2nd Place Milford, MA Battle Road and deck article!!

I’m going to tell you about a Kingdra Prime and a Gengar SF deck, and also my report on a tournament I went to last weekend using that very deck.



3 Horsea LA
2 Seadra UL
2 Kingdra Prime
1 Duskull SW
1 Dusclop DP
1 Dusknoir SF (Shadow Command)
4 Gastly SF
2 Haunter SF
1 Haunter DP (free retreat)
3 Gengar SF
1 Jirachi UL
1 Kecleon RR (Kingdra Prime counter)
2 Uxie LA
2 Claydol GE
2 Baltoy GE
1 Unown G GE


2 Bebe’s Search
3 Roseanne’s Research
1 Pokémon Collector
1 Palmer’s Contribution
1 Judge (for Shuppet)
2 Expert Belt
4 Rare Candy
2 Warp Point
1 Night Maintenance
3 Broken Time-Space


6 P
5 W

Kingdra Prime:

Kingdra allows you to put 10 damage on one of your opponent’s Pokémon. This helps Gengar by using Spray Splash on your opponent’s Uxie, then you can Shadow Room it for the 1HKO. If you have 2 Kingdras in play, you double Spray Splash a Claydol and Shadow Room it for the Knock Out (unless Claydol has Unown G on it of course). You can also double Spray Splash important 50 HP basics and then kill them!

Seadra UL:
This Seadra helps because Muddy Water does 20 to active and 10 to one of the bench. This helps because if you can’t get out the Kingdra then do 10 to a benched Uxie, you can attack with Seadra, then next turn Shadow Room it for the Knock Out.

Horsea LA:
The only reason you play this is to prevent donks by using Smoke Screen.

Dusknoir SF:
You use it for shadow commanded, which lets you draw 2 cards then put 20 damage on Dusknoir, then after you draw the 2 cards, discard cards from your hand until you have 6 cards in your hand (only if you have 7 or more cards in your hand). I use Dusknoir also for getting one of my last prizes with Damage Even.

Gengar SF:
The Shadow Roomer!

Haunter DP:
I use this for free retreat. I would have used 3 if I owned 2 more.

Jirachi UL:
Say there is 130 damage on an Expert Belted Donphan Prime, then you use Time Hollow to get 2 Prize cards. I think nobody else thought of that idea when this card came out.

Kecleon RR:
Like I mentioned in the list, it’s a Kingdra Prime counter.

Uxie LA and Claydol GE:
Draw Power! :)

Judge UL:
To disrupt hands.

Quick evolution!


Keep getting easy Prizes!


The day before the tournament we went to a Rhode Island tournament, in which I played Shuppet and Blaziken, and I came in 4th place, but when I played in another tournament with it, I came in 2nd. That’s because there were only 2 good players at the other one I went to. So after the tournament, that day I was thinking…how about Kingdra Prime and Gengar SF?

I started making it and only tested the deck twice. I woke up and ate breakfast, then I called my friend. When we picked him up we started to head toward TJ Collectibles. When we got there my friend and I filled out our reservation slips; we wrote down our decklists the day before.

I go see my Pokémon friends named Griffin H. and Henry C. I found out that Griffin is using the same deck as me and Henry was playing Kecleon. Me and Henry try to play rouge decks for the Battle Roads, but one Battle Road Henry won with Wormadam and Luxray…LOL! When round 1 parings get posted I go and take a seat. I hear there’s 4 rounds with a top 2 cut.

ROUND 1 V.S. Evan S. with Arcanine and Typhlosion

I got a Horsea and Baltoy start, and in my hand, candy, Kingdra Prime Water energy. I go second, Candy, Kingdra, Water energy, Spray Spalsh the Growlithe and Dragon Steam for 40, 10 away from killing him for the donk. He goes, Set Up (with Uxie), evolve Growlithe, attach Fire energy, and Fire Fang for 70 (with a Belt). I can’t remember the rest, but I WON!


So I’m like cool, I’m facing Henry.

We both get set up pretty quickly. He gets some knock outs, then I come back when he KOs Gengar Fainting Spell and I roll…heads! From then on I killed one of his Claydols then kept killing Uxies. GG Henry.


ROUND 3 V.S. Aaron C. (aka 8th place junior at Worlds 2009) with Kingdra Prime

When I see I’m faced up with him I think in my head…OMG. I’m so going to lose.

It was a really intense game so I can’t remember anything, besides how I got my last 2 Prize cards. This is how:

I had 100 damage on my Dusknoir SF, I used Damage Even to kill a Claydol. Next turn he double Spray Splash’s my Kingdra Prime with an Expert Belt which already had 120 damage on it, so now it had 10 damage left from me losing, since he had 2 Prizes left. He could easily Spray Splash Kingdra for the win.

He kills Dusknoir SF, and I bring out my Gengar SF. Next turn I Spray Splash Uxie, then I Shadow Room it for the game.


ROUND 4 V.S. Griffin H. with Kingdra Prime and Gengar SF

We are the only ones 3-0 and we are using the same decks.

I can’t remember this game, but I remember I won. During that round one of the staffs gave us buttons that she made, Griffin got Infernape and I got Electivire. I’m using mine as a Lost Zone Marker.


So I know I’m in Top Cut because I’m 4-0. I check in with my friend he was 2-2 because he faced Griffin AND Aaron. I feel bad for him, he faced really hard people.

TOP CUT V.S. Griffin H. with Kingdra Gengar SF

That’s cool, we are both in top cut using the same deck.

Game 1:
So we both keep being pretty even on Prize cards but in the end Griffin won.


Game 2:
Pretty much like the first game, but I get a slow start. At the end there was 1 Prize card left for both of us. His Kingdra has 130 damage on it and 20 HP left (because of Belt). Next turn I can Shadow Room it for the game, but Griffin topdecks a Seadra, evolves Horsea into Seadra then evolved Seadra into Kingdra Prime (via BTS), used double Spray Splash on my Baltoy and Shadow Roomed it for the game.


So I ended up losing another Battle Roads, I never come in first always 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Next season it’s going to be really, really, really hard since I’m going to Seniors. Seniors is where Aylam R. is! National Champion 2009. :(


1st Griffin H. with Kingdra Gengar SF
2nd Gregory M. (me) with KIngdra Gengar SF
3rd Aaron C. with Kingdra Prime/Kingdra LA
4th Henry C. with Kecleon

Pulling a legend and a Prime from my winning packs
Griffin for Coming in 1st!
2nd PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Henry for coming in 4th!
Playing DS with Henry and Noah aka (4th place at Worlds 2008)

My friend not getting a prize :(
Not being able to face my friend

Hope to see you guys at Nationals!

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  1. Drew Stillwell

    Nice report, congrats on 2nd! Good to know we've got another 6p member up in the northeast. I go to the X-9 league pretty regularly in Amherst, MA and the Milford store is my primary tournament location I play at, so hopefully we can play sometime!

    -Drew S.

  2. Karol Nowak

    Congrats on second place! Your matches were surely epic and well played. Oh yeah, and the deck looks pretty interesting too.

    Great report! Hope to see you at nats!

  3. Zachary Bayne

    Round 3 your opponent could have Sea Sprayed twice Dusknoir for the KO and then attacked Kingdra for the win.

  4. Gregory Minklei

    No he couldn't have because if he killed dusknoir with 2 spray splashes then I would still win because I would bring up Gengar and still would spray splash uxie and shadow roomed it for the game.

  5. blazintatter

    The way it looks, it looks like everyone played Kingdra. I play T-tar but can this deck beat T-tar, Donphan, Cursegar, Luxchomp, Dialigachomp, and etc. Its a good list but you need to watch for these decks at Nats and try to come up with techs to counter these decks. Good list though

  6. Flyogndrb

    Acculaly,, I had thought of the Jirachi idea long before reading this article, infact, it was at a Pre-release. Great article, I never would have thought of Kingdra/Gengar SF.

  7. Michael Randolph

    Well Kingdra Prime/Gengar SF has been around for a little while (I started building it with proxies when Kingdra Prime scans were leaked) and it does surprisingly well against most of the decks mentioned, although this list is not even close to how it's supposed to be. King-Gar runs so much better without all of the techs to clutter it up, also T/S/S lines and Energy #'s are off.

  8. Collan Baker

    Wow, nothing like discrediting someones deck in their own report.

    Not everyone runs the same list.

  9. Guest

    King-Gar runs so much better without all of the techs to clutter it up, also T/S/S lines and Energy #'s are off – what does it mean?

  10. Michael Randolph

    Discredit (dis-ˈkre-dət): to cause disbelief in the accuracy or authority of

    I simply responded to the other comments, as well as notified those reading to a few facts about the list. I'm well aware that not everyone's list is the same.

  11. download full movies

    You wouldn’t consider it but I’ve wasted all day digging for some content about this. You might be a lifesaver, it was an very good read and has helped me out to no end. Cheers!

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