Battle Roads Cornelius, NC with Charizard Report

pokemon-paradijs.comHey guys pgmcsskater again. This time I’m going to be talking about my Battle Roads results in Cornelius, NC. For weeks, I have been play-testing Blastoise and LuxPhan trying to decide what to run for this Battle Roads at league. Up until 4 days before the tournament, I decided on Blastoise and then I got 56 out of 60 cards to make Charizard fully reverse.

Because of my stupid love for almost fully reverse deck and the idea that I will surprise everyone at the tournament with a totally different deck then what I was originally going to run, I chose to run Charizard/Spiritomb.

This deck has proven itself at NC States this year, so I wanted to try it. I mean it trainer-locks your opponent, hits for ridiculous amount of damage and has 160 HP with belt. I felt this would be rogue enough to stand a decent chance against the massive swarms of Jumpluffs in the area and all the new Kingdra builds. For 4 days straight, I play-tested and play-tested to decide what was the best build. After 3 days, I felt that I had the consistent build for Charizard. So, I decided on 3 Spiritombs, Ninetales MT and Warp Energy techs to help aid Charizard.

Even though I was 2 Pokémon Reversals and 2 Rare Candy HSU from having a fully reverse Charizard deck, I felt I was ready. Yet, the night before the tournament, I swapped out Ninetales MT for a Judge thinking it would help me disrupt and put cards back into my deck so I don’t deck out.

It had been a while since I was in the tournament setting. I love the feeling of excitement and apprehensiveness when registering and talking with all of your friends. There were going to be 21 Masters, so a Top 4 with 5 rounds. After all the decks were checked, it was time for the tournament.


pokemon-paradijs.comWell I knew this match was not going to be easy since I saw I was going to play Mike Reynolds, who is #3 in the state. I really thought he was going to play Jumpluff, but found out he was going to play Regi before the tournament. My strategy was to reversal up something and then trainer-lock him. Well, it looked good for me when he had a Giratina Let Loose start and I had the lone Charmander. So I go first, and “Call for Family” a Vulpix. He can do anything and flips tails on scoop up. I felt I had it.

I Pokémon Collector-ed a Spiritomb, Cyndaquil, and Charmander, retreated and LOCKED, so he can’t Super Scoop the Giratina or play Warp Point. With this, I thought I was going to roll. Two turns passed and I had 2 Rare Candy, 1 Charizard, Typhlosion and Belt, along with an SSU and Reversal, and 3 fire energy in my hand. I thought I had the game from here. But I kind of forgot I was playing Mike and he got the Pokémon Collector for Regice, Mesprit and Uxie. He, then, Regi-Moved the Spiritomb and gets a HEADS on SSU and Let-Loosed my hand. That basically gave him the game because I could not recover. GG


Round 2: BYE

Dang it could this day get any worse. I hate byes because they don’t help you at all. After the 20 minutes was up, I was ready for Round 3.


Round 3: TTAR and Ursaring

This was a new player so I had the game in the bag. GG


Round 4: Machamp Alex Daus

pokemon-paradijs.comDude this game was nerve racking from the get-go. I start with a lone Cyndaquil and get nothing with going first. I didn’t even get to “Beat” him LOL. So, he goes second. This is what made me quiver the whole game. He said he may have the donk, so I didn’t want to lose because of a donk. However, he doesn’t pull it off and he gets pissed. I would too especially with my deck. From there on he made constant mistakes, not because he’s a bad player, but he was pissed throughout the game. First, he doesn’t get the donk, I reversal Claydol, then I judge his great hand, and plus Charizard has a resistance to fighting. He took 3 Prizes and I took 5 before time was called. GG


Round 5: Glaceon

So this was the type of match I would have loved to have if there was one. He didn’t run Lucario GL so I was glad, and I lock his Level Maxes. I wanted a Spiritomb, but I haven’t had one all day, why should I start then. I get the lone Cyndaquil start again. I have to belt it to stay alive and I don’t draw any of Roseanne’s Research or Pokémon Collector’s. GG 3-2 I played him again and dominated.

Glaceon, Machamp (Tom Wise), Regigigas, and Kingdra (Stefan Daus) make it to top four. I left but I think Machamp won because Mike played Stefan and he had already lost to Mike before and Machamp should run through Glaceon. Top 2 are Mike and Tom and Tom should be an auto-loss for Mike. (He didn’t run Unown G).

Well, I was slightly disappointed, but I had fun. I had a winning record and did well with a deck that I played for 4 days. I ended up coming in 6th place out of 21 Masters. My friend Jon Skinner came in 5th with his Speedra build, beating me only by a few percentage points. Props to the last minute switch for Judge, saved me in a few games, Mike for doing well with Gigas, meeting a new person, Tom Wise, and getting a Starcraft 2 Beta Key! (Why am I not playing that now?) Also, for the first time, I noticed there wasn’t a single Luxchomp or any SP deck there. It went mostly rogue.

Thanks guys for reading and I hope this deck will do me well in the future.

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  1. Sai C

    good job,but i always think charizard is a speed deck and not a lock deck….:(

  2. Perry Going

    Spuritomb is a huge help for this deck. because it isnt as fast as other speed decks because it uses ninetails instead of uxie and claydol. So it give you a turn 1 ninetails you grace it and then work from there. Spiritomb also makes sure none of yoour early game powers get sprayed and slows down any other speed deck.

  3. Perry Going

    Spuritomb is a huge help for this deck. because it isnt as fast as other speed decks because it uses ninetails instead of uxie and claydol. So it give you a turn 1 ninetails you grace it and then work from there. Spiritomb also makes sure none of yoour early game powers get sprayed and slows down any other speed deck.

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  7. Joe

    i only just started playing starcraft 2 and get beaten on every 1v1 game. do u have any good Terran strategies?

  8. aura

    OMG you were there? I was the senior W/ Mismagius Vileplume! Did you see me? 
    What league do you go to? I go to Jeff and Mike’s Morrisvile one!

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