Top 3 Nationals Decks

In this article I will be disscussing in my opinion the best and safest choices for Nationals 2010. I will give a run down of what techs should be in the deck and what cards you can tech into the decks.

1) The number 1 deck to choose, which to no surprise is LuxChomp.

pokemon-paradijs.comLuxChomp uses a combo of Luxray GL LV.X and Garchomp C LV.X. Luxray GL LV.X has one of the best Poké Powers in our current format. His Poké Power, Bright Look allows you to switch any of your opponent’s benched Pokémon into the Active Spot when you put Luxray GL LV.X ontop of Luxray GL. Luxray GL LV.X’s attack does 60 for 1 Electric Energy and an Energy Gain.

Garchomp C LV.X also has the Power to take out one of your opponent’s benched Pokémon with his attack Dragon Rush for a Double Colorless Energy and an Energy Gain you can do 80 damage to any of your opponent’s Pokémon in play at the cost of discarding 2 Energy attached to Garchomp C LV.X. These abilities allow you to disrupt your opponent’s set up to never let them set up or slow their set up by taking out essential Pokémon for their set up.

pokemon-paradijs.comTechs that should be in the deck:

Bronzong G

Toxicroak G Promo

Crobat G

Lucario GL

Ambipom G

Unown G GE

Possible techs:

Sableye SF

A Mewtwo Counter (Banette PL, Mismagius SF)

Honchkrow G

pokemon-paradijs.comDragonite FB

Dragonite FB

Dragonite FB, in my opinion is an extremely overlooked tech. The SP mirror match is extremely rough and it usually comes down to whoever gets the early advantage, Dragonite FB’s attack, Mach Blow for a Double Colorless Energy and an Energy Gain does 20 damage, but if the defending Pokémon is an Pokémon SP it does 80 Damage instead. Dragonite FB can Knock Out Luxray GL, Garchomp C, Garchomp C LV.X, Ambipom G, Crobat G and many other Pokémon in one hit.

2) LuxPluff

pokemon-paradijs.comLuxPluff is an extremely speedy deck which features Jumpluff and Luxray GL. Jumpluff for 1 Energy can use his attack, Mass Attack, which does 10 damage times the number of Pokémon in play, both yours and your opponent’s. This can do between 20-120 damage for 1 energy. Like LuxChomp, LuxPluff focuses on using Luxray GL LV.X’s Poké Power to bring up your opponent’s key Pokémon and Knock them Out with Jumpluff.

Techs that should be in the deck:

Azelf MT

Mesprit LA

Possible techs:

Regice LA

Chatot MD

3) CurseGar

CurseGar is a slow deck that also slows your opponent down. It features Gengar from Arceus and Spiritomb from Arceus to get a continuous trainer lock on your opponent. Gengar’s attack Shadow Skip allows you to hit your opponent’s active Pokémon for 60 and one of their benched Pokémon for 10 and then switch Gengar with one of your benched Pokémon. You will switch with Spiritomb usually. Spiritomb’s Poké Body blocks off all of both yours and your opponent’s trainers while Spiritomb is the your active Pokémon.

Techs that should be in the deck:

Mewtwo LA & Mewtwo LV.X (Usually a 2-1 line)

1 or 2 Gengar SF

Gengar LV.X

Nidoqueen RR

Possible techs:

Mr. Mime MT

Wobbuffet Promo

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26 replies

  1. Thomas Djerf

    i think two mr. mime would be a better option than nidoqueen, with all the jumpluff and SP decks with low energy cost

  2. Ed Mandy

    Thomas! What's up? I'd think that Tomb would work against most matchups where Mime would be useful. Though, that's not completely true. A single Mime could work well in certain situations. It's definitely a lot easier to tech in than Queen.

  3. Collan Baker

    I think two mimes in a CurseGar list should be definite techs. It makes Gyarados, Jumpluff, and Shuppet all extremely easy to wall….even with the “amazing OMG Luxray Gl. X” they still have a huge uphill battle.

  4. Eric Lari

    Good article. All 3 decks are good choices. I feel like Sablelock was overlooked and has the potential to really be the dark horse at nationals however.

  5. Slowdog

    Fine article although there was an article on pretty much the same decks for battleroads like 4 days ago.
    I am a bit sad that there is no link with wobbuffet promo, since it was the only card in the article that I was not sure on.

  6. ESP

    I think that you should go into more detail about the techs. I liked the article and how you explained each deck's strategy, but I wouldn't know what any of the techs do if I only had this article to go on.

    Good article, but it doesn't really help beginners as much as it could.

  7. Fritzhans98

    yeah nice, i think good article, but im wondering why theres written only about these three decks, in every article, thats not ur mistake, but id like to read sth about other decks

  8. Renfield89

    Sableye/Garchomp and Gyarados will see more play in Masters than ParGar, imo.

    Also, Dragonite FB is HORRIBLE. It eats up a DCE for a OHKO that other Pokemon is the deck already achieve and is itself OHKO'd by Earthquake, preserving the energy for a Dragon Rush the next turn and preventing the Snap Attack KO.

  9. Stephan Deshazo

    I cant believe yu dont think gyrados is in the top 3. It alrtteady beats jumpluff and will bbeat gengar if it does not have mr mime wall ieven thou yu can reversal or bright look it up. the only prob is luxchomp but i am working on that. yu will see me at top cut at nationals with the sick gyrados deck

  10. Tyler Z

    I don't understand why people are fan of the double Mime wall, it is easily broke through with Luxray GL Lv.X in all the decks that it might work against, and honestly Spiritomb works better in all of those matchups because it simply kills their recovery through the trainer lock.

    The “Double mime wall rullz yo” comments on every article are really annoying.

  11. Tyler Z

    Good luck at nats, however I don't think gyarados is the best play i'd put it around #5, if it doesn't start with sableye it is pretty much an autoloss

  12. Karol Nowak

    Nice article! I would agree with you on the fact that Luxchomp, Luxpluff, and Cursegar will see lots of play in nats. Yet, it is surprising you looked upon Dragonite FB as a tech. At least you are one of the few that mentioned it.

    Still, good report! This can help many players know at least what decks will be played.

  13. Rishwyn singh

    in luxchomp at least 1/1 raikou entei must be teched in…it can change a ur slowed down setup by jumpluff into 3/4 koes after u koed like 2/3…thunder fall = kumbaya….

  14. Tyler Z

    How is luxchomp going to search out a 1/1 entei raikou while still being efficient, pokemon communication is meh

  15. Tyler Z

    How is luxchomp going to search out a 1/1 entei raikou while still being efficient, pokemon communication is meh

  16. Garrett Williamson

    I think a good counter for mewtwo when it comes to luxchomp is dialga g lv x

  17. Frank

    I saw lot of Gyarados decks at the (didn't make the cut) final game tables at Nats. The best players dropped their Judges within first couple turns, then you fall behind and that was pretty much it. That is problem with Gyarados (Judge — very popular card).

  18. Psyburner

    True! people will know what decks to play and may think of better ones to beat the current popular ones. And luxchomp is giving gyarados a hard time. all you have to do in order to make sure it doesn't bright look the gyarados is to find a way to shut down it's poke'power with a mesprit la or something. i am, of coarse going to run luchomp at worlds though. it's just too good to not play.

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