Wormgrowth – First Deck Build

About a month ago, my friend Michael, known around here as Michael Scot Masacre was at my place of work with his Pokémon cards when I off-handedly bring up, “Hey, I still have a lot of my old cards.” Of course, he wanted to see them, so after work I head home and load up my cards and head back. We go through cards, play a quick game of Old School vs. New School and like that, I’m back in the saddle. Since then I’ve been playing more and more with the help of Michael, but enough back story. What I have today is a deck build I decided to try and so far it’s not too bad in my opinion. Without further ado, I’ll begin talk about its contents.

First up, the name Wormgrowth obviously comes from the two main elements: Wormadam and Tangrowth. Wormadam has his strategy of using Plant, Sandy, and Trash Cloaks to cause quite a bit of havoc (though I do not run Trash Cloak in this deck), and Tangrowth himself having large damage dealing possibilities. On top of those two, I have a 1-1-1 Exploud line and a couple Claydol for draw power, as every deck should.

For those that may not know, Burmy Plant, Trash, and Sandy Cloak all have the poke-body of Cloak Evolution allowing them to evolve the turn they are played. Wormadam Plant Cloak has the Cloak Scale attack which does 50 damage for 2 Colorless and 1 Leaf Energy, along with burning, confusing, and poisoning the defending Pokémon should Wormadam Sandy Cloak be in play.

As for Tangrowth, he’s more of a direct attacker with his Swallow Up move. 50 damage, for 2 Colorless and 2 Leaf Energy, UNLESS Tangrowth has more health than the defending Pokémon, in which case his attack deals a whopping 120 damage.

Then the other two lines are tech’d in for specific reasons. Claydol for his magnificent Cosmic Power to get the cards I need, and Exploud for his poke-body Erasing Sound which relieves my Pokémon of their weaknesses. Quite helpful considering ALL of them are weak to fire save Claydol and Exploud.

On to the decklist:

Pokémon: 23
1× Tangela SF
2× Tangela AR
1× Tangrowth AR
1× Tangrowth LV.X AR
3× Burmy Plant Cloak AR
2× Burmy Sandy Cloak AR
4× Wormadam Plant Cloak AR
2× Burmy Sandy Cloak AR
Whismur SV
Loudred SV
Exploud SV
Baltoy GE
Claydol GE
Trainers, Supporters, Stadiums: 26
Bebe’s Search
Professor Oak’s Visit
Cynthia’s Feelings
Roseanne’s Research
Expert Belt
Pokémon Collector
Energy Search
1× Department Store Girl
1× Bench Shield
Professor Elm’s Training Method
Poké Ball
Luxury Ball
Cyrus’s Initiative
Professor Oak’s New Theory
Energies: 11
G Energies
Double Colorless Energies

Well, this is a test build so I am 100% open to suggestions, just as long as those who reply do so courteously and with constructive criticism. Sorry if my article ran a bit long, it was my first as well as being my first build. Thanks to those who read and comment. Good gaming.

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  1. Zachary Slater

    I agree with Kyle, your evolution builds are a little off. If you want to focus on Plant Cloak Burmy, you should max out at 4-4 and then do a 3-3-1 Tangrowth Line. Sceptile is a nice addition to grass decks as well as Shaymin Lv. X… so those are good tech's if you want to help the deck out. I'd suggest taking out Exploud since Fire isn't all that common in the meta, so there's really no neeed.

    I'd also take out the 3 Professor Oak's Visit and Department Store Girl for 4 Pokemon Communication. I think you have too many Supporters in this deck, and that won't work properly because you'll definitely want to be the first one set-up since your deck has low HP pokemon and needs to work off it's speed. If you're going to keep the 3 DCE, max out at 4 on them.

    Hope I helped in any way possible. Good luck.

  2. Kyle

    Whats with the 3-4 line of Burmy and 3-1-1 of Tangrowth.Though I know your beginning but maybe you should have a Sceptile GE line and get rid off some of those DCE.All these are suggestions though.

  3. Kenny Hood

    I like the help guys, the tips are nice. I've gotten more cards since so a better deck could be made from this with the tips you guys have given me, it's just that this is definitely still one of my decks in progress and was made based completely on the cards I had at the time, so no Broken Time Space, Rare Candies, Poke Drawers, etc.

    Anyway, I'll definitely take your tips into consideration next time I try putting this deck together.

  4. Randy Arnold

    Seems like a good deck idea! List needs work. But it's hard for most beginner's to learn the concept of deck making. This is one of the first decks that I've seen from a new player that has some synergy in it. (Basically means strategy)
    My advice is if you Tangrowth is your main line I'd do 3-3-1 or 4-3-1 (better chance of starting with tangela)
    If Wormadam is, then max out your main wormadam that attacks as 4-4 and the second one with 2-2 or 3-3. (Even 1-1, if it works for you)
    I like some of your trainers. But I wouldn't use supporters that draw cards in here.
    Use trainers like pokedex, poke drawer +. Stuff like that.
    I'd take out the poke ball and professor elm's training method. Bebe's is much better than Professor Elm's. Bebe's can search for basics and evolutions not just evolutions. Poke-ball is nice, but it's a flippy card. Use Pokemon Communication instead. I think dawn stadium or broken time space in here would be nice. Maybe fine room for 2 dawn stadium and 1 broken time space.
    Good Luck with testing and figuring out your deck!
    Rogues usually are fun. (Rogues just means it's a creavite deck that isn't so popular)

  5. Michael Randolph

    Excellent first article brother, well done and I look forward to reading your next articles! Glad I could be the one to bring you “back in the saddle again” lol.

  6. Michael Randolph

    Excellent first article brother, well done and I look forward to reading your next articles! Glad I could be the one to bring you “back in the saddle again” lol.

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