Blastoise/Feraligatr is Viable and Plausible: Tips for a Faster and More Consistent Build.

I know everyone is getting tired of all these articles about Blastoise UL. I think I am. Well I’ve noticed that a few people are saying Feraligatr is not as good as Floatzel because it takes too long to set up. Well, I think you guys are wrong. Feraligatr is the right choice for SpeedStoise. Here is why:

pokemon-paradijs.com1. Feraligatr cannot be Power-Sprayed.
This is the number 1 reason. Feraligatr insures that you will get to snipe every turn. Floatzel can be sprayed and sniping as soon as possible determines the outcome of the match. With Blastoise, you want to be able to “snipe” off their Claydol or Luxray. Doing so will slow down the opposing deck and keep your opponent from Knocking Out your Blastoise and running the field.

2. Like Blastoise, Feraligatr is a tank.
It has 140 HP and can take a few hit before getting Knocked Out. Floatzel only has 90. Can anyone say a 1HKO?

3. Feraligatr is weak to grass, not lightning.
You don’t want your 2 main Pokémon being weak to the same type. Playing any lightning deck will be an auto-loss, if you play Floatzel.

4. Feraligatr can also do some decent damage. This is technically your secondary attacker. He can hit for 60+ with 4 waters. If you throw down 2 “Flash Bites”, then attack that’s 20 for the “Bites” and 80 with the attack, resulting in a total of 100 damage.

5. Feraligatr just looks cooler.

Now that I have talked about the pros of Feraligatr over Floatzel, let’s talk about what mistakes people make in their builds. These corrections will help in the speed and consistency of their decks.

1. Add 4 Call Energy.
This insures a more consistent build and hey look Blastoise can use C energy! It also fits. I recommend this over DCE.

pokemon-paradijs.com2. Use 4 Pokémon Communications.
This speeds up the deck drastically and fits well because you have a lot of Pokémon that are not necessary in your set-up. Also, it’s a trainer this allows you to be able to turn a Blastoise right around in 1 turn.

3. Add Crobat G and 4 Poké-turns.
Crobat G allows you to get that necessary extra 10 damage on an SP LV.X. Plus it has free retreat so when 1 Blastoise gets KO’d you can put Crobat active so you can free retreat into another one.

4. 2 Interviewer’s Questions is all you need.
Don’t go over board and put in 4, it’s not necessary.

5. 3 Rare Candies go a long way.
4 Candies just tightens your build. In a game, you would probably only use 2 and plus there should be 3 BTS.

6. 4-2-3 line of Blastoise is the most consistent line out there for it.
4 Squirtle allow for less mulligans and a faster Blastoise.

7. The Pre-evolutions you would use are:
a. Squirtle SW because “Bubble” can help you out in tight situations. Paralyzing a PGX allows 1 turn for you to get set-up. I say it’s better than none.
b. Wartortle UL definitely because it has the ability to snipe 20 for 1 energy.
c. Totadile MT has a free attack.
d. Croconaw MT has an amazing Poké-Power. “Evolutionary Vitality” helps you get those energies that you need for Blastoise’s attack.

8. 3 BTS so you can draw into it faster.

9. 3-3 Claydol is a must for speed.
The more you have the higher the chance you’ll get it. Plus you can “Communicate” it for what you need to set-up.

pokemon-paradijs.com10. 2 Warp-points help in disruption.
I played a game once where I played WP and all the opponent had was Claydol. With a 2 Retreat Cost, the opponent wasn’t able to retreat for 2 turns, allowing me to get 2 easy prizes.

11. Don’t put in too many Bebe’s and Roseanne’s Research.
2 Bebe’s is all you need because you have 4 Communications and 3 Roseanne’s only because you need a lot of basic energy. You wouldn’t put for in for you would have 2 Pokémon Collector’s in the deck.

12. Lastly, this may sound dumb, Wizard Shuffle every single time you play a game.
Blastoise requires a specific set-up and your water energy will crowd up in one spot or you’ll have 3 Blastoise right next to each other. Shuffling this way is safest.

I’m not going to put up my build (only because I want to have a rogue deck), but these tips should help those making this deck. I have been play testing Blastiose for a while, even before it was released. I have tried Floatzel UL, Floatzel GL, Kingdra, Donphan, and Relicanth in Blastoise and these are all unnecessary.

So what if Blastoise has a huge weakness to Luxray? My build is able to setup in 1 turn and turn a Knocked Out Blastoise around also in 1 turn. If you play it right you should be able to “snipe” Luxray of the bench before it become an LV.X. I really hope this helps with future players of this deck. Thanks for reading.

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  1. eli moses

    Awsome man, what state do u usually play in man, im from Wisconsin and in seniors and wondering if we could play sometime because you sound like an awsome player.

  2. Jason Chen

    Where in NC are you from? I'm in the Raleigh-Durham area and no one is ever around to play since Gymbo left :( Nice article too btw! I agree with everything you said except the 4-2-3 line of Blastoise :P

  3. Ben

    I just don't think the deck is going to be fast enough for the current format.

  4. jordan baker

    I disagree with a lot of the points you made, but we've already gone over that in other topics so I won't reiterate it here.

    What line of Feraligatr do you run? 3-1-3? 2-1-2?

  5. Sai C

    iv always played 4-2-3 of stage 2's where the st.2's are tankable.

  6. Vanderbilt_Grad

    I've built this. Snipe for 100 is very interesting. You can pop Lux GL on the bench before it level's up so all those decks that use it as a tech end up getting very little out the lightning kitty. OTOH it's not quite so good vs SP decks that can plop down 2 kitties on the bench and do run the easy to search lightning energy.

    Some thoughts on the advice … 4 Communication is very bad against decks like Gengar/Spiritomb. You can have entire games where you can't use trainers. Yes the trainer setup is fast against many other decks but by going to an almost exclusively trainer based engine you build in a bad matchup that doesn't really need to be bad.

  7. Perry Going

    Todd ive never had issues with gengar/spiritomb. I have enough bebes to get by and I like to stall them out as well with squirtle's “bubble”

  8. Perry Going

    Ive had no trouble with it because this deck is awesome late game. They may have 1 or 2 prizes a head of you but blast is such a tank and can snipe their recovery that it runs the table late game.

  9. Michael Randolph

    Please explain how Feraligatr cannot be Power-Sprayed, If it has a power, I was under the impression, it could be sprayed.

  10. Michael Randolph

    I'm guessing it's the “as often as you like part”?

  11. BB2Si

    Because of the text that says “As often as you'd like” Feraligatr's Poke-Power cannot be permanently Power Sprayed for a turn. The Power Spray negates the effect of the Poke-Power, but makes it act as if it happened. Since “Raindance” has that “As often as you'd like” text it technically is 'immune' to the effects of Power Spray where as a Poke-Power like “Cosmic Power” says “Once during your turn.”

    The only ways to successfully turn of Feraligatr's “Raindance” Poke-Power is by having a Ampharos with the “Damage Bind” Poke-Body out which shuts off all Poke-Powers in play that have any Damage Counters on the Pokemon or having Glaceon Lv.X active with it's Poke-Body “Chilly Breath.” Oh and look! Another Water-Type Pokemon (technically it's Ice-Type) that you can use as a tech in Blastoise! Granted it would take up a lot of room with all the Stage 2 Pokemon needed, but just a thought. =)

  12. Renfield89

    Wow, someone is really arrogant, and its pretty obvious that these front pages articles are not proofread and edited. Not for errors, but for 'absolutes' and friendly-reading.

    I like how you entitled this “tips,” when the entire article is written in absolutes, i.e. if you don't play it like this, you're wrong. Statements like “You wouldn’t put <FOUR> in for you would have 2 Pokemon Collector’s in the deck” are pretty haughty. Basically the entire article is “MY BUILD IS CLEARLY THE BEST, DON'T BOTHER WITH YOUR LIST AS IT IS INFERIOR.”

    Yeah, you make some good points. Be humble about it.

  13. Collan Baker

    Apparently your list is the BDIF because you won't admit to it having a single weakness and your extremely arrogant about it. Face it, your 4 Communications are going to be dead weight when your playing against Tomb. Unfortunately Squirtle's flippy “bubble” doesn't shut off spiritomb's body, so at the very least they're getting set up just as fast as you…actually faster since your list is too godly to need DCE.

    Can't wait for you to tell me how your deck will make every other deck in format unplayable.

  14. Colin Peterik

    I have to say I actually liked this article. He hit all the good points on the head. 3-3 Claydol. 3 BTS, Feraligatr>Floatzel. I disagree with the lack of DCE, however, especially because of Interviewer which practically searches out DCEs, I think 3 of them is a must. 3 Call/3 DCE might just be the play.

  15. Karol Nowak

    Man, we are getting even more articles about this Feraligatr/Blastoise deck. This deck is literally causing hype right now as it seems.

    But as for the article, it was well-written. You made a lot of good points that can really help that deck. Now, you finally have shown that Feraligatr/Blastoise is one viable deck. In fact, thanks to this article, I have a feeling that this deck will see play in Nats for sure.

  16. Brandon Bittinger

    4-2-3 isn't bad if you are playing an X is not why not go 4-2-4 or if you play BTS you should play a 4-3-4 or 4-3-1 for X's.

  17. Jason Chen

    Don't forget, Mesprit LA, and Gardevoir Psychic Lock.

  18. Perry Going

    ok i really didn't mean to be a jerk in this article, but you don't have to be one back. and yes a matchup with tomb slows this deck down, but it doesn't mean it'll be slower. “Bubble” just keeps them from retreating and “Darkness Gracing” which slows the opponents setup also. DCE is a great energy possibility for this deck, but with the amount of space this deck has its one or the other. I was just saying call allows the player to have a better start. About the weaknesses, Im sorry I didn't mention any. I wrote this at 3 in the morning and submitted it within the hour. I was just getting thoughts out of my head because I was reading the discussions on the other articles about how slow this deck is and how feraligatr isn't a good choice. The purpose of this article was to point out that it could be faster and more consistent. The points were made based on the amount of playtesting I have done with this deck. I wasn't trying to say one build is better than another, I was trying to point out some changes to make a faster and more consistent build. I greatly apologize if I offended anyone in any shape or any form.

  19. Tyler Odom

    I find nothing wrong with the article… No where it states “YOU HAVE TO DO IT MY WAY!” These are just his opinions based on play testing he did. This article did help me look at some points to my deck that I have going, tho I do have other ideas with my deck so not everything here made me make changes…

    Nice points, and thanks for your inputs!

  20. Collan Baker

    It's not that you didn't mention any weakness' in the article, it's when anyone points something out that could be a potential weakness you automatically respond with “not it my list”

    Really…you weren't “trying to say one build is better than another”? Seems to me that was the point of your article.
    I'm not offended by your article in any way because I don't even play the deck, but when someone offers up a point to you, accept that it could be a potential hindrance to your deck. Every deck has a weakness (aside from the obvious weakness), no matter how good your list is.

  21. eli moses

    do you think this deck could beat Flychamp or Luxchomp, or kingdra, If this deck goes first your pretty much screwed because, ecspecially if you go against a donk deck, tho seems competitve for nats though nice deck

  22. Perry Going

    i do know that but every deck has to have a way around that weakness. I was pointing out there is a possible way around it.

  23. Perry Going

    If you start with one basic without a call youre screwed. Ive test with kingdra and luxchomp and I have beaten both but this deck goes through trouble in the beginning. Both decks get a few prizes ahead but once Blastoise get full set up and rollin, it comes back most of them time. However against LuxChomp, you'd better hope they run a 2-2 line not a 3-1 because that when I run into problems. Kingdra early game can give me a hassal, but with Blasts 130 hp It has trouble OHKO anything in this deck because Blast and Feraligar have high HP. I would say match up Luxchomp 40-60(if they run 3-1 20-80) and Kingdra 50-50. I havent tested against Flychamp but I would have to guess 60-40 because Flygon has to be fully set up with evos on the bench and a belt to OHKO me.

  24. eli moses

    But against an Ampharos Deck your screwed or anything Lightning, i mean i have tested against it and Machamp completely destroys it, so what it can snipe for 100, the only thing you can snipe in flychamp after it gets set up is an uxie or claydol, Then Machamp comes out and starts destroying Blastoise, i mean i went against this deck and beat three times out of three battles. But i mean it will be played at nats, but mostly in juniors in masters its going to be mostly Gyrados,Luxchomp,DialgaChomp, Sp decks,Charizard, and gengar.

  25. eli moses

    Pokémon 21 x12 Lightning
    x2Raichu HGSS
    x1Raichu Lv.x
    x4 Mareep
    x3 Flaffy
    x2 Ampharos PL
    x1 Ampharos SW
    x1Ampharos Prime
    x3 Crobat G
    x1 Magnemite
    x1 Magnezone
    x2 Conductive quarry
    x1 Sunnyshore Gym
    x1 Premier ball
    x4 Pokemon collector
    x4 Pokemon Communication
    x4 rare Candy
    x4 Poke Turn
    x2 Bebes Search
    x2Roseannes Research
    x3 Copycat
    This deck Ohkos everything in it The crobat stops raindance and wash out with just one damage counter Mabye claydol could be ran in this deck to

  26. eli moses

    you never now and plus it depends on how good the players are in your area, lets just see how many roads it wins and then we will see if its really that good

  27. espy87

    Well I am playing this deck for a few Battleroads and I gotta say, but only because it's fun, I don't think it will win me the tournament. If you get it going early enough it is a good play but the games always seem to be too close. On average, I usually have it running by turn 3. It is a prize-a-turn deck but you gotta make sure you arent down by too many prizes by the time its running.

    I wish you would post your list so I could see any changes from my list or at least message it to me. Don't worry I won't share it with the world.

  28. Derrick Krenke

    No matter what, I don't think this deck is viable until next season. n Platinum-on, it will be very dominant. In DP-on, it isn't too grand.

  29. eli moses

    your right anything these days is either SP or anti SP and this just isn't one of them. But it can probaly hold its own.

  30. waldo

    I think its getting hyped because it brings back memories of the base set's Blastoise build. I know I got excited when I saw jumpluff's mass attack, it made me think of base set's wigglytuff and her “do the wave” attack :)

  31. oEvo

    Ignore said statement above. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

  32. oEvo

    Ignore the above said statement. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

  33. oevo

    Hmmmmm. I don't know. I played a number of games against variants of this deck using SP and it didn't go over so well for the opponents.

  34. Thomas Djerf

    If everyone starts running blastoise/ feraligatr prime, people will just run a 1-1 manetric (to stop all bench damage except to manetric) and 1 bench shield to save the manetric

  35. Eelis Peltola

    Running a 1-1 line and 1 Trainer as a tech doesn't sound good… It's hard to get out, and Blastoise will just put 100 damage up front anyway. And if Blastoise becomes a viable deck, and people will start to tech against it, BlastGatr players will just put a 1-1 line of Luxray G Lv. X in the deck. That is, if they don't have one already. It fits nicely into the deck. ;)

  36. chrataxe

    Can anyone say Blaziken FB? Lol, I'm actually writting an article about Blaziken right now but everytime I think I'm done, I realize I missed a good point!

    Blaziken will shut this down pretty easy withing “Luring Flame.” Yeah, he has a weakness to water, but he also does more damage when a water Pokemon is out. Pulling up and burning the bench to shut down powers is a specialty for Blaziken. No “Rain Dance” means no reatreat. After a Blastoise attack, that leaves 2 turns to KO Feraligatr and 2 turns 2 KO Blastoise with blastoise only being able to attack once.

  37. Perry Going

    you could wash up the energy too to attack with feraligatr

  38. chrataxe

    If you just Hydrolaunched, you probably don't have enough energy in play to attack with Feraligatr after Wash Out. Also, Blaziken will Probably KO Feraligatr his next turn since he can do 120 if the defending Pokemon is burned. That paired with 3 rolls for burned, you are bound to hit one. I think Blaziken would take him down in most scenarios.

  39. Perry Going

    in most cases water energy is stacked on feraligatr because the player playing blast needs to get waters out of his hands to claydol. You never raindance onto blastoise also you always do it to feraligatr then wash out to a blast this way your waters are out of your hand and protected. In most cases you would have 4 waters on the field at least.

  40. chrataxe

    Stacking that much energy on the field seems dangerous to me.

  41. Perry Going

    yeah i could be but feraligatr is your second attacker and if you spread out your energy you are safe. great thing about wash out is you can stack nd wash out waters from claydol and uxie lol

  42. john unown

    what up bruh its kabutopslvx20 from youtube. man i dont now how many times ive seen a deck analysis of gatr and blastoise.
    Nice article it was really well written for u. JK:) i think this deck is gonna be one of the popular decks after rotation.

  43. Trbailey93

    no offense but i disagree with a lot of this…..but it is interesting and it will win i play the same deck but i have a more direct approach. oh and crocanaw from SW is beast lol

  44. Perry Going

    yes and so is totadile….i used it against Gardey and hit a belted gardy x with shining fang after they took out blast lol

  45. lenny56

    i have read this article many times over, and i don't see anything that makes it be a commanding article, and there is no hint of saying that his list is the only right one out there. i think it was a great article.

  46. lenny56

    heelllooo! have you ever heard of late game! once you get 1 claydol, a gatr prime, and a blastoise active, it's almost unstoppable.

  47. lenny56

    Amphylock is also a great candidate to counter this deck, shut down gatrs ability, and the deck becomes inconsistent, and is beat. great article though!

  48. Perry Going

    dude this deck rocks late game…wanna take out blast ill just use claydols and t/s/s for another in 1 turn.

  49. Perry Going

    dude this deck rocks late game…wanna take out blast ill just use claydols and t/s/s for another in 1 turn.

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  53. Seymour Honse

    I was very pleased to come across this site.I wanted to say thank you for this great read I surely enjoying each and every little bit of it and I bookmarked you to check out fresh stuff you post.

  54. Miguel Gonzalez

    I find this deck to be quite awesome, but there is one minor glitch that can cost you the game if you use it… and that is the Secession Crystal pokemon tool.

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