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pokemon-paradijs.comThis is going to be a fairly concise post…just wanted to let everyone know about this combo I saw at Regionals.

Basically all you do is throw 1 Dunsparce HS and 2 Mr. Mime MT into your deck.

That’s it.

Fade Out for Mr. Mime, retreat (hopefully for free with Unown Q attached), rinse, and repeat.

It can fit into almost any deck and give you a huge edge against something like Gyarados. I saw it used in a straight Donphan Prime deck and it seemed like a good idea to me. Turns your worst matchup into a good matchup.

You may also be able to stymie Jumpluff with those 3 cards.

If you play Expert Belt and PlusPowers in your deck, it could also be good for 1HKOing Colorless weak Pokémon (i.e. Garchomp C LV.X).

Just a tech to keep in mind while you are testing for Nationals…

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  1. Ed Mandy

    I've seen something like this discussed. I think it can work well if you're already playing Expert Belt, Plus Power, and Unown Q (or some other retreat mechanism like Warp Point or Warp Energy). Donphan is a good candidate. As a general tech, though, it is too much (in my opinion). Most decks won't be able to properly support it.

    Most low-energy decks will run a good counter for a single Mr. Mime (Regice, Warp Point, Cyclone Energy, etc.). To make this tech effective, you need to get out both Mimes, and that can be tough. If you play it right, though, and you know your matchups well, you can go for the 2 Mimes and nothing else ASAP. That gives you time to set your hand up for your next move. Also, a single Mime can often slow the opponent down long enough for you to get the other Mime and the Dunsparce.

    I really like the idea. As for the “fit into almost any deck” part, I don't buy it. I think it will just gunk up most decks.

  2. Adam Capriola

    Thanks for the comment Ed. Yeah I guess you're right that it can't fit into any deck, but it can be a secondary option in the right deck. Probably has to be a donk type deck.

  3. Ed Mandy

    It works great in my Shuppet deck, but then again it's a main focus of that deck. :)

    Any aggressive, low-cost, low-evolution deck could look into this as a twist. Essentially, any deck that it might work well against, it also could work well IN. Though, many of those decks would be better off just focusing on what they already do well. Jumpluff seems too tight to properly fit something like this into. Gyarados could use it, but I think it would detract from what Gyarados already does rather well. Just about any SP deck could conceivably work this in to some effect, but SP has so many answers already that it doesn't seem worth it. In Donphan, though, I think it can help shore up some of of its weaknesses and give it more options.

  4. Scooterface

    The bombo in itself is nothing new, but what is new is the way it is used.
    It is a great idea to throw it into any deck. Normally you base a deck around it (like shuppet), but simple using this combo for counters to various matchups is a great idea. Only problem i see is the retreat cost of mr. mime and of course sniper/spread/disruption decks like luxchomp variants.

  5. Colin Peterik

    I agree with the skeptics here. Not only is 3 (or 4/5 with Unown Q/Moonlight) cards a lot to 'tech' into a deck, but the execution and effectiveness is questionable. Any good Jumpluff/Gyarados/Shupett/Uxie Donk player knows how to get around a double Mime wall, and dedicating 3 bench spaces to these weak attackers doesn't give you enough of an edge for plan B once they attach the 3rd energy or Bright Look up a Mr. Mime, kill it, and continue to Regimove for the rest of the game. It isn't a bad idea for decks already running Moonlight, Q, Expert Belts, etc… as they don't have to commit too many more spots for this combo. Another annoying thing is, you lay Moonlight Stadium, Gyarados lays BTS over it, so you attach Unown Q to Mime, so they start Regimove-ing to force you to burn an energy every turn. Like I said, it's a situational strategy, and if you have room for it, then by all means go for it, I just question if it's all really worth it.

  6. Karol Nowak

    Nice idea Adam! I think you did show that Dunsparce can be a tech, not just an attacker. Indeed, by using it with Mr. Mime, you can stop a low energy deck that may be a counter to your deck, like how Donphan Prime can use the Dunsparce combo to stop a Gyarados from attacking, or maybe even a Luxchomp that wants to stop something like a Jumpluff (yeah, that is kinda random though)

    Regardless, although a short article, it was fun to read. Great point Adam!

  7. Adam Capriola

    Yeah it obviously depends on the deck…if you are using something that also
    plays PlusPowers and Expert Belts then it can also OHKO Garchomps making it
    a little more versatile.

  8. Jake T

    The only problem is in decks without belt, you will be doing 40-60 before they find a cyclone/warp point/luxray lvX. Is nothing more than a stalling play but could work in decks that can already overpower Gyarados/jumpluff but lack the the speed to do so.

  9. Burgerlover Fatdude

    Also, you should notice that Mr. mime if somewhat a dangerous tech to run. If your opponent plays something that can lock in the least, mr. mime is likely to be locked if your opponent wants to, possibly decking you out.
    Take a look at for instance LA mightyena:….
    Because mime prevents the damage, he actually allows mightyena to lock him in the active spot, possibly decking you out. This can of course be countered with warp point/super scoop up, but it is something to think about when building your deck.

    Another thing, that noone mentioned, is that using this strategy takes up the one enegy you can attach every turn, while your opponent is steadily building up. Not saying its bad, just saying it is something to think about.

  10. lenny56

    I agree. the current format really won't work with this. i like the idea, and there are some decks that will have this in it, but, as ed said, (lol), it will “gunk” up the deck and make it hard to decide which cards to take out.

  11. Ed Mandy

    Well, you have to make the choice of offense vs. setup. Part of the point of the tech is that each piece can work by itself. You can wall with Mime (without Dunsparce) while you set up energy/evolutions on the bench. You can KO Garchomp with Dunsparce (without Mime). Dunsparce also gives you ways around things like Fainting Spell, so it can be used in certain situations where you might not want to risk your main attacker.

    Things can really take off if you can get 2 Mimes (with free retreat) AND Dunsparce, but you really only need part of that equation to get you around certain problems.

  12. Mike Fouchet

    you guys are all idiots who don't think it can be run in a lot of decks. if you run pluspowers and belts already and have a shaky matchup vs gyarados/jumpluff/kingdra/machamp you should put it in. period. it's 3-5 cards that totally swing 3-4 matchups in your favor. i'm surprised no one realized it before bolt did (he gave me the concept). sshit's so good, once again i'm amazed by the idiocy of most people that play this game.

  13. bolt

    well, ryan vergel had the concept before me ;)

    yes you can fit dunsparce and mime into anything, but yes, looker/judge is going to hurt (the more you attach to sparce)

  14. bolt

    well, ryan vergel had the concept before me ;)

    yes you can fit dunsparce and mime into anything, but yes, looker/judge is going to hurt (the more you attach to sparce)

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