Introducing “Random Cards to Talk About”

FYI, “Random Cards to Talk About” is one of my projects that I do in the 6p Forums. Basically I choose 2-3 random cards and I talk about what you can do with it, what goes well with it, and what impact can it bring to our current rotation.

I only do this in the forums, but with the rotation shift and all, I decided to post a part of the RCTTA project on the home page. What I’ll be posting here is Part 3 of 4 editions, and IMO, this was the best edition I’ve typed out of the 4. Please do drop by the forums to see the series, under “Single Card Strategy and Multiple Card Combos.” Part Five is under way. :D

SO, here’s how RCTTA would look like:

Random Cards to talk about, Part Three!

(The intro looks like this:)

“Wow. What really appears to be something I just do for fun already has three editions now; yes! Random Cards to Talk About has already three editions! And more editions are coming; do not worry. :D

If you haven’t read the last two editions, then, read it now! This is a series, you know, and you must always be updated! :D

I’m bringing you more random cards to discuss. You’ll never know what will come in the next editions until I post the details in my billboard! :D”

(I grant requests too!)

“You are all aware that you can tell me your special requests that I can post and discuss here on RCtTA. Now, I’m granting 2 requests from our users; Arcanine RR (Chemical), and Garchomp SV. (TDA)”

“Without further ado, let’s get talking! ”

(the discussion starts)

pokemon-paradijs.comFirst up, Arcanine from Rising Rivals.

Arcanine. 100 HP, +20, -0, 2 RC stats. That would be just okay stats for a Stage 1. It evolves from the High-HP Growlithe RR,

which, at the early parts of the game, can search for Fire energy from your deck, and can do 50 for one R Energy and 2 of any Energy.

Arcanine is said to be magnificent and regal, and Arcanine RR fills this definition the best. With its “Flare Condition” Poké-Body, Arcanine could readily exploit and kill with confidence; “Flare Condition” removes Arcanine’s Water Weakness. You can even face a Kingdra head-on, no worries!

It’s first attack, “Burn Out”, for one R Energy and 1 of any energy, has a base damage of 30, and you have the option of doing 60 damage, but with a cost; Arcanine will get Burned. Getting Burned is not really what you would like to happen to your Pokémon, but that would be a great aid to Arcanine RR’s second attack, “Flames of Rage”, which, if you discard a Fire energy from Arcanine, does 60 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter on Arcanine!

The potential Damage you can do would be 150 damage. With Expert Belt, you can do 190, and with PlusPowers, even 200, 210, 220, or 230! But! you wouldn;t really want your Arcanine to reach that point, as he is only extremely powerful when his HP is already down to 10. Unless it’s a finisher move, you shouldn’t really push Arcanine to the point that its life is at risk.

Arcanine RR is not a stand-alone card. There are many Pokémon out there that aid Arcanine in becoming a magnificent beast, which is really what he’s known to be.

pokemon-paradijs.comFirst, Typhlosion Prime from HGSS.

Since you would be discarding Energy cards from Arcanine, then you might want to consider this card. It’s Poké-Power, “Afterburner”, makes you search your discard pile for a R Energy card, and then attach it to one of your Pokémon, but! the Pokémon chosen must acquire a damage counter as a cost. It may not seem to be great for other Pokémon, but Arcanine can capitalize on that extra damage counter and make “Flames of Rage” even more powerful. Also, Typhlosion can also serve as a secondary attacker, too. Just be sure that you can handle Stage 2 techs if you want to use this card!

You may also want to consider Unown P, from Majestic Dawn.

Unown P serves a variety of Pokémon; it boosts Mothim’s “Raging Scales”, activates Ursaring Prime’s “Berserk”, and now, it can also add punch to Arcanine’s “Flames of Rage”. The problem with Unown P is, it’s snipe candy, so you may want to attach Bench Shield on it for protection purposes. Also, it may just take space in your deck, but as long as you don’t have any more important cards to put in your deck, then it’s ok to play this. :D

pokemon-paradijs.comIMO, every Fire Deck should run Ninetales HGSS.

With the upcoming absence of Claydol, this would really help make up for the difference. Kind of.

Ninetales’s “Roast Reveal” lets you discard a R Energy from your hand, and makes you draw 3 cards from your deck. This can also help boost Arcanine’s “Flames of Rage”, as Typhlosion will also recover the R Energy discarded by Ninetales, and attach it to Arcanine for also a 10 damage cost. Also, Ninetales can also serve as a secondary attacker, too.

Other techs to consider:
Uxie LA – refresh!
– Heatran LV.X – burn factor
– Blaziken PT – burn factor
Delcatty PL – Energy factor

A sample Arcanine Decklist would look like this:
(incomplete decklist, FYI)


3-3 Arcanine RR
3-3 or 2-2 Arcanine RR

1-1 or 2-2 Ninetales HGSS

1-1-1 or 1-0-1 Typhlosion Prime HGSS
2 Unown P
2 Uxie LA

T/S/S (Possible T/S/S. Amounts may vary, it’s up to ya! These are just suggestions, not the actual T/S/S)

Bebe’s Search (probably 3 or 4)
Roseanne’s Research (probably 3 or 4)
PlusPower (probably 3 or 4)
Poké-Healer+ (probably 4)
Warp Point (probably 3 or 4)
Stark Mountain (probably 2 or 3)
Luxury Ball (1-of course)
Energy Pickup (3-4)
BTS (2-4)
Felicity’s Drawing. (2-3)
Pokémon Communication (2-3)
Pokémon Collector (2-3)
Engineer’s Adjustments (3-4)
Interviewer’s Questions (3-4)

10-12 R Energy
2-4 Rainbow Energy (Works really well with Arcanine RR)

From Magnificent beasts, let’s move on to Mach-nificent Beasts; Garchomp SV, anyone? (TDA’s request)

pokemon-paradijs.comGarchomp SV. 130 HP, +30, -0, 0 RC stats. Healthy, if you ask me.

I’ll first discuss Garchomp’s attacks. “Guard Claw”, from the name itself, you can tell that this attack has defensive purposes. “Guard Claw” does 40 damage for 2 of any Energy, and, during your opponent’s next turn, all damage done to Garchomp will be reduced by 20. Not bad, and that could also prevent you from getting a 1HKO from your opponent.

But! What really gives Garchomp SV a share of the spotlight is its second attack, “Speed Impact”. For 3 of any energy, “Speed Impact” can deliver a jaw-dropping 120 damage! Not all decks can evade an 120 damage-1HKO, so this is just sheer power. However, all good things have their consequences, and this has one for itself, too. “Speed Impact’s” base damage gets reduced by 20 for each energy attached to the Defending Pokémon. What a letdown… But! Never fear, consider these stuff:

– Many Pokémon work with little energy. Take Jumpluff and Gyarados, for example.
– However, there are still Pokémon that run many Energy. Here’s where Garchomp’s Poké-Body, “Dragon Intimidation”, comes in. If Garchomp is your Active Pokémon, and it gets damaged by an opponent’s attack, you get to choose and return an energy attached to the Defending Pokémon to your opponent’s hand! Take note, YOU choose. So, that could be a great disrupting tactic, and at the same time, an aid for “Speed Impact”.

How can you ensure a “Speed Impact” attack at optimum 120 damage output? These are some ways to do so:– You may want to use the Switch-Lux-Chomp;

Basically, you use Switch on Garchomp, put out Luxray GL, Level it up, use “Bright Look” on one of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon (best Benchers to “Bright Look”: unprepared set-ups, no-energy Benchers, Basic Pokémon, and the like), retreat and put out Garchomp SV, and bash your opponent like crazy!

– Or, simply put, just use Warp Point and put out another Garchomp. :D

– You may want to Level-Up Garchomp to Garchomp LV.X for added HP and attacks. Dragon Pulse may even come in handy! Restore can also recover Knocked-Out Garchomps.
Expert Belting this Garchomp increases its 1HKO potential, but it also increases your opponent’s 2-Prize draw potential.
– Luxray may just take space here. But, if you have no other techs to play…. then you can play LUxray… :D
PlusPowers can also help.

(Sometimes I include info from the users)

Additional info from dragonlordreborn:
“You forgot to mention the tanking Garchomp; get out 2-3 Garchomps belted and a Nidoqueen from RR. Belt them and just rotate them around and hit 60 with one and heal the others”

(The ending)

So far, these are the stuff I have thought and talked about!
If you have any opinions, comments, or reactions on the article, then please do state it here!

As I have said before, PM me, add me on Facebook, or post here on this thread for your requests for the upcoming Editions of RCtTA!

Basically, that’s how my project looks like. They usually are lengthy, but reading it is really worth the time. :D
I’d really like to popularize this, but I’m still brainstorming ways to do so. Help me, guys! :D


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  1. Brandon Bittinger

    I told you you can get it posted. Congratulations!

  2. Kenny Phan

    Great article!! I'm a new PKMN player and I found this to be very helpful in searching for my deck type. And it's great that you started out with 2 of my favorite pkmn, Ninetales and Arcanine. I've been trying to build a deck around those 2 and now you gave me some insight, I can get a feel what is needed. Thank you for a well done article!!

  3. Fritzhans98

    wow, two thumbs up, and who is the one playing kingdra prime which has no chance againdt arcaine…me!!
    paaartyyy…. but great job of yours

  4. Karol Nowak

    This is a really good article! Great job writing it! I find this article to be really helpful to new players in order to fit there playing style.

    Great read! This article is like a 5/5 stars!

  5. lenny56

    i agree. i have been trying to make an Arcanine rr deck for a long time and this article realy gives me some great ideas, as jpn gallade said, 5/5 stars.

  6. lenny56

    Typhlosion really pairs well with the two as chinigo said. check out the roast reveal article on this site, it should be very helpful with your deck making. once you check it out tech in a 2-2 line of arcanine. once again great article.

  7. Gelo Dionora

    It's very nice that I've helped so much, guys. And I really love the impact my article brought to you guys.

    I don't want to spoil the fun, but I can't stand it. Why isn't anyone talking about Garchomp SV?

  8. Marcel Mravec

    Garchomp SV is great :) I guess everyone has already read article about Garchomp SV:

    So I guess it is the main reason – it was discussed before. I will definitely try Garchomp SV, but I also like your Arcanine idea. So far I thought it has nearly no use, but I might give it a try. It looks like fun.

    I'm looking forward to see you next article about cards that are not played so often. Luxchomp is so boring :)

  9. Gelo Dionora

    Ok ok! I understand now. :D
    My next article is coming up already. It's all about Energy Tactics :D

  10. Gelo Dionora

    Ok ok! I understand now. :D
    My next article is coming up already. It's all about Energy Tactics :D

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