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Hey, I bet you all know me from my Starligatr and Ho-oh Legend articles. I’m here to tell you about my best idea for a deck. It’s a card no one has ever ran before, I bet. Raticate Donk.

I took a look at the Platinum Arceus Raticate. It’s a great card, doing 80 with a Belt first turn. I decided to make a donk deck with it. Here is my decklist:

Pokémon: 22
4-4 Raticate AR
3-2 Claydol GE
1-1 Weavile SW
2 Uxie LA
2 Azelf LA
2 Mesprit LA
1 Crobat G
T/S/S line:26
4 Rare Candy
4 Pokémon Communication
2 TGI Poké Turn
4 Expert Belt
4 Lucky Egg and/or Leftovers
4 Bebe’s Search
4 Roseanne’s Reasearch
2 Department Store Girl
2 Broken Time-Space
Energy: 8
4 Special D Energy
4 Cyclone

Have fun with the deck, possibly play it in Battle Roads, or just regular league, and if it doesn’t work, you don’t need to use it anywhere it isn’t welcome. And something you never should forget is that I’m awesome.

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  1. Derrick Krenke

    This makes me sad to see non-competitive decks on the front page. This is nothing more than a league deck. And I don't even play “fun” decks at league – I play competitive decks so I get a feel for them.

  2. jordan baker

    this might be worse than his last two decks that were posted…

  3. jordan baker

    come on, if you're going to post a deck list at least write something about why its a good deck, or more strategy than one sentence claiming to be a donk deck.

    I love sixprizes.com, but I think some of these articles need to start getting filtered out, or sent back to the author for revision and additions. These last couple “articles” are items that would be overlooked on the forums, why are they hitting the front page?

  4. Adam Capriola

    Nothing against “theman”, but I've had to reject all his articles a few times and make him rewrite them. This is an improvement over what it was. He's sent me a bunch of “articles” and most get rejected.

    Sorry that this isn't quality deck or list, I'm too much of a pushover when it comes to article submissions. I'd rather post something than nothing, just because there is someone out there that might enjoy reading it.

    Would you rather no article be posted for the day if there isn't a good one? Just asking because I could start doing that.

    There is a very good post scheduled tomorrow, so don't fret.

  5. Einar Bogsnes Hegge

    I have nothing against having a bad article sometimes…
    BUT: I have something against having “articles” which are in fact not articles. An article isn't a decklist with one sentence about the strategy. An article is an in-depth explanation of deck(s) with good reasoning and explanation on every card (or most of them anyways), with matchups, techs and the way you are supposed to play the decks against other matchups.

    This is actually something I feel sad about with the later JWittz vids too… It is too much talk about the decklist, and barely any talk about how the deck does against the rest of the format, and includes only a few of the possible techs. And also nothing is mentioned about how the different decks affect your playstyle (altho that isnt so relevant in the newer deck articles, as they do pretty much the same against any decks).

  6. Versilaryan

    No, I'm sure that people have thought of it before. It's just that the cons far outweigh the pros. The only thing that Raticate is good for is donking (you might want to put 4 BTS's instead of 4 Rare Candies), and that's assuming you start with all the right cards in your hand. If you get set up too late and miss the donk, then your deck is dead meat. Jumpluff does what Raticate does, except much better, and you don't have to lose two prizes every time your Pokemon get knocked out.

  7. Renfield89

    You play 4 Roseanne's and do not include at least ONE basic energy? At least ONE SEARCHABLE TOOL in Unowns E, G & Q?

    You play Uxie & Mesprit, but could make sace for ONE Azelf MT?

    TWO BTS and you want to T1?

    I don't even have to look at the rest to know the list isn't optimal.

  8. Jason Chen

    I agree that the deck can't work because of an inferior build and an unviable concept but at least it is not another Rain Dance deck. I think Raticate AR is also an interesting card, its first attack lets you break a Cyrus chain or completely screw over your opponent's hand (better than Impersonating Cyrus Initiative!). And the second attack could do good damage in a pinch. To me it seems like a Stage 1 version of Sableye in Sableye/Garchomp and maybe it has some kind of similar disruption/donk potential, though it is less flexible.

    Also Adam if you need help editing, I'd want to do it for you – it'd be a lot more fun than editing journal articles which I do right now :p

  9. Dave Hueglin

    I think this Raticate might make a good tech or starting line for it's disruptive power. It will get slightly better when the 40 hp Rattata comes out in the next set (or the one after it). It needs to have a strong partner to take some lumps and dish out some real damage mid to late game though. At this point I'm not really sure who that partner is or if they exist yet.

    On the point of what constitutes front page content, of course we would all like to read in depth analysis every day. I'd say 6P has a pretty diverse audience ranging all the way form beginning players, to people who only play at League, to high level competetive players. Everyone has there own take on what is acceptable or good enough. In this case, the author made it evident that he did not think this was the next BDIF, but rather it was an idea to try out at League or Battle Roads. I'd rather read an off beat idea than nothing new at all. I know many others disagree on this point and only want discussion of competative decks.

    Adam, I don't evny you the task of trying to keep everyone happy!

  10. Colin Peterik

    As much as I like refreshing Sixprizes.com on my iPhone to see a new article everyday, I do think it is unnecessary especially if it isn't generating quality articles day after day. If you had more infrequent articles, (IE: 3-4 a week instead of 6-7) it would do 2 things: A. Improve quality of articles and therefore the integrity of the site in gernal, and B. Keep the quality articles up front longer to generate more views for that particular article/poster.

  11. jordan baker

    I love that there has been a new article almost every day, but I would rather miss a day than see a terrible deck list on the front page. If there isn't a good article to post maybe you could just post a link to a cool discussion going on in the forums. That would boost participation in the forums and help get rid of the sub-par articles.

  12. billy fischer

    i ran that in my last deck and was very satisfied with it, it just sucks when you dont have an expert belt at the time.

  13. Dave Hueglin

    That's an excellent idea,

    Ther are a couple of very good forum posts at the moment. Chinigo in particular has posted some nice article worthy threads.

  14. Jason Chen

    I dunno I think this is better than Ho-oh donk and could probably beat Starligatr, haha. I think the ideas and creativity are improving and we shouldn't discourage him from thinking about new ideas!

  15. The Wii Man1234

    Not to be snoby but you are compleatly venerable to a Plox deck 1 lone Shuckle SW and they win.

  16. Perry Going

    im speechless to be honest. why do you run only 2 bts and why 2 azelf. replace one and make it MT. you could try running dce instead of the 4 darks and put in garchomp that should be interesting.

  17. Collan Baker

    If this deck is strictly for T1, then there is a lot it could use for more donk potential.
    2 BTS
    4 DCE
    4 Ambipom G
    you'll see a lot more donks with those included.

  18. Karol Nowak

    Well, the deck isn't that bad to be honest. For once, someone actually uses Raticate PA. I actually think that card is decent.

    For your article, I would say that it makes a good fun deck, but I'm not too sure if it is good in competitive play right now.

  19. Eelis Peltola

    Quality over quantity with these. I'd much rather have a real Rolex than 50 fake ones.

    My personal opinion is that there should be only good articles posted on the site. It doesn't really help a noob if s/he sees an article here, thinks that it would make his/her deck better with the changes told in the article, and ends up with a deck that isn't any better than the last one.
    The comment system should be somehow moderated, too. I'm not liking posts that ask where the writer of the article lives.

    Maybe you could post the best articles on the front page, and the ones that aren't that good on the forums (excluding the ones that are just bad)? That way, the majority of people would read the good, informative articles, and the other articles' writers would still get their article posted, sparking conversation and maybe even getting tips for writing future articles.

  20. Adam Capriola

    Good point about how a non-quality article doesn't help new players out.

    I'll stick to good posts from now on which may result in less posts each
    week, but will give more time for discussion.

    You guys can help moderate comments yourself…I think I have it set that if
    a comment is flagged 3 or 4 times, it will be hidden.

  21. John Roberts

    Pokemon: 22
    4-4 Raticate AR
    2-2 Claydol GE
    1 Uxie LA
    3 Crobat G
    1 unown e
    1 unown g
    1 unown q
    1-1 luxray gl
    T/S/S line:26
    4 Pokemon Communication
    4 TGI Poke Turn
    4 Expert Belt
    2 Bebe’s Search
    2 Roseanne’s Reasearch
    2 Department Store Girl
    4 Broken Time-Space
    2 warp point
    4 pokedrawer
    3 pokedex
    2 night maintenance
    Energy: 8
    3 psychic
    2 Cyclone Energy
    1 multi

    this is the list I would use if I would run this (just off the top of my head so sorry if i forgot something crucial). But seriously a bunch of decks work better than this and dont get killed by pretty much anything. Id rather run beedrill not to mention pluff instead of this.

  22. Theo Seeds

    thats what dept store girl/lucky egg/leftovers is for.

  23. Theo Seeds

    2 Bebe's? run 4 2 Rose's? run 4 3 Crobat G? run 2 or 1, not 3. 3 is overkill.

  24. billy fischer

    i know that, i meant to put when you don't have a way of getting them on that turn if you have the inconvenience of getting that unlucky which happens to me a lot.

  25. John Roberts

    yeah prob 3 bats was too much without collectors just switch that for luxury ball which I forgot. and the 2-2 of rosy and bebes was just cause if you are trying to go for a donk other stuff like drawer and dex are a heck of a lot faster and are more likely to get the turn 1. Id almost just run quick balls or something like that instead of the bebes if it wasnt for the fact that spiritomb is popular.

  26. Dave Hueglin

    One thought I had was having a category system, that you would add in at the top of the article, to indicate what level of play it was intended for. It could be as simple as:
    League – Just for Fun, Competitive – Arch-type, Competitive – Rogue.
    Some people already mention this in their articles, but if it was placed clearly at the top it might avoid some misunderstandings. Of course, some people will still argue that things have been put in the wrong category!

  27. Ed Mandy

    I don't mind articles about decks that aren't top tier. In fact, I've started posting some of my Stupid Deck Ideas, myself. What bothers me here has nothing to do with the deck, but the almost complete lack of an article. I see this, and I don't care at all what the list is unless there's some hook to pique my interest. You could make this deck into an article if you explained the cards and why they were included. If you (meaning theman) actually ever played the deck, how did it do. What were its shortcomings? Why isn't it a top tier deck? What sort of cards or environment would we need to have it succeed? Give us some analysis.

  28. lenny56

    this deck has a huge weakness to donphan. it would be ohkod second turn easily. it is weak to grass so i would run 2-2 ledian la. it works great if you have ledian to start and raticate on the bench. use baton pass for the switch and bring out raticate for 80 the next turn.

  29. Adam Capriola

    Hmmmm yeah that's a great idea Dave. I'll have to figure out how to go
    about doing that. Going to write that down on my “to do” list. :)

  30. Thomas Djerf

    add at least 2 call, if you start with 1 rattata, you pretty much auto loss

  31. Theweighttrainer

    Don't you think Sableye would help this deck? You will go first, then have a Raticate by turn two.

  32. Theweighttrainer

    Don't you think Sableye would help this deck? You will go first, then have a Raticate by turn two.

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