Kenny Wisdom’s OR and WA State Championship Reports

So I decided that since I didn’t have the time last week to write an Oregon State Championship report (and the fact that it was a little anti-climatic), I’d just combine my OR and WA State reports into one post. Two for the price of one, some would say (even if the price for either is $0).

Let’s start with Oregon:

Luxray GL Rising Rivals RR 9 Pokemon CardFriday: We arrive in the early afternoon, get some food and then get to testing. I play a few mirrors, Shuppets, Flygons and Jumpluffs, but ultimately decide I don’t really need to change anything in my LuxChomp. It’s teched for Mewtwo, mirror match, and Spiritomb, and it fits my playstyle pretty well, so I roll with it. Because of testing and generally being idiots we’re up until 5:30 AM, and have to get up for breakfast at 7:00 AM. Probably not the best choice for the night before a big tournament, haha.

Round 1: Hayley F. w/ Mewtwo
When I look at pairings and don’t recognize the name, I assume I’m pretty safe. In the first round you have a huge chance of not hitting a top player/bad matchup, right? We sit down at the table and she seems like a nice woman, lots of Relicanth stuff, tells me she’s here with her niece, etc. We begin and she flips over Mewtwo(!) and Mewtwo(!!). Luckily she doesn’t really get much else and I’m able to knock them both out before she can level either one up aww yeah. 1-0

Round 2: Harumi w/ Cursegar
I flip over Luxray to her Unown G. She goes first, attaches and passes. I then go, attach a DCE, and Bite. On turn 2 she draws into a Uxie, retreats the G and swings for 20. I then draw into a Roseanne and realize that I can double Crobat + Trash bolt ftw. It certainly would’ve been a great game had I not got the donk, heh. 2-0

Round 3: Janet B. w/ Machamp
My fiance (batmylashes) had just played her round 2, so I know she’s playing a pretty solid build of straight Machamp. She doesn’t get it out all that fast and I’m able to keep up the prize race with her. At 1 Prize left I make a huge misplay with Mismagius (won’t go into details as I cry every time I think about it), and she wins the game. I don’t like being 2-1 but since I took my near-auto-loss matchup to 1-1 in prizes I’m not terribly ashamed of myself. Damn misplays…

Round 4: Brandon T. w/ Donphan
When he opens with Donphan I know I’m in trouble. He manages to get Donphan out super quick and is able to take the first 4 Prizes. I mount a comeback though, and take it down to 2-2 in prizes. We both had a couple of bad turns, but in the end I was able to do ye olde Bright Look + Poké Turn + Dragon Rush for two straight turns and seal the game. 3-1

Round 5: Trevor W. w/ LuxChomp
Ahhh my first mirror of the day, and against a player I’ve never beat. Thanks TOM! Trevor and his family are some of my favorite Pokémon people, so it’s great to have the chance to play him. Competitive but nice, relaxed matches are my style. We start out pretty evenly but the play of the game comes when I let him get a Set-Up and a Time Walk off, but then spray his Crobat that could’ve won him the game (he’s still so bitter!). After that I manage to get the first Garchomp out, which in my mind is really what seals the mirror. Good game Trevor! 4-1

Round 6: Dexter w/ Cursegar
Upon arriving to the tournament, a friend of mine and I were talking about how there doesn’t seem to be all that many elite Washington players here, and he says something about how he’s worried about his pro Canadian friends. I don’t really think anything of it until now, heh. Dexter is one of those pro Canadian players. We start out and I’m able to Bright Look + Turn + Dragon Rush random stuff for 4 Prizes straight, but he mounts a hell of a comeback and before I know it is able to Curse and Shadowskip his way to the win. Great game against a great player. 4-2.

Round 7: Graham O. w/ LuxChomp
I hate mirror matches! Graham is someone I’ve never met before, but is a super nice guy. His son is a pro Junior player, and he’s pretty good himself. Unfortunately he was downpaired against me at 5-1. We both start out pretty evenly, but he makes the mistake of Roseanne’ing for a Uxie, not seeing it, so taking an Azelf, time walking, and then realizing Uxie wasn’t in his prizes either. =[ After that I take a lead, but it’s pretty even until the end when I’m able to pull off the Bright Look + Flash Impact win. Great game. 5-2.

Since I was paired up I get my deck ready and get a bit anxious only to find out I’m 25th. Considering we had 165 Masters, I don’t think 25th is all that terrible. Plus it propels me to 10th in Washington aww yeah. Big ups to Ian W. for winning Juniors too!

After the tournament we get back to the hotel, do some swimming, holler at some takeout and then get some much needed rest. The next day we hit up some mini golf and arcades and have a great time. :)

All of Team B-Side for their help in making/testing the deck.
Trevor for letting us use his room for playtesting.
Alex D. for being the Team B-Side airhockey champion.
Me for being the Team B-Side Mini Golf champion.
BDS, Mr. Raichu, and everyone else involved for making this such a wonderful event.
Ian W. again for winning Juniors! Suchapro.
Corey for leaving 20 minutes before registration to get his daughter sleeves.
All the winners/top cutters for doing well. :)

Not sleeping
Overpriced arcade pizza. Ugh.


Garchomp C Supreme Victors SV 60 Pokemon Cardthe drive-up I discuss how, since I didn’t top cut at Oregon, I’m probably not going to top cut here, since in my mind it has a much tougher pool of players, even if it is a bit smaller. We pay an outrageous $18.00 for parking and head to the tourney room.

AND SO IT BEGINS…(I’d like to apologize in advance here, as I was super tired and don’t remember many names, etc.)

Round 1 ??? ??? w/ Meganium Prime
I start nicely and she that shes playing Meganium + Furrets. She never really gets anything off and I’m able to take 6 Prizes in just as many turns. 1-0

Round 2 Crystal B w/ Jumpluff
Ah man I really hate Jumpluff. We both get pretty decent starts as I recall, but I think I maintain a prize lead throughout. At 1-2 in prizes, she gets Shaymin out and I realize it’s pretty futile to try and KO her Belted Pluff. I draw meh for a few turns but finally am able to get the Dragon Rush on Azelf to seal the game. 2-0

Round 3: ??? ??? w/ Machamp
He flips over Machamp to my Luxray and Azelf. I go first, attach, and pass. He proceeds to BTS, Baltoy, Claydol, Cosmic. SSU, Baltoy, Claydol, Cosmic. SSU, Baltoy, Claydol, Cosmic. Then he drops ANOTHER Baltoy and Claydol and Cosmics. For those keeping score at home, that’s 4 Cosmic Powers on turn 2. His set-up eventually becomes active Machamp w/ Fighting, Benched Claydol, Claydol, Relicanth, and Machamp. Why would Arceus do this to me, I ask. I know he has the win but he’s a nice guy so I play it out. I put his Machamp to sleep TWO TIMES(!) with Misdreavous but somehow don’t mount the comeback, haha. 2-1.

Round 4: Trevor W. w/ LuxChomp
You may remember Trevor from the last report. We start pretty evenly but he has an energy drought, I get the first Garchomp snipe (the key IMO) and he scoops. He’s not upset or anything, just doesn’t feel like playing it out for 30 minutes, and I can totally relate. 3-1

Round 5: ??? ??? w/ Shuppet
I see that I’m up-paired in this round and hope for the best. He’s playing Shuppet but seems to draw nothing and start with Jirachis, etc. I manage to get a nice prize lead. He gets the Shuppet out but it’s too late as I’m 4 Prizes ahead by that point. 4-1

Round 6: Sheila R w/ Cursegar
Sheila is one of my best Poké-friends. When I first started running my league and ran decks with 4 potions and 0 Bebe’s, she and her family (including B-Side’s own Gage Rose) were some of the first people to come down, play, and teach us some things. I hate this matchup, but it becomes a very good game. She gets the early lead but I take it to 1-1 Prizes. I realize that I have to topdeck a DCE to win and…I DO~! I Dragon Rush a pixie for the win. Not the best way to win and I hate knocking a friend to
4-2, but it happens. =\

Round 7 Ross C. w/ LuxChomp
I really really hate paired against Ross, especially when a win would guarantee that I make the cut, just because he’s such a stronger play than I am. We start pretty evenly but I take the lead with a bunch of Garchomp shenanigans. He manages to get a few prizes but some lucky draws + Galactic Switch seal the game for me when he has 2 or 3 Prizes remaining. Always a super competitive game against Ross, I’m still shocked I won, heh. 6-1

I turn in my deck and wait around for top cut. Figure out Alex B., Andrew, Corey, Zane, and Ross all make the cut, which is neat. I eat at least 30 animal crackers and then take my seat.

Top 16 Jacob w/ Blissey/Mewtwo

Game 1: He steamrolls everything I have, GG. 0-1

Game 2: I manage to mount somewhat of an offense in this game, but he takes an early lead and keeps it that way. We eventually get down to 1-1 in prizes but with a prized Toxicroak I’m completely out of options. 0-2

So I’m knocked out of top 8, by an Oregon player no less(!). But it happens. I did the best I’ve ever done and had some of the most fun I’ve ever had at a tournament. A good day was had by all.

The team for helping with the deck, as always.
Andrew for winning.
Corey, Ross, Amelia, Steven, and all the other Washingtonians for taking glass home.
The Seattle Center for being a neat venue.

Losing in top 16.
Not having any cash on me to take advantage of the sweet deals on KMCs.

Thanks for reading~!

Kenny Wisdom is a Master’s division player out of Washington State, and a regular contributor for SixPrizes. You can contact him via e-mail at, and also on ye olde Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Scnappy

    2 Perfect reports right there, however the second would benefit from more detail :/
    Also quit making me wanna play luxchomp tis too expensive to get lol.

  2. C.J. Gregory

    Agreed! 2 great reports and 2 good state tournaments for you! It seems like you are a very experienced player and it obviously showed by how you played at states. Unfortunately you got knocked about by the SP killer Mewtwo. Congratulations on the two great finishes! Were the Machamp decks you played straight Machamp??

  3. Adam Capriola

    $18 parking? Man….

    Great reports Kenny, seems you did pretty well. Congrats on the win over Ross, he's a great player. Can you explain more about the Blissey/Mewtwo deck? Did it just attack with Mewtwo the whole time and heal or what?

  4. Kenny Wisdom

    Thanks, and sorry for not being too detailed. I'll try and up that next time. I have quite the terrible memory, haha.'

    And I love me some LuxChomp. It is mad expensive though.

  5. Kenny Wisdom

    I'm sayin'. And we still had to walk like, the equivalent of 5 blocks to the place.

    I think the point of the Mewtwo Blissey deck was to send Mewtwo up front and stall the SP guys out while loading Blissey up with a bunch of energy to make it be able to swing for a billion mid-game. It's an interesting deck, probably the roguest deck in the top 8, good stuff.

  6. Randy Arnold

    Nice meeting you man! Thanks so much for letting me borrow the toxicroak g promo.
    No slops for oregon for me getting 17th place? :)

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