Feral Turn: A new deck Unleashed?

Hi guys, this is my first article on 6p and as such I would just like to write a little blurb about myself. I’m an Australian Pokémon TCG player (yeah, all our cards are upside down because we are down under) I follow the US metagame quite closely as something to do while not at University.

pokebeach.comAnyway, onto my deck. I have always had a love affair for lantern, the little electric dolphin/lanternfish is such an awesome guy and with the imminent release of HGSS Unleashed’s Lanturn Prime there is finally a reason to actually consider him!

Feral Turn works by making use of the synergy between Lanturn’s attack, “Powerful Spark”, that for a Lightning and 2 Colourless energies will do a minimum of 70 damage and Feraligatrs ability “Raindance”. Powerful Spark is a fairly average attack, however for every other energy you have in play it does an additional 10 damage.

This is where Feraligatr Prime makes his grand entrance as the king of all energy accelerators thanks to “Raindance” which allows you to attach as many Water energies from your hand to your water Pokémon. Despite being a stage 2, with a heavy Retreat Cost and a forgettable attack in “Hydrocrush”, Feraligatr serves as the main focus of synergy around the deck. Its 140 HP is more than adequate for a bench warmer, so you can rest easy Garchomp C isn’t going to surprise your reptilian wonder.

pokebeach.comWith the addition of “Interviewer’s Questions”, a supporter that lets you look at the top 8 cards of your deck and select any energy you find there and put it into your hand, Lanturn’s attack begins to look somewhat formidable. This is compounded by the stage 1 Crocnaw from MT that has a power with a similar effect except that it is only the top 5 cards.

The main problem I was having was how to set up again after a Lanturn or Feraligatr Prime fall? The answer of course is Floatzel GL LV.X His power, “Water Rescue” allows you to send any of your fainted Water Pokémon right back into your hand, and with a Broken Time Space/Rare Candy and Feraligatr’s ability this creates a scenario where you can never truly be Knocked Out. Floatzel GL LV.X also comes with the added bonus of a free Retreat Cost and a powerful attack that can be utilized if in a really tight situation.

Of course this deck is powered by the ever ready battery Claydol, who provides unparalleled draw. Another bonus is that all the basics in this deck have a minimum of 60 HP, which while certainly not bullet proof does provide more defense against the dreaded T1 donk.

pokemon-paradijs.comThe crux of this deck is truly Lanturn Primes unprecedented type coverage. The “Bolt Beam” combination as it’s known in the video games (a reference to Ice beam and Thunderbolt), is the best move type combination in the Pokémon world. Lanturn Prime makes full use of this with its ability “Submerge”, which means that it can change its type to water for a turn when you need it to. This ability is crucial for the 3 energies you need to charge up Lanturn Prime, however “Powerful Spark” dictates that it does 10 damage for ALL energies on ALL of your Pokémon.

This means that once you power up Lanturn, you place the remainder on Feraligatr, so as to act as an energy store for your attacks that doesn’t have to be replaced should Lanturn fall. It should be noted here that as a tactical decision, Lanturn’s power should ALWAYS be activated where you don’t need the Lightning type coverage. This is because Floatzel GL LV.X Pokémon power only works on Water Pokémon, so don’t be caught out!

Some major drawbacks however include:

  • A reliance on a stage 2 Pokémon for full potency.
  • Unreasonable Retreat Costs for both Lanturn Prime and Feraligatr Prime which have to be remedied with Switches and Warp Points.
  • A heavy reliance on supporter based energy gain, which means that more trainer searching cards have to be utilized, which can often impact on getting Lanturn and Feraligatr out quickly.
  • Mesprit/Power sprays make Lanturn Cry.

My decklist has tried to compensate for these weaknesses, and I fully believe it to be a fun workable deck albeit flawed in some respects. I would like plenty of feedback from anyone who has time. I know trainer lines can always be improved and worked out with each individuals play style, but I welcome any suggestions.

Here is a sample of decklist I have been toying with (with special mention to Bebe’s Search for the proxy printing function! Where would I be without you mate!)

Pokémon 21
4 Chinchou UL
4 Lanturn Prime
3 Totodile HS
2 Croconaw MT
2 Feraligatr Prime
2 Baltoy GE
2 Claydol GE
1 Floatzel GL RR
1 Floatzel GL LV.X RR
Trainers 28
3 Interviewer’s Questions
3 Pokémon Communication
2 Roseanne’s Research
1 Fisherman
2 Warp Point
4 Super Scoop Up
2 Broken Time-Space
4 Rare Candy
1 Night Maintenance
1 Luxury Ball
3 Dual Ball
Energy 13
8 W
3 L
2 Call

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  1. Peter Bae

    awesome deck XD however, more warp points or switch would be useful incase you get lanturn knocked out iwthout having Floatzel G lv X set up.
    i still like feraligator with lumineon better IMO xD since its faster set up and has gust of wind for pokemon over 100hp

  2. Perry Going

    Ive thought of Floatzel in water decks, but most of the time I realized it was more of a hassel than help. More search and recovery is better than floatzel. Just my opinion, but otherwise interesting deck idea

  3. Renfield89

    -1 Totodile
    -1 Interviewer's
    -3 Dual Ball
    +2 Call NRG
    +2 Roseann'es
    +1 Bebe's

    Don't skip out on the necessities. Would like to see more Bebe's. Think Spiritomb AR as a starter in place of the Scoop Ups would yield positive results.

  4. Mark B

    Agreed, Floatzel GL-X won't save Lanturn Prime when it gets knocked out as its Submerge power stays in effect only on your turn. Also, I would remove 2 Dual Ball for another 1-1 line of Claydol and the remaining Dual Ball for another Broken Time-Space. Call Energy must be at 3 or 4, otherwise it won't see much play. Furthermore, I would abandon Super Scoop Up in favor of more Warp Point or recovery cards such as Night Maintainence or Palmer's Contribution.

  5. pkmn_breeder

    Floatzel G Lv. X's power won't rescue Lanturn, whose type turns back to (L) at the end of your turn.

  6. Collan Baker

    I would free up some space by getting rid of the floatzel since Lanturn's type will change back to Lighting before its knocked out. Maybe add an Uxie and another BTS for a more straight up/speedy approach.

  7. Collan Baker

    Oh and I forgot to mention that his was a very well written article!

  8. James Dickson

    I realised about Lanturn not being rescued, but it was more feraligatr that was the issue anyway.

    I agree bebe's needs to find a space, but to many supporters just hurts my early game, which sucks.

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Much appreciated.

  9. James Dickson

    Oh, a note about Call energies. I wasnt sure to increase it to 3 or decrease it to 2. I dont want more total energies, and water energies power the deck. Anybody else want to weigh on what to do there?

  10. Chris

    I like where your head is with this one! HA!!!

    I'm in the middle of building a deck just like this! I've trolled over other Pokemon sites and never understood why nobody ever fully diagnose the synergy these two Pokemon have with each other! It all depends on the Support/Trainer cards with this deck.

    The Floatzel Lv. X seems nice in the beginning but once you get over the fact that it's not needed then there's two to four spaces up for other cards. I recommend more discard pile pulls for both Energies and Pokemon. Super Scoop Ups are where it's at! You SSU a weak Lantern with one on the bench ready, with a Lightning Energy already on it, then it's all over! Running more than normal BTS(Broken Time Space stadiums) goes a LONG way!

    Hitting for more then a hundred turn three and on is typical with this deck… it's just getting to turn three with Donphan, Luxray and Jumpluff out there is the problem!!!

    Good Luck to you… and me of course!!!

  11. Jason Chen

    Another problem with Lanturn is that they can Power Spray your type-shifting, thus rendering you unable to use his attack for at least that turn (if you are not within manual attachment range). It seems to be a pretty difficult deck to pull off.

  12. chrataxe

    I've seen a deck similar to this that has Milotic C instead of Lanturn. Pretty cool deck, seen it hit for 200+ on multiple occasions. Also seen it get rolled over. But, then again, Milotic C's attack does 10 x the number of heads for each energy attached.

  13. rosser145

    I built a deck similar to this but included the Legend card Raikou Suicune. As a back up attacker and if needed a stall card. Instead of running floatzel GL lx this is what I had been running so far. It seems to play well against a lot of decks because it includes speartome. I like that in 2 turns you can pull out a legend and do 150 damage for 2 electric energys and a colorless. Also running the Sunnyshore City Gym stadium gets rid of weakness and you can still rain dance to the legend because it's water and electric type. It's a fun deck don't know how practicle it is though.

  14. Anthony Smith

    Yokai and I have been to fastbreak before, but only once since it's really far away.
    He's southside Brisbane and I'm Gold Coast.

  15. Keith Hughes Keith Hughes

    Interesting…with Blastoise out there now there are some possibilities…

  16. Keith Hughes Keith Hughes

    Interesting…with Blastoise out there now there are some possibilities…

  17. Anonymous

    water rescue wouldnt work? would it? i mean submerge ends at the end of your turn and water rescue works during your opponent’s turn. so water rescue wouldnt work.

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