Randy Arnold’s NorthWest Regionals Top 16 report

Hey guys if you don’t me, I’m Randy Arnold. I play the Pokémon TCG competitively. I run a YouTube channel and make YouTube videos, so please check out my website: http://randyarnold1productions.yolasite.com/

So Friday my 24-year old brother comes to stay the night since his friend Kelly is driving us to the event in the morning. It’s his first event and hers. We wake up and dad bought us donuts for the win. While we wait for Kelly to pick us up, Ryan and I watch a couple episodes of Avatar: TLA (The Last Air bender). She shows up and we drive there. We talk and such on the way there. Then we get there about 9am, 45 minutes left to register.

Chris helps us by getting two theme decks to borrow for them and we fill the stuff out. Then they play a couple games to learn. Kelly learns it sort of quickly and helps Ryan. I go hang out with Seth and crew, get a BTS from Taylor for my deck. BTW I am running Tyranitar.

Round 1 : Randy Arnold Vs some person running Jumpluff/ random stuff

So I see while he’s shuffling that he’s using a variant of Jumpluff. So I’m thinking this is going to be like a “Ehh” matchup. I get Sableye start and start setting up. Now I don’t remember 100% of the game but I know he never gets a Jumpluff out and I just steamroll him.

So Ryan and Kelly are like “These decks suck” So we go to the store at the venue and they buy some packs and penny sleeves. Kelly buys a few packs and one of them is a HeartGold SoulSilver pack and she pulls top half of Lugia Legend. I was like :0. Then we wait for pairings.

Round 2 : Randy Arnold vs Forgot who

He is running Regigigas. So I just try to set-up T-Tar. I think this is like one of out the freaking 4-5 times I don’t get a Sableye start. (FTL!)
But I just start steamrolling and by turn 3-4 I get Dusknoir DP out and “Dark Palm” his Regigigas POP 9 on the bench with 2-3 energies. He was so mad. Basically I took more prizes and kept “Dark Palming.”

Round 3: Randy Arnold vs Oliver B (Good friend of mine that I see at almost all my leagues.)

So I know he’s playing Gyarados because he’s been playing it for a long time now. I’m thinking I have to play my best to win and stuff.
I think I got some crappy start or whatever.
But I take like 2-3 maybe 4 Prizes, but he wins.
Good Game

Round 4: Randy Arnold vs Quinn from Washington I think

Knowing that if I win at least 3 more, I can make Top 16. I still try to win. So I basically get the worst set-up for the day, every time I bench a Larvitar, he just snipes it with Garchomp C (LuxChomp of course)
So I’m like FML. But finally I get a T-Tar going and get a Dusknoir and I’m like YEAH! He has 2 Prizes cards to my still remaining 6. Basically the whole game is him “Bright Looking” once, “Tail Coding” my DCEs to my Claydols, luckily I have one in my hand so it doesn’t hurt me.

I’m KOing stuff and “Dark Palming” two freshly benched Garchomp C’s. Because if I “dark palmed” Luxray, he’d just snipe a Uxie/Claydol for another prize. Where he needed 1 energy, a energy gain and either a Crobat G or another energy to KO something on the bench with Luxray. Where if he “Bright Looked” I get another energy and it would help me. Finally once he’s out of Garchomp C’s on the bench and I “Dark Palm” away his Luxray. I also play a nicely timed Team Galactic Wager for the win.

I won. Here is why he lost:

  1. Having crud draw for like 85% of the game
  2. Me finally getting out Claydol/T-Tar/Dusknoir
  3. Him making misplays that give me energy

That is one of the reasons I stopped playing LuxChomp, I made so many misplays and it’s the best deck if you do perfectly, it sucks if you make misplays. T-Tar was just so simple.
so 3-1 (only 3 more wins and I make it in)

OK now my brain is all like Woo… from the whole day.
But basically here’s the lay down of the rest of the day:

Lost another game, forgot what round, was to my good friend Robin Hood and his Blissey deck. Won 2 matches, but forgot one of them.

One was to this Flyphan that had like no draw. (When I first saw my match up I was all like FML.
I went 5-2 and made top 16! FTW

I played this kid kobi, he played a unique deck. Gengar SF/Shuppet Donk or whatever.
It worked wonders, and I lost.

But I got 9 packs! Pulled Meganium Prime and bottom half of ho-oh legend

Seth for telling me about my ripped pants
Wearing a sweatshirt to cover my rip
Chris C, better known as Mr. Raichu for suggesting T-Tar to me
My friend Ben for giving me half of the list I used.
Taylor for the BTS
Kelly for driving me or I won’t have gone
Team relick winning seniors team championship and master relick team taking 4th
Pizza hut Large cheese pizza with cheese filled crust
Dusknoir DP
Kelly for buying like a lot of packs and getting like 2 top halves of lugia Legend, Blissy prime, Rypehior LV.X, and such
My brother Ryan and Kelly getting hooked to the game
Dr. K Cheap Generic brand Dr. Pepper FTW!
Vitamin water

Like 5/9 games having no freaking sableye start when it’s the only Pokémon I ran 4-of
Riley not making tops
Putting 2 SSU in the deck and never used them or needed them
Pokémon collector being useful only once!
Bad starts
Bad Hands
Having 2/3 of the last cans in my 12-pack taken.
Not having sableye start but having them clog up my hand.

If you want my list. Here is my exact list I used:

Pokémon 21
4 Sableye SF
3-2-3 Tyranitar SF
2-2 Claydol GE
2 Uxie LA
1-1 Dusknoir DP
1 Unown G
Trainers 28
4 Rare Candy
3 Roseanne’s Research
3 Felicity’s Drawing
3 Pokémon Communication
2 Lucian’s Assignment
2 Moonlight Stadium
2 Bebe’s Search
2 Expert Belt
2 Super Scoop Up
1 Broken Time-Space
1 Team Galactic’s Wager
1 Pokémon Collector
1 VS Seeker
1 Palmer’s Contribution
Energy 11
7 Basic D
4 Double Colorless

See you all at Spring Battle Roads and Unleashed Prereleases.

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  1. Ed Mandy

    Hey Randy. I checked out some of your YouTube videos. On a bunch of them, your “background” music is more like foreground music. It makes it real hard to listen to you speak.

    Nice job on the top cut!

  2. Karol Nowak

    Nice report! It's very interesting to see someone actually play T-Tar since I see that T-Tar has now become a dead deck since Donphan cam out. Despite this, I still think that T-Tar is a good deck, and you really did prove this right in this Regionals.

    Once again, good report! I hope to see you at nats!

  3. Epifania Beyal

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    Can I make a suggestion? I consider youve obtained one thing very good right here. But what in case you added a couple links to a page that backs up what youre declaring? Or perhaps you can give us one thing to appear at, something that would connect what youre saying to something tangible? Just a suggestion.

  5. Mike Kratky

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