Jumpluff / Luxray GL Decklist

Chris Fulop (a very good player) had posted his Jumpluff list on Pokégym and I just wanted to throw it up here for everyone to see:

4 Hoppip HS
2 Skiploom SW
4 Jumpluff HS
3 Baltoy GE
3 Claydol GE
2 Uxie LA
1 Azelf LA
1 Regice LA
1 Chatot MD
2 Crobat G PL
1 Luxray GL RR
1 Luxray GL LV.X RR
1 Unown Q MD
3 Roseanne’s Research
2 Pokémon Collector
3 Bebe’s Search
1 Luxury Ball
4 Pokémon Communicator
3 Rare Candy
4 Broken Time-Space
4 TGI Poké Turn
1 Expert Belt
2 Warp Point
1 Night Maintenance
4 G
2 Multi

No analysis for now, I haven’t gotten a chance to test this thing out yet. I have also seen lists with Unown R, don’t know how they fit it in though. Ditto LA is something else you could put in the deck too. Feel free to discuss!

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  1. Michael Randolph

    unown r helps allot because you set it on your bench to fill it up until something better comes along then you discard it for an extra draw or in case your playing someone whom also takes advantage of your full bench like dusknoir and nidqueen.

  2. Saturn

    Not a bad list at all. I've found that Luxray really really helps out Jumpluff and that you need lots of planning when playing Jumpluff for it to work wonders.

  3. Saturn

    What about Unown Q though? I know in Shuppet it is used for Spiritomb and Mime but here since neither are present and other then Uxie and Azelf they have no retreat cost? Unless it means…it is used for them?

  4. Ed Mandy

    If you look at the basics that this deck runs, there are several that have a single retreat cost. You don't want to be discarding one of only 6 just to retreat, and you want to be able to attack immediately (which means you can't be wasting your energy drop to retreat). That's where Q comes in. Essentially it's a searchable free retreat.

  5. Tyler Ninomura

    Not enough one-of's for a fulop deck. I'm disappointed.

  6. Saturn

    I see what you mean, only Claydol (only one with 2) , baltoy, Azelf, Luxray GL and Uxie actually have retreat cost

  7. Richard Lee

    Claydol is the draw power of today's deck… hence 3-3 to bring it into play faster.

    Luxray GL Lv.X is for double Mr. Mime tricks, since they will just switch to another Mr. Mime if you Regi-Move their active.

  8. Poteet24

    arguably (is imo) the best player in Great Lakes Region

  9. krevin

    Man, have I been away from Pokemon TCG this long? In my day, the BDIF's always had at least 15-20 energies, and all your draw power was from Bill.

    Speaking of draw power, why the lack of Team Galactic Mars?

  10. Zachary Slater

    Nevermind >_> I didn't even realize that it's this guy lol

  11. Adam Capriola

    Team Galactic Mars is really weak draw. 2 cards just doesn't really cut it right now, you're better off relying on Claydol's Cosmic Power which can be used every turn (plus you can still play another supporter).

  12. Mach

    My list is much less techy than this, and I only personally used a single Roseanne's, since I had 3 Collectors to get basics, and every time I used Cyrus I'd get one of my 6 Energy.

  13. Saturn

    Mostly not because of Jumpluff's HP, is doesn't seem worth it and a lack of space to most.

  14. CarlosPero

    Has anyone considered using 1-1 Blissey Prime with Jumpluff? Discarding one grass energy shouldn't hurt much, to last another turn or two.

  15. Adam Capriola

    Like Saturn said, it just doesn't have enough HP to warrant it.

  16. Michael Randolph

    I agree it wouldn't be worth it to sack at least two cards in the already tight list for a Blissey Prime tech. Nice idea none the less.

  17. JPN-Gallade

    This is a pretty nice Jumpluff/Luxray list indeed. The multi energy in this deck looks a bit odd though. Still, this list isn't so bad. I see lots of good Pokemon, or really I should say, this is quite a good list of Pokemon. The trainers in this deck also look nice. Indeed, it really reminds me of a Raybees deck.

    That person did quite a nice job building it. Congrats to that guy for such a good Jumpluff list that's for sure.

  18. chrataxe

    I've been trying to tech out an all grass jumpluff deck like this:

    Metapod from HGSS
    Shaymin Lvl X
    Cherrim from Arceus
    Sunflora from HGSS

    Metapod takes away weakness to all grass, Cherrim reduces damage to grass by 10, Shaymin gives me +40 HP to all grass, and sunflora lets me draw a grass every turn. I'm even toying with meganium primes to move grass energy around. The problem is, they are all evolved pokemon. Is this too many evolutions to try and set up on my bench?

  19. Adam Capriola

    Try the posted list out first…I can tell that you haven't if you are
    thinking about using any of those cards.

  20. Adam Capriola

    Try the posted list out first…I can tell that you haven't if you are
    thinking about using any of those cards.

  21. jordan baker

    I've been playing an “all grass” Jumpluff for a while (which has become less grass based recently) and here is what I've found. Sunflora is huge, it lets you swarm jumpluff like crazy. I used to run 1-1 but recently bumped it up to 2-2. Cherrim is a waste of bench space, adding or reducing 10 damage isn't really that helpful, although Sunny Day Cherrim being able to do 30 damage for free is pretty nice in a tough situation. Shaymin is a toss-up. I took it out because so many people are playing Gengar X and Carchomp C X which both attack benched X's. Metapod is iffy too. You probably won't see many fire decks and Jumpluff has such low HP that it's not really going to matter.

    Here is what I've done off the top of my head

    4-2-4 Jumpluff
    2-2 Sunflora
    2-2 Claydol
    2-1-2 Metagross LA
    1 Uxie
    and maybe 1-1 Shayman depending on your metagame.

    Here is the reasoning on the Metagross. it's pokepower is a built in Pokemon reversal. You get two on your bench and you eliminate the need for Luxray X because you have a 75% chance of grabbing a pokemon off their bench every turn. This also gets rid of a lot of cards that Luxray requires like poketurns, crobats, electric energy.

    This deck has worked exceptionally well for me recently and is great against the popular locking decks and mr mime, because it lets you work around those cards.

  22. chrataxe

    Interesting, I'll heed your advice. Its actually my son's deck, he is 8 and just likes to evolve, so this gives him plenty of opportunity for that. I don't necessarily like all the crap I have in his deck, but its fun for him and maybe even somewhat competitive in juniors.

  23. chrataxe

    Interesting, I'll heed your advice. Its actually my son's deck, he is 8 and just likes to evolve, so this gives him plenty of opportunity for that. I don't necessarily like all the crap I have in his deck, but its fun for him and maybe even somewhat competitive in juniors.

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