Electivire Deck Analysis

pokemon-paradijs.comHi Pokémon Friends,

Luke here. I’m a junior division kid, so some of what I say might not make sense to seniors and masters.

Recently, I’ve been playing an Electivire deck and obviously the main attacker, is Electivire. Let’s take a look at the card: It has 100 HP; has resistance to metal, which is good against Dialga G. The downside is it has a hefty Retreat Cost of 3, plus 30 for fighting and with Donphan Prime running around, that wouldn’t be good.


The strategy of the deck is to do around 50 to 100 damage each turn with Electivire. Discharge says discard all L Energies attached to Electivire. Flip a coin for each Lighting Energy you discarded, this attack does 50 damage times the number of heads. If you play 2 Lightning and 1 F Energy to Electivire, you have a chance at 100 damage. However, when you discard, you can’t attach 2 energies per turn, or so you think. Electivire’s Poké Power says you can take 1 L Energy from the discard pile and attach it to Electivire.

pokemon-paradijs.comThe second energy comes in with Pikachu’s Electro Recycle Poké Power, which reads: “Once during your turn, before you attack, if Pichu is anywhere under Pikachu, you may search your discard pile for 1 L Energy card, show it to your opponent and put it into your hand.” So now, you have enough energy to attack again, as long as you have the fighting energy on.

Other than attacking, the most popular things that your opponent will do on their turn is play a Supporter Card and play an Energy Card.

Now there’s a little bit of a “lock” part to this deck. First, level up Electivire, and Electivire’s LV.X Poké Body reads “As long as Electivire is your active Pokémon, whenever your opponent attaches an Energy Card to one of their Pokémon, put 2 damage counters on that Pokémon.” So that takes care of the Energy Cards.

Then Ampharos’ Poké Body Jamming says “After your opponent plays a Supporter Card from his or her hand, put one damage counter on each of their Pokémon.” And then, that takes care of the Supporters. (This would be a good card for Gengar decks with LV.X’s).

pokemon-paradijs.comElectrode Secret Wonders is good when you need an extra Energy Card that you don’t have. Use his attack Ion Blast, to do 100 damage and then Knock himself Out. Then you may use Energy Shift, which reads “Once during your turn, if Electrode would be Knocked Out by damage from an attack, you may use this power. Electrode isn’t discarded; instead, attach it as an energy card to one of your Pokémon. While attached, this card is a special energy card and provides every type of energy, but only one at a time. Has no effect other than providing energy.”

Finally, using the Donphan Secret Wonders, you can Bash In for 130 damage, as long as the Defending Pokémon has a Pokémon Tool Card attached to it. Which is good, because everybody’s using Expert Belts.

Until Claydol is out of the format, use it as your draw engine.

Finally use Sunyshore City Gym which is a Stadium Card that reads “Any damage done by attacks from lightning Pokémon (both your’s and your opponent’s to the Defending Pokémon isn’t affected by Resistance. Each Lightning Pokémon in play (both your’s and your opponent’s) has no Weakness.

Finally, I present to you, the decklist of the “No Name Deck”:

1× Electivire LV.X MT
3× Electivire SW
3× Electabuzz SW
Ampharos SW
1× Ampharos PL
1× Flaaffy SW
1× Flaaffy PL
Mareep PL
1× Mareep SW
1× Raichu MT
3× Pikachu MT
3× Pichu (any set)
Electrode SW
Voltorb SW
1× Raikou SW
1× Donphan SW
1× Phanpy SW
1× Dugtrio SW
1× Diglett PL
Claydol GE
Baltoy GE
1× Stantler SW
Dunsparce HSU

Sunyshore City Gym

Volkner’s Philosophy
Team Galactic’s Wager
Roseanne’s Research
Professor Oak’s Visit

Luxury Ball
Dusk Ball
1× Poké Radar
Pokémon Circulator
Life Herb


Note: Feel free to change things to your own liking.

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  1. Jerry Ehlers

    Nice to see a young one tossing around some ideas on here. Like the concept, but I'll let some of these better players give you the ideas to switch around. Only thing I have for you is… 32 Pokemon is too many to have in a 60 card deck. Look on this site for how these guys and gals build theirs. You should switch some of them out for MORE TRAINERS/SUPPORTERS/STADIUMS. With all these Pokes, you are more likely to have a hand full of of them, and NO WAY to get you the Evolution/Energy you need — WHEN you need it. And it will cost you games in the long run. Plus it will make your deck work faster and be more competitive. Trust me, put them in, and you'll see it.

    C'mon people — help the kid out.

  2. Miguel Vicêncio

    I played an identical deck in the 2008 Portugal nationals when I was senior and as you can figure out, strategies were very different at that time. There weren't many sets that are available today and I simply didn't know how to play well at that time.
    I went to the nationals with a deck out of format :( where a cool guy there lend me one of their decks.
    It was based on:
    – 3-2-1 Electivire LV.X
    – 3-3-2 Raichu MT (now you can add a LV.X to take multiple prizes)
    – 2-2 Electrode SW
    – And my favorite 2-2 Manectric MT which for 3 Lightning energies can deal 70 damage and usually give 20 damage to many benched pokemon
    – Rotom GE? (That I think it saved me in many situations. I can't remember well.)
    Then I had lots of supporters like 4 roseanne’s, 3 bebe's, rival, and other ones to accelerate my game (you should think of adding more supporters because that way you don't rely so much on luck maybe)
    I didn't had fighting energies so I usually attacked Discharge-Pulse Barrier with 3 energies to discard turn yes turn no but now you could add energy pickup to Discharge turn after turn.
    Well, I reached the top4 with a deck that I had never seen before that date and I felt so happy that I wanted to go to many more tournaments (that one was my first).
    Now you have to think about the new format and you should think how harmful can be a single mesprit when played at the right time.
    Thanks for your analysis, there were some pretty ideas there and sorry if there are any mistakes.

  3. Miguel Vicêncio

    Yes, Ehlerz5 is right!
    Try to add bebes, collectors, scoops, palmer, warp point… there are many better options than for example dusk ball, wager, plus power with dunsparce(good but i wouldn't put it in this deck because it's eating room for others in my opinion), stantler…
    and 2-3 stadiums would be better because if you don't have electivire lv.x your opponent will not think twice in trash your stadium.

  4. David Burnett

    So many Lightning Pokemon and no Donphan counter?! Only 1 Roseanne's and no Bebe's and so many cards you need? What if Electivire Lv.x is prized, how will you get it? But it is a very creative deck and has a good strategy. This deck IMO wouldn't stand a chance against DialgaChomp because DialgaChomp would outspeed it and set-up first, KO, snipe all of your important Pokemon, promote Dialga G, Poketurn Garchomp, attach energy gain and an energy to Dialga G, drop Garchomp C to the bench, and remove lost to KO your pokemon and remove energy while shutting off all of your Poke Bodys, and when ever Dialga is hurt, I'd warp point, promote Garchomp, level up, healing breath to heal Dialga, retreat, promote Dialga, and start attacking again.

  5. Martin Garcia

    well, the deck is nice, and its good to see young ones get their own, new and fresh ideas. However, there are some mistakes in the list, so i will try to give you some advice:
    take out the entire donphan and dugtrio lines, the dunsparce and the stantler, also the life herb, the pokemon circulator, and the poke radar, also the team galactics wager, and at least 4 fight energyes, this will give you 16 spots for important cards.
    I recommend 2 more rosseanes, 3 bebes, and at least 2 pokemon communicators. Also, another 1-1 claydol line, and at least 2 uxies LA. If you are playing this electric deck, the sunishores are important, so add 2, that way you will be able to get one when you need it, and also add 1 palmers contribution, or 1 nigtly maintenance tor ecover knocked out electivires. The idea to add araichu lv x is a matter of opinion, but you can add it if you want. Finally, the always present expert belt will give your attacks a good boost.

  6. Collan Baker

    The kid doesn't want to hear how you would beat his deck, he's a junior, congrats on theoretically beating him with your DialgaChomp or LadyGaGa or whatever Sp fan boys are calling it this week.

  7. Adam Capriola

    Thanks to everyone for being so receptive of this article, it's very well written, especially for a junior!

    Luke, I would focus your deck's strategy a little more. Only focus on 2 main Pokemon and play a lot more trainers and supporters. It will help make your deck more consistent.

    I think you should just focus on Electivire and Pikachu, that seems to be your main strategy. Try to model your deck list after some of the ones seen here on the site with stuff like 2/2 Claydol GE, 2 Uxie LA, 4 Roseanne's Research, 3-4 Bebe's Search, etc…

    Good luck!

  8. tim h

    I don't think Donphan Prime fits into this deck very well. On the other hand, I think Luxray G LV. X would.

  9. tim h

    32 pokemon is also too much.

    I suggest focusing on Electivire, and maybe adding in Raichu HG/SS and Raichu Lv. X, which synergizes with Pikachu's body.

  10. sledd

    I think this idea has potential to do well. However, I think this list needs to be totally ripped apart and redone.

  11. bolt 997

    wait just a minute…, 1 rosseane?, no lux no bebe? oh and theres too much pokemon

  12. Dave Hueglin

    I like the name “No Name Deck”. Does that come from the “No Name” brand products that are sold in yellow and black packaging?

  13. Tony Smith

    Great job on the article. Looks like you've gotten a lot of good feedback on ways to improve the deck build. I have always like Electrivire and really wish he could have done better in the current format. I really like the level X too and the motor drive poke-power on Electrivire. I used to play this some with Magnezone LV X which, combined with motor drive, could really let you pile on the energies quickly.

    One of the things that really hurt this deck though was the relatively weak attacks. Discharge is too unpredictable, and Pulse Barrier has an awesome effect but 50 damage for 2 energies is mediocre at best.

    Let's hope that some of the new releases have some great new Electrivires!

  14. Luke

    I understand what your saying but I built this deck a long time ago and I started playing it again. The thing is all my good T/S/S are in my other decks and I don't have many good cards in general so cut me a little slack.


  15. Fritzhans98

    ohoh there are many pokemon you dont need, and i dont think ull get the right cards with that trainers, itll be very slow…but anywhay, good job man, i think

  16. Fritzhans98

    yes adam you are good in making the younger ones better, respect and to everybody:
    thanks for beeing that kind to that nice boy i love to see that.

  17. Karol Nowak

    I definitely agree with you Adam. This article is very well written for a junior, and the deck itself needs to focus a little more on its strategy, literally meaning that mainly one should focus on the Electivire and the Pikachu, and there should be some Roseanne's and Bebe's in here too.

    Once again, you brought up a really good point Adam. This article was certainly a great read.

  18. David Rowell

    I have to added with sledd; I think it really could work, but you need to add more speed to it.

    Also, keep in mind the MD-On format in August.

  19. Jonah Davids

    Hi Luke, awesome deck! I'm a junior too and think your deck rocks! However, Why not replace your fighting types with water? You currently have 4 fighting type Pokemon. (excluding Claydol/Baltoy) I would replace those fighting types and Raikou for 2 Eevee RR, 2 Glaceon and 1 Glaceon “LV.X”. These two Have great synergy as they both cover the others weakness. Glaceon is good against Donphan and Electivire is good on Dialga G.
    Glaceon “LV.X” also adds to the lock by locking your opponents Poke-Powers.

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  21. ThtzWutHappenz

    not up to snuff on tourny legal cards as far as which is the newest print, super connectivity magnezone+electro recycle+ motor drive= discharge every turn. dont know if that a legal move.

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