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  1. Karol Nowak

    This was the most hilarious intro for a Pro-fit episode I have ever seen. I really like how you acted in a way you have become the President of POP. I rememeber laughing so hard at this. I really liked your idea of moving worlds from Hawaii to University of Illinois. The broken card that you made up was hilarious too. I also like how you were shouting that you are going to win worlds now that you created a broken card. Again, the intro was the best I have seen yet.

    As for the episode, I also think it was pretty well done. This will help lots of players in making the last minute decision of what deck to play. It also tells us what are the decks we will be seeing the most in Regionals.

    Overall, this was the best episode of Pro-fit yet. I can't wait to see what next week's episode will be like.

  2. jordan baker

    Just got home from Indiana, Great Lakes area, regionals. Saw a lot of Jumpluff (many variants), and SP toolboxes, a few gengars, and lots of “rogue” decks. 140-some Masters played, and we had a top cut of 32. I made it to the top 16 with my Jumpluff/Metagross variant. I might write up a report. after 17 hours its time for bed.

  3. John Kettler

    Yeah, I think you underrate Jumpluff pretty heavily in this video, considering that at least two Regionals have reported their Masters divisions as having been won by it.

    As always though, great video with solid analyis.

  4. Randy Branch

    I like how you can express your feelings so concisely.

  5. John Kettler

    Update: figured I'd post the breakdown of decks that won Regionals in Masters:

    Luxchomp: 5 (1 Canadian, and everywhere else not stated)
    Luxchomp w/ Donphan teched or splashed in: 2 (both California)
    Jumpluff: 2 (Texas and Georgia)
    Shuppet donk: 1 (Northeast)
    Sablelock: 1 (Mississippi Valley…Jwittz!)
    Gardevoir: 1 (Pennsylvania-area Regionals)
    Gyarados: 1 (Virginia-area regionals)
    Dialgachomp: 1 (Midwest)
    Cursegar: 1 (1 Canadian)

  6. JWittz

    The video was made before regs, so it was just based on states performance. Jumpluff is definitely seeing more play and smarter lists now

  7. JWittz

    The video was made before regs, so it was just based on states performance. Jumpluff is definitely seeing more play and smarter lists now

  8. Cathleen Horrigan

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  9. Matt Dipietrantoni

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  10. Nicole Bresko

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  11. Douglass Fersner

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