Gyaradace Deck, is it playable?

So, here I was the other day, looking at all the cards available to make a post cycle deck Platinum-on deck, and I saw Gyarados G. I didn’t think anything special of the card, and continued with the search. Then I spotted Feraligatr Prime. So the old “Rain Dance” is back, uh? Nothing special again, it’s not useful in the ultra speedy metagame we have today.

A few minutes later, I found the card that ties these two together.

But I will tell you all about that later, first, let’s talk about the main cards in this deck.

Main Cards

pokemon-paradijs.comFirst is Gyarados G, the main attacker. Well, for those of you that don’t know him, and not that I blame you, this guy has a pretty cool 110 Hp, great for a basic Pokémon, he has a 3 Retreat Cost (a really heavy blow), a x2 weakness to electric (did anyone say Luxray?) and 2 attacks:

The first is “Wriggle”, which for the cost of a water and a colorless, Energy gain included, lets you throw a coin for every Pokémon your opponent has, dealing thirty damage for heads. Not much to say actually, it’s a kind of decent attack for spreading, but to be honest, there are better ones. The second, and the important one, is “Dwindling Wave”. For the cost of two water and one colorless, again Energy Gain included, it can deal 100 damage to the active Pokémon, less 10 for each damage counter Gyarados G has on him, which kind of sucks, because he loses damage power every time he is hit.

None of them really interesting. Or are they?

Well, there is more than meets the eye here. The ability to deal 100 damage for 3 energy is actually worth a try, and being an SP, keeping him healed should not be so hard, and attaching the 3 energy is not that much of a problem either, since we have Feraligatr Prime.

pokemon-paradijs.comThis leads me to the next important card here, Johto´s favorite crocodile, Feraligatr Prime. With his impressive 140 HP, he’s a good Bench-sitter, and tough customer for Garchomp C´s “Dragon Rush”, and with his Poké-Power “Rain Dance” we can add as many water energies as you like during our turn provide we have them in our hand. The thing about him being a stage 2 is a problem, but I found the way to speed things up a little, using the next Pokémon in this analysis, Chatot G.

This card has two functions, one of them is to slow down your opponent thanks to his “Disrupting Spy” Poké-Power (Which can be extremely useful sometimes), and the most important one is to search for the Rare Candy Feraligatr needs to evolve with his attack “Search and Escape”, that lets you search your deck for any trainer card, and put it in your hand. Using this, combined with SP Radar and Pokémon Collector, I was able to evolve Gatr in almost every match I played.

The next important card in the deck is Floatzel LV.X, and his Poké-Body “Water Rescue”. This guy lets you recover a water Pokémon taken out by an opponent attack, with all the cards it had when Knocked Out, including Energy Gain, and water energies, meaning you cut down your recovery time to just 1 turn.

There is still a problem here, and that would be: What happens when your Gyarados is damaged, and you can’t turn him? Is it worth to use and attack of 3 energies and a gain, to deal 40, 50 o 60 damage? Definitely not. And that’s where the final card of this combo comes into play.

pokemon-paradijs.comWhen Gyarados is hurt, and the “Dwindling Wave” is no longer useful, that’s when you should attach him with the triumph card: Team Galactic’s Invention G-107 Tech Machine G, “Damage Porter”. For the cost of 3 colorless, this card lets you choose one of your opponent’s Pokémon, and deal him damage equal to the damage counters your Pokémon has on himself. In other words, you can snipe back the damage you received.

Considering that it’s a Tech Machine, and not a tool, you can attach it with the Energy Gain, even reducing the cost for the “Damage Porter” since it becomes one of Gyarados G attacks, and therefore, the Energy Gain affects it too.

Pretty cool, uh? If Gyarados doesn’t have damage counters on him, his “Dwindling Wave” can be devastating; if he has, the damage porter can surprise your opponent, and take one of his weak benches before going down, just to be played next turn again thanks to Floatzel GL and Feraligatr´s combo, dealing 100 per turn, and probably, taking down another Pokémon.

Well, now that the general idea has been explained, let’s go to the list of cards:


1 Floatzel GL, RR-4
1 Floatzel GL LV.X, RR-104
2 Totodile, GS-86
2 Feraligatr (Prime), GS-108
3 Gyarados G, PL-30
2 Chatot G, SV-54
1 Weavile G, PL-17
1 Crobat G, PL-47
1 Honchkrow G, PL-77
4 Team Galactic’s Invention G-105 Poké Turn, PL-118
2 Rare Candy, UL-82
3 Team Galactic’s Invention G-103 Power Spray, PL-117
2 Team Galactic’s Invention G-109 SP Radar, RR-96
2 Pokémon Communication, GS-98
3 Switch, GS-102
4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy, PL-105
2 Bebe’s Search, RR-89
4 Professor Oak’s New Theory, GS-101
1 Aaron’s Collection, RR-88
2 Pokémon Collector, GS-97
3 Team Galactic’s Invention G-101 Energy Gain, PL-116
3 Team Galactic’s Invention G-107 Tech Machine G, RR-95
3 Double Colorless, GS-103
8 W, GS-117


Well, the deck is still in the testing stage, but it is fun to play with, and has won me a few good matches that nobody expected me to. Sure, it may not be a match for Luxpluff, and Luxray is a real headache, but I think it has potential, and hey! A bit of originality never killed anyone, right?

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  1. Michael Randolph

    I played a deck almost verbatim to this at Oklahoma states, it actually worked pretty well, it can do some devestating damage. I dont remember chatot G being in the list but the general idea was the same. Well written article and excellent work.

  2. Spam09

    Really interesting idea and well written article. I don't think it is something that will revolutionize the meta game, but definitely a good idea.

    Thumbs up from here.

  3. Martin Garcia

    Well, the chatot g is only there to get the candy faster, since i only play 2 and getting Gart out quickly is must in this deck, and also to get a bit of disruption.
    Thxs for the comments :D

  4. espy87

    before blastoise came out i tried running a deck similar to this. it just couldnt hit hard enough, fast enough. there are way too many ways to place counters to weaken gyarados' attack and too few things that get KOd for 100 even if he succeeds.

  5. Matthew Tidman

    Sounds intriguing. Might have to play around with this a bit on Redshark. I'd love to see a competitive Rain Dance deck again.

  6. Joshua Pikka

    I love gyarados G, and the people who made this deck are pretty crazy.

    I think Gyarados G's best partner is Alakazam 4. You can move damage counters around so his attack always does 100. The only problem is Alakazam takes too long to setup and luxray ohkos Gyarados.

  7. Karol Nowak

    Now this is quite interesting. Finally, an article about Gyarados G, one of the most underrated Pokemon SP in this format. Well, lightning weakness hurts, but I really like the fact it can be great with Damage Porter since Gyarados G has very high HP for an SP.

    Well, I think your idea here was interesting, but try running Gyarados G with Alakazam 4 also. Use Alakazam 4's Poke-power to move damage counters onto Gyarados, and then wham! You can hit for a ton of damage with damage porter. Now that can be another good Gyarados strategy all right.

    Still, I definitely like the fact that Gyarados G has been brought up. After all, he is an interesting card.

  8. Martin Garcia

    I also tought about running an alakazan 4, but the problem is it slows down the deck a lot. Maybe i should try a few lv max, or add more sp radar. There are things that can be taken out, like the DCE (since there are 3 gain) or the weavile, but i prefer the last one for consistency.

  9. Martin Garcia

    I also tought about running an alakazan 4, but the problem is it slows down the deck a lot. Maybe i should try a few lv max, or add more sp radar. There are things that can be taken out, like the DCE (since there are 3 gain) or the weavile, but i prefer the last one for consistency.

  10. mewuk85

    Neat!!! I know capeter3ncsu plays a rain dance deck that looks nice. if you get a chance check out Her flower power deck @ its sweet. she should submit and article with that one.

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