Bentonville Arkansas Battle Roads w/ Video

Ok so ever since I have heard about Kingdra Prime I had an insatiable itch to try it with Gengar SF because it just made sense. Through much testing and waiting it was finally released and I immediately started collecting the cards for it. The rest is history…

Ok so, Bentonville Arkansas, never been there until today, never even knew Arkansas had Pokémon players outside of Hot Springs (Team Moon Shadow!). So naturally I wasn’t expecting any meta, and I figured it would be easy pickings (yeah I’m ashamed to admit that), none the less I was excited to see how things would turn out.

As soon as we walk through the door I knew I had severally mis-judged the players and their capacity to build meta decks, everyone with the exceptions of a handful was running amazing decks, most where perfect lists IMO. This was going to be a tough one.

PRE GAME WARM UP: Blaziken FB/ Garchomp C

pokemon-paradijs.comOk so I noticed a kid playing Blaziken and Garchomp and as I watched him write out his decklist I also noticed his list looked very solid so I initially decided he would probably be a tough match up for me seeing as how if I’m forced to attack with Kingdra it would do a total of 20 due to Blaziken being in play but with weakness 40 and if I was fortunate enough to pull the one and only Expert Belt I would hit for a solid 60.

After completing his decklist I proceeded to inquire about a possible pre-game match and he agreed so we both sat down to what would be a pretty decent match. I think he only drew 1 Prize off of me, but it was a while before I could draw all of mine seeing as how he poke turned everything I couldn’t one hit or he would simply Healing Breath all my hard earned damage the very next turn.

ROUND 1: Flygon

First match was to Flygon with a heavy Donphan line it would have been a tough customer had I not donked his terrible Uxie start. I felt awful but I offered some shuffling tips and techniques, seeing as how everything in his hand was stacked something awful.

ROUND 2: Torterra

This guy actually made me nervous, he was running Torterra but far better than I anticipated. My decks worst match ups almost all involve tanking Pokémon, and seeing as how he was healing like 100 damage a turn with a whopping 180 health he was no exception. Fortunately he played massive amounts of Uxie/Claydol and a stray Azelf ensuring I could KO his bench every turn, until he was forced into rushing into a feinting spell which rolled in my favor thus causing a scoop on his part. Very well thought out deck, and overall an amazing player.

ROUND 3: Nidoqueen/Crobat Prime

Kenny actually started playing Pokémon with me, and so he has suffered Gengar’s wrath for far too long, and knows all of my decks, inside and out, and it’s never fun having to play a friend after you drive all that way, but none-the-less we knew we had to do it. Kenny usually tears stuff up with Garchomp (SV) but at 4 o’ clock this morning he decided to switch his deck around to something completely different and run that instead, and I have to say overall he did amazing with it.

I ended up destroying everything before he could set up and won. I felt so terrible because he just couldn’t get set up in time.

ROUND 4: Donphan

Ok this kid ran a Donphan donk, much (if not completely) in the image of that of J-Witz’s build. He was the only other player undefeated at the time, and rightly so, he was rushing you with Donphan’s, with the quickness. I get a mediocre set up and start to set up Kingdra Prime when I realize I can’t seem to get a Gengar going, upon looking through my deck with a luxury ball I find that all of my Gaslty’s except one have been prized, I choose the only one I have and set it on the bench after publicly announcing the rest were prized.

He then precedes to PKMN Reversal my only Gastly and KO it with Donphan. GREAT…so now it’s up to Kingdra Prime to carry its weight, and boy does it, I KO a belted Donphan, draw 2 Prizes, one is Gaslty and then just one shot all four of his Uxies on the bench with Gengar thereafter, so far undefeated, Good Game and we are off to finals!

Ok so somehow the kid that played Donphan and went undefeated until his last round against me ended up getting fourth and Kenny was then promoted to 2nd which meant we would be facing off in the finals. WOW, I couldn’t believe it, if I had to lose to anyone I would much prefer it be Kenny.

FINALS: Kenny Hood – Nidoqueen/Crobat Prime

If you’re interested in finding out what happened in the finals please feel free to watch the following video below because our awesome judge (Michael Kendle, the very same guy whom created and took Gengar SF/Garchomp C to victory at states) recorded the entire finals match for your viewing pleasure.

– Bentonville being an amazing area for pokemon
– Kenny Hood for coming in 2nd
– Andy Strange because Jumpluff is still BOSS
– Team B-Side
– Everyone on 6P for helping me do this!
– All the help and support of friends and family

– The heat index
– Having to donk (truely sorry about that)
– Not remembering the names of all of the great players.

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  1. Kenny Hood

    Unless there's an errata, Expert Belt comes in before weakness and resistance, and Blaziken FB is x2 weak. So 20 for the attack, plus 20 for the belt, x2 for weakness should be 80. Correct me if I be wrong.

  2. Karol Nowak

    Nice report! It is quite interesting to see that you did a nice job with Kingdra/Gengar SF. That deck sounds pretty cool to hear about. Your matches must've been epic two that's for sure.

    Once again, awesome report! Hope to see you at nats!

  3. chrataxe

    Maybe I need a life, lol, but I just watched the whole video…Cool deck man, makes me wish I had worked a little harder to trade for a few more Kingdras! Congrats to both of you.

  4. Adam Capriola

    Congrats man, such a cool deck idea! That's awesome that you were able to pull out the victory.

    See you at Nationals!

  5. Michael Randolph

    Glad you liked my deck idea, and I hope to see you at Nationals as well, allowing i'm able to make it there.

  6. Michael Randolph

    Thanks I appreciate it, and yes Kingdra Prime and Gengar SF make one heck of a team, thats for sure.

  7. Michael Randolph

    Your most likely right Kenny, wish I had known that before hand, then I could have simply “one shotted” everyone of them. I wasnt sure if it came in before weakness or not.

  8. Kenny Hood

    That's why I was asking if there was an errata. It changes the game with quite a few cards, even today. Silly translators and their mistakes.

  9. Dave Hueglin

    Wow Michael, way to come back in game 2 of the finals! Looks like you have put together a great deck combo. What are you calling it?

  10. Drew Stillwell

    I kinda don't like all these videos popping up that are fuzzy, shaky, and really difficult to follow.

    Other than that, cool deck and opponents. Glad to see it wasn't all jumpluff and sableye at your tournament, because that's what my BR metagame was like…

  11. Michael Randolph

    Actualy at the other 2 battle roads we went to it was mostly SP decks like Palkia Lock, Luxchomp and Gengar Garchomp with 1 or 2 Sableye. My friend Andy actually played Jumpluff at every battleroads we went to but other than him I never saw another. I apologize about the videos but I actually thought they would add a bit of excitement to the reports seeing as how most are all in written detail.

  12. Michael Randolph

    Thanks man, Kenny had an amazing start in Game 2, he got to choose who went first and I made the mistake of saying I had an aweful start so he replyed “Well good, then you can go first” lol. I was able to pull out of it but not without much effort. As far as a name goes I usually just stick with King-Gar. Glad you liked it, I have been working on this combo ever since Pokebeach recieved scans of Kingdra Prime, so it has been a work in progress for a long time.

  13. Ryan Graham

    I absolutely hate it when people put damage counters on MY pokemon.

  14. Collan Baker

    And I thought I was the only one playing gengar/kingdra. mines Cursegar though.

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