The Underwater Rain Dance

My Lanturn and Feraligatr deck needs some ideas for tweaking. Here is my list:

Pokémon: 16
2-2-2 Feraligatr Prime
3-3 Lanturn Prime
1-1 Floatzel LV.X
1-1 Claydol
Trainers: 27
2 Broken Time-Space
2 Rare Candy
2 Cynthia’s Feelings
2 Interviewer’s Questions
1 Palmer’s Contribution
2 Night Maintenance
2 Fisherman
3 Roseanne’s Research
1 Luxury Ball
2 Warp Point
2 Energy Returner
4 Bebe’s Search
2 Expert Belt
Energy: 17
11 W
3 L
3 Double Energy


pokebeach.comGet the Feraligatr Prime and Lanturn Prime as fast as you can. Lanturn is the main attacker for this deck. What I would do is attach and Lightning and a Double Colorless energy to Lanturn Prime instead of Water, or you can attach Water energy to Lanturn, but you would have to use his Power if you want to use Feraligatr Rain Dance.

Feraligatr Prime is to boost up your Lanturns so you can do Lanturn’s attack which does 40 + 10 more damage for each energy that is attached to all of your Pokémon, and if you have all the energy in play you can do 240+ damage.

You would also want to get Claydol out to so you can get your energy and your other main cards out as fast as you can. Floatzel LV.X is to get the Feraligatr back and if you did not use your Rare Candy on Feraligatr thats what BTS is for so you can get the energy back on him and keep using his power again. I would use 2 Rare Candy because you would only be running 2 Ferligatr Primes.

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  1. Derrick Krenke

    You do realize that Floatzel's not gonna save your Lanturn. It's not a good idea to use. Try making the list more solid in the Pokemon department. Uxie, Azelf, and at least 2-2 if not 3-3 Dol.

  2. Perry Going

    i suggest a 3-3 or even a 2-2 claydol, 2 uxie, 1 azelf and energy returners are useless, run more maintenance at that point.

  3. billy fischer

    i think you should take out energy returners and possibly palmers contribution, you've already got 2 night maintenance. Use that room to add another 1-1 claydol and either a uxie or azelf.

  4. MadSci

    out of a 60 card deck you only have 7 basics! ….yikes

    I would make it 2-2 claydol, throw in a azelf and 2 uxies, cut down the energy, and get rid of the energy returns

    I would make lanturn line 4-4 instead.

    just a thought but maybe even thrown in a 2-2 mantine, giving your lanturn a free retreat can be helpful

  5. rawreth

    I would up BTS to 3 if you're only using 2 Rare Candies.

  6. Tyler Odom

    Needs more Pokemon Communication/Another Baltoy/Claydol line… Switch out Floatzel Lv X with anything else… . Hurts more than helping you out.

    PC's are needed because of it not being a Supporter. Helps speeding the deck in some cases… I switched out a Ros, BeBe and a water in my Lanturn deck for 3 PC's and it shortens the time it takes out the heavy hits by at least a turn or two! (take out a BeBe in your deck for a PC, other cards to substitute/how many PC's you want is your choice (X2 at least!)

  7. Karol Nowak

    More Feraligatr decks as it seems. Here's yet another Lanturn and Blastoise deck. Well, that deck idea isn't bad at all, but I would improve in several ways.

    First offf, I would run a 2-2 or 3-3 Claydol. 1-1 Claydol in this deck isn't enough. You also need to consider about Uxie or Azelfs in this deck since one helps to draw and the other helps to grab Pokemon out of the Prizes. Energy Returners aren't needed as you already have Night Maintenance and Palmer's. Floatzel Lv.X may not be needed since the Lv.X only brings back water Pokemon, not exactly lightning. I' not so sure about the Fisherman, as you may not really need it that much. I would also consider putting more candy so that you have 3-4 of them. You can also consider about putting in 2-3 Pokemon Communication, if you have room, to give you more search power.

    Yep, nice idea, but if you can consider these suggestions, this deck will be better in no time.

  8. Collan Baker

    Just wanted to give you a tip that I just thought of.

    This is for when your playing an SP deck. When you have a lightning energy already attached to Lanturn and a Double Colorless in your hand, ask if you can use the pokepower “Underwater Dive” before attaching the DCE to try and make them waste a powerspray.

    Pretty situational tip, but it would be funny to see the look of disappointment on their face after wasting a spray.

  9. mo

    forget floazel its not good because you wont attack with frealigatr and oak would be possible, too
    maybe ill build that deck with a few changes for the new season

  10. Fritzhans98

    and i like blastiose fera more, lanturn is like ho-oh sw and thats not so very good

  11. Fritzhans98

    and i like blastiose fera more, lanturn is like ho-oh sw and thats not so very good

  12. Alphonso Harrill

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