Top 5 cards from Unleashed

Hey people my names Tommy Roberts and this is my first article on 6P so go easy on me. I got back in to Pokémon about a year ago after a four [month] break. I have heard a lot of people saying that the new Pokémon set Unleashed has very few good cards so I thought that I would make a list of the top 5 cards from the set and why they will probably be played at Nationals.

5 – Crobat Prime

pokebeach.comThis card is probably the most hyped card in the set when you first read the card it looks great I mean Severe Poison will poison the defending Pokémon for 4 damage counters instead of 1 for one Energy. The main problem with this attack is that Unown G is run in a lot of competitive decks and will make Severe Poison useless also most good Pokémon have free retreat so if they need to remove the poison they can just retreat there are also a lot of different ways to remove poison.

Crobat’s second attack Skill Dive dose 30 damage to one of your opponent Pokémon for one Energy. This attack is nice, but Gengar can do the same attack but if the Pokémon you choose to attack has a power it dose 60 instead witch makes Crobat’s attack look very bad.

The biggest problem with this card is its weakness Crobat Prime has a x2 weakness to Lightning and with Luxray GL being one of the most popular cards in the format at the moment this is a big problem.

My conclusion on this cards is that it is an okay card the one energy attacks means it can be fast and The free retreat is nice but there are to many flaws to make the card very good. I think you will see Crobat Prime at Nationals just because of all the hype and how good the card looks when you first read it and that’s why it made it in to the top 5.

4- Interviewer’s Questions

pokebeach.comWhen you first read this card you probably won’t think that all that great, but it does not say anything about basic Energy meaning this is the only supporter card in the format that lets you almost search for a Special Energy and with DCE and Call Energy being played in a lot of good decks. This card can be used in a lot of popular decks in the format which means it could get used a lot at Nationals.

The main problem with this card is that you don’t get to search for the Energies, so you could not get any and waste your supporter for the turn.

3- Blastoise

pokebeach.comBlastoise has a very good attack which is similar to Garchomp C attack Dragon Rush which is one of the most played cards in the format. Blastoise attack Hydro Launcher for 2 Water and 1 DCE does 100 damage to any of your opponent Pokémon then you have to return 2 W Energy to your hand from Blastoise.

This may not look great because of the high energy cost but you can use cards like Feraligatr Prime to attach multiple Energy cards at once or Floatzel from Unleashed to attach energy to Floatzel using his Poké-Power then use Blastoise Dig Well Poké-Power to move the energy. When you get Blastoise set up you should be able to be 100 damage each turn.

The two main problem with Blastoise is that he has a x2 weakness to Lightning which can be very bad in this format and he has a very high Retreat Cost of 3 Energy. I think this card will see a bit of play at Nationals, but not a lot just because of the high retreat and the weakness.

2- Judge

pokebeach.comJudge is a great supporter that makes you and your opponent shuffle there hand in to there deck and draw 4 cards. Judge does the same as Giratina from PL Poké-Power Let Loose, but when you play Judge you don’t have to risk having Giratina on your bench which has 3 retreat and a bad attack.

Judge will be used in a lot of different decks but the main one will be Sablelock to give your opponent a bad hand for the game. Judge will be in some of the best decks at Nationals.

1- Kingdra Prime

This is the best Prime from Unleashed it has a very good Poké-Power witch is once during your tune you may put 1 damage counter on one of your opponent’s Pokémon which is like a Crobat G every turn. Its attack Dragon Steam does 60 for 1 Water energy which can Donk very easily is a great attack. Kingdra Prime can also be used with Kingdra from Legends Awakened witch is already a good deck.

Kingdra Prime has a 1 Retreat Cost witch is okay, but not great. Again the main problem with Kingdra Prime is the weakness which is x2 to Lightning.

Kingdra Prime will probably be the most played Pokémon card at the Nationals from Unleashed and will be used a lot in the next format.

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  1. eli moses

    awsome ideas here man i think kingdra prime isn't going to be used a whole lot at natioansl because of if you tech a fire pokemon in your deck then you can't really do anything with it

  2. eli moses

    Crobat g is gouing to be used alot though with mesprit so you can lock your opponent and then it does one 120 and if your opponents pokemon isn't dead yeat you can use skill dive or you can tech it in with Genger and spread spread and spread

  3. Roberts

    If I write another I am going to get someone else to read it first. :D

  4. Brad Curcio

    Kingdra will still be huge, cause all you need it the LA Kingdra to counter fire techs and then it won't even matter. If they just sit on the bench you can slowly kill it with 20+10 per every power you have a turn.
    Also, I disagree with Crobat/Blastoise, T-Tar Prime and Steelix is better then it imo, and they are both still pretty bad (unless somebody wants to proove me wrong, which I'd like to see). Also Entei/Raikou should be up there, because it can be devastating to many decks. Just my 2 cents.

  5. babeeblue

    Interesting article, but you need to work on your spelling.

  6. Roberts

    I think that Entei/Raikou is way to high risk and to slow. But if we get Legend Box it will be a very good game ender

  7. Saturn

    Oh yes, anything with a lightning weakness is bad!! I'm really sick of all of this “it's weak to lightning so it's bad.” The ONLY card that is good then is Gengar because it has a weakness to DARK which there are no good DARK attacking pokemon (being played in format that is…Sorry T-tar)

  8. eli moses

    is it going to be used in masters or seniors more because in this whole seaon i haven't even seen kingdra ran once but im in seniors

  9. eli moses

    but you are right on that an infinite Crobat G thats horrible, but it is broken

  10. eli moses

    would Kingdra beat Flychamp, but the kingdra deck would have the kingdra prime teched in though, just wondering because im running it for spring roads and nationals

  11. eli moses

    judges is so annoying, i played it at the prerelease and a kid used it and i got a really bad hand and he almost won

  12. E Tweed

    Kingdra Prime is just a tech. It will never be the primary attacker becasue its too easily stopped by just dropping a fire pokemon.

    Now, as a tech in a kingdra deck its pretty awesome! Expert belted Kingdra , plus powers, crobat G drops and with the prime you have alot of damage and spread. However, Luxray x is still going to stop the use of this to a great degree. In a meta minus Luxray GL, this may be BDIF. But with Lux variants, its a fun and good somewhat competitive deck.

  13. Matthew Riddle

    Not bad choices but I find your Pokemon choices funny because all 3 are 2x weak to the same element, where said element is found in many competitive decks. It makes me think that you don't care much about weakness, or you would have chosen a pokemon without the bad weakness.

    Overall, not bad.

  14. Karol Nowak

    Great article! You really seemed to emphasize on the what you think are the best cards in Unleashed.

    I do agree with the fact Interviewer's Questions s one of the best in this set. I've noticed that this card has become really popular lately, and its no wonder why. Holon Lass has literally returned, and with cards like DCE out right now, Interviewer's Question has some uses. Judge and Kingdra definitely earn the spot all right. Kingdra Prime makes many Kingdra decks better, and Judge will give Team Galactic's Wager some comptetition. The only downside of this article is the fact T-tar prime isn't on there. Yeah, since decks like Cursetomb and Plox are popular, T-tar can have some potential in my opinion.

    Yep, this was one good report all right. In fact, I think an article like this should always be posted whenever a new set comes out.

  15. Roberts

    thanks. :D I do like Shaymin but I don't think it will see much competitive play but I do think the art work is amazing.

  16. Raizar

    Great Article! I think Shaymin should have been on the list though.

  17. Perry Going

    i think crobat prime is an over rated card that doesnt deserve to be on this list. Im guessing this is for new cards only because rare candy and SSU are probably the best cards.
    my top 5.
    5. entei/raikou
    4. interviewer's questions
    3. blastoise
    2. Kingdra
    1. Judge (because its a great card that will fit in almost any deck)

  18. Colin Peterik

    Please put all of your thoughts into 1 post unless there is a follow-up.

  19. chrataxe

    I agree that it is a great tech, but to say it will never be the primary attacker? Kingdra LA decks are still very competitive, as are Gyarados decks, both of which have weaknesses to lightning. EVERY deck techs against Lux but it is still the most popular card. Crobats are weak to lightning as well, but they are staples in almost every deck, all of which occupy bench space and are ripe for the picking by Garchomp and “Bright Look” from Luxray, but doesn't stop them from being ran. Weakness has nothing to do with playability. Luxray is still played despite the popularity of Donphan. Donphan is still played despite the popularity of Kingdra and Gyarados.

    So, despite all of the cards that are still being played, you honestly don't believe a card that the same attack capability as Donphan, a built in Crobat G, and some of the best supporters in the game (Feraligatr, Blastoise) has a chance as a primary attacker?

  20. chrataxe

    I think it is over rated as well, but throw in a few switchs/warp points, people aren't going to put in that many unown G's. It may find it's place.

    But, I do agree with your list. I also think Shaymin deserves an honorable mention. Its like a better Bronzong G that doesn't take damage and moves more energy without being sniped off the bench.

  21. Perry Going

    your right about shaymin. IDK this set wasnt as good as the last one I say. HGSS was a great starting set for a new set block.

  22. Calchexas

    Even if this is your first article, the grammar is inexcusably bad. Try giving it more effort next time, please.

  23. jordan baker

    yeah, what he said^^^… the edit function is your friend.

  24. Eric Lari

    I've playtested a kingdra deck with the prime against flychamp and it seems to be performing well. I'd say Kingdra won 60% of the time. Thats not to say flychamp can't stop kingdra. But kingdra can do the same thing flygon does for one energy (power swing) versus 3.

  25. E Tweed

    Okay, first off I said the primary reason this will never be primary attacker is it is so simply stopped by a fire pokemon. To me that seems like a very simple tech that would stop it alone to be a primary attacker. If the opponent has fire then what? hit for 20 plus 10 lots of times and hope you don't get KOed?

    The comparison to Donphan is not great in My opinion for a few reason. Donphan is stage 1, Kingdra stage 2. Donphan has a protecting Poke body, kingdra does not and has a effect that lowers its attack.
    Donphan is better used as a tech rather than primary attacker IMO because of retreat cost and weakness to water. Kingdra UL is also a great fit into a deck but i find it hard to believe this is better than 60 +20 of the LA Kingdra.

  26. Perry Going

    i agree with you. the fire disability keeps it from being “broken.” Though i do have to say dont ever compare or playtest with flychamp because no one really plays it anymore. man decks to test against are, LuxChomp, SableLock, Gyarados, CurseGar, Palkia Lock, and even Donphan. Flygon has come and gone, hopefully will come back next format.

  27. bolt 997

    I SAY BLASTOISE FERALIGATR or floatzel, the succesor of magmoratr heatran :)

  28. Calchexas

    The spelling's tough to forgive if he's older than 12, and the grammar is unforgivable if he's older than 15…I like articles that can actually be read, lol.

    The least Adam could've done before accepting and posting this article was to have him edit it a bit.

  29. Roberts

    If I do another I will get someone else to read it first bur its not like you cant understand what I am saying in the article

  30. Adam Capriola

    I apologize about not editing this article more carefully. I spend a decent
    amount of time editing every article on the site and I guess I didn't give
    this one a full read through.

    I do need you guys that submit to at least put your article through
    Microsoft Word and make sure there are no blatant grammatical errors…it
    takes like 2 minutes and will save everyone a lot of headaches.

  31. eli moses

    how many kingdra primes would you want to run in a deck and what else would you need except for the Kingdra line and what hoorsea's does anyone recommend

  32. eli moses

    yeah i tested it against Kingdra just plain old and i donked it twice and he beat me once, it just so hard because flychamp will cream the biggest deck out there, SP and Jumpluff.

  33. eli moses

    Hey adam i was wondering if Flychamp would be a good deck for nationals, since your a really good player and its my first year i thought i would go to u for advice should i or should i not, if not then what should i run.

  34. Perry Going

    Its still a good deck, but the speed of FlyChamp is very iffy. With the new trainers and supporters that HS has given us, speed decks have become a big thing. But sure FlyChamp will still be competition at Nats.

  35. Perry Going

    Ok with Adam I agree. Taking 5 minutes to review your article will save everyone and yourself a lot of trouble and embarrassment.

  36. jordan baker

    Blooper you gotta start putting all of your thoughts in one post. if you are replying to someone else's post use the reply button. You have 6 posts on this topic that aren't replies to anyone else. If you think of something else you want to add to your original post, just use the edit button.

    no hard feelings.

  37. Adam Capriola

    Maybe, I'm not too sure to be honest. I haven't been playing much recently.

    Check to see what does well at Battle Roads, that might aid your decision.

  38. Eric Lari

    Well I playtested with flychamp for fun. Kingdra really has trouble with luxchomp decks with blaziken techs when I tested. I have yet to play against a CurseGar deck yet but with the heavy set of trainers that Kingdra requires I'd say it would be at a disadvantage.

  39. Perry Going

    yeah blaze hurts Kingdra. and I agree with CurseGar, but once it gets rolling it gets rolling. To beat Kingdra you have to stop it before it can get rolling.

  40. Altaria334

    Blastoise is worse than Crobat. It's too slow to set up and it has weakness to Luxray GL Lv.X. Interviewer's Question isn't so great and could potentially crowd your hand to prevent Cosmic Power and Set Up. Kingdra Prime is also weak to Luxray. Keep in mind that Luxray is the most commonly teched card in the format (excluding Uxie/Claydol), and the only 3 Pokémon you mentioned all have a x2 weakness to it meaning Luxray can OHKO any of them with Flash Impact + Crobat drop. What about Tyranitar Prime? Donphan isn't very common due to excessive Gyarados play in some areas and DCE will allow it to hit harder faster. 160 HP is beast and a 20 to all spread for one energy makes it the most efficient spread card in the format. It can even plow through Mime walls with Power Claw, and with Memory Berry it can use Pupitar's Rage. Judge is an okay card but Giritina is searchable, so it may be better.

  41. Calchexas

    No, I didn't mean that “you” had to edit it Adam – I'm just saying that this guy should've edited his own article, lol.

  42. Adam Capriola

    Ultimately it's up to me, but yeah it would be nice if everyone would take just a little time to proofread. :)

  43. lame hole

    We all know that all prime's are double weak to something, does it really have to be mentioned so often as a con?

  44. mewuk85

    Wouldnt it be a great attacker if crobat g ha these moves with flash bite.

  45. Barry Moody

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