How To Beat Mewtwo LV.X!

Hello 6p! I have noticed recently that there are many decks now that play Mewtwo LV.X and I have noticed many Luxchomp (and other SP players) players are having problems dealing with it. There are many counters for Mewtwo LV.X believe it or not but most end up ruining your consistency so much you are screwed after that.

Mismagius (Stormfront)

pokemon-paradijs.comThis is the most common counter I see. Mismagius is so popular because for no energy you can discard up to 4 in any combination of Pokémon Tool and Technical Machine cards attached to each player Pokémon and it does 40 for each tool you discard. You already play Energy Gains and usually an Expert Belt depending on the build so you can get rid of 3 tools easy enough to do 60 damage.

Mismagius is a Psychic type so you only need to do 60 damage to one hit the Mewtwo LV.X as long as it still has weakness. Just remember if you choose this counter there is a great chance that you will ruin your consistence by discarding all those tools.

Medicham (Supreme Victors)

pokemon-paradijs.comThis is one I saw recently played at a Battle Roads. Medicham has an attack called “Chakra Punch” witch for one P Energy and two C Energy does 10 damage plus 10 more for each card in your opponent hand. This is a god choice because it really isn’t hard to fit in and doesn’t ruin your consistency one bit. The energy requirement really that bad when you think about it you can play a Psychic the turn before then drop a Double Colorless Energy or use Bronzong G’s “Galactic Switch” power to move a Double Colorless Energy or anther energy to it.

Another reason it fits in great is because most Luxchomp (and other Sp builds) already run a Psychic energy for Toxicroak G. Medicham is also a Psychic type so as long as Mewtwo still has a weakness your opponent only needs to have 5 cards in there hand witch isn’t a problem most likely. This is a good choice over Mismagius because it won’t ruin your consistency.

Mismagius / Porygon Z G Combo

pokemon-paradijs.comThis is a combo I have tested a bit and seems to work the best. Basically you just use Mismagius and take the cheep shot on Mewtwo by discarding Tools or Technical Machines, then after you discard the tools you just lay down Porygon Z G and use it’s “Dowsing Code” Poké-Power. It’s Poké-Power lets you pull 2-of those tools you discarded back and then you can lay them back down so you don’t ruin your consistency as much. Porygon Z G fits in great because it is a Pokémon Sp as well so it can easy be Poké Turned and used for other purposes too.

I hope that all the Luxchomp players out there can find a counter that they haven’t seen before and at least test it. I realize that Mewtwo isn’t a problem in every region either. Also a tip to all you Luxchomp players if you even suspect a Mewtwo in your area RUN A COUNTER! I don’t care what you say I have seen so many Luxchomp players that have said I can Knock Out Mewtow before it Levels Up this is true but not always possible.

I have see so many cases were the Mewtwo comes out turn one and then Levels up turn two. If that happens you have an auto-loss. I know there are plenty more counters out there but these are the main one I have seen and the ones that I have see be most effective.

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  1. Karol Nowak

    This was an incredibly awesome article! Very nice job writing it bittyboy52!

    I really you think you brought up some good points for Mewtwo counters. Mismagius is certainly the best Mewtwo counter out there right now. I never knew Medicham makes a good counter too, but it looks like it really can stand up for Mewtwo. The Mismagius and Porygon-Z G combo also sounds pretty cool, especially based on how it brings back discarded tools from Mismagius's attack.

    Well, you certainly did bring up some very good points for Mewtwo counters. I really did enjoy reading article! Definitely, this has to be one of the best articles on Six Prizes to date.

  2. Einar Bogsnes Hegge

    Nice article, although I'd give a mention to the other possible mewtwo counters that you can use.

    Banette PL and DGX are both viable and good mewtwo counters.

    Also, even your own mewtwo could work.

    Shedinja SV with a crobat could be cool too, although mewtwo could probably heal through, but it is an option (not in luxchomp) in decks that already runs 'dinja as a wall just in case or something. (Like I did in the LunaRock I played at nats, in case I couldnt get out banette for some reason).

  3. Michael Randolph

    Nice article bitty, I think it's “Chakra Points”, instead of Chakra Punhc but other than that excellent read!

  4. pokefan1234

    Wow, that Porygon/Mismagius combo is amazing, I never even thought of that :)

  5. Thomas Djerf

    why wouldn't you use medichams first attack? it does 60 for 2. Also, i prefer dialga g lv x as it is resistant to mewtwo

  6. Drew Stillwell

    Don't forget Xatu HS! It does more damage for each energy attached to the active, which you would use when mewtwo actually has energy attached, of course.

    Nice article, but I feel like you're missing half of the viable mewtwo counters out there in our format. Banette's been mentioned, which also has shuppet to play around with, and Dialga G lvX. Your own mewtwo can be a decent stop against other SP decks AND other mewtwo.

  7. Adam Capriola

    Nice job Brandon!

    I actually don't think SP NEEDS to play a Mewtwo counter…not that many people play Mewtwo in the first place, and if they do, you still have a chance to beat them.

    I'd rather use those spots for cards that will help more than just 1 matchup.

  8. Brandon Bittinger

    I have tried Dialga G it is an option but I was trying to list other options.

  9. Brandon Bittinger

    I see were you are going with that but I think better safe than sorry. Didn't Josh get 2nd at Battle Roads because he lost to a Mewtwo X?

  10. Brandon Bittinger

    Thanks a bunch! I enjoy writing articles in my spare time.

  11. Brandon Bittinger

    Like I said above, it is an option but I tried to list other options that people may not have thought of.

  12. Brandon Bittinger

    Woops! lol! Oh well I will have to read a little better next time!

  13. Brandon Bittinger

    Woops! lol! Oh well I will have to read a little better next time!

  14. Brandon Bittinger

    I know Porygon-Z G is a really over looked card and a lot of people don't find him very useful but I think he can be. He would be good for other time to if you loose Luxrays quickly and can't recover Egains.

  15. Tony

    that's what I noticed too. You would definitely use Medicham for the 1st attack, not the 2nd attack.

  16. Adam Capriola

    Yeah Josh lost to a Mewtwo at States…twice.

    If he used those spots for a Mewtwo counter he may have done worse in swiss however, who knows.

  17. Brandon Bittinger

    Yeah you never know but I look at it as better safe that sorry. I do find the Dialga tech useful because it double s as a Cursegar counter in a way.

    I also know he lost to Kyle at regionals! lol!

  18. Psyburner

    Thats true jpn-gallade. He did bring up some good pointers! i've read one of your articles and i liked it a lot. it helped me. I also found out a good counter to honchkrow sp and crobat sp if anyone wants to know it, keep reading this!
    Rotom sf is a good counter tohonchkrow and crobat because for just two energy, you poltergeist and anyone who is playing honchkrow and crobat is probabably playing sp, which means a lot of supporteres, trainers, etc. this also works for mirrored sp if you play the same sp deck! its type shift is also handy!

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