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  1. Einar Bogsnes Hegge

    as said on youtube: To be honest, there is a few cards I REALLY think needs a mention… jirachi? devolving can be nice, and the power is very good… and when you combo it with mismagius, well… that is a really good way of accelerating energy in my opinion… and then we have metagross which could be pretty nice as a sniper together with the supreme victors one, using jirachi and mismagius for energy acceleration
    And lastly blastoise and floatzel, which together makes blastoise able to snipe 100 every turn

  2. Michael Randolph

    Yeah I like Blastoise allot too but I'm afraid the world already has one amazing sniper, and I don't see them switching anytime soon (Garchomp C). If it wasnt a turn or two slower then maybe.

  3. Eric Lari

    Very nice episode of Profit. One card you forgot to mention that was left out of the set was the new leafeon. Which had potential to be paired with the new roserade and shaymin. It wouldn't of that amazing but it would of made a fun tier 2 deck.

  4. Perry Going

    This set was kinda disappointing but there are alot of interesting cards that will be major in the new format….stantler and manaphy probably going to be staples for consistancy, roserade paired with a rainbow or a mulit sounds fun, ursaring may be good paired with typhlosion or rainbow energy, the shaymin in this set is amazing, and dont forget guys, rare candy and super scoop up were reprinted!

  5. Matthew Riddle

    To all those claiming that the weak cards in this set will be staples or good decks in future formats, I gotta disagree.

    The level of “brokeness” doesn't drop after a format rotation. A card that serves no purpose now is going to serve just as little purpose in a future format because there will be new cards released between now and then that are better than these cards. The bad cards from this set will never be competitively playable because better more-“broken” cards will come out in the next set or future sets.

    And if new cards don't come out to fulfill the purpose, people just won't play these bad cards. People aren't going to try use Dodrio/Noctowl to draw cards because there is no Claydol/Uxie in the format. People will just change their deck engines to work in a different way using the better cards from the previous sets. Sableye/Spiritomb for example.

    By this time next year, when people mention this set, it will see be seen as an awful set with a few possibly good PRIMEs and LEGENDs (and one good supporter).

  6. Adam Capriola

    Josh you give a really good analysis on Crobat Prime. At first glance I thought it looked super good, but the fact that it's a Stage 2 that can't OHKO anything is bad.

    It really does look like it's gonna doing nothing against SP as they can retreat or Poke Turn out of Poison so easily. It doesn't look capable of taking more than 1 or 2 prizes against any SP deck.

  7. Karol Nowak

    Great Episode JWittz! I really think you discussed the UL cards very well.

    I kind of liked the intro. The fact you were discussing cards that were cut like Vileplume and Legend Box and then realizing that they were actually cut adds quite a nice feel to the episode. After all, many, including myself, are upset that Legend Box and Vileplume are cut.

    As for the episode itself, I think it was well done. I do kind want say this though. I think Lantern doesn't work only in Energy Acceleration decks, but I think it works great with DCE also. After all, its 40 plus 10 for each energy rather than energy card. Thus, you could build a speed based Lantern, using DCE and Expert Belt to also do lots of damage, not just Feraligatr. Yet, I also agree on many things you mentioned. Crobat Prime is definitely overhyped, and Kingdra Prime will definitely see play.

    Yeah, this was a good episode of profit all right. I can't wait for next week's episode that's for sure.

  8. jordan baker

    blastoise combined with feraligatr prime, floatzel gl, and the new healing onix might make for a really powerful deck

  9. alex brock

    I'm pretty sure you're forgetting niche cards in this analysis. A card that serves no purpose now, can easily serve an amazing purpose later. Weavile SW, Sceptile GE, they all used to be good right? Is this because they've been outclassed? No the archetype in which they found their niche was outclassed, the individual cards were not. Also Felicity's Drawings, another niche card.

  10. Adam Capriola

    That Onix will probably be errata'd (sp?), I heard the Japanese card has a
    different text.

  11. jordan baker

    that's a bummer… how would they go about that? would it be banned?

  12. Karol Nowak

    Yes, Adam, you are actually correct. Quite a good point point to bring up too, because the Onix was indeed mistranslated. If you check then Revived Legends page on Pokebeach and go to the Onix's scan, you'll see that the original card text for the Poke-body was that if you attach an energy to Onix, you remove 1 damage counter from Onix. This is way different compared to attaching an energy to any Pokemon you want and removing 1 damage from that Pokemon. Thus, the mistranslation made Onix very good in prerelease. Indeed, Onix was quite mistranslated all right.

    Speaking of that, it is quite surprising Onix wasn't mentioned in Profit because we didn't get a mistranslated card in ages. Probably the last time we got a mistranslated card was the Neo Slowking. Now I wonder what will happen to that Onix. I don't think it'll be banned, but it could get an errata. We may never know yet.

    Still, good point for bringing up the mistranslated Onix Adam. This hasn't been quite talked about, and since after all, this week's profit was a review of UL, it would've been a good idea for the Onix to be mentioned in profit, despite the fact Onix may see little to no competitive play.

  13. Adam Capriola

    Nah it wouldn't be banned but they would just say you have to play it assuming the text is different. Sort of like how they do with when you play old versions of newer cards that have changed texts.

  14. Saturn

    Note about the random eevee on the Shaymin card-

    It is because the Japanese set if came from was Leafeon VS Metagross. (Leafeon didn't make it to the set but everything else of the leaf set did. He could have been just joking though but since he just mentioned Japanese cards at first). We only got the primes and legends from Revived Legends (Not even all the primes such as Scizor, the cards mentioned at the beginning), everything else is from little off sets and cut from the first set.

    Again, you CAN NOT base a card on it's weakness. Luxray GL is still played even with weakness to Donphan. X_x I am certain you will see Crobat Prime at Nationals. Yes, it is over hyped by far but it's far from a BAD card.

  15. Saturn

    Feraligatr prime is way too much, don't do it! You do not need it at all. Interviewer's Question is soo much better (it also helps Feraligatr which was not mentioned. Try the Both the Floatzel from this set and GL. It is awesome.

  16. jordan baker

    Feraligatr Prime lets you attach as many water energy per turn as you like. thats the only thing that makes this deck work.

  17. Saturn

    Two 2 stage lines are bad though in a deck. I can see you teching one in but you really need to look at the new Floatzel. It can work without the Feraligatr by far. With Blastoise, you can even speed it up with DCE and start sniping on turn 2!!

  18. Saturn

    Jirachi is really cool but then I looked at the card and it's from the discard (The pokepower) and with 60 HP…not the deck so that kind of made it fail but Blastoise and Floatzel should have gotten some love though. I can still see it being used though (The Jirachi)

  19. Dezik

    Why no mention for Good Rod? I personally love having a chance to recover a trainer from my discard.

    Also many lashings for not including Dodrio in this set. Two less ** retreat is awesome.

  20. Dezik

    Why no mention for Good Rod? I personally love having a chance to recover a trainer from my discard.

    Also many lashings for not including Dodrio in this set. Two less ** retreat is awesome.

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