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  1. Kiel Homa

    hey nice video keep it up! for next week's video that would be cool if you do a video for a deck analysis on Gengar/Spiritomb.

  2. Calchexas

    As always, amazing video!

    Surprised you didn't mention anything about hand disruption (Judge/Looker's).

  3. Karol Nowak

    Very good anaylsis on the Jumpluff. You really described the Jumpluff deck very nicely, as well as the manyt techs you can use. The matchups were also well described too. This video will surely help players build an effective Jumpluff all right.

    Oh yeah, I happen to run Jumpluff too. This is one of the three decks I testing out right now. I'm using the Luxray varient, and yes, it is quite a good deck after all. Also, because of this new episode of Profit, I'm starting to have a feeling that Jumpluff may become more played than Luxchomp because I've been seeing lots of Jumpluffs lately. Indeed, Jumpluff is one good card, and you did a good job discussing it JWittz. Can't wait for the next episode of Profit!

  4. Perry Going

    dude youre awesome at getting your points across and have a great sense of humor….keep up the vids

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