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collects faster than anybody.

Pokémon Collector” is a card that has been in the format for some time now. We could take deeper look in the card, but in the end it’s as meaningless as it seems to be; that’s because we all know what it does, just search for three basic Pokémon from your deck. It’s sounds simple and so it is. But, if we would think more, what in the world could those three basic Pokémon’s be? Maybe a Pikachu, Pikachu and one more Pikachu. Or maybe we could get one Pikachu and two more interesting cards. So it does sound good, but there is always “Roseanne’s Research” and “Call Energy” to do the basic searching. So why would you play “Pokémon Collector” instead of those two? – you ask.

The keyword for this one is numbers. For using “Roseanne’s Research” as Supporter or “Call Energy” as attack’s effect you can get two basic Pokémon. So it would seem that “Collector” would be a lot better than “Roseanne’s Research” because you can get three basics instead of two. But there is always the but, with the “Roseanne’s Research” you can also search for basic Energy or two. “Call Energy” effect would just mean to throw one attacking turn away to search some Pokémon into your bench. This could be good or this could be bad, either way it’s a fact that there is good attacks from basics also.

For example you start with “Spiritomb” AR and “Baltoy” with a “Pokémon Collector” in your hand. Would you be happier if that “Pokémon Collector” would be a “Call Energy” instead? Mostly, you wouldn’t be, but if you would be discarding the “Call Energy” later for retreating then it would be something. However, for retreating there’s always the Unown Q, so you would want to attach Energy (one-per-turn) to your actual attacker. So there’s one reason for playing “Pokémon Collector”, you can search for Unown Q which is a little like Energy (and still two more basic Pokémon‘s).

“I want to take this one, and maybe this one too and this would also be nice, but I can’t with this “Roseanne’s Research”. I wish that I would have the “Pokémon Collector” right now.” Well, that kind of feeling would be really something not to fish for. So we can just take “Roseanne’s Research” out for “Pokémon Collectors”. Of course you really can’t do that if you’re running only few basic Energy cards, but then again you can if you just play “Cyrus’s Conspiracy” for nice example. So in the end there’s no space for the “Pokémon Collectors”, but what an awesome feeling it would be to get great start always. We just throw this and that out and we have 4-4× “Pokémon Collector” and “Roseanne’s Research”.

Seriously speaking, wouldn’t it be fun to take “Baltoy”, “Pikachu” and “Spiritomb” same time with just only using one Supporter. And if you would have problems with drawing, you could just get “Uxie” LA to do the drawing job and you could still take the “Baltoy” if you would want to. Another great cards to get with “Pokémon Collector” are: “Unown G” GE, TeCh-lines basic form, “Mesprit” LA or just the main attacker’s basic form so you could hit fast.

Pokémon Collector” does also good job with a card called “Pokémon Communication”. All of you readers get the idea, don’t you? Get some foolish basic Pokémon from your deck just to throw it away as soon as it gets to your hand. It does good job with Pokémon SP’s favorite (not really) “Power Spray” also. You can easily get your Pokémon SP out and in the same time, a card like “Uxie” to draw after all those SP Radars and stuff.

If you just have space in your deck, give it a try. It can be surprising good when a bad start comes in the way or you just want to have more basics. It can also actually make some spaces for your deck being able to search so much stuff that you need. Thanks for reading and remember to collect some Pokémon to be a “Pokémon Collector”!

– Henrik Laihanen

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  1. Karol Nowak

    I'll tell you this. This was an awesome report. You were really describing Pokemon Collector very nicely.

    Yeah, I agree with you on how you can use Collector with Communication. You can pull out a basic you don't need and use it for your Pokemon Communication. This can especially be effective. I also agree that Collector can be better than Roseanne's. Sure Roseanne's can search out basic energies, but Collector searches out more basics than Roseanne's. That's the thing I like about it. Furthermore, Collector is what made my favorite deck right now, Gyarados, more playable. Indeed, you really did show the wonders of Pokemon Collector.

  2. jordan baker

    wait. no way!?! we can use a card that lets you get three basics… to get three basics?!?!?!!? who would of known!

    seriously though, i'm not trying to be a jerk, but come on.

  3. Collan Baker


    but seriously, I always think about playing this in my CurseTomb deck, but attaching an energy every turn is so essential that I have to stick with Roseanne's most of the time.

  4. Vanderbilt_Grad

    I like Collector in decks that have other ways to search out energy, such as an SP deck that also runs Cyrus' Conspiracy. However, in nearly every other deck I run I've tried Collector and gone back to Roseanne's. Being able to search for energy is huge. Flexiblity > Numbers for me.

  5. Ed Mandy

    The article does a lot of comparing Collector to Call Energy and Roseanne's Research. One good point that I feel was lacking, though, is that both of those cards will (most likely) rotate out leaving Collector as the only option (of the three).

    Collector is great in certain decks, but most decks need that energy search that Roseanne affords. As JPN Gallade pointed out, Collector moves Gyarados a tier up. Most other decks need energy, and Roseanne allows them to run less of it while still giving a good amount of Pokemon search.

  6. L M

    I've heard of people using Pokemon Collector for an Uxie and 2 Unown R's to max their hand at nine cards. I could never fit the Unown R's into anything though.

  7. Adam Capriola

    Roseanne's is still needed in a lot of decks…I see your Unown Q argument for retreat, but you still need energy to attack, right?

  8. Ed Mandy

    Unown R + Night Maintenance + Pokemon Collector = Crazy Delicious

  9. Jason Chen

    Hahaha look how chubby and perverted he is. What's that saying about the real Pokemon collectors! lmao

  10. Jason Chen

    Hahaha look how chubby and perverted he is. What's that saying about the real Pokemon collectors! lmao

  11. Kara Santhuff

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  12. Angelo Lightbody

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  13. Kathlyn Smalarz

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