Next Format… I’m looking forward to it (NOT)

pokemon-paradijs.comI know it’s a little early to be talking about decks after the cycle because we still are not positive what sets are going to be cycled. We have people talking about DP Base through Stormfront being cycled, other saying DP Base through Platinum Base and a few saying DP Base through Rising Rivals. However I am not here to talk about the cycle, I’m here to talk what decks will be prominent if DP Base through Stormfront is cycled.

Well as we all know to have a good deck one must be able to have draw power, consistency and a decent attacking ability. If those sets I talked about are cycled then the draw power that we know about right now will be Ninetales HGSS, Magnezone Prime, Dodrio SV / Noctowl HGSS and of course trainers and supporters. Not a lot to choose from right now.

So here are the possible decks that will do well in the next format.

SP decks with a Cyrus Engine such as LuxChomp and BLG. However, LuxChomp maybe one of the best decks now, I think after the rotation BLG will become a bigger deck because of the possible use of Ninetales and the crushing of Kingdra Prime.

Charizard will be a huge force to be reckoned with because it has the draw power from Ninetales, the consistency with Charmander’s “Call for Family”, and the ridiculous damage Charizard can do. On top of that, Charizard can crush Jumpluff and rock Kingdra Prime. It’s a good deck now, but it has the possibility of running the format after the cycle.

Kingdra Prime will have the ability to throw away energy with Engineer’s Adjustments because it has a low attack cost, plus be able to utilize a lot of trainers and supporters because of much space there will be in the deck. It has the ability to do 1 damage per turn for each Kingdra Prime in play, plus hit 60 for 1 energy and 80 with a belt. Can anyone say it is a little “broken?”

Sadly I don’t know how well Jumpluff will do after the cycle because it utilizes Claydol and Uxie way too much. This speedy deck will have to slow down in the next format the way it is turning out.

pokemon-paradijs.comBlastoise UL is amazing. It has the ability to snipe for 100. WHAT?! Blastoise maybe is easy to set up now, however in the next format, it will have trouble setting up and getting 4 energies. Getting the energy will be easier with Interviewer’s Questions.

Typhlosion by its self can pose a possible deck because it can utilize Ninetales and can set up 3 energy quickly and hit a solid 70 while discarding one of your opponent’s energy.

Another possible deck is Ampharos, because paired with Magnezone it could have some potential speed to it. But it will fail when you have more than 6 cards in your hand.

Lastly, I would have to say Flygon is coming back to be prominent in the format. Paired with Typhlosion and Ninetales, it will have the ability to attach 3 energy in one turn and have the draw power it needs to be consistent.

There will be plenty more decks that will be huge in the next format (ah what about Gengar Prime?!), but these are just a few possibilities. The next format will be interesting and possibly exciting, but because of the speed I’m used to right now, I’m not looking forward to it.

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  1. Peter Bae

    great article! XD
    i really believe that after rotation, fire deck wil have a chance xD and SPd ecks will most likely still be at up top.. lol altho they lose the uxie draw power or claydol, machamp will be gone xD

  2. Perry Going

    yes very true, but fire will take the lead bc sp can use ninetails

  3. Peter Bae

    i have a deck utilizing Ninetails and typhlosion
    with charizard AR and Blaziken FB lv X as main
    no card before stormfront used xD

  4. Raizar

    I have a question, the league cards that were released, will they still be legal in the format. If they are, then we still have Claydol and Uxie.

  5. eli moses

    good question and i would say no because the symbol's on the cards are the same as the originals

  6. Perry Going

    I love this response thank you. I agree with you about alot of what you have said, but Vileplume will be the major downfall of all speed decks. It'll be interesting because Being able to only use supporters will slow any deck down. and SP will be very consistant bc the new call is Weavile G. All SP will play him. Play 3 and you could throw in communication in an SP at this point. and Don't forget Charizard running Rapidash PA. That could hurt SP.

    And to answer what you said about Blastoise. The inability to call will definitely slow it down. I think I may run 3-3 dudrio instead of claydol when next format comes.

  7. Rogan

    Charizard is certainly a threatening deck in the new metagame. It has all the tools to run the table. Its only issue is it is a bit slower than SP and there's no really good answers for water pokemon. It's certainly powerful and there's a couple ways to run it but if a new fire pokemon was introduced into the set to help out its speed it might be BDIF.

    SP is huge and without a significant draw engine it is much slower. SP can easily use ninetales with or without blaziken because of cards like interviewer and energy exchange device. However, Cyrus is the only card to guarantee you a specific type of energy you need every turn and it makes SP pokemon the fastest in the game by far. Their only competition is Vileplume which KILLS SP. Hope you get a luxray GL followed by a psychic OHKO or run dialga to make Vileplume useless. In Japan Mewtwo LvX is still DPt so that is also still a threat but in the US Mewtwo would have been rotated out.

    Kingdra is overrated. It is most threatening T1/T2. If you get a Horsea, rare candy, water energy and a kingdra in your opening hand, yes, it is hard to recover. However, With Ninetales being the main draw power post-rotation Kingdra has a VERY hard time doing damage on his own. Kingdra's power is absolutely ridiculous but his attack is most theatening T1/T2 at best. Other stage 2s have enough durability to take a 20 damage (30 with his power) a couple turns before wiping kingdra off the battlefield. Not to mention 2x weakness to Luxray is a terrible thing.

    Enjoy Jumpluff while you can, I don't see it being very effective next season.

    Blastoise+Ferligator will be the demise of Charizard. Two bulky waters who will destroy the opponent's draw power on sight is a huge threat. The only issue is water is missing consistency. When set up, water is awesome but there are no really good draw/consistency cards that water can use right now. They're a pokemon or trainer away from amazing.

    Typhlosion is indeed awesome. Discarding an energy from your opponent could make or break a match. I think he needs some help, however. Blaziken Pt + Blaziken FB is an awesome tech to push him to the next level.

    Magnezone Prime is a hugely underestimated card. There are plenty of cards left that while don't let you draw, they let you refresh your hand or draw less than six cards. Huge examples include Judge, Professor Oak's New Theory and Professor Rowan (reprinted in Japan in Pt starters). Simply play a supporter to disrupt your opponent's hand or to get rid of bad cards and then draw until you have six. When used that way, magnezone is amazing. Not to mention, magnezone's attack itself is amazing. 100 dmg for a DCE attached to ANY of your pokemon? Very underestimated card indeed.

    Flygon will be huge due to stadiums still being heavily used and his potential for huge damage. The problem is he can't lock anymore and losing Palkia hurts a lot but having Donphan/Nidoqueen/Flygon is still a very espectible deck and flygon is one of the only cards that allows free running cost in the next format and without unown g, not being able to run from severe poison or trashing a ton of energy to run is something you have to think about, especially if Vileplume is out preventing you from using switch.

  8. Joshua Pikka

    How can you not be looking forward to next format?

    Sure we'll have to build new decks, but thats the fun of it all.

    New decks will come and it will be crazy fun.

    Some decks that you are over looking are:
    Snorlax X: this deck aint great but he does allow you to draw cards and attack while asleep
    Arceus: the God pokemon is back and the game has slowed down enough for him to take control.
    Donphan: just 1 energy to attack, this could be good.
    Any Dragon: Salamance, Flygon, Garchomp, and Dragonite can all use Ninetails to draw.

    Almost all other decks: Magnezone will make sure a lot of other decks make it, if magnezone gets released here. Being a stage 2 it will take a little more time, but thats okay.

    I cant wait for the rotation, orgiinallity is coming back.

  9. Perry Going

    I know its just im so used to decks now with constant speed and consistancy. yeah i didnt think of snorlax. Viable because its a stage 1 lv x. DCE makes its playable i guess.

  10. chrataxe

    I put together a deck the other deck just messing around trying to use no “common” forms of draw power (uxie/claydol). I did use some D&P cards though and a very unique draw engine. The basis of the deck was to use Giratina Lv.X's attack to hit all the pokemon for 30 (attack twice), then drop down the new Jirachi, then play a Galactic HQ stadium that hits them for 20 more when they a Pokemon is evolved. My draw engine is Dusknoir SF, use his Pokepower to draw 2 cards, then discard until I have 6 cards. I use interviewers question to draw energy, then Engineer's Adjustment to discard energy and draw, and discard energy with Dusknoir as well. I bench a Slowking GE and put up a wall with Weezing RR to confuse myself. If he is knocked out while confused, my opponent doesn't draw a prize. Then, I use Slowking's Poke Power to pull any card I want out of my deck. I try to level up Giratina with Lv Max on the bench. I get out Electivire FB Lv.X to help get energy on Jirachi to de-evolve or for a quick power up to Giratina. REALLY hard to play, but a ton of fun trying. Obviously, the set up is slower, so I often use disruption to slow down the opponent and depend on small hands. Combined with Giratina's “Let Loose,” its a bit suprising how quick the draw can be. Having said that, it doesn't compete with the current format, but I think people will come up with very creative ways to draw.

  11. Perry Going

    Wow thats alot in a deck. you running 80 cards…lol jk. I agree the next format will be different. Claydol will probably be the best for of draw to ever be created. it was too broken to be printed again or to have anything better.

  12. Rogan

    I want to edit that magnezone doesn't do 100 for DCE. I read the card wrong. However, his power is still underestimated I think. When you look at the new format's support pool, magnezone is actually one of the best draw cards out there. Ninetales literally burns through decks so hope flygon doesn't last more than a few turns at the most.

    Rapidash will hurt SP and any Charizard deck should be running it. Well, ANY fire deck. With ponyta's attack being able to search for rapidash and evolve it that turn that's the quickest SP block in the game.

    Weavile G is certainly amazing post-rotation especially since the kingdra donk is the most feared aspect of the metagame next to vileplume. Vileplume + Spiritomb is… wrong. It's just plain wrong.

  13. chrataxe

    Didn't say it was good! It does have a lot of problems due to stuff getting prized often b/c I run everything so thin. But, the cool part is, if you can find a deck that will let you spread, you can draw a lot of prizes in one turn.

  14. eli moses

    The new format i think is going to suck how do u write articles on this site i want to post one about my Flychamp Deck

  15. Perry Going

    haha well i t hink gengar prime will be running vileplume and tomb

  16. Perry Going

    click log-in on the bottle of the page or click the submit an article tab at the top

  17. Michael Randolph

    Boy do I understand where your coming from, I'm pretty apprehensive about how the format will change, Seeing as how this is my first format change I have to wonder if it is like this every time a set rotates out or if this is the first time it has caused such widespread panic because of the loss of such great draw power.

  18. chrataxe

    I've taken 4 in 1 turn. Makes rare candy evolutions pay a horrible price to be de-evolved to a basic! Same for Claydols, hit it twice the drop Jarachi.

  19. Perry Going

    yeah this is my first format change and idk how itll turn out.

  20. chrataxe

    I've taken 4 in 1 turn. Makes rare candy evolutions pay a horrible price to be de-evolved to a basic! Same for Claydols, hit it twice the drop Jarachi.

  21. Perry Going

    yeah this is my first format change and idk how itll turn out.

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