Blastoise/Feraligatr: Seek and Destroy

This is my first article post on SixPrizes so I believe a brief introduction is in order. My name is Joel, I’m 21, I have been playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game c0mpetitively since 2007. I started playing the game back when the Base Set was out, and got out of it after the last Neo set, and then got back into it when Diamond and Pearl came out. But enough about me, let’s talk about this deck.

After attending the Unleashed prerelease, I got my hands on a couple Blastoise cards, and thought it would be fun to combine it with the Feraligatr prime card from Heartgold Soulsilver. I’ll post the decklist below and then discuss the cards being used in the deck.

3 Squirtle:UL 63
2 Wartortle:UL 42
2 Blastoise:UL 13
1 Blastoise:PT 2
2 Totodile:HGSS 86
1 Croconaw:HGSS 38
2 Feraligatr:HGSS 108
1 Whismur:GE 94
1 Exploud:SV 28
1 Skitty:PT 93
1 Delcatty:PT 4
2 Unown G:GE 57
2 Baltoy:GE 60
2 Claydol:GE 15
Trainer/Supporter/Stadium cards:
4 Rare Candy:UL 82
3 Interviewer’s Questions:UL 77
2 Fisherman:HGSS 92
3 Roseanne’s Research:SW 125
3 Bebe’s Search:RR 89
3 Night Maintenance:SW 120
4 Poké Drawer +:SF 89
2 Broken Time-Space:PT 104
13 W

pokebeach.comLet’s talk about the Pokémon in this deck. Blastoise from Unleashed is powerful in it’s own right. With 130 HP, and a snipe attack that can do 100 damage is intimidating. The only thing is it costs 4 energy to use its devastating “Hydro Launcher” attack, and you have to return 2 water energy back to your hand. There are ways around the card so you can use this attack every turn.

One is using Blastoise’s Poké-Power “Wash Out”, which allows you to move 1 water energy from your benched Pokémon to you active as often as you like, or you can use Feraligatr’s Poké-Power “Rain Dance”, which allows you to attach a water energy to your water Pokémon as often as you like. With that combo, you can have Blastoise snipe out your opponent’s benched or active Pokémon, and the great thing is you can do it every turn. With main Pokémon discussed, lets go on to the other Pokémon used in this deck. Blastoise from Platinum is my back-up attacker. “Aqua Press” can do a large amount of damage as long as plenty of water energy are in play, and “Double Launcher” can snipe 2 benched Pokémon.

pokemon-paradijs.comI added the Exploud line in there mainly because of his Poké-Body “Erasing Sound”, which gives all of my Pokémon no weakness. I added this due to the popularity of Luxray GL LV.X, and any other lightning deck would have a lot of fun with this. The Delcatty line is also in there for “Power Circulation”. Power Circulation allows me to put 2 basic energy cards from my discard pile to the top of my deck, the only catch is I have to put 2 damage counters on Delcatty. I won’t go into much detail on Claydol or Unown G, since we all know why they’re in there and Claydol is a staple in just about every deck you see.

Now I discuss some of the Trainers, Supporters, and Stadium cards in the deck. Most are in here for Pokémon searching (i.e. Bebe’s Search and Roseanne), and some are to help speed the deck up, such as Broken Time-Space which allows you to evolve a Pokémon the same turn you play it. Rare Candy is also essential if you’re running Stage 2 decks, I haven’t seen a Stage 2 deck without them.

pokebeach.comInterviewer’s Questions is a new supporter card from Unleashed. It allows you to look at the top 8 cards of your deck, and take as many energy cards from those 8 cards into your hand. This is good when you have low energy and a Feraligatr and Blastoise ready to go. Fisherman is in there for energy retrieval, in the event a Blastoise is Knocked Out, or I need more energy.

Last but not least, 4 Poké Drawer +. When both are played together, you can search your deck for any 2 cards, which helps a lot. However this isn’t the case most of the time and you are stuck with one, and if you only play one you draw a card, but drawing an extra card never hurt at all.

And that is the deck, at least my decklist anyway. Thank you all for taking the time to read, feel free to let me know what you think and any improvements that can be made.

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  1. eli moses

    great article take out the Exploud line and put in a floatzel 1-1 unleashed line also take out one night maintence and put in one more BTS though nice article are you using this deck for spring battle roads?

  2. Colin Peterik

    Take out 4 water energies and add 4 DCE. Also take out an Interviewer and add your 4th Roseanne's. Take out 2 NM and add a Palmer's and another BTS. Take out the BlastCatty lines… That makes this list too messy. Max out Bebe's and BTS. This deck is ALL about recovery. You can probably take out both Unown Gs, but definitely only need one. Maybe add a bench shield, though. I would also make Claydol line 3-3, similar to a Jumpluff build. As I said, this deck is all about recovery. The faster you cycle through your deck the better.

  3. jordan baker

    Feraligtr is only going to slow this deck down. replace it with Floatzel Unleashed. It will not only be faster because its a stage one instead of a stage two, but it will give you a couple extra spaces in your deck and it also requires one less energy to attack.

  4. eli moses

    i say take out exploud and delcatty keep the frealigators in and add some Floatzel from unleashed there just as good as Feraligator but a stage one but can be powerspayed and add a 2-2 line of claydol and for take ou two interviewers but all to all good list

  5. jordan baker

    YOU obviously don't know why Floatzel should be in this deck so I'll just point out the reasons.

    1. You can attach 1 EXTRA energy per turn. So, by using this power you can attach the two energies needed to do Blastoise's attack turn after turn.
    2. Gatr isn't needed because it is slow to set up. Getting a stage 1 set up is easier than a stage 2, you can't even argue that.
    3. You take Gatr out and the deck gets FASTER (see #2), AND you have extra space for other cards (or just a thicker floatzel line).
    4. If for some reason you have to attack with Gatr (which isn't the point of the deck but will happen when something goes wrong) he needs 4 energy to do 60 damage. Floatzel only needs 3 energy to do 60
    5. If your Gatr gets Bright Looked or Pokemon Reversaled you are screwed, because he has a 4 energy retreat cost. Floatzel retreats for free.

    nice try though.

  6. jordan baker

    sure they can be powersprayed but if you get a couple out at once you'll be fine. Also putting in a slower tech just for this reason isn't exactly smart. You can only get power sprayed a maximum of four times in a game and chances are some of those will be used on claydol or Uxie.

  7. Kyle

    You obvisouly don't know why Floatzel is not used in this so I'll just point out the reasons
    1.You can only put 1 water energy and it's just to floaztel unlike Feraligtr Primes Rain Dance which allows you to put as many onto whatever poekmon
    2.Gatr isn't even in there to attack,It's just there to rain dance and help Blastoise out.
    3.You take out Gatr and the deck becomes slow

  8. Perry Going

    in blastoise the interviewers is a nice card and you can search dce that way

  9. Perry Going

    nice article…the problem with blastoise is that its slow, so i suggest you throw in 4 calls.

  10. Perry Going

    feraligatr has 3 retreat cost and if blast is built right it can be turned around. Plus feraligatr is a tank and the point of blast is it can snipe 100 which can take out a lux on the bench. and in my build i have 2 warps for special occasions.

  11. Kyle

    I have already thought of those after I posted my comment though i still prefer Gatr of Floatzel just because I think it is faster and I if I ran a deck of Blastoise I would run a 4 Warp points just to get me out of the Gatr problem and I cna maybe mess up my opponent badly with the switch.Yes you are right that stage 1 setups are faster than 2 but overall in my opinion I just think Gatr is the better option than Floatzel.

  12. Tony

    Nice article, and I am a fan of big stage 2 decks. Unfortunately, the current format is all about speed, and it is just difficult to get this deck set up properly without being taken out by fast decks like Gyrados, LuxChomp, etc. One possible way around this is to slow down your opponent enough to give you the time you need to set up. One way to do this is to add 2-4 Spiritomb AR which lets you get your evolutions going while slowing down your opponents setup, hopefully without slowing yours down. I would take out the 1-1 exploud line too- just makes your deck too slow.

  13. Collan Baker

    In his build Blastoise would still snipe for 100, still take out a lux on the bench and would not require your extra warps for “special occasions”. Adding even more cards to compensate for Gatr doesn't help your point, or your deck's consistency.

  14. Collan Baker

    “I have already thought of those after I posted my comment though i still prefer Gatr of Floatzel just because I think it is faster”…then you go on to say: “Yes you are right that stage 1 setups are faster than 2″…hmmmm

  15. Colin Peterik

    You can't just write off Power Sprays by saying “Oh they'll probably just spray and Uxie..” No. Smart players will spray Floatzel or Blastoise if it means not being able to snip 100 2 turns in a row. I hate to admit it, but Feraligator IS the better play. He is also not Luxray weak.

  16. Perry Going

    with a huge t/s/s base and less energy like 12: 8 water 4 call is alot faster to get feraligatr

  17. Perry Going

    i think i might post my build to show a consistant build and a fast one. i can almost always T1 a claydol Blastoise and a feraligatr. then T2 snipe and roll

  18. Perry Going

    4 communication is a must and throw crobat g in i think, but consistancy is required so i promise that calls are the best choice

  19. Tyler Odom

    “Once during your turn (before your attack), you may attach a Energy card from your hand to Floatzel.”

    Good idea.. lets attach the extra energy to Floatzel and leave Blastoise helpless… Gatr is the Best/ONLY choice..

  20. Tyler Odom

    4) If Blastoise is out as an Active and has a special condition on him, then you can't Wash Out the energy to him. Feraligatr can put the energy on using his own power on the bench.

    5) With Rare Candy, you can get out Gatr Faster.

    6) If you Rare Candy to a Blastoise the same turn you play Squirtle, then you won't get the necessary 4 energies onto him for 2+ turns IF Floatzel is in play. If Gatr is in Play and you rare Candy a squirtle to Blastoise, you can get ALL the energy onto him that turn.

    7) Gatr allows you to Put energy on other Bench pokemon to “beef” up while as Floatzel, the energy goes to the Active Blastoise, thus if that one is knocked out, your other pokemon won't be ready.

  21. SMGausch

    Yeah, not sure how you could justify playing Floatzel. It's just spray or super easy luxray bait. It'd be easier to have one gatr out rather than two or three floatzel, and you can rely on it's power every turn. The space saving argument is dumb as well as tops it will save 1 card which really won't make much of a difference. Also just my opnion, but since this is not a turn 1 or donk deck, it may be benefited by spiritomb. I've seen this being increasingly used in decks like Charizard/Typhlosion/Ninetales and such, and honestly it makes sense. Set-up sacrifice a tomb or two, then one shot something 6 straight turns. If you can force them to two shot you, you win. Also I'd much rather be doing 60 with a gatr that has much more hp and a different weakness than (please one-shot me very easily with almost any decent card) floatzel.

  22. Perry Going

    i agree and i love stacking feraligatr and then turning a blast around and washuping all the energy necessary. plus you can get energy out of your hand so you can claydol

  23. Tyler Odom

    Yes, another point for Feraligatr.

    also, I suggest Taking out the Exploud line. That looks to be a waste of a Rare candy to put that out. Switch that for a BeBe and RR

  24. eli moses

    your right thx for pointing that out i dont think there shud be any call in this deck though

  25. eli moses

    anything with ampharos prime or lightning pokemon could take ou this deck if it doesnt get set up fast enough

  26. Saturn

    You would pretty much use floatzel as back up when you can't get G-tar on the field. What about non-sp decks like Jump and Gengar? I've been debating about putting in a the other Blastoise and DCE in the deck. There is way too many 2 lines in this deck though, kind of scary…

  27. Perry Going

    call fit nicely and if you start the game with a squirtle and a call. you would want a baltoy and totadile right?

  28. Joel Howe

    I'm thinking about using this deck for battle roads, not sure yet

  29. Tyler Odom

    Just a thought, but the Delcatty line i think can be replaced with 1 Fisherman and then 1 card of choice.

    The reason why is that Delcatty gets 2 energies from Discard to the top of Deck. You then have to use a supporter to get those 2 cards/or claydol…. Then you put 2 damage on Delcatty for that turn.

    Fisherman gets 4 energies out of discard and puts it directly to hand. Then you can play those energy and then claydol for other cards.

    It will take 2 turns + 4 damage on Delcatty to get 4 energies compared to one turn with fisherman. This will prevent an easy snipe on the Delcatty.

    just a thought…

  30. waldo

    Do you think Palmer's Contribution would be viable in this deck?

  31. waldo

    Do you think Palmer's Contribution would be viable in this deck?

  32. Luke Santos

    I say play Machamp it takes care of SP's and kills lightning.

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