Cynthia’s Feelings: More Important Than Ever?

Cynthia's Feelings Legends Awakened LA 131 Pokemon CardI feel as though the popularity of the card Cynthia’s Feelings somewhat died down as SP decks became popular. SP variants have almost no need for the card, and decks playing against SP don’t really get that much advantage from using it either. Let’s face it…the metagame is pretty much non-SP vs SP at the moment; you have to make sure your deck can beat SP or else it’s not really worth playing. LuxChomp won by far the most State Championships in the Master’s division, so you know it’s going to see play at Regionals.

However, with the late emergence of speedy decks like Jumpluff / Luxray GL LV.X and Sableye / Garchomp C LV.X, Cynthia’s Feelings may be an intelligent play once again. Decks like these try to win quickly, and Cynthia’s Feelings may be the best possible defense against them. It allows you to have the potential to counter-punch early game, giving you a response to your opponent’s fast start.

Along with all the speed out there right now, there is also an abundance of disruption. TGI Power Spray, Mesprit LA, Gardevoir SW, Giratina PL, Team Galactic’s Wager, Spiritomb AR, and anything that can take out Claydol (Luxray GL LV.X, Garchomp C LV.X, Gengar SF, etc…) are going to really limit your options. They either hinder your draw or eschew your hand. Cynthia’s Feelings is a card none of these can stop, and if are able to refresh your hand to 8 cards, there is a high probability you will have some options at your disposal.

It may be worth trying to structure your trainer line in certain decks to accommodate in the area of 3 Cynthia’s Feelings. Maybe play more Pokémon Communication so that you are able to search out a Pokémon after playing Cynthia’s. I am going to try fitting more Cynthia’s into my decks and see how it affects matchups. Gyarados could probably do well to fit in 2 and 1 VS Seeker. Jumpluff itself may benefit since it has so many weak starters that could be KO’d turn 1 or 2.

Let me know what you think of Cynthia’s Feelings…do you think it may see a resurgence during Regionals?

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  1. ofr3ako

    “Cynthia's Feelings” has always been a great card since its debut. However, I believe its importance INCREASED when “SP's” gained popularity. SP's are fast and furious, and more often than not, will usually take the first prize against something. “Claydols” are yummy to SP's.

    In CC's I kept my win record high vs. SP's because of this card. Actually, every game I won vs. SP's was without a Claydol, so I relied heavily on Cynthia's.

    The real argument is whether Cynthia's, being a situational card, will be replaced by “Oak's New Theory?”

  2. Michael Randolph

    I love this card. It almsot always comes into my hand at the perfect time. No list is complete without at least one. Running two may just be a great idea but with lists being so tight I'm not sure as to what to replace.

  3. Sergio Ortiz

    I play this on every non SP deck i play, it's such a defense against power lock and control decks
    IMO it's nearby a most in every non SP deck

  4. jordan baker

    I currently run two Oak's New Theory, but I'm thinking about going back to Cynthia's. Its a tough choice for obvious reasons.

  5. rawreth

    Instead of Cynthia's, I'm currently playing Copycat. Works wonders and can get me >10 cards if I'm playing against Gyarados and sometimes SP.

    But yes Cynthia's is likely to be more consistent and becomes a better choice.

  6. Colin Peterik

    Yeah.. It's a tough decision. Most seasoned players tend to swear on Cynthia's Feelings, while others may prefer the safer route in Oak's New Theory. While Copy Cat can win games in Gyarados and even SP, it is almost useless verses Claydol engine decks as you will seldom draw more than 5 or 6 cards with it. It does feel pretty great getting a fresh hand of 8 cards, but the situationality of it may lead people to PONT. I suggest play testing and feeling out what feels best.

  7. tim h

    If I don't know what I'm up against, I use 2-2 claydol with 1 of each. (Copycat, Oaks new theory, Cynthias)

  8. Eelis Peltola

    Decks that used to play 3 Cynthia's Feelings (Flygon mainly) can now play a mix of both PONT and Cynthia's. I like to go 1 PONT, 2 Cynthia's.

    More on topic, I disagree on many of the points in the beginning of this article:
    1. SP is very able to run Cynthia's because of the low HP of most of the Pokemon. Not many, one or two will do. Helps when you're stuck with a bad hand (duh :P)
    2. Cynthia's is a very good weapon against Claydol-hating SPs. You sniped my Claydol, leaving me with a puny 4 card hand? I play Cynthia's, and I'm feeling better already! (pun intended)

  9. Dave Hueglin

    With so many great Supporter and Trainer cards now, I find I'm tending to run 1-2 of a lot of them, including Cynthia's. Roseanne's is one of the few cards that has no “replacement”, due to it's abillity to get Basic Energy.

    One thing I have been pondering is whether to start running 2 VS Seeker instead of 1. They give you more flexibility in replaying an important Supporter but are obviously dead weight until you have actually played at least one supporter. Anyone have any thoughts on VS Seeker?

  10. Sai C

    most gdos's run 2 cynthias to get the tsd's and rescues after a ko

  11. Joshua Pikka

    You are over hyping Feelings.

    Its a good card, but its deck specific. Its good for decks that dont have a lot of draw power and lose pokmeon easily, like a scizor/cherrim. Maybe even for a gyarados.

    But as a card that you need 3 of in every deck, I dont think so.

  12. JPN-Gallade

    I think Cynthia's Feelings is quite a nice card. It really has a great way of refreshing your hand, primarily making an incredible hand refreshment after a Pokemon gets KOed. You see, when one of your Pokemon gets KOed, you often won't have that good of hand. That's where Cynthia's comes into play. It lets you refresh yourself after you get KOed. Nowadays though, Cynthia's is coming into competition with PONT. PONT is much more stable compared to Cynthia's. What I mean is that PONT lets you shuffle and draw 6, so it is much more reliable at times compared to Cynthia's, which pretty is played when you get KOed. Thus, Cynthia's Feelings is right now in a tough spot, facing competition with PONT.

    However, I would definitely agree with Master Entei about running both. Running two Cynthia's can give you quite a nice refreshment at times when there is a KO, and then you have 1 PONT as a “just in case” card where you may need it any time, not just a KO. Indeed, running 1 PONT and 2 Cynthia's can work quite nicely.

  13. Adam Capriola

    Glad we got some discussion going on this. :)

    My argument against using Professor Oak's New Theory: If 6 cards is so much better than 4, than 8 is EVEN more-so better than drawing 6. For every subsequent extra card you draw, the percentages go up for drawing what you need.

    You will have less cards in your deck after each draw, you know? Better proportion for each extra draw.

    It stinks if you are forced to play Cynthia to draw 4, but I'd rather have that 8 card potential.

  14. Adam Capriola

    I think the current metagame is almost forcing you to play it, if you ever play against Sableye/Garchomp you'll know what I mean.

  15. bendingspoons1

    Patience is always a payoff when it comes to Cynthia's Feelings and you will almost always have that turn to play it for the 8 cards. Copycat although has more potential, is less likely to bail you out of a bad spot. Not sure if you have to play three but 2 is definitely reasonable for most decks to consider.

  16. Ed Mandy

    I feel like if you need a draw card like this, Copycat may be better against the current metagame. Both SP and Gyarados often carry over 6 cards in their hand.

    I don't know. I just don't like betting on losing my own Pokemon. To me, Cynthia is like buying an extended warranty. It might make you feel better in the event of a loss, but is it really better in the long run?

    I feel better about betting that my opponent doesn't KO me, and make a backup plan in case he does. Playing Cynthia seems like you're assuming that your opponent will KO you, so you'll settle for a consolation prize.

  17. aaki

    Personally, I have always kept Cynthia's Feelings in mind. I think she would be offended to know that you are only now beginning to pay attention to them.

  18. Mark Stroup

    I loved Cynthia a while back but had a problem of needing to drop one more supporter such as Bebe's to get that LVX I need or Stage 2 evo, but now that Pkmn Communication is out, the problem is solved and I loved it.
    It indeed provides the best variety of a hand when you're being Sablelocked and each and every individual card can change the game at that decisive point.

  19. kevin kupiec

    worse thing is when u cynthias and the card u need is the 9th card….

  20. kevin kupiec

    worse thing is when u cynthias and the card u need is the 9th card….

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