Sabelock Revealed

Sabelock is a relatively new deck, it’s first major appearance was during States. Steven Silvestro and Aaron Curry even met in top 2 during Florida states and they were both playing Sabelock. The deck has many options, mainly it can donk and disrupt. It utilizes it’s main attackers evenly in order to steal easy knock outs early game in order to never let your opponent set up.

4 Sableye
2 Garchomp C
2 Garchomp C LV.X
2 Honchkrow G
1 Toxicroak G Promo
3 Crobat G
1 Ambipom G
1 Chatot G
1 Giratina (Let Loose)
2 Uxie
1 Azelf
4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
3 Pokémon Collector
2 Cyrus’s Initiative
1 Judge
1 Aaron’s Collection
4 Pokéturn
3 Energy Gain
3 Power Spray
2 SP Radar
4 Super Scoop Up
2 Expert Belt
2 D
1 P
4 Special Dark
4 Double Colorless


pokemon-paradijs.comSableye is the ideal starter for the deck. With Sableye you can either donk with Sableye’s Overconfident attack against low HP basic pokemon, doing a total of 50 damage with a Special D Energy attached or 40 with a basic dark. If donking isn’t an option you can use Sableye’s Impersonate attack, with this you will usually search for a Cyrus’s Initiative early game to drop 1 or 2 key cards out of your opponent’s hand.

Garchomp C LV.X

Garchomp C LV.X is your strongest attacker in the deck, for a Double Colorless and an Energy Gain you can do 80 damage to any of your opponents Pokémon by discarding 2 Energy attached to Garchomp. This attack can be extremely disruptive, you can 1HKO your opponents Claydol or a Pokémon that is imperative for your opponents set up.

Honchkrow G

Honchkrow G is another sniper in your deck that can be extremely disruptive. Honchkrow G for a Dark and an Energy gain can put 20 damage on any of your opponents Pokémon, but if they already have any damage on them this attack does 40 damage to them instead. You can put the initial damage to be able to be hitting for 40 damage right away by playing a Crobat G and using Flash Bite. With the combination of Crobat G and Honchkrow G you can get cheap knock outs off your opponent’s benched Pokémon. This gives you another ability to Knock Out your opponent’s essential Pokémon. This can be used to Knock Out your opponent’s Baltoys before them become Claydols to eliminate their draw power.

Crobat G

pokemon-paradijs.comThe main use for Crobat G is to use his Poké Power, Flash Bite. When you put Crobat G from your hand on to your bench you can use Flash Bite. Flash Bite allows you to place 1 damage counter anywhere on your opponents side of the field. You can abuse this Poké Power quite frequently by picking Crobat G up with Poké Turns or Super Scoop Ups. Crobat G allows you to set up knock outs with Sableye, Garchomp C LV.X, and Honchkrow G. A less seen use for Crobat G is to use his attack Toxic Fang to poison your opponents active Pokémon for double poison damage. Overall, this isn’t a great attack, but it is your best counter to Donphan.


In this deck the only use for Giratina is his Poké Power, Let Loose. When you put Giratina from you your hand onto your bench you may use Let Loose. When you use Let Loose both players shuffle their hands into their deck and draw a new hand of 4 cards. This can be good when followed by using a Cyrus’s Initiative, to only live your opponent with 2-3 cards in their hand ideally. This can cripple any means they have of setting up and can be enough to win you a game. You would usually get a Cyrus’s Initiative following a Let Loose by using Sableye’s attack Impersonate.

Chatot G

pokemon-paradijs.comLike Giratina, Chatot G is used purely for his disruption ability. When you place Chatot G from your hand onto your bench you can use his Poké Power, Disrupting Spy. Disrupting Spy allows you to look at the top 4 cards of your opponents deck and rearrange them however you like, giving them bad top decks. This in combination with Giratina and Cyrus’s Initiative can give your opponent an extremely hard time setting up, giving you enough time to take some prizes.

Cyrus’s Initiative

Cyrus’s Initiative is a Supporter, which makes it searchable with Sableye’s Impersonate ability. Cyrus’s Initiative allows you to flip 2 coins. For each heads you may look at your opponents hand a put a card for find their on the bottom of your opponents deck. This can be used to remove any search card from your opponents hand, making them rely on top decking cards they need.

Things you could consider adding to this deck:

– A 4th Pokémon Collector for increased chances of drawing into one.

– A 4th Power Spray to increase the amount of your opponents powers you can stop

Warp Points to switch your Pokémon that get pulled active by your opponents effects, especially Giratina because of his heavy Retreat Cost.

Moonlight Stadium for the same reasons you would use Warp Point, switching your Pokémon out of the Active Spot for free.

Night Maintenance or Palmer’s Contribution for increased recovery.

– Adding a 1-1 Mismagius SF line as a Mewtwo counter. If you do this you should add a Bebe’s Search or a Pokémon Communication.

– Adding an Unown Q to give one of your Pokémon a 1 less Retreat Cost.

This deck has many options and is very versatile. In the current metagame I believe it can do very well. It will see play all throughout Battle Roads, Nationals, and even Worlds.

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  1. CoMiT

    THIS is the type of front-page article that sixprizes really needs. A decklist with analysis on the most important cards, combined with good English. This was a brilliant read. The only thing is, personally I think 4 power spray are just too good not to play in this deck.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Karol Nowak

    I definitely agree with CoMit. This is truly what a Six Prize article really should be. A great decklist and a great deck analysis about it. Here, we see a wonderful analysis about the ever so popular Sablelock deck. I've always wanted to see a great decklist for it, and now it has finally come true. You have a really good decklist, as well as a great analysis. I really did enjoy reading your article. In fact, thanks to this, now I'm really taking into consideration about play testing Sablelock.

  3. Perry Going

    this deck is great i prefer 2 judge though and a palmers like you said. also 1-1 porygon 2 is cool too.

    great article and hope to see more

  4. Thomas Binghi

    Great article. I'm pretty sure J-Wittz won regionals with this deck.

  5. Perry Going

    3 bats are very necessary in this deck. i mean if there was another bench space id throw in 4! they are just that good

  6. dillznutz

    right you are. 1 belt
    3 basic dark in this deck as well.
    also u need 2 rosannes 1 collector. getting the dark is too important, since honchkrow is your main attacker and u need all the searchable energy you can get!

    2 giratina let loose and 1 judge
    -1 crobat

    i think a more consistent version would also be -4 ssu and +2 moonlight stadium +1 vs seeker and +1 premier ball

    but yes i agree. good analysis here… and no more repeat articles with the same deck in them, unless they are proven from a k-valued tournament win

  7. Tyler Z

    Roseanne's are actually a waste, because all you will be fetching with them is Pokemon because you get your 3 basic Energies with your 4 Cyrus's Conspiracy

    3 Basic Dark is too much in my opinion, i've tested the deck extenseively and I barely ever need the third basic and I can't justify taking up another space for it.

    I tried 2 Giratina and then I started with it sometimes which really slows you down, and negates what the deck is suppose to be, fast. Two Moonlights may solve that problem but then you have wasted 4 deck spaces rather than just 1.

    Super Scoop Ups are awsome in the deck in my opinion because you can continue to reuse crobats over and over again to keep scoring easy knock outs with Honchkrow G once your out of Poke Turns.
    Premier Ball is useless in my opinion if you

    want increased search opportunities for your Lv.Xs just add in another SP Radar.

    Three Crobats is just preference.

    Overall, we could justify things back and forth that just come down to preference.

  8. dillznutz

    definitely true on the preference thing.

    i just found that if you let loose, and they top deck and uxie or a search card to get uxie. its like you just wasted a bench space and they came out ahead. which is why you need to let loose twice in one game alot of the times. people just play so much searchable draw these days!

    now i know that SSU is good for this…. but you can miss of course. i still do feel like SSU is amazing in the deck depending on what build you play. nuff said.

    i do run uxie lvl x in the deck, which is why im running premiere. i feel like uxie X is just so amazing in this build. synergy with moonlight, DCE, and its amazing to have out after a let loose, since you can gain major card advantage vs a stymied opponent.

    vs seeker is just amazing. always putting lots of awesome supporters in your discard with sableye ;D so its nice to reuse exactly what you need sometimes.

    the energy/rosannes… through my testing i feel like you need more than 4 energy search cards in this type of low basics deck. if they are able to KO your honch with dark on it, or need to drop darkness for a dragon rush…. i could just never get it to be as consistent as needed with only 2 basic searchable darks.
    this is why im also playing 2 rosannes. 1 collector. i always end up using my sableye to collect or cyrus early

    also you are able to optimize cyrus by getting max usage out of cyrus 3 times w/ 3 basic energy.

    love your build though… and just trying to stimulate some high level convo on sixprizes ;D

  9. Jeremy C

    Good job. I really enjoyed this analysis. Impressive work, and this is the kind of article i would use to model a good article. Once again, very nicely done.

  10. Collan Baker

    how can you not max out the sprays? Its one of the most disruptive cards in the game (if not the most).

  11. Tyler Z

    I use to play 4,

    I found myself not using all 4 during a game, 90% of the time I used 3

    Wanted another spot to add something more effective

  12. Collan Baker

    Every time I play SP I get obsessed with using sprays haha, It just seems to me like you'd want more chances of drawing into such a disruptive card in a disruption/donk based deck.

  13. lenny56

    i agree. awesome article. this is really what an article should look like. i am thinking of posting a medicham rogue deck and i hope it will be somewhat close to this article in terms of strategy and pokemon explanations.

  14. Jonah Davids

    Why not add 2 Spiritomb LA? When you play it you get to put 1 damage counter on all pokemon with damage counters on them already. PS. I'd keep the belts, as they increase hp.

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  16. Cheap GHD

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