State Championship-Leeds UK

Hi guys its CoMiT here with my first ever post. For my first post on SixPrizes I will describe my day at the Leeds State Championships in the UK.

To begin with this is my first ever POP tournament, as I have only been playing competitively for around 3 months. I have only ever attended league once as my nearest league is nearly 2 hours away. To further worsen things the event was only one of four in the country, and as such had attracted a large number of experienced players, including Sami Sekkoum, Tom Hall, and Freddy K.

Gyarados SF Stormfront 19Anyway enough excuses, now on to the main event…

In order to prepare for States I could not playtest, so I decided to play a relatively easy deck, Gyarados. The deck does well against all decks and there are very little weaknesses. The deck itself consisted of a 4-4 Gyarados line (for extra consistency), a Lunatone GE (best choice I made), and a Mankey SV to combat weakness (namely Luxray G LV.X). The Pokémon line was as consistent as possible with very few techs (4 Sableyes are all but essential!).

The T/S/S line was also consistent with the standard Gyarados trainers, supporters and stadiums (BTS, Pokémon Rescue, Poké Turn, Pokémon Collector, Felicity’s etc.). I also played 3 Expert Belts to further power Gyarados. The main difference of my deck from other Gyarados decks was the energy count. I played no less than 10 energy (4 Call, 2 Cyclone, 2 Warp, 1 psychic, and 1 fighting). The energy count came in very useful during the day.

So after a 2 hour trip I arrive at my first ever POP event. I had been to my “local” league once before so I recognized one or two people. I met my friend Alex G. and we sat down together and got a bit of practice in. This practice game was very encouraging as I took 4 Prizes in one turn! What was less encouraging however was the fact that I knew I would be up against experienced players…

The tournament would give prizes to finishers in the top 8. Each game comprised of a best of 3 standing.

Game 1 vs Donphan Prime

I sit opposite a friendly guy. We immediately get chatting and he tells me he has only just started to play as well. I drew my first seven cards and I knew that I would be getting off to a fast start. He starts with an active Regigigas against my 2 Sableye. I know he has got no DONK capabilities with that guy out so I play down a Magikarp and proceed to ‘Impersonate’ for a Pokémon Collector, grabbing myself 3 Magikarps.

During his turn he attached an energy and benched a Dragonite FB. Next turn I use Felicity’s, discarding 2 Magikarps and draw into a Gyarados, BTS, Lunatone, and something else. I evolve the benched Magikarp, discard the final Magikarp with Lunatone and retreat Sableye for Gyarados. I ‘Tail Revenge’ the next few turns for the win. He got Donphan out once or twice but it stands no chance against Gyarados.

The second game was much the same with the speed of Gyaraods able to easily overcome Donphan.

It was all over in about 10 mins. My first game and a win!


Game 2 vs Gyarados

Also a nice guy. Game 1 I get a Crobat G start while he speeds off with Sableye. He took his first 3 Prizes before I could get set up. He ran a 1-1 Luxray GL line to great effect. I scooped after he took his 4th prize.

Game 2 started much better for me as I started with a Sableye and a Felicity’s in hand. I got set up quickly but had only 15 minutes to take 4 Prizes. I got an early Gyarados with belt going hitting for 110 a turn. He knew I was rushed for time so kept switching out my Gyarados with his Luxray. At one point I found out how good my Lunatone was in the mirror match. I had an active Gyarados belted against his Gyarados, I attack him for 110 he then KOs my Gyarados so I send out Lunatone.

My turn I attach a Call to Lunatone, but have no means of getting my Gyarados back. Knowing that he will set up next turn with his active BTS I attack with Lunatone dealing the required 20 and discarding BTS. Time was called and I had taken only 3 Prizes-not enough to be declared a win.


Game 3 vs Alex G. with Gengar SF

I had beaten Alex in the practice but that did not matter. He was also 1-1 at this point so this game would mean a lot. The first game I get a Sableye start to his Spiritomb. I ‘Impersonate’ for Pokémon Collector to grab 3 Magikarp. He misplays with Spiritomb’s ‘Darkness Grace’. Ultimately this cost him as I set up fast and destroyed his field (thanks to one or two of his ‘tails’ with ‘Fainting Spell’.) It was a short game but gave me great confidence in my deck.

In Game 2 he started with a Spiritomb again and I started with Combee and a benched Lunatone. He started the game by dropping an energy on a benched Gastly. I start my turn by playing a Pokémon Collector grabbing the Sableye I so badly needed. I then drop an energy on Combee and retreat to Sableye. After this the game became open as we slowly exchanged prizes. I kept an eye on the time this game and toward the end I KO his active belted Gengar. Time was called with me having taken 4 Prizes to his 2.


Game 4 vs Blastoise ‘Dig Well’

Once again I’m playing another newcomer. He was 2-1 as well (having just lost to Sami S.) and beating Alex before that in a sudden death game. In Game 1 he opens up with a benched Totodile and an active Squirtle. I once again have a double Sableye start. The game was pretty standard with me KO everything he tried to set up by use of cyclone energy.

Game 2 was much the same. I had both hand and field control. The only time that he did KO my Gyarados with his belted Blastoise with 5 water energy I recovered fast and with the help of some Crobat drops proceeded to wipe out his field. GG.


Crobat G Platinum PL 47 Pokemon CardGame 5 vs Lizzie with Shuppet Donk.

Game 1 I opened up with my active Sableye to her active Shuppet and benched Mr. Mime. Oh Dear. So hastily I drew, knowing that if it wasn’t a basic I would most likely get donked. I turned the card over and with relief saw it was a Crobat G. I benched it and put a counter on Mr.Mime. I then ‘Impersonated’ for Pokémon Collector and got 3 Magikarps. On her turn she did the standard Shuppet thing but could only find 2 PlusPower (not enough to KO Sableye).

Although I didn’t realize at the time her second Mr.Mime was prized. On my turn I played a Felicity’s and set up a Gyarados on my bench. I attached a call to it and ‘Impersonated’ for a Roseanne’s to get a Lunatone and my final Magikarp. She did better on her second turn and found another PlusPower and an Expert Belt. After that I powered up my Gyarados with energy and KO her only Mr.Mime. From there I knew I had the win so I played it slow.

Game 2 started with my 2 Sableye against her Mr.Mime and benched Unown Q. I started much the same as the last game. However she got a brilliant start, KOing my active Sableye and reducing the benched to 20 hp. I knew my only hope now was to stall until time. I got 2 belted Gyarados up trying to stall. She just used 2 Poké Blower to get another easy Crobat prize. We had five minutes left-she had taken 3 Prizes to my 1. My turn began and I used every trainer I could in order to search for cards (waste time). However I had to end my turn with about 1 minute left. She got the KO she needed to secure a draw.

My worst nightmare had come true-a sudden death game against Shuppet. I knew that if I wanted to win I needed to go second. Luckily she had to start the game. She had an active Shuppet with 2 benched Unown Q and a Mr. Mime. I had a lone Azelf! She dropped the energy on Shuppet. Plus my weakness she only needed another 20 more damage to win! And then my heart sank, she played an expert belt. That was it I had missed top cut.

She attacked and was just about to reach out and shake my hand when I realized you could not play trainers on your first turn. I was saved. She apologized attacked for 50 and sent out a Mr.Mime with an equipped Unown Q. I needed to win this turn. Then I saw it. I had a Poké Turn in hand. Thank God that I put 2 Crobat G in my deck! I used a Roseanne’s to grab them (I was sweating so hard I couldn’t find one I thought it was prized!) and proceeded to KO the benched Unown Q for the win! Amazing Game.


So that was it. I had to wait to see what place I would come in. The top-cut was announced and I had come in 5th. I had missed competing in the next round (top 4 only). Oh Well! I was tired anyway. I gratefully received my prize of some Heart Gold and Soul Silver packs! I pulled a Donphan Prime, Blissey Prime and my favorite, Red Gyarados, as well as some much needed staples.

Thanks go to all of you at SixPrizes, without you I would still be playing with the Flourish Theme Deck. Many Thanks also to HunterJ who lent me some vital cards! And Jaedon the tournament organizer.

Final placings were:

1st Luke C-L 5-0
2nd Nathaniel M 3-2
3rd Daniel C 3-1
4th Zach L. 2-2

1st Jak S-A 7-0
2nd Jonathan C 5-2
3rd Josef L. 4-2
4th Michael C 4-2

1st Tom Hall 7-0
2nd Sami Sekkoum 5-2
3rd Freddy K 4-2
4th Ben Stewart-Armstead 4-2
Places courtesy of Jaedon on

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  1. Clayton H

    nice one m8! glad i could help!
    also we need sort out our trades! and im glad i got you to post it up on here! told you adam would approve it! damn u and ur english A >_< ur too clever for ur own good with grammer and talkin bout stuff

  2. Adam Capriola

    Interesting that you went with Lunatone…did you use Solrock as well? And did the only 1 discard hurt at all? I love that Regice can discard 2 (plus switch out pesky basics).

  3. Alex domini

    Nice but in The us they have a t16 or even a t8 and only 4 states thats rough mst've been packed…

  4. Collan Baker

    Sounds like you did very well for your first tournament! I think it's cool that you get to play best of three, I always wish it were that way when I have a bad game, or get donked.

  5. Adam Capriola

    You had some tough competition there, Freddy and Sami are great players. Sick job pulling it out vs the Shuppet Donk in game 3! That’s such a hard matchup to win.

    Also it’s interesting that you played 2/3 games in Swiss…what was the time limit? 1 hour?

  6. CoMiT

    Thanks Adam, about Lunatone I love the fact that it has only one retreat and in the mirror match can be very disruptive. Also its power is easy to work, but yeah regice was an option.

    The time limit was 45 mins per round.

  7. CoMiT

    Yeah it was a good turnout-especially masters. I am a bit annoyed that I just missed top-cut but I am pleased at how it went for my first tournament. Also the prize packs were great.

  8. Michael Randolph

    LMAO yeah man sounds like you where stressed out big time on that last game, and look it was all for nothing because you still won! Great job man and nice article.

  9. Tom Hall

    That Tom H has got some serious skills. WHO is that guy?

  10. Charles Barton

    Hey, well done on your place! (I'm the guy who fought you in the second match). Shuppet is a nightmare for gdos, i know all too well. Are you going to any Battle Roads in the northwest?

  11. CoMiT

    Hi blueblur-it was a great game really close but you deserved the win. I don't think I will be going to any B. roads in the North West, they are just too far away (I should be going to Nats…). Thanks for the comment. BTW where did you place?

  12. CoMiT

    Thanks, I was major stressed during that last game but luckily I kept just enough of my cool to think straight.
    Funny event from the day: Sami Sekkoum traded a creme egg for one of Freddy K.'s booster packs. Then pulling half of Lugia Legend and a Rev Holo Red Gyarados. (“Sure, you have those great cards. But now what will you eat?”- Freddy K.)-(thanks DJGigabyte at

  13. Charles Barton

    i came 8th, i could have won against faisal freddy k but i mistook his expert belt for an energy gain…
    im hoping to go to nats as well, so i'll probably see you there.

  14. CoMiT

    Thanks David, unlucky with your pulls.
    The rare candy will really help!

  15. David (LegendaryLugia)

    Great job on your first tourney Tom :)

    Some epic pulls from those packs, hope that Rare Candy will help you in some way ;)


  16. CoMiT

    Thanks David, unlucky with your pulls.
    The rare candy will really help!

  17. David (LegendaryLugia)

    Great job on your first tourney Tom :)

    Some epic pulls from those packs, hope that Rare Candy will help you in some way ;)


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    Now after which I am going to stumble across a post like this and I’ll recall that there quite are still intriguing pages over a web. ^_^. Thanks.

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