a bad game can change everything.

    Also a huge part of this deck is swarming. Since Jumpluff has such low HP being able to get it back out quickly is essential. Having all the Communications and Bebe's has actually worked out really well for me.

    Lastly, I'm debating the HGSS Metapod. The thing is I haven't seen many fire decks excelling at States and I'm thinking that the rise in Gyrados might scare players away from using fire. Then again Jumpluff seems to have done well at states and people may run fire decks at regionals for this reason. Its definitely something I'll be thinking about.

  5. Ryan

    I don't think you need four bebe's AND 4 communication. Maybe only 2 communication instead. I'd also make claydol 1-1 and think about adding one azelf instead and 1-1 of the new metapod to get rid of weakness.

  6. jordan baker

    I tried playing Jumpluff Luxray yesterday and I hated it. It doesn't make any sense. In order to build the deck you're stripping it of so many of the techs that make this deck work. Bright Look is an amazing pokepower but you can only use it every other turn, and only if you have a poketurn. At that point I would rather keep my techs and throw in a 1-0-1 Metagross line for Magnetic Reversal.

  7. Ryan Graham

    Jordan, I'll show you how the Luxray build in this deck works next Monday. I think you may like it. I'm not sure what you're doing right now, but when you're an SP player, you think differently.

  8. C.J. Gregory

    Great article Jordan, really glad that you beat that Charizard deck. Don't know how you did it but good work! Once again, sorry about getting rid of the Luxray. Can't wait to play against you sometime soon tho :)

  9. C.J. Gregory

    Yeah, it didn't really seem like Luxray fit in with Jumpluff besides just to pull out pokemon, so you might as well just put in Metagross for that. Can always try it out and see what you like. I mean it seems that your deck is pretty solid as of now but adding the magnetic reversal could be easy OHKO's.

  10. jordan baker

    No I get how it works. This is the SP Decklist (ignore the X's and N's those were markings to see what cards I needed and had)
    X 4 Hoppip
    X 2 Skiploom
    X 4 Jumpluff
    X 2 Baltoy
    X 2 Claydol
    X 1 Uxie
    X 1 Azelf
    X 1 Regice
    N1 1 Chatot G
    N1 2 Crobat G
    X 1 Luxray GL
    N1 1 Luxray GL Lvl X

    X 5 Grass
    N2 2 Multi

    X 3 Roseanne's Research
    N2 2 Pokemon Collector
    X 3 Bebe's Search
    X 1 Luxury Ball
    X 4 Pokemon Communicator
    X 3 Rare Candy
    X 3 Broken Time Space
    N3 4 PokeTurn
    X 2 Expert Belt
    X 4 Warp Point
    X 2 Night Maintenance

    In order to fit in the Crobats, Luxrays, Poketurns, multi energies, etc. You have to gut the deck down to basically just Jumpluff and get rid of all the grass techs that play a huge role in making Jumpluff successful.

    Here's the problem. The Crobats are nice but unless you're wasting poketurns on them they are only doing 10-20 extra damage one time. I would rather have the Cherrim adding 10 every turn.

    I would rather save the poketurns and use them on Luxray X to do Bright Look. Bright look is great but once you use it you have to wait two turns to use it again because you can't play the X down the same turn as Basic. This becomes a problem in Jumpluff because he only has 90hp (it would be 130 but we had to cut shaymin for luxray). Due to the low HP you're probably just trading prizes every other turn with your opponent.

    I do see the power in being able to bring out a pokemon off the bench though and I understand why Luxray is played. I just don't like the sacrifices you have to make to pull it off. Obviously it works because its done well at states, but If there is a way to get a similar result while keeping the strong grass techs in this deck Jumpluff do even better.

  11. Joshua Pikka

    Why would you put in a metagross La, just play the card Pokemon Reversal, its the same thing as Magnetic Reversal but its a trainer not a stage 2 pokemon.

  12. jordan baker

    Metagross is great because you can use its power every turn and its searchable. its basic (beldum) also has a free move that allows you to search for a stadium so its not a terrible starter in a deck full of terrible starts.

  13. Collan Baker

    It also helps get around the ridiculous amount of trainer locks in the current format…not to mention for three cards (beldum, metang, metagross) your taking up less space than a maxed out reversal…oh and you can do it more than 4 times.

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