Tyler Z’s Randolph Spring Battle Roads Report

I knew long ahead of time I was going to play Sabelock for my first Battle Road. After some extensive play testing, about 120 games I had my list as clean and consistent as I wanted it. I arrived at the store right as registration was starting. I registered then played a couple practice games. We only have 14 people so there will be 4 rounds with a top 2 cut.

4 Sableye
2 Garchomp C
2 Garchomp C LV.X
2 Honchkrow G
1 Toxicroak G Promo
3 Crobat G
1 Ambipom G
1 Chatot G
1 Giratina (Let Loose)
2 Uxie
1 Azelf
4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
3 Pokémon Collector
2 Cyrus’s Initiative
1 Judge
1 Aaron’s Collection
4 Pokéturn
4 Energy Gain
3 Power Spray
2 SP Radar
4 Super Scoop Up
1 Expert Belt
2 D
1 P
4 Special Dark
4 Double Colorless

Round 1 Vs Sue with Gyarados

pokemon-paradijs.comI don’t like this matchup at all, I know if they can get their Gyarados out fast it’s hard for you to combat it so I was feeling nervous. Also, I knew she knows how to play Gyarados well because she beat me at States. I start with Sableye active and a Garchomp C on the bench to her Luxray GL, I Impersonate for a Cyrus’s Initiative and flip double tails. She gets a turn 1 Gyarados out, but with only 1 ‘Karp in the discard. She drops a Crobat and uses 2 Poké Turns and then attacks with Gyarados to Knock Out my Sableye.

I Pokémon Collector for Uxie, Honchkrow G, and Chatot G. Bench Honchkrow G and Chatot G, attach a Double Colorless and an Energy Gain to Garchomp C then use Uxie to Set Up. I hit the Garchomp C LV.X and from there we trade prizes back and forth until were both down to 1 Prize. I have a Garchomp C LV.X active with an energy Gain on it and a Honchkrow G, Uxie, and Chatot G on the bench to her active Gyarados with Luxray GL, Crobat G, and Regice on the bench. I attach an Energy and Claw Swipe for 30 to her Gyarados.

Her Luxray X and 4 Pokémon Rescues are in the discard from Felicity’s so she either has to Regi Move or Cyclone Energy for the win. She announces Regi Move and I Power Spray it. I ask her if she has the Cyclone Energy and she says she doesn’t, then she Tail Revenges for 90. I attach another energy to Garchomp C LV.X and Dragon Rush her Luxray GL for the game. Great game.



Round 2 Vs Andrew S with Charizard

I start with Sableye and from turn 1 I disrupt him. I steal 3 straight knock outs with Honchkrow while I give him bad top decks with Chatot G. He gets an Uxie and tries to use Set Up but I Power Spray him. He eventually gets a Typhlosion Prime out with 3 Energy and a Belt and takes 2 Prizes. I Dragon Rush his Typhlosion to leave it at 10 HP. He whiffs on the energy and passes. I flash bite his Typhlosion to Knock it Out then Knock Out his Vulpix with Honchkrow G. Good game Andrew.


Round 3 Vs Frank Diaz with Gliscor/Cresselia/Spiritomb/Luxray GL/Entei & Raikou LEGEND

pokemon-paradijs.comYou can always expect a crazy deck when playing Frank, and somehow they work. I start with Sableye to his Spiritomb. I Impersonate a Cyrus’s Initiative and get 1 heads, he has 2 Pokémon Collector so it’s not much use. He collectors for Gligar, Gligar, and Baltoy and then Darkness Graces to get out a Gliscor. I attach a Special Dark to Sableye and Knock Out his Spiritomb. He gets out a Claydol the following turn, I then Knock it Out with Garchomp C LV.X. I get ahead 3 Prizes, but then he starts to come back locking me with Gliscor and then scoops up 2 Prizes with Cresselia.

He continues to repeat the same process and eventually takes 5 Prizes and I scoop because I can’t do anything.


Round 4 Vs (?) with Kingdra/Gengar

We both start with Uxie. He goes first attaches and uses Psychic Restore for 40. I go Collector for 2 Crobat G. I Flash Bite him with both Crobats, use a Poké Turn and Flash bite again. Attach the energy to Uxie and Psychic Restore for the game, Sorry.


I end up coming in 4th place which is alright for my first ever Battle Road. In my two packs I pull the bottom half of Entei & Raikou LEGEND and sell it to Frankie Durso.

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  1. Sabett

    I don't know what happened in that game between the turns you knocked out spiritomb and claydol, but you should've knocked out the gliscor, not claydol. Also you should've gotten more powersprays to stop that paralysis, allowing you to use garchomp C Lv.X's attack again to get rid of other Gliscors.

  2. Theweighttrainer

    Tyler, did Frank have and Cynthia's Feelings, Call Energy or Copy Cat?

  3. Theweighttrainer

    Tyler, did Frank have and Cynthia's Feelings, Call Energy or Copy Cat?

  4. Mewuk85

    I took out my giratina let loose and added another judge. when your running this deck its way better to run vs. seeker especially if you get judged turn 1.

    I started with giratina way too many times. and we don’t have enough psychic energy to even perform his attack.
    personally I think weavile g or spirtomb arceus is way better to draw into.

  5. Napoleon Birrell

    What’s captcha code?, pls provide me captcha code codes or plugin, Thank you in advance.

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