Sablelock aka Sableye/Garchomp Decklist and Discussion

Sableye Stormfront SF 48My good friend Ed from has posted a decklist for the fabled deck “Sablelock” and is trying to get some discussion going on it, so please head over his site and check it out:

I think this is the first that anyone has actually posted a legit list. I know many people don’t know how the deck works, so here’s you chance to learn how it works and collaborate on the decklist.

Big props to Ed for the great article!

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  1. Adam Capriola

    No problem man! I'm stoked that you “exposed” the deck, really courageous
    of you.

  2. Ed Mandy

    Heh. I don't know if I'd say that. It's not like I went undercover to infiltrate secret deckmaking labs or something.

  3. rawreth

    Wow, first time seeing this deck. Must be freaking scary to play against.

    Thanks for exposing the deck!

  4. Karol Nowak

    Well, isn't this surprising. That Garchomp/Sableye/Honchkrow deck has finally been exposed. This probably has to be a great day for me. Thanks so much Adam. Now we all have a really nice list to go by if we were to play that deck. In fact, thanks to this, I might even try out this deck to see how it works.

  5. Zachary Slater

    I hate how this deck is considered a “secret” or something, we're playing Pokemon not releasing Soviet material -_-

    I'm actually pretty surprised that people are being such big babies about it, like them knowing the information and not everyone else makes them privileged or something. It was going to get out anyways, it's not like it didn't win FL States.

  6. Zachary Slater

    Yeah I agree with that, 3 Giratina aren't needed in my opinion (at least in theory it doesn't seem so). I'd also add in a Uxie X to help the Machamp match-up, considering you're already running 2 Uxie.

  7. JWittz

    There are a lot of fundamental differences between the fundamental silvestro list and this one, but the main concept is down. For starters, you're going to get WAY too many giratina starts with this build.

  8. Mark Stroup

    “SPionage”, that's gOOOd!
    That's definitely not close to the list, although the general idea of how it operates is correct.
    The deck is based on nothing but PURE disruption.
    It's too funny seeing this deck float all over the Gym with people Trolling all over it, not to mention the only time expert players on pokesites EVER decide to write anything is to screw with people's heads like a$$*&oles.
    It's the ugly Elitists' side of pokemon.
    The deck has many open slots that I think are really based on someones playing style, instead of there being 1 perfect 60-card deck out there with little to no flaws.

  9. Adam Capriola

    Yeah, when the world champ dominates a tournament with an unknown deck, it's
    bound to get some attention. I can see why they might be upset about it
    getting out, but unless they used it at a tournament in Alaska, it was going
    to get out.

  10. Saturn

    I was wondering about that. I tested out the deck myself and was not seeing at all how this won ANYTHING! The cards that everyone claims was in the deck equals to over 80 cards?!?! I was having a feeling this might just BS from what the deck actually was…

  11. Davide Crisafulli

    I'm testing my own version of this deck and i run lookers over tgw..what do you think about it?

  12. Adam Capriola

    Having the chance at giving your opponent a 3 cards hand is much more lethal
    than 5. Though I guess you could look at your opponent's hand, then
    determine if you should Cyrus's Investigation with Sableye, but that seems
    far less likely.

  13. Zachary Slater

    I can see why they'd be upset about it getting out during a tournament, so that way they can surprise people later on, but after the tournament?

  14. Zachary Slater

    I agree with Adam on this point, although it doesn't seem like much, a Supporter being in those extra 2 cards from Lookers can help set back up your opponent. The only time I run Lookers over TGW is in SP because you don't always want your hand shuffled. Basically, any deck that has Claydol in it should use TGW over Looker's IMO.

  15. JWittz

    The deck ISN'T based on disruption, it's based on getting the donk and it has the disruptive option when the deck isn't in a state of donking. Most people online are just flooding their sub-par lists with extra useless disruptive elements.

  16. Ryan Graham

    JWittz, you seem like you know the deck better than all of us.

  17. Chrome

    Steve didn't win. Aaron Curry did. Aaron actually beat Steve…I lol'd

  18. JWittz

    I've talked with Silvestro/ Curry about the list, and there were about 4 total copies of the deck played at IL states. Half of them were from the Wisconsins, particularly Yoshimitsu (his name is something like that, we just call him Yoshi) and Christian Haas. The other half was Ness (who participated in the same states and got a good look at silvestro's list) and Matt Alvis.

    My brother beat Yoshi with Garchomp/Blaziken FB, my cousin beat Ness with Luxchomp and some good topdecks and power sprays, and I lost to christian Haas in a 1 prize to 1 prize game.

    The farthest the deck got in our states was top 16. My brother beat Christian Haas in top 16 in 3 games, and my friend Carver beat Ness with Dialgiachomp in 3 games as well.

    As you guys can see by the pattern, the deck struggles against SP decks. You can't deal enough damage to donk, so you're often either trying a desperate disruption or attacking mostly with garchomp C.

    To Ness's/ Matt Alvis's defense, both were given a round 1 loss for coming late, even though both of their opponents offered to play out their games.

    Silvestro also ended up losing to Luxchomp to get 2nd place in the 2nd week of States ( I think it was georgia, maybe?)

    Bottom line, my advice to you guys is not to worry too much about the deck. A lot of testing is needed in order to get a firm grasp of the thing, and if you don't know what you're doing you'll lose to SP a lot more than you'd think. I know it's really tempting to play with “that new sparkly deck”, but ultimately I suggest playing with what you're comfortable with.

  19. jordan baker

    thats why I'm sticking with my Burmy/Mamoswine/Electric deck. gotta play what you're comfortable with.

  20. jim roll

    Agree with Jwittz. My son played the Fl list card for card in GA seniors and got second. It is a tough deck to run…unless you get T1 donk of course. You have to know when to be aggressive and when to be defensive. The list is very tight and like most decks you can put your own spin on it but Steve and Aaron are great deck builders and this posted list is about 6-8 cards off. It has a tough time against SP and Champ of course. Solid deck but probably time to move on with so much SP being played now. This was designed for the Gengar Meta that ran rampant at GA Marathon.

  21. ryanvergel

    Yes, but it was Steve's list, and Steve also got second the very next week. So Top 2 and Top 4 with the same deck, and his list also got 1st.

    I don't think they are “being babies” about the material. They merely just don't talk about it, and have let the misinformation and 'hype' do its work.

  22. ryanvergel

    Yes, but it was Steve's list, and Steve also got second the very next week. So Top 2 and Top 4 with the same deck, and his list also got 1st.

    I don't think they are “being babies” about the material. They merely just don't talk about it, and have let the misinformation and 'hype' do its work.

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