Bentonville Battle Roads Report!

It’s a nice cool Saturday morning. I had just been up until 4am because for some reason, I decided my Garchomp SV just wasn’t cutting it. So I built a new deck. Slept for an hour, woke up, tweaked it here and there with my friend Michael before settling on a first try. Without playtesting or anything, I took this deck to battle roads. Eek.

Anyway, our other friend finally gets up, and we head out. There was a decent amount of people, 13 Masters, just enough for a whopping Top Cut of… 2. Anyway, on to the report.

1: Cro-Queen vs. Snorlax

I had played this guy for fun when I arrived at the tournament, and it was a decent deck. Rogue, but decent. Sadly, he had terrible luck with 2 Uxies, a Rosie, and a Claydol all prized and couldn’t get set up.

2: Cro-Queen vs. Blazechomp

This guy I was worried about a little bit. My friend beat him, but I’ve never beat an SP deck so yeah, I was a little nervous. I got the prize lead, he caught up and got one ahead by taking out my belted pokemon. He spends most of the game luring flaming my Claydol while I return it to the bench anyway. I catch up and the prize count is me 1, him 2. He luring flames my Claydol, I Warp Energy, promote, and Knock Out his Blaziken.

3: Cro-Queen vs. King-Gar

This was the matchup I’d been worried about all day. My friend Michael had made a beastly deck and now I was up against it. Needless to say, he won. Won’t go into detail because I don’t think he’d want me to talk about his deck, ha.

4: Cro-Queen vs. Gli-champ

We both start decent. He gets a Gliscor set up, but as soon as I take it out with my Crobat Prime, he can’t get anything set up. This game, like the first, was a game I didn’t feel so happy about winning, but I took the win none-the-less.


This completely shocked me. There was a kid who went 3-1, lost his last match, which as far as I know takes priority, but somehow, via resistance or something, I get placed 2nd and get to play against Michael again.

I’d delve into detail, but there’s a video along with a report by my friend Michael, so I’ll leave you with that. And the information that I indeed lost, getting second at battle roads.

– Built my deck at 4am, never tested it, received 2nd place at battle roads.
– Nidoqueen wrecking faces.
Crobat Prime poisoning faces.
– Warp energy.
– Playing Michael in finals.

– Built my deck at 4am, woke up at 5am, drove to Bentonville.
– Playing Michael round 3.
– Playing Michael in Finals.
– About a million mistakes while playing Michael in Finals.

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  1. tim h

    As much as there IS a video, I can't see stuff. Could you please give a synopsis, or key notes or something?

  2. Michael Randolph

    LOL @ Nidoqueen wrecking faces, and Crobat Prime Poisening faces.
    Great job brother and glad we got to play in bentonville it was a great place and the players there were more than talented enough to make the road to finals a difficult one. Excellent article!

  3. Drew Stillwell

    agreed… bad quality both visually and sound-wise makes for an unwatchable video. I would have liked to see how that kinggar deck works (I assume that was gengar/kingdra prime?)

  4. Michael Randolph

    Our apologies for the video quality, we didn't record it.
    The first finals match was pretty straight forward.
    – Kenny starts Spiritomb, with a zubat on the bench, drops Uxie, then azelf. Darkness Graces' into Golbat.
    – I start Gastly, with another Gaslty benched. I rosy for baltoy and horsea, then pitch dark.
    Turn 2:
    – Kenny Bebe's for Crobat Prime, attaches to spritomb, ends turn.
    – I evolve horsea, then Bebe's for claydol, and trick gas.

    Turn 3:
    – Kenny retreats spiritomb into Crobat prime and skill dives seadra.
    – I evolve into kingdra prime, rare candy active gastly into gengar, free retreat into kingdra, cosmic, rare candy benched gastly into gengar

    From here on it's pretty much spray splash, shadow room KO's on my end, and Kenny trying to set up Nidoqueen, and a metagross SV.

    Game 2:
    – Kenny opts for me to go first, then he procedes to nearly donk my lone Uxie start with a nidoqueen.
    – I proceed to recover and then KO his active Nidoqeen with a lone belted gaslty, via a few trick gasses(lol), after that it's pretty much spray splash, shadowroom KO.
    – Kenny attempts to slow me with Judge and I draw an entire Kingdra line, which was amazing.

  5. Karol Nowak

    Nice report! It looks like you had some pretty nice matches, especially when you played against Michael. It is also good to hear that a Crobat Prime did pretty well too here.

    Once again, great read! Hope to see you at nats!

  6. Fritzhans98

    yeah nice to see that there are nice decks with good potential for battleroads but luxchomp, cursegar and jumpluff. and nice report

  7. Michael Randolph

    I agree, It's always nice to see something outside of the usual meta decks make it to finals!

  8. Michael Randolph

    I agree, It's always nice to see something outside of the usual meta decks make it to finals!

  9. Michael Randolph

    LMAO this article still cracks me up so bad lmao. Kenny your a great friend man, thats all I gotta say!!!

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