Water Ho-oh

pokemon-paradijs.comNow that Blastoise is out, I think it should be used for more than sniping seemly safe but unsafe things. I think it can also be used for a new deck: Ho-oh Donk.

When powered up, Ho-oh Legend does 100 damage. When powered up with an Expert Belt, it does 120. Normally it would take at least two turns to power up, but with Water energy being turned fire by its body, Sacred Rainbow, after going to the bench and being washed out to Ho-oh by Blastoise, it’ll do 100 first turn, and if you can’t get four waters, use a DCE to turn to double fire by Sacred Rainbow.

Here is a decklist:

Pokémon: 29
2× Ho-oh Legend top
2× Ho-oh Legend bottom
3-2-3 Feraligatr Prime
2-2 Floatzel UL
2-1-2 Blastoise UL
2-2 Claydol GE
1 Uxie LA
1 Azelf LA
1 Unown G
1 Unown Q
Trainers: 12
Rare Candy
2× Energy Link
Expert Belt
3× Energy Returner
Supporters: 7
Bebe’s Search
Roseanne’s Research
Stadiums: 2
Energy: 10
2× DCE

This should be a good deck, even though Legend Box didn’t come out. Feel free to edit it and tell me how to make it better. I hope you do well with it, and maybe I’ll play it in Battle Roads or just plain League. Have fun with it. I’m awesome.

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  1. eli moses

    Ok deck the Ho-oh Legend is an iffy card but all in all good deck are you running this for Spring roads

  2. Perry Going

    I think there isn't a big enough T/S/S support and this deck will get alot of dead draws. I say:
    -unown g
    -unown q
    -2 energy link
    +1 baltoy
    +1 claydol
    +2 Pokemon Communication

  3. jordan baker

    I can't see this deck ever getting a donk. You would have to set up two stage 2 lines and Ho-oh legend in the first turn in order to donk. Donk decks rely on their ability to get set up turn one and start hitting with enough damage to kill an opponent's lone starter. Look at other “donk” decks and you'll see they are all fairly easy to set up.

    Shuppet and Uxie are both basics and require 1 energy
    Donphan is a stage 1
    Machamp and Jumpluff are both stage 2 but they only require 1 energy

    I'm sorry, but “Ho-oh donk” is basically a joke.

  4. Ed Mandy

    You're using Feraligatr, Floatzel, and Blastoise to get Ho-Oh to do 100 on turn 1, right? Why not do the same without Ho-Oh? I don't get how Ho-Oh helps you here.

  5. Michael Randolph

    Man I'm not sure about this one, in fact I'm pretty surprised with all of the thought you put into getting the energy out, why you didnt include the new supporter that allows you to look at the top 8 cards and choose as many energy as you like and shuffle the rest back in, then it would be a simple matter of rain daincing all of the energy down, still with all of these different options in play I don't see this deck donking any of the more popular meta decks. Nifty idea on paper, good job with the article and the best of luck to you.

  6. Perry Going

    yeah agreed on this. I think he expects to have a DCE and 2 waters….which is Blastoise. The problem with this deck is that you have to have both pieces of Ho-oh, Blastoise, Feraligatr or 2 floatzel. This is too much for a T1, I don't see even a “GOD” hand pulling this off. Even with the T/S/S support you can't just use supporters to pull off the donk.

  7. Adam Capriola

    This won't amount to being anything more than a league deck and I agree with Ed, what is the benefit of using Ho-oh?

    100 for 4 to the active is pretty bad. Blastoise will do 100 to anybody. Garchomp C Lv.X does 80 to anybody for 2 with an Energy Gain. Gyarados does 90 to the active for 0. Jumpluff can do a lot for 1 energy.

    No reason to use Ho-oh.

  8. Derrick Krenke

    No offense, but that's the most clunky looking deck I've ever seen. WAYYYYY too many Pokemon.

  9. froggy25

    Just too slow =x

    I was thinking of Blissey Prime as a tech, coupled with Wash Out

  10. Jose

    you need lucians in case they spray floatzel, also shaymin might be a good one to add to move energy, just thoughts

  11. Brandon Bittinger

    Just one question what do you plan to do if Dialga G X blocks your Poke-body?

  12. chrataxe

    I'm starting to think you just have waaaaaaay to many Feraligatr Primes laying around…

  13. BB2Si

    The ratio of Basics to Evolutions won't really work in this format unless you happen to get lucky and start with 2 or more Basics right off the bat. Also, I don't see many decks running more than 25 Pokemon in them, tops. I think most decks stick around the 18-22 range.

    Another problem I see is the different Evolution lines. Having 3 Evolutions lines (not including Claydol) can become a problem when trying to draw out that certain Pokemon. Need Wartortle? You just drew a Croconaw. Need a Floatzel? You just drew a Ho-Oh piece.

    I do understand where you're trying to go with the deck, but honestly it just won't cut it in competitions unless you happen to get a really good hand and your opponent has something horrible like an Unown Q start with nothing but recovery cards (Pokemon Rescue, Night Maintenance, etc.). You may as well just stick with the Blastoise/Feraligatr combo as it sets up a lot faster and requires a lot less Evolution lines.

    Other than that, I'd probably use a 3rd Broken Time-Space, Luxury Ball is a must, at least 1 Night Maintenance and/or Fisherman, maybe a Cynthia's Feelings, and a couple Pokemon Collector. I'd say somewhere around 12 Energy should suffice (3 or 4 being Double Colorless) as Blastoise's attack sends the Water Energy back to your hand rather than being discarded.

    Hope this helps you out!

    Happy Battles!

  14. billy fischer

    I don't think Ho-OH would work anyway. Feraligatr only lets you attach the energies to water types, Ho-Oh is fire type. his body only changes the energies type, not the card type.

  15. billy fischer

    I don't think the Ho-Oh thing would work anyway. Feraligatr's power only lets you attach the water energies to water type pokemon, while Ho-Oh is fire type. Ho-Oh's body only changes the energy type, not his type.

  16. billy fischer

    Exactly, so i don't really see the point for Ho-Oh.

  17. Raizar

    It sounds like a fun league deck but that's all it can really be. Note that if you are going to play so many use at least 3 Pokemon Communicator.

  18. Fritzhans98

    lol i agee with ed your pokemons are ok but pull ho-oh out blastoise has a better attack than ho-oh, and why using all the trainers with the energies?

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