Kecleon Decklist and Analysis

pokemon-paradijs.comI bet you’re all saying “Kecleon? WHAT?” and I understand that. I bet you haven’t even heard of Kecleon RR, so I’ll say that its body makes it all types. At 70 HP, it’s not that high, but with an Expert Belt, a Snowpoint Temple, and a Shaymin LV.X, it is a tank at 150 HP and can do tons of damage, but only if you can get a Lucario GL benched.

You might take a look at the card and you say it’s too flippy to build a deck around. WRONG. You need to take another look at its Body. You attach Expert Belt, put 3 Special Darks on him (or get a Darkrai LV.X on your bench with either Level Max or Moonlight Stadium.), then bench Lucario GL.

Now you have a little Kecleon doing 120+. I said plus. That means for every heads you flip out of three, you do an extra 40 damage. With a Max Damage of 240, that means it 1-shots almost anything in the game with at least one heads already.

This is my idea for the list:

Pokémon: 26

4 Kecleon RR
3 Sableye SF
1 Sableye SW
1 Lucario GL
2 Drai
1 Darkrai LV.X
1 Sneasel LA
1 Weavile SW (type shift to dark one right) (just in case Dialga G blocks your body)
2 Shaymin Land
1 Shaymin LV.X
2 Baltoy GE
2 Claydol GE
1 Uxie LA
1 Azelf LA
1 Mesprit MT in case Uxie or Azelf is pulled active (optional)
1 Unown G GE
1 Unown Q MD

Trainers: 23

4 Bebe’s Search
4 Roseanne’s Research
2 Pokémon Collector
1 Department Store Girl
4 Expert Belt
4 Level Max
4 Poké Healer +

Energy: 11

4 Special D
7 Basic Dark

So that is my Kecleon idea…if you see any major weaknesses or drawbacks, please comment.

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  1. Karol Nowak

    I think this is a pretty interesting idea. I always knew that Kecleon could be rogue deck thanks to its Poke-body, and now you finally seem to show Kecleon's potential, especially when played with Weavile SW.

    I think this article was a good read. The list seems pretty solid, but I would consider a few things. For one, I would consider maybe 1-2 BTS or Moonlight. This is so you can either get out a Weavile or Claydol faster (BTS) or to easily retreat Kecleon (Moonlight). For the Shaymin, you may want to consider running at least 1 Shaymin UL so that you can move energies around easily whenever you may have damage Kecleon that may get KOed soon. Consider these suggestions and the deck will be probably even better.

    Once again, nice idea and article. It was a great read!

  2. Versilaryan

    My friends've used Kecleon as a tech before, but this is the first time I've seen it used in its own deck. And just personally, I think that there are simply too many “if” scenarios to make it a viable deck competitively. If you have Shaymin Lv.X out, if you have Snowpoint Temple out, if you have it Belted, if you have a load of special darks on it… I'm sure you get the point.

    As far as improvements go, I'd suggest Darkrai MD for its useful Poke-power, and maybe 2 Lucario GL in case one of them gets KO'd or prized. In a deck built around exploiting weaknesses, Lucario GL can be incredibly important in a lot of games. Maybe two or three DCE to help charge up Kecleon? Three energies for an attack is an awful lot.

    I'd also drop the Sableye SW. Its attacks aren't all that great, and it isn't something that a couple Claydols and an Uxie couldn't fix anyways. And for the same reason that JPN-Gallade suggested Shaymin UL, I'd suggest a Lucien's Assignment just in case.

  3. Brandon Bittinger

    It is a good idea I have seen people do things with him before. I think you should play Sunyshore City Gym as well then you don't have a x2 weakness to things like Donphan and Machamp.

  4. espy87

    I hate that I got back into the game with 13 sets out. I try to look through the old sets and discover some ideas, but I miss things like this. This guy has the ability to be great. Although everything is resistant/weak to him. Im sure there is a trainer to get around the resistance, i forget what though.

    I think you have to stop focusing on doing the most damage possible because it probably wont happen. Attaching 3 energies to a 70HP pokemon is highly unlikely, especially with sniping going on everywhere. I think you really need to play test this and find a stronger trainer line and cut out some of the unnessary pokemon (im sure you will be able to find someone who is slowing you down).

    The most important thing that this deck needs are Double Colorless Energies.

  5. sledd

    I think this is a cool idea and has a lot of potential. However, you have A LOT of techs and things in this deck to either give Kecleon more HP or stronger attacks. I think you should take out a few and make the deck more consistant, because I fear that this list will be somewhat consistant at best.

    -4 Poke Healers
    +1 Luxury Ball!
    +2 Great Balls

    This deck has too many uncomman so-so techs, with almost no good techs. Also, get in a Crobat G.

  6. Theo Seeds

    i forgot about sunnyshore. also, 1 or 2 dce are fine, but 3 or 4 is overkill. you need kecleon to be as much of a tank as possible. Maybe special metals would work, too

  7. Chad Hill

    dialga g blocks all bodys, idk why'd you have it in there

  8. Cdog

    Cherrim sf might also be helpful to add damage & he has a no energy attack that heals

  9. Daniel Facciabene

    A friend of mine tried a Kekleon deck. It was surprisingly powerful, if you don't know how to play against it Kekleon can easily win, so It's a good surprise choise for a tournament.

    I dont know the full decklist but he used:
    4 DCE
    4 Metal sp
    4 Dark sp
    Sunnyshore City Gym
    Chatot G to search for the Belt, as it is necessary.

  10. Fritzhans98

    good idea. but there are many enemies like dialga g lv x and mewto lvx, and its very difficult to get all the cards for playing a nice kecleon. i dont know, but its interesting what secrets are in the pokemon card game and i havent thought kecleon would have such a potential. nice article

  11. espy87

    you need the 4 DCE. I couldnt imagine you attacking my blastgatr deck, let alone luxchomp/luxpluff deck ONCE with all of this set up going on while taking 3 turns to attack.

    what your saying may sound good on paper but you seem like you want 2 lv x pokemon out and you dont even have warp point/switch.

    the bottom line is that a deck for kacleon may seem like a fun idea but its not consistant enough to work. i think kecleon works best as a tech.

  12. Turok785

    the funny thing is i was looking at this card for a possible deck just the other day

  13. Altaria334

    Much too slow, your attack cost 3 energy and you don't run DCE, I've played against this deck with Jumpluff and won easily due to a major speed advantage, hitting for weakness didn't do much, especially with all those tails flips on Triple Smash.

  14. Adam Capriola

    Very cool concept, list needs some work though.

    Forget Weavile, not worth it for just one matchup.

    DCE seems like a must at 4 copies, it will give you a much better chance to attack quicker. Maybe play Warp Point or Switch instead of the Level Max's…dunno about that though.

    Department Store Girl seems redundant when you already have 4 Expert Belt. You'll more than likely draw into them.

    Also what's with the Sableye SW? Is that supposed to be SF?

  15. billy fischer

    i think you forgot about snowpoint temple on your list

  16. billy fischer

    i think you forgot about snowpoint temple in your list.

  17. chrataxe

    He doesn't have a Dialga G. He has a Weavile that's Poke Power allows it to make Kecleon dark for 1 turn, which allows Kecleon to take advantage of the special dark energy and all the Dark supoort (ie, moonlight) in the deck against Dialga.

  18. chrataxe

    I think that is a very cool idea that is well thought out, but, as previously mention, has way too many ifs. Your attacker, 2 Lv X's, draw support, Lucario AND Azelf, Mesprit and Weavile? How big is your bench?

  19. Slowdog

    Very interesting idea. Probably needs a lot of fine tuning to work in practice.

  20. Fritzhans98

    hey guys, i looked at my old cards and found bronzong sf.
    does someone play it??i think 1-1 could be good in every deck and 2-2 in blastoise-feraligatr
    i dont know if sb has seen it before but i didnt.there is no deck on sixprizes with it…

  21. M¤gc!

    I think you really should play only 1-3 Expert belts and Sunnyshore City Gym or EVERYONE (that has resistance :D) will have a resistance to you. I'm playing this deck right now(AND I didn't see the lsit before i got the idea :) ) My list is=
    3 Kecleon,
    1 Shaymin UL, 1 Shaymin PL (Dmg Aid(s)), 1 Shaymin lv.X
    1 Ditto (for Jumpluff and Gengars Shadow Room)
    1 Lucario GL
    2-2 Claydoll
    2-1 Uxie (and Lv.X)
    1 Azelf LA
    1 Unown Q
    2 Bebe
    3 Roseanne
    3 Collector
    4 Drawer +
    3 Communication
    4 SSU
    1 Night Maintenance
    2 Expert Bellt
    1 Warp point
    3 Sunnyshore City Gym
    (I'm gonna change this to 2 SS CIty gym 2 Snowpoint by taking one card out no idea which one :D)
    4 DCE
    4 S.Dark
    1 Warp energy
    1 Rainbow energy
    1 Dark
    1 psy
    1 Grass
    1 Water
    1 Electric
    Theres some spare space for your own experiments :)

  22. JDarok SRMXP

    I played this…
    It have to be a lot more turbo. This is my list:
    3 Kecleon
    2 Crobat
    4 Uxie
    2 Lucario SP
    1 Shaymin UL

    4 Collector
    4 Poke Drawer
    4 Poke Blower
    4 Poke Dex
    4 Expert Belt
    4 Plus Power
    4 Poke Turn
    2 SS City
    2 Snowpoint
    4 Poke Turn

    4 DCE
    4 Metal Sp
    4 Dark Sp
    when deck out change deck strategy to uxie donk.

  23. Xargod

    i think this deck needs another thank….
    y use only kecleon i ask you may suggest us another one ^_^

    have fun XD

  24. andrew harriott

    i just tested the kecleon and it is beast once set up. if you look closely, its almost reverse from the sableye lock deck

  25. Ritchie Eun

    Hi, i hv tried up your deck, its a great deck n its very colourfull and fun to use. unlike other killer deck i saw, this deck need perfect combo to maximise the damage. But, i found alot off weakness in this deck… but don worry, i have make some inprovement in it.

    1) i takes some times to set up kecleon.
    2) too many useless card in the deck.
    3) expert belt cause your opponent 2 gain 2 prizes when kecleon was knockout.

    ok… here is the new improved deck list from the 1st one

    2 darkrai GE -to draw extra darkness enery in 1st few turn
    2 darkrai lvX GE -i put 2 juz in case 1 of it was in the prize
    2 lucario GL -same reason
    2 shaymin lvX PL -same reason
    2 shaymin UL -to transfer kecleon energy to new kecleon in case it goin to die
    2 furret SW -replace claydol. scince u need perfect combo n its hard to set up, u just cant take the risk
    2 sentret to draw unwanted card. good way to draw poke health for future use
    2 sneasel
    2 weavile SW -u need it to charge up kecleon as fast as posible
    3 kecleon RR -i put 3 coz if u still cant win after using 4 kecleon, then your are noob.
    (coz u aready hv lots of supporter card to find it)

    2 celio's network -replace bebe's search since u dont have pokemon-ex in your deck
    1 luxury ball -u still can use other suppoter card
    1 pokemon collector -1 is enough
    4 roseanne's research

    3 expert belt
    1 department store girl
    2 snowpoint temple
    1 moonlight stadium/switch

    2 professor oak's visit
    1 professor oak's new theory

    4 mr. briney's compassion -tis is the most important card in this deck. use it when kecleon's hp are low to
    prevent it from being knockout. lower the chances of your opponent to draw 2
    4 poke healer+

    7 darkness energy
    4 darkness energy (special)
    2 double colouress energy -use it to make kecleon able to atack faster when i energency

    pls gv feedback if there are still weakness in this new deck…^^

  26. andrew harriott

    Think of it as a yin yang. most players know the capabilities of the sableye lock deck. it to has a bunch of variables to t1 your opponent. it also has the ability to disrupt your opponent through various trainers. kecleon has the same capability by turn 2.
    Sableye is quicker to attack and requires less of a set up the kecleon. Kecleon 2 turns to get going. Here's my deck list for kecleon. I call it Distorted Rainbow: the trick i discovered about kecleon is that it is crucial to drop an energy card on it asap. as you build momentum, it becomes very disruptive. once you anticipate your opponents next move, the deck wont be countered in time.
    I practiced this deck with the stage 2 machamp deck. it is a difficult battle because of the fact it can t1 your magic colored lizard. however, the best thing to do against it would be a lookers or judge. i lost 2 twice and won three times. diagla g is a little bit easier because you can still attack. the hardest battle is mewtwo.
    It all comes down to disruption. If you want further detail about this deck please let me know. i have 4 other deck list for kecleon and i will be taking kecleon for nationals. i will be more than happy to help players who are interested in playing this deck. just reply. and thanks adam for asking me about the reverse.

    4 Kecleon
    2 baltoy
    3 claydol
    3 crobat g
    2 garchomp c
    2 garchomp c lv x
    1 shaymin from ul
    1 shaymin lv x from pl but sky form
    1 ditto
    2 lucario gl

    3 expert belt
    4 poke turn
    2 energy gain
    2 cyrus conspiracy
    3 roseanne
    3 bebe
    1 interviewer's questions
    3 judge
    1 lookers
    1 pokemon collector
    1 snowpoint temple
    1 miasma valley
    1 sunyshore gym

    4 dce
    4 special darkness
    2 special metal
    1 grass
    2 rainbow

  27. emma

    i kand a like this deck only why dont you play in some dc energy just to overspeed your opponent in the beginning??

    btw this isn't really a tip its more like an question that can help me getting some insight in your way of playing so ill be ready for players like you at thw worlds

  28. Adam Capriola

    It probably should use 4 Double Colorless, most people here are suggesting
    it to the writer of the article.

  29. Derrick Li


  30. Noyb

    according to you kecleon hits 120+ if the opponent have any weakness but you've forgotten to count the resistance so that means you hit 100+ most of times( not that it matters really a lot you still need only 1 head to hit 140 and thats enough most of times(i mean who the hell is playing wailord or salamance) ow and espy87 there is an trainer and it removes the weakness from kecleon too :) kecleon is lightning too so sunshire city gym is perfect in this deck

  31. Erik Gunnarsson

    I like the idea but i don´t think it is so great, look here darkrai LV.X, Weavile, Claydol, Roseanne´s, Mesprit MT, Unown G and sableye SW is gonna get rotated and Machamp will make a OHKO on your entire list Donphan OHKO´s you as long as you just miss one of the HP stuff (Expert Belt, Shaymin or Snowpoint temple wich isn´t in you,re list). also if you dont get all of that out in 1 turn Luxray GL Garchomp C Blaziken FB AND Jumpluff can OHKO you with a Crobat drop. And if you get KO´d with 3 special dark on kecleon you can only attach 1 more during the entire game making you lose 60 of the total damage you do and Dialga G can shut you down and OHKO youwith Expert Betl or Crobat G! Also cursegar can simply just attack with Shadow Skip twice and switch to Spiritomb to KO you it´s a nice idea but to easly to beat besides the Toxicroak G Promo can Hit 80 plus poison plus lucario GL which can also use crobat drops and expert belt (if you are unlucky) to OHKO you! also its going to take a long time to get the energy out so you will probably get KOP´d before you can attack even benched because of Garchomp. it takes 3+ turns to get set up and the you will with a little luck stay for 1 attack and then die. Its not bad just in this metagame and because SP isn´t gonna get rotated before keckleon you can´t play it when Garchomp C Blaziken FB or Luxray GL will be out. Im not too good on making lists but im great at seeing bad combos in this current metagame.


  32. Erik Gunnarsson

    Alot of the cards is or is going to get rotated sorry

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