CurseGar Decklist and Analysis

CurseGar is a Top Tier deck that focuses on locking your trainers throughout the course of the game while hitting your active for 60 damage and doing 10 damage to one of your opponents benched Pokémon every turn while maintaining a lock on your opponent’s trainers.

4 Gastly SF
2 Haunter DP
1 Curse Gengar
2 Gengar SF
1 Gengar LV.X
4 Spiritomb AR
2 Mewtwo MD
1 Mewtwo LV.X
2 Baltoy SV
2 Claydol GE
1 Nidoran RR
1 Nidoqueen RR
1 Uxie LA
1 Azelf LA
1 Unown G
4 Roseanne’s Research
4 Bebe’s Search
2 Cynthia’s Feelings
4 Rare Candy
2 Expert Belt
1 Luxury Ball
2 Warp Point
1 Palmer’s Contribution
3 Moonlight Stadium
6 P
4 Call
1 Warp

Curse Gengar

pokemon-paradijs.comThe main attacker of the deck. For two psychic and a colorless Gengar can hit for 60 and 10 to one of your opponent’s benched Pokémon, then you may switch Gengar with one of your benched Pokémon. You can use this to hit then switch up a Spiritomb and maintain a constant trainer lock on your opponent. Gengar also allows you to use his Poké Power, Curse once per turn. Curse allows you to pick up a damage counter on 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon and switch it to another.

Gengar SF

Gengar SF is the backup attacker of the deck. Gengar for 1 energy can use Shadow Room to place 3 damage counters on any of your opponents Pokémon, or 6 if that Pokémon has a Power Power. With Curse Gengar’s Shadow Skip and Curse abilities you can set up easy knock outs with Shadow Room. Gengar’s second attack Poltergeist for a psychic and a colorless does 30 damage for each Trainer, Supporter, and Stadium to your opponents active Pokémon. Gengar’s Poké Power, Fainting Spell allows you to flip a coin when Gengar is Knocked Out if heads the defending Pokémon is also Knocked Out.

pokemon-paradijs.comGengar LV.X

Gengar LV.X is mainly used for his Poké Power Level-Down. Level-Down forces your opponent to shuffle one of their Pokémon LV.X in play of your choice back into their deck every turn. Gengar LV.X also has a viable attack Compound Pain which does 30 damage to each of your opponents Pokémon that has any damage counters on it already. When combined with Curse, Shadow Skip, and Shadow Room Compound Pain can pick up Multiple knock outs in 1 turn.


Spiritomb’s Poké Body blocks off all trainers played by you and your opponent while he is your active Pokémon, which is great when combined with the Curse Gengar to keep Spiritomb active whenever it’s your opponents turn. Spiritomb can cripple your opponents speed and recovery. Spiritomb also has an attack named Darkness Grace which allows you to search your deck for a Pokémon that evolves from one of your Pokémon and put it on top of that Pokémon, then you place 1 damage counter on Spiritomb.

pokemon-paradijs.comMewtwo LV.X

Mewtwo LV.X is an SP counter, which is huge in almost every metagame. Mewtwo LV.X’s Poké Body prevents him from all effects of attacks, including damage done to Mewtwo by basic Pokémon. This can score you an automatic win against SP if you don’t place too many Pokémon on your bench and your opponent does not play a Mewtwo Counter, which is common for SP decks to do.


Nidoqueen is used for its Poké Body as well as it is a decent last resort attacker. Nidoqueen’s Poké Body Maternal Comfort allows you to remove 1 damage counter from all of your Pokémon in between turns. Nidoqueen for 1 psychic energy can attack with Mega Punch for 40 damage and for 1 psychic energy and 2 colorless can use Ruthless Tail to do 50-100 damage depending on your opponent’s benched size.

Possible Techs:

Dusknoir DP

Dusknoir has the ability to control your opponents bench by once per turn if your opponent has 4 or more benched Pokémon you can use Dusknoir’s Poké Power, Dark Palm to shuffle one of them of your choice back into your opponents deck.

Metagross SV

Metagross SV’s Poké Body lowers the HP of all Pokémon in play by 20. This makes it easier for you to get 1HKOs with Shadow Skip and Shadow Room.

Crobat G + Poké Turns

Crobat G and Poké Turns in combination can drop multiple damage counters on your opponents Pokémon to set up a 1HKO with Shadow Skip and Shadow Room.

Reader Interactions

17 replies

  1. Mew Jadester

    first two lists amazing but the third is dissappointing.

  2. Poteet24

    The list is slightly subpar, 2 SF/1 AR? That's not going to work out to well. What happens if its prized and SP sprays Time Walk? SP matchups are already hard enough as they get out of the lock easily. I really don't care that Baltoy SV has free retreat with Moonlight, it's still not as good of as play the GE one. Psychic Balance is too good. The absence of Unown Q really irks me too. What if your stadiums are being discarded and you can't get to a Moonlight? The absence (hell, it's not even mentioned) of Mr Mime is also worry-some. The T/S/S Engine could be tweaked, and I think 1 more Warp Energy is a must.

    Also as for the article, you really don't mention anything special. I kind of felt like I was just reading long descriptions of the cards, I know what they do already, but what match ups do they shine in? How do I play against 'X' what do you feel the matchups are against other meta decks, so on.

  3. Perry Going

    Dude the 2nd curse gengar is a must. Also where are the unown qs and the mimes? And what about collector? They help with early game setup. Also you can have an open space by dropping a call energy. Also i suggest 2 warps because what if one is prized…. Chatter Lock for the win?

  4. Karol Nowak

    Well, this was an O.K. read, but there are some things that need improvement with this list.

    First off, you need to be running 2 Cursegars and 1 Gengar SF. Remember, this deck focuses on Cursegar, not the other Gengar. You are lacking the Unown Q and the Mr. Mime. Unown Q will help you when the Moonlight Stadiums of your are discarded, and Mr. Mime will be a huge help against Gyarados and Jumpluff. 1 more Warp Energy is needed in case one of them is prized, and I would prefer Baloty GE over SV because Psychic Balance will really help early game.

    Consider these suggestions, and the deck should be better. Good article, but it needs a better list.

  5. Carver Warning

    This is a pretty good list i suppose. i agree with everyone who says their has to be 2 cursegar but other than that i feel it is a pretty solid list.

    also, unknown q i have found to be pretty effective. if you cant pull a moonlight or if they go away, he saves you a crucial energy attachment.

    the other card i have found to be extremely effective against sp decks, is judge. it breaks cyrus chains and really slows sp down just because their hand is so low.

  6. Tyler Z

    the 2nd CurseGar is completely preference, 1 is fine, all you do is Shadow Skip all day, you don't give SP the chance to spray the Time Walk by doing it early or when they only have 2 SP in play

    Pgmcsskater your really commenting on Chatter lock when you say to add unown Q, you have Unown G to prevent chatter lock and 1 warp just incase.

    Mr Mime is a bad tech because any deck that he slows down plays Luxray so it doesnt… slow them down because you have Tombs/etc on your bench that they can bright look up.

    4 Calls is a must in CurseGar

    a Guy at my league won a BR last week and got 2nd at one this week with a list very close to this one

  7. Poteet24

    Ok, so if the decks that do play Luxray anyway are high damage decks, your one Cursegar is going to go down quickly. There are plenty of GOOD (mainly Gyarados) decks that can be stopped by Mime that run Reversals instead of (or with) Luxray GL. Also, for Jumpluff/Gyarados/etc that Mime stops, they get free prizes against Tombs. Why would you not want to take the opportunity to force them to waste their resources?

  8. Wkwfjw

    Way to go, Tyler Z: two VERY solid articles back-to-back!

  9. Eelis Peltola

    It's nice to see that the list has 2 SF/1 AR Gengars. This is something that I prefer to use, and haven't really had a problem with. Gengar AR is on the bench most of the time anyway. When I'm playing against Luxray, they go for my Claydol first anyway.

    I'd like to see a Nidorina on the list, and 2 Moonlights instead of 3. Maybe even 1.
    Mr. Mimes are nice, and I'm actually playing 2 instead of the Mewtwo line. Most SP builds have a counter to Mewtwo, and will be frantically searching for that counter the moment they see Gastly. Or they just snipe the guy.
    Play Baltoy SV if you're playing 2-3 Moonlights. Free retreat is awesome. Speaking of which, that Unown Q NEEDS to be in the list. At least with my play style. Maybe ditch a Warp Point?

  10. Collan Baker

    I think nidoqueen is one of the worst techs for this deck. In my opinion, if you need to be removing that much damage than the point of this deck has already failed. Also Mr. Mime is crucial in this deck. Your goal is to hit and run….Mr. Mime is your wall for gyarados and Jumpluff. Running two mimes will skyrocket your gyarados matchup.

  11. Eelis Peltola

    Nidoqueen's not bad, it's good: You can take a hit with Cursegar, let it rest for a while, and repeat. It's also got that great 40-for-1 attack, and it helps your SF Gengar too.

  12. Adam Capriola

    Gengar SF is actually a lot better vs SP decks. I know Dylan Bryon who was
    the number 1 in Masters for a while (maybe he still is) played 2 SF/1 AR and
    did very well in our area for like 3 or 4 tournaments in a row.

  13. Scrapp

    my friend runs cursgar with shedija and it destroys my donphan deck, i put a HGSS Lucario just to stop it, there must be something else i can do

  14. Scrapp

    my friend runs cursgar with shedija and it destroys my donphan deck, i put a HGSS Lucario just to stop it, there must be something else i can do

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