Viable Decks For Nationals

This is my first article on and I hope anyone who reads it enjoys it. The first deck I will be talking about is easily Kingdra. Kingdra has been around a long time in this format but has currently become much better with the new Kingdra Prime. Kingdra Prime’s Poké-Power is called Spray Splash, it is like an infinite Crobat G it lets you put one damage counter per turn on any of your Opponents but can be Powersprayed, you should also run Kingdra LA in this deck to. Here is the decklist:

Pokémon 18
x4 Horsea
x3 Seadra
x2 Kingdra Prime
x2 Kingdra LA
x2 Baltoy
x2 Claydol
x2 Uxie
x1 Azelf
Trainers/Supporters 31
x1 Luxury Ball
x4 Pokémon Communication
x2 Pokémon Collector
x2 Bebe’s Search
x2 Roseanne’s Research
x4 Rare Candy
x2 Broken Time-Space
x4 Super Scoop Up
x2 Expert Belt
x3 PlusPower
x2 Oak’s New Theory
x2 Night Maintenance
Energy 11
x7 W
x4 Call

That’s that now, I will be moving on to Luxchomp. Luxchomp has won many States and Regionals. I prefer to run no Dialga G Techs or anything just plain old Luxchomp. Here’s the list:

Pokémon 19
x2 Luxray GL
x2 Luxray GL LV.X
x2 Garchomp C
x2 Garchomp C LV.X
x1 Chatot MD
x2 Uxie
x1 Uxie LV.X
x2 Crobat G
x1 Azelf
x1 Lucario GL
x1 Unown G
x1 Ambipom G
x1 Bronzong G
Trainers/Supporters 29
x4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
x4 Energy Gain
x3 SP Radar
x3 Power Spray
x2 Roseanne’s Research
x2 Bebe’s Search
x1 Luxury Ball
x 1 Premier Ball
x2 Galactic HQ
x2 Night Maintenance
x2 Pokémon Collector
x1 Expert Belt
x2 Lookers Investigation
Energy 12
x4 Double Colorless
x2 L
x4 SP Energy
x2 Call

Here’s the next one. It Gyarados!

Pokémon 24
x4 Magikarp
x4 Gyarados
x4 Sableye
x1 Azelf
x1 Regice
x1 Combee SF
x2 Baltoy
x2 Claydol
x1 Uxie
x3 Crobat G
x1 Unown G
Trainers/Supporters 29
x4 Roseannes’s Research
x4 Felicity’s Drawing
x3 Bebe’s Search
x1 Luxury Ball
x4 Broken Time Space
x4 TGI Poké Turn
x4 Pokémon Rescue
x4 Warp Point
x1 Time-Space Distortion
Energy 7
x4 Call
x3 Cyclone

Thats all I’m going to talk about today hope you like it.

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  1. Perry Going

    you need to run a mewtwo tech in SP or you have an instant autoloss. Pluss more basic energy, you need to be able to search them out with cyrus and roseannes. Kingdra the 3rd spray splash is important because of SP decks, take out the pluspowers and call and throw in another line of claydol, uxie relicanth, and energy and more t/s/s. relicanth is your lux tech. you dont need calls, i suggest warp energy in gyarados so you can switch a high retreat cost pokemon for 1 energy.

  2. eli moses

    thx Pgm im Sirbloopsalot i just put it down just as i played them

  3. Einar Bogsnes Hegge

    I would say… this is more fitting as a forum post than as an article… because, it lacks most of the things an article should include, like talking about the main cards and the possible techs, and all the other stuff like that.

  4. Perry Going

    oh well ok. there are so many viable decks out there so many.
    off the top of my head there are:
    gengar c
    Palkia Lock
    Torterra Tank
    and many more

  5. Ed Mandy

    Gyarados: Your largest problem is that it looks like you haven't updated it for either HS or UL. There is no reason to run Roseanne's Research in this deck, because you have no basic energy. Pokemon Collector is the obvious upgrade. The rest of my comments are somewhat subjective.

    – 4 BTS and 4 Gyarados seem overkill.
    – Call Energy isn't so important.
    – Warp Energy is rather important. With Regice and so many Warp Point, Cyclone Energy isn't as important. You could make the argument, though, that Warp Point covers your need for Warp Energy.
    – I don't think you need 2-2 Claydol. It's not as generally useful in this deck as it is in many others.

  6. Dave Hueglin

    Thanks for sharing your lists. Not everyone wants to. As others have said, I do think a little commentary would have made the article much better. Did you play them in tournaments or at a League? If so, what changes would you make, if any, based on your results, and why?

  7. billy fischer

    i dont like to use call energies as much because they end your turn when you use it, i know they're good, but i just don't like them.

  8. lenny56

    i disagree i think it was a great article. i do a gree that it should talk a little more about strategie but i think it is a great article for the beginning player who wants to run a deck that could possibly do great at nationals.

  9. lenny56

    he has played them in tournaments and at league. i go to his league and i go to tournaments with him. it sucks that flychamp will be out of the format otherwise i think that would have been a great deck to put into this article.

  10. Karol Nowak

    What an incredible article for nats! This is a perfect article to get ready for nats! Great job writing it. Most of the lists look quite solid I must say. Luxchomp, Gyarados, and Kingdra will all see play at nats for sure. Jumpluff and Cursegar should have also been in this article since both are viable decks. Of course, there are many more viable decks, like maybe Entei and Raikou Legend could be viable now, but not as much as the ones mentioned in this article.

    Regardless, this article is really good. Great job writing it!

  11. mad jew

    Ugh why I am looking at terrible decklists? Sucha wasta time :{!

  12. Carver Warning

    i am assuming that in your luxchomp list you forgot 4 poke turn. if you were to incorporate them, what would take out of your list?

  13. Thomas Binghi

    Great job for a first article :) I've been playing gyarados alot lately and I have realized that this deck really doesn't need cyclone energy. Why, because you can just regi move for the same effect. There are plenty of extra cards you can discard and not many pokemon in the deck can use the energy for an attack anyway. Also the gyarados list you posted doesn't really have any techs against two of its biggest enemies, luxray or gliscor. Not many people know much about gliscor but when it comes to gliscor and gyarados, its almost an auto-loss for gyarados unless if you have one or more of the following techs: Nidoqueen(to heal poisoning), Luminon (for fin luster to fill up the opponents bench), Warp energy(to break free of paralysis and to switch easily past the trainer lock into gyarados), the combee that you mentioned, and dialga g LV X can be used to make spirtomb pointless. Mankey is also a great tech to throw in there with a fighting energy to OHKO luxray. You can also add a dark or a special dark energy to get donking potential with sableye. Now for list fixes, unown g is kinda pointless knowadas because of the lack of machamp, an unown q really helps out when you have an uxie that you need to retreat, and you need at least 3 Broken Time Spaces. Also since there is no need to search for energies, you can switch all of the roseannes with collectors/

  14. zzzapdos!

    i have some friends that are in the same boat on this.
    but think about it this way – would you rather do 10 damage to your opponent using some cruddy low energy attack, or search your deck for baltoy and another tech in order to get claydol, broken time space, and a stage 2 out to do massive damage the next turn? do you want to get easily picked off t2-t3 because you got a bad first hand and can't get any more basic pokemon? if your deck is inconsistent, then your deck is a waste of time.

    it's all about set up. it's like using a 'call for family' attack. i don't understand why that makes people uneasy at all. call is an amazing card. hoping for a reprint.

  15. Adam Capriola

    Yeah it also bums me out that you're not running Collector…numerous solid
    Gyarados lists have been posted on the site.

    Do some research next time, the search option is your friend. :)

  16. Altaria334

    The Gyarados list looks the worse, all good Gyarados should run Luxray GL Lv.X, and NOT run Claydol, which is totally unneeded. Warp Energy should be included as well because while a Trainer lock shuts off your Warp Point, the effect of Warp Energy is unpreventable. I'm also horrified to note that the Gyarados list runs not a single Pokémon Collector, a card absolutely essential for Gyarados to have success.

  17. Thomas Binghi

    I disagree with you, gyarados can still be a great deck without luxray in it and I find that claydol can be better than uxie in most situations.

  18. chrataxe

    Another thing about call that took me forever to realize, is their importance in SP decks. The ability to setup your bench to Power Spray on you opponent's first turn when they can play T/S/S and you can't is amazing. This will completely shut down any kind of setup.

  19. chrataxe

    Are these the viable decks that YOU are capable of putting together? Or just your favorite? While they are all viable, I think you forgot quite a few of them, Jumpluff obviously being the biggest.

  20. j mann

    Seriously man no poketurns in luxchomp?!?!? This is a crappy gym post at best

  21. eli moses

    sorry everybody i fudged up, i forgot alot of things in them my real decks that are these r much beter then what i posted i just forgot alot of stuff sorry

  22. Dave Hueglin

    Why not send the fixes to Adam so he can update the lists – never too late to fix a mistake like this one.

  23. Collan Baker

    I still do not understand why so many SP decklists only include 3 powersprays, I could never justify not maxing out the most disruptive trainer in the format.

  24. James Hart

    Luxpluff is also an AMAZING option for nats. I would be suprised if it didn't win seniors and juniors and didnt get the most top cuts in masters.

  25. lenny56

    i do agree that they need some work, but i think the deck lists are fine. there is the mistake of no poketurns in the luxchomp one but i completely disagree with the thought that they are horrible.

  26. lenny56

    there are a TON of decks that are completely capable of beating jumpluff. i run a rogue MEDICHAM sv deck and it destroys jumpluff on the second turn. i also tech in raticate ar for t1 donks. i am thinking about posting it.

  27. lenny56

    i do agree that he “fudged” up but there is no reason to call the post crappy, lets see u post a better article with absolutely no mistakes! no offense intended

  28. lenny56

    i disagree with the luxray gl lv x. i agree that there should be no claydols, 2 uxie la might be better but it just clogs your bench and slows u down. pokemon collecter is s good idea because you can only use bebes once every turn. why the rosseannes though? the only thing to serch for is sableye or crobat g but you get those out quick enough anyways. take out bebes and roseannes, put in 3 warp energy, and 4 pokemon collecter

  29. chrataxe

    Cool. How does it match-up against everything else?

    I can tech out a fire deck to destroy Jumpluff, doesn't mean it's a great deck. Every deck is CAPABLE of beating Jumpluff. But, 120 for 1 energy set up T1-2? Plus +30 HP with Shaymin, +20 more belted, -30 damage with leaf guard? I'm going to be bold and say this: Jumpluff has the ability to tank.

    Let the hate mail start ;)

  30. Perry Going

    i disagree with the claydol statement because claydol can help you from decking out. Yet 2-2 is unnecessary and 1-1 is the best for gyarados. however i do agree that collector is a must. Plus gyarados doesnt need luxray. not really necessary. I could run reversal which is also good even though its flippy. Also you could run gary without claydol if you run AMU in it. It actually works.

  31. Adam Capriola

    Register for an account on and you can upload an image.

    Or instead you sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account that image will be used.

  32. lenny56

    good point about the tanking, but i still think there are alot better decks out there than just jumpluff, luxchomp, sablelock are just 2 examplesand i do agree it has the ability to tank, but in the next format, ninetails hs will be the main draw power probably so a lot of players will run fire decks, so jumpluff will be out.

  33. lenny56

    Collector is a great tech. some pokemon communication would be nice to.

  34. lenny56

    these lists do work well if you know how to play them right. i ran gyarados when i was younger with the same exact list as posted here and it destroyed. i do agree however that the kingdra and luxchomp lists need work.

  35. lenny56

    i agree that the pluspowers are thrown out but the calls? you really need them in luxchomp unless you get a lot cyrus's in your hand right away. some pokemon communication and collector would be nice in luxchomp too.

  36. chrataxe

    Oh, I agree about fire in the next format. But, I don't think the fact that fire will dominate that matters, Metapod can be benched to take away weakness, I think it is the fact that Uxie and Claydol will be gone that will stop this deck.

  37. Karol Nowak

    Oh, OK, now I see. At first when I saw this article, I thought, “Wow, decklists for every deck? That's cool!” Now I pretty much agree with you pgmcsskater. When I looked at the article again, the decklists aren't actually the best on a second look. Well, the Gyarados one has a good decklist, as well as the Kingdra, but the Luxchomp really doesn't. It needs Poketurn! After all, Poketurn is like the number 1 SP trainer in any SP deck.

    Yeah, upon closer inspection, the Gyarados and Kingdra decklists look fine, but the Luxchomp needs some definite improvement.

  38. eli moses

    Loren ur Medicham deck sux and you have never gone against Jumpluff so u don't even know

  39. lenny56

    When i went to br i didn't see more than 1 person running luxpluff or any jumpluff variant. i saw mostly, luxchomp, blastoiseferaligatr, some rogue decks, including me, luxpluff didn't even make the top cut, in fact it was 2 rogue decks that made the fiinals.

  40. lenny56

    yea i have i go to wautoma league and i just went to their br and i creamed jumpluff and it didn't even make the top cut.

  41. lenny56

    When i went to br i didn't see more than 1 person running luxpluff or any jumpluff variant. i saw mostly, luxchomp, blastoiseferaligatr, some rogue decks, including me, luxpluff didn't even make the top cut, in fact it was 2 rogue decks that made the fiinals.

  42. lenny56

    yea i have i go to wautoma league and i just went to their br and i creamed jumpluff and it didn't even make the top cut.

  43. Renna Emayo

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  48. Justin

    I’m confused.. Why such a low energy count? What can you do with 7-12 energies per deck? That doesn’t seem like enough.

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