Blazechomp: The SP’s Black Sheep

Luxchomp, Luxpluff, and Blazeray, all these SP variants all focus on doing the same: fast and consistent damage for a low energy cost. But there is a deck that can also do that, yet it has not seen so much play up to now, and that would be Blazechomp.

I like fire decks, so I decided I would give this a try, and since now we have the metagame for the next season, I decided to run it on MD-on, so first I will go with the list:

POKEMON: 202 Blaziken FB
2 Blaziken FB LV.X
2 Garchomp C
2 Garchomp C LV.X
1 Luxray GL
1 Luxray GL LV.X
2 Uxie
1 Uxie LV.X
1 Ambipom G
2 Crobat G
3 Weavile G
1 Honchkrow G
TRAINERS: 292 Warp Point
4 G-105 Poké Turn
4 G-103 Power Spray
3 G-109 SP Radar
4 G-101 Energy Gain
4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
2 Bebe’s Search
2 Aaron’s Collection
1 Pokémon Collector
1 Luxury Ball
2 Champion’s Room
ENERGY: 114 Double Colorless
1 L
6 R

I’m sure you are wondering why there are no Azelf or Call Energy. Well, the Call Energy is replaced by Weavile G, and the reason is simply because the main idea is to start with him, use its attack “Call for Family”, and get 3 Pokémon SP on turn 1, that way you can easily Power Spray any Uxie trying to “Set Up” on your opponent’s side, and that’s also the reason why there are 4 Spray in the deck, something you cannot do using Call Energy. I realized the Azelf it’s not really necessary, since I use a 2-2 line of the two main attackers, and a 1-1 line of Luxray GL as a secondary attacker and back-up, and as a tech against Kingdra and Gyarados.

pokemon-paradijs.comThis deck works much like the Luxchomp, with the difference that it trades some disruptive power for attack power, as Blaziken FB needs two turns to bring something up and then kill it, using “luring Flame” and then “Jet Shoot” or “Vapor Kick”, opposing the 1 turn kill Luxray can get combining “Bright Look” and “Flash Impact”. However, Blaziken can deal an equally speedy but higher damage with “Jet Shoot”, which deals 80/120 damage, opposing Luxray’s 60 damage “Flash Impact”.

I also prefer Blaziken over Luxray as a main attacker, mainly because the latter one has no chance at all against the increasing Donphan decks (well played, of course) in the metagame, since Luxray and Garchomp can hardly damage the elephant at all.

Garchomp has the same function here than in Luxchomp, sniping with DCE + Gain and healing your SP. The reason I choose a 2-2 line is to get an easier and more consistent healing with a double Garchomp LV.X and Poké Turns, since not many things it the metagame can actually 1HKO the level upped attackers without weakness advantage, and also to be safe in case one of them is prized, since as I already said, I don’t run Azelf.

pokemon-paradijs.comThe Uxie LV.X is the (I believe) main draw power for the next season, and I really hate how Uxie just takes up space on the bench once you drop him, being an easy target for Garchomp and Luxray.

And also, he saved me in quite a lot of tight situations, earning himself a rightfully place in the deck.
I think everyone knows what Ambipom G is for, and those who doesn’t, I will tell them he’s a Garchomp C counter that can 1HKO the dragon once he has “Dragon Rushed”; as for Honchkrow G, its function is to get the Champion’s Room stadium, and a team Galactic Trainer.

Finally, the only card I think can grab someone’s attention is Champion’s Room, whose objective is mainly to give Blaziken a free retreat to let either Garchomp or Luxray do what they do best, sniping or disruption prizes, in addition to giving Ambipom and Honchkrow free retreat too.

pokemon-paradijs.comThe main strategy in this deck is a little different from Luxchomp, since here you focus on dealing high damage to the active, or luring something with a high Retreat Cost to snipe something on the bench before the opponent can switch or retreat, according to the circumstances.

Also, I have found myself playing Blaziken as a main attacker almost all the time, and using Garchomp for cheap prices, disruption or healing mostly. The drawback of “Jet Shoot” is not even that important, since if you use it correctly, you can Knock Out your opponents important Pokémon, and in most cases he won’t be able to knock you back due to Blaziken’s high speed, which will probably catch him in the middle of setting up an attacker.

This can even include Luxchomp, who needs at least 1 turn to level up, since almost all Pokémon SP have 80 HP. However, this match up is more dependent on each player’s ability and luck, rather than a real difference in the two deck’s prowess.

I will now discuss a few match ups:

Turbo Kingdra: 70/30 In Blazechomp’s favor.

If you manage to avoid the T1 donk, this match shouldn’t be all that hard. Play a Blaziken on the bench to drop Kingdra Prime’s attack power, and go all out with Luxray and Garchomp, aiming mainly for the opponent’s Claydol, to stop his draw power, since Kingdra (as many other donk decks such as Donphan) has many horrible hands, that will delay him enough for you get the match.

DialgaChomp: 70/30 in Blazechomp’s favor.

This one is not as hard as it seems. Sure, the trainer lock really hurts, but Dialga is way too slow to stand in a fight with Blaziken. Its really easy to 1HKO him, while they will need at least a few metals and a Crobat G to “Second Strike” or “Remove Lost” and Knock Out Blaziken. Just be careful when to “Jet Shoot”, when to “Lure Flame”, and when to snipe with Garchomp, and we all will be drinking to celebrate before you know it.

Luxchomp: 50/50

This match is really an interesting and enjoyable one to play or see, especially if both players are skilled. The two decks are fast, disrupting your set up and dealing a lot of damage at the same time. As I said before, this one comes down to luck and skill. Whoever gets his LV.X first will take the lead, and most likely, the match.

Gyarados: 30/70 In Gyarados’ favor.

Oh well, the time has come to talk about this one. You will need every once of skill and luck you have to get through this one victorious. Even if you play at your best, you still may end up losing, so don’t worry, and enjoy the match.

The key here will be the Luxray tech and a good use of Garchomp’s healing abilities. Don’t even think about playing Blaziken in this one, as he will only be Gyarados’ meal. If possible, try to lock something with high Retreat Cost, as Claydol or Regice, and snipe with Garchomp (you can even try Blaziken’s “Luring Flame” to lock Claydol in the Active Spot and cancel his “Cosmic Power” however that’s risky.)

Luxpluff: 60/40 in Blaziken’s favor.

Another tough match that will require all your skill. Don’t get fooled, even with type advantage, Jumpluff wont fall so easily. Try to avoid using “Jet Shoot” unnecessarily, or the revenge Jumpluff will eat you alive, snipe the Claydol first thing to slow Luxpluff down, as they are not fully SP, the loss of the draw power will really affect them. This match will most likely be an exchange of knock outs, but with Aaron’s Collection, you will have a faster recovery time than the opponent, giving you the edge you need to out speed him. Remember to keep your bench as short as possible, to avoid giving Jumpluff more fire power, believe me, he doesn’t need the help.

Well, that’s it, I hope you liked the article, and I’m listening to any advice, suggestions or the like that may help improve the deck.

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  1. Kyle Morris

    Let's see…
    -3 Weavile G
    -2 Champions Room
    -3 Fire
    -1 Aaron's Collection
    +2 Roseanne's Research
    +1 Night Maintenance/ VS Seeker
    +1 Dark
    +4 Call Energy
    +1 Luxray GL

  2. Kyle Morris

    If you start any SP pokemon attach call and search you deck for two more sp and than you can spray away.

  3. Karol Nowak

    Finally, a deck analysis about BlazeChomp. I have to admit that this is one pretty well-written article. Great job writing it!

    It it surprising to see that you run Weavile G. Weavile G, in my opinion, is a unique card because it can be a good starter in SP decks and it can hit for a good amount of damage as well. So far, the only problem I see with the list is the lack of Roseanne's and another recovery card, primarily Night Maintenance. Roseanne's helps grab energy, while Night Maintenance acts as an additional recovery card. Consider these suggestions and the deck will be even better.

    Once again, this article was great read! Nice article that's for sure.

  4. Chad Hill

    seems like it might be inconsistent because of the lack of draw power when you need it

  5. Kyle Morris

    Sorry I'm in Nats mode, so I assume he's making it for that.

  6. Drew Stillwell

    It does seem silly that you made your deck MD-on but wrote your matchups in a DP-on format.

  7. David Rowell

    Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. I don't see why you say that you can't run 3 Spray with 4 Call. I like Xicious's fixes, as I'm not a fan of Weavile or Champion's room, but I believe he was trying to go for a MD-On, so no Roseanne's.

  8. chrataxe

    He specifically said it was MD on. Also, I think there is a slight advantage with call, but it's not huge. It all assumes you start with a call, as does Weavile. The only difference is, Weavile is searchable. But, that is the ONLY purpose he serves, where call can be used as any colorless energy requirement for any pokemon, thus the reason it is better. Having said that, I think it is preference, Weavile does have a decent attack whose energy requirements can be met easy with Cyrus, DCE, and Energy Gain.

  9. chrataxe

    Hey man, thanks for writing an article on this deck, I've been wanting to see one for a while now and most of the ones that are out seem to be more of a BLG, with the emphasis on the LG. Even not knowing the deck, I would still make some changes to it.

    That is way too much fire energy. I would rather see 2 fire and 4 call. If you run Weavile and Honchkrow, I highly recommend AT LEAST 1 Dark Energy, special or basic, though I would probably run 2. Due to the low draw power, I would recommend bumping SP Radar to 4. 4 Power sprays are nice, but overkill. I ran 2 at BR and started with a spray in 2 out of 4 matches and had one in hand every time I need one in every match. Spray 1early set up and 1 late heal, that will seal the deal using any speed deck. No more than 3. Also, I would bump Bebe to 4 and drop 2 Weavile and maybe a crobat and look at adding a Promocroak and a skuntank. I think weavile is great if you need 1 more basic, but I never put more than 2 in a deck. If you are looking for a great starter, Honchkrow is amazing. The only down side to call energy is that you can't grab a spray with it. The only downside to Honchkrow is you can't grab the pokemon along with the spray…directly. You can get an SP radar and a Spray, ensuring you can spray next turn, which is a better chance of happening than calling for 2 and hoping to have a spray. You can also grab a Stadium to set up Skuntank or a Poketurn to set up Crobat G, which makes Honchkrows snipe really nice

  10. Martin Garcia

    I have tested both weavile and call, and I even checked probabilities to get a T1 spray, thats why i decided to go with weavile, since the number of SP pokemon including him increases, making the call less necesary, as it would only cover an unprobable uxie start, of corse you can attach it to garchomp, luxray or blaziken, but the only one who really needs a colorless is garchomp, so im not all that convinced.
    Also, call seems like a dead draw later in game. Then again, both seem pretty decent, so i guess its a matter of preference.

  11. Martin Garcia

    yeah im sorry about that, but i only talked about the match ups i already experienced with this deck, and all of them were dp-on, so thats the reason

  12. Martin Garcia

    yeah, i have been told about the dark energy a lot, i may consider adding one or two.
    Also, i will test the honchkrow start with calls, since it seems like an interesting possibility.
    Thxs for the comments

  13. sledd

    First of all, change your Fire Energy down to 2-3. Second, add in a basic dark energy. also, you need something to counter Mewtwo Lv.x and 2 unown G. In addition, you should add in Lucario GL for the Gyarados and Kingdra matchups. Perhaps take out an Aarons. Also, Donphan has plenty of good hands, so don't think that. The idea about 4 Power Spray, I like though, but get rid of 1 Weavile to get in another Honchkrow. Since you have Garchomp, you need to add in 2 Night Maintanances. I like how you did the matchups, but I think a that if you only have a 30/70 matchup against Gyarados, you need to do something about it. Gyarados is very popular deck. Also, I think if a Donphan deck gets out a T2 donphan, this deck is in trouble since nothing here can OHKO Donphan.

  14. sledd

    Also, you only have 8 supporters. If you want to outspeed ur opponent, you should get rid of an aarons and find a way to get in at least 2 Roseanne's. Also, I think that the Fire should stay at 4.

  15. jordan baker

    one of my brothers plays this deck, i actually kind of like it better than LuxChomp and its a lot cheaper to build. good article. I like seeing the matchups included.

  16. Adam Capriola

    I was going to suggest adding VS Seeker or maybe Sableye SF, but with Roseanne's being gone it doesn't seem like either would really work. I just think some extra way to keep Cyrus going is good.

    I think I'd play it without Champion's Room, if you keep it a Skuntank G might be good though.

    Maybe take Champion's Room and Honchkrow out for an Expert Belt, Department Store Girl, and something else…

    At any rate, nice article!

  17. Perry Going

    post shift many people will be playing either sp or decks with later sets so most cards being played would be x2 anyways

  18. Martin Garcia

    well, i agree about the energies, i have limited the fires to only 4, and the deck still works just fine, so i added a lucario gl to improve the match ups against kingdra, gyarados, machamp and flygon.
    But i dont think i really need a mewtwo counter, not many pleople play it, and its not THAT easy to level him up against a fast deck such as this one, and even if i had to play against one, i can always focus on knocking other things.
    Sure, if one is played T2 im pretty much screwed, but i dont want to waste 3 slots in the deck to avoid such and improbable situation.

  19. MikeL

    I would drop a blaziken lv. x for another luxray basic to help out the gyarados matchup infinatly.

  20. Noyb

    really an cool deck but i think blaziken FB is great in a lot of ways i really love cobinating him with the normal blaziken with the burn-power. this is my favorite decklist:

    3x torchic
    1x combusken
    3x blaziken
    2x blaziken FB
    1x blaziken FB lv. X
    2x luxray gl
    2x luxray gl lv. X
    1x baltoy
    1x claydol
    1x azelf

    17 pokemon

    3x dc energy
    3x fire energy
    3x lightning energy
    1x psychic energy

    10 energy

    3x roseanne's research
    3x bebe's search
    1x luxury ball
    3x sp radar
    4x poké turn
    3x energy gain
    3x cyrus's conspiracy
    3x rare candy
    2x pokemon rescue
    1x aaron's
    1x palmer's
    2x dsg
    1x bubble coat
    1x expert belt
    2x bench shiel

  21. Noyb

    ow oops if forgot to add the candy's :(
    -1 dsg
    -1 fire energy
    -1 lightning energy
    -1 psychic energy

    +3 rare candy
    +1 rainbow energy

  22. Martin Garcia

    i already tought about adding a blaziken to burn actives with its poke-power, but it REALLY slows down the deck a lot, and its not woth it.

  23. Trackboy29

    He could tech in a mr. mime, that would cover pluff and 'dos

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  31. thomas clip

    I think 3-1 Blaziken is best because of the disruption caused!

  32. thomas clip

    I think 3-1 Blaziken is best because of the disruption caused!

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