Local Tournament: Poor man’s deck

So, yesterday (Saturday) I was taken to League at Six Feet Under Games by my Pop-Pop (Thanks :). After a long uneventful drive, we arrived. I played one round with my Flygon deck during League play (it took 1 hour and 20 minutes), then prepared for the tournament.

At Six Feet Under, they host LV.X Tournaments once a month, this month the prize was a Palkia LV.X. Also, they have a theme for the tournament, and the theme for this month was Poor Man’s Deck. You could use only commons and uncommons.

That’s right, no Uxie, Claydol, Dodrio, Ninetales, none of that. So, I decided to play Mightyena Donk, for all of the cards are common and uncommon. The idea of Mightyena Donk is to get out a BTS, a Mightyena, and a Skuntank G turn one, or if you go first to start with Honchkrow G so that you can grab a Stadium. I will not be posting a list here, but maybe eventually I will post an article about it.

Now to the report:

Round one…

pokemon-paradijs.comI played against a deck with lots of random water type cards. I start with the perfect hand: 2× Mightyena, BTS, Skuntank G, 2× Poochyena, and one Honchkrow G. We flip our starters over, me with Poochyena, Poochyena, and Skuntank G, and Her with a lone Miltank. I go second. Unfortunately for her, she attaches an energy and passes.

I draw, play BTS, evolve both Poochyenas, poison structure, and use Desperate Attack for 80 damage. Then Miltank is KO’d in between turns via poison. Donked. We play again for fun and I get the same start (almost) and get a turn one kill, but she has 3 basics. Good game.

Round two…

Next I played against a deck that was based around Houndoom. Houndoom can do 100 damage for 2 fires, so I was scared. I start with a Sableye to his 2 Houndours. I Impersonate for a Collector, and get 2× Poochyenas, and a Skuntank G. He goes, Bebe’s for a Houndoom, attaches a fire to Houndour and passes (or maybe attacks, not sure which). I draw, play Moonlight Stadium, retreat Sableye and put up Poochyena. I use Bebe’s to get a Mightyena and evolve, then Poison Structure and KO the Houndour.

After that he evolves Houndour #2, attaches an energy, drops a Crobat G, and 1HKOs my Mightyena. Now I am scared! After that we go back and forth 1HKOing each other until he runs out of Houndooms. Then he plays smartly and switches between Crobat Gs with Poké Turns and SSUs.

Once he finds a Houndoom we are down to 1-1 in prizes, with about 30 seconds left on the clock. He drops a Houndour, attaches an energy and passes. I draw, and use Desperate Attack to do 50 damage to a Crobat. Now he attaches an energy to Houndour, evolves, switches into Houndoom, and 1HKOs me for the win. Good game! That put up a good fight!

Round three…

pokemon-paradijs.comThe last round, I am 1-1 and got paired down. Anyway, he is playing Octillery. My start is perfect, and I get a T1 kill. He just has a Sableye left. On his turn he drops a Remoraid, evolves using my BTS, retreats, and does 200 damage to my active Mightyena. WOW! I didn’t see that coming!

I get another Mightyena out the same turn, and 1HKO his Octillery. Then he grabs no basics, and I 1HKO his Sableye. Good game Sebastian! (only name I can remember)

So…somehow even though I got paired down, I finished second place, received an UL Booster and pulled 2 Candies, one of which was holo. I also received some cool Pokémon Figures, a Lugia, a Piplup, and a Teddiursa.

Good attitude of the People that I beat
Drawing 2× Candies
2nd Place
To the person with Houndoom for getting 1st
Having a great tournament, and an awesome organizer!

Only 9 people
Getting owned by a deck I knew I could beat

Thanks for reading!

PS You’re all invited to the July LV.X tournament on July 11 at Six feet under games! Follow the link in the About the Author section to see get directions!

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  1. Adam Capriola

    Doh, my bad on that man. When I upgraded the website software there was an error with the post titles, I think I've got it fixed now though.

    Nice going in the tourny, it seems like you made a good deck choice.

  2. Ed Mandy

    That sounds like a fun format. Thanks for writing it up!

  3. Christian

    Hi Cam. I am too am a regular at Six Feet Under. I can't think seem to place a face with your name. Go to league this week (Thursday or Saturday) so we can play each other.

    -Christian (Simon's father)

  4. Adam Capriola

    Yo Christian! How did Simon end up doing? I left before his top 4 match
    took place.

  5. Christian

    Hi Cam. I am too am a regular at Six Feet Under. I can't think seem to place a face with your name. Go to league this week (Thursday or Saturday) so we can play each other.

    My bad on all the typos. It has been a long day… :)

    -Christian (Simon's father)

  6. Alex Pike

    Nice deck choice.
    I've been playing MightyTank at regular league nights recently with great success due to a surge in Gengar decks (+30 or x2 weakness).
    Even if Fainting spell takes out your Mightyena with BTS its unbelievably simple to just plop another one down onto your bench and switch it in, still making it a viable deck choice for tournaments.

    Definetely a fun deck to play around with, and a throughly interesting tournament format.

    Was a great read :)

  7. espy87

    i was gonna go to this. i live in lanc. i went to the league last saturday, and i probably will next week too(im in florida for this weekend). i was gonna play LA Houndoom, it won me a Battle Road back in 2008. i like your mightenya idea too. I didn't even know the card existed, but thats what i get for taking 2 years off.

    i need to get a fun deck to play. i go in there playing sablelock and i think everyone hated playing me. haha

  8. Cam Graybill

    I'm Cam Graybill, Poly550, hmmm, I'll be there on saturday… How'd Simon do? We were all rooting for him at league on saturday! kinda overweight, long brown hair, 6' tall…. thats me :) I use Flygon right now…


  9. Cam Graybill

    Dude, come this Saturday, at 10:00 we have league… I'll be there and so will a ton of other nice people….


  10. Christian

    He lost to a TTar Prime deck and ended in 4th place. He took game one but then lost the next 2. The kid was coached on how to beat Gdos (which is what Simon was playing). He would Judge Simon and then knock out his Gdos. It would be a turn or two before Simon could recover. He is real happy though. He won a boat load of cool prizes and an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii for Worlds!!

  11. Christian

    I know who you are now. I never knew your name but I see you there all the time. Sorry! We should be there this Saturday. Simon could use some help play-testing for Worlds. Maybe you could give him some pointers.

  12. Cam Graybill

    I'll be there, what does he need to test against? I can proxy/throw together decks.


    PS right now I have Flyqueen together, and a few donk decks… reply to this msg to tell me what he needs to test against :)

  13. espy87

    i went last weekend and it was pretty fun but like i said, im in florida right now, but i will be back for the league on the next saturday.

  14. espy87

    I think i'm gonna go to the league thursday night at 6. anyone else going?

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