Underground Updates – Including Writers List

What’s up all my favorite people?

Thank you for all the input you gave me on my first post about SixPrizes Underground. You guys gave me a lot of things to think about, so I wanted to give an update as to where I am in the planning of the project. Included in this update is the tentative writers list, but I’ll get to that later.

A Point of Most Importance

Master Entei brought up a great point about how shipping something internationally can take a long time. The content contained within the newsletters is going to be time sensitive in a lot of cases, so this is an issue.

Plan A

psichi.orgI am still considering going to go with my original plan to do a mailed newsletter for people in the States as shipping time for you guys will only be 1-3 days, which is no big deal.

What I will do for my international friends is convert the newsletter into PDF form and just e-mail it to you guys. That’s the simplest solution I could come up with.

Plan B

I was ready to eschew this idea, but at the moment I am giving it some heavy thought.

Instead of having a newsletter, we would instead make the articles available as protected posts on the site. There would be two options for accessing them:

1. Subscribe to have access to all articles (monthly fee)

2. Access each article individually (one-time fees)

I think I can get software that will allow you either option, so that is kind of nice. The subscription would give you better value, but if you wanted to access articles only sporadically, then you could do that too.

The issue with this option is that the articles will be much less protected from republishing and unauthorized access.

One advantage to this scheme however is that if you submit an article that gets published to the site, I could give you a credit or access to an article of your choice as a thank you for your submission.

Who will be writing?

The following players have expressed some interest in writing:

  • Chris Fulop (Runner-up Worlds 04, US National Champion 2008)
  • Jason Chen (Brain surgeon)
  • J-Wittz (J-Wittz, Regional Champion 2010)
  • Mikey Fouchet
  • John Kettler (Admin of HeyTrainer.org, Regional Champion 2010)
  • Drew Holton (Runner-up US Nationals 2008)
  • Stephen Silvestro (World Champion 2009)
  • Jason Klaczynski (World Champion 2006, 2008)

They are obviously not under contract or anything and aren’t obligated to write, but I am hoping they will keep their word. :)

If there are any other players you want to see write but aren’t listed, it probably means I haven’t been able to get in contact with them. You could try contacting them yourself and encourage them to join the staff; peer pressure always seems to work.

I am trying to limit this to the more household players to begin with, so I apologize if you want to write and I am not able to use you at the moment. After this gets going, then I may be able to accept premium articles from anyone.

Those are all the updates I’ve got for you now. Let me know what you think…the feedback really me helps a lot.

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  1. Chris Barrieau

    Well, like I stated yesterday, paying is an issue for some people…. And honestly, I wouldn't particularly -like- to pay for articles that basically, are deck ideas and card/metagame reviews and stuff…. I'm not trying to say your idea is bad or anything or try to be rude or whatever. Honestly. :S I'm just saying that paying is an issue for me, and that how many people are willing to pay for this might be something to take into consideration.

    If however, there was a monthly -magazine-, or something, that was good quality, nice looking, had many articles, etc etc… Then I would consider paying for it. But I've never been a fan of paying to have access to more features on a website.

  2. David Burnett

    Wow, lots of really good players on that list of possible Authors! I hope it works out, and i'll be one of the first people to buy the articles! Another thing is maybe to keep people from Copying and pasting would be to put a copy-write on it, but I don't know how easy that would be.

  3. Carver Warning

    So i have been into pokemon for ahwile about a year or so and i would like to add some thoughts.

    i agree with what skyaoisora says, that it would be hard to commit to paying for a subscription. basically with the same reasons.

    i mean if you want to find a post on some deck idea you could google it and get at least some ideas from poke gym posts, serebii, or tcg player etc… usually these posts are not the best, but they can lead to ideas about who to pair with who and some general stategy tips. these can usually push a good pokemon player into making the right decisions. for me, that is probably the funnest part.

    however, i do see the merit in having access to better articles written by players who have done really well at large tournaments and consistently play. their inputs could be really interesting, however, if it wasnt outstandingly different from forums, i dont think i would be interested.

    here is something to think about. j-wittz has a usually weekly , ;), web cast. if he were to somehow charge for it and make the price reasonable and more frequent, then i would consider paying for it. i think i would on the basis of his reports have been really good and very consistent and been being post for a long time.

    i think what i am saying is that i would need to see more from sixprizes before i would begin to commit. if you are able to get these writers to write one Free newsletter as a trial run and send that to those interested, i could truely give a decision to whether or not i would pay for premium sooner. otherwise, it will take better articles written for the general public for a long time to convince me.

    the other thing would be for sixprizes to set itself away from anything else on the web. like what skyaoisora said, if was like a magazine, that was monthly, nice looking, chalk full articles, then i think i would be more willing to pay for it.

    the other idea i had was to make people who pay for a subscription to the premium articles also to have access to exclusive online tournaments where there could prizes. i think more perks like this would sweeten the deal as well.

    i do feel i little tug at my pokemon heart though about this whole thing. sixprizes is probably the best pokemon site out there. the quality of the site in general is really inviting. i dont spend a lot of time on sixprizes, but i will say it is the first thing i check every morning :). i hope this works well for who is involved.

  4. Chris Barrieau

    Totally agree. If sixprizes could literally show what kind of stuff they do, as you said, in a trial basis kinda thing, even for all of a month or something like that, and then request payment, I would be a lot more lenient to pay for it. but I really, really like the idea of the magazines. I would pay some good money for good quality magazines filled with deck, card, metagame, and tournament reviews, articles, explanations, and opinions. I really would! =] And if there was a card list at the end, of the latest set or something, whenever a new set comes out, that would be even a huge bonus and would make me even more wanting to pay for it. =]

  5. Martin Garcia

    I get both your points guys, but you do understand that a montly magazine will probably be more expensive than a newsletter, right?
    Other than that, i like the list of writters, and in all honesty, i also like the TCG magazine idea, so thumbs up for both.
    Also Adam, I think i can ask Diego Cassiraga if he´s interested in writting, so tell me if you would like me to.

  6. Drew Stillwell

    Still skeptical, but I like the list so far and I'm willing to give it a shot.

    A magazine with good production value would be so sick, but I know how much effort that would take, especially if you'd be working on it yourself.

    I'm really trying to find a Smogon of the TCG world, and between 6p and heytrainer we're coming close. I can see a site that has current, up to date articles on the majority of cards worth looking at and how to play them, with decklists included, but given the secrecy of decklists and the higher level of luck in the TCG separates itself from comparison to the video game.

  7. Alex Pike

    Hahaha that is something I must admit to as well.

    Just after lunch, flick on the laptop and have a read of the new article :D

  8. Chris Barrieau

    Yea, I'm very aware that a magazine would cost a lot more than a simple newsletter. However, I would much prefer pay for a magazine than a newsletter. I would also pay much more for a magazine. =] So yes, I'm aware of that. ^^

  9. Guy Bennett

    That list of writers is top notch. I'm new to six prizes, but I would love to pay for a monthly news letter featuring that caliber of writer. Keep the brainstorm rolling!

  10. bolt 997

    i really want to pay for a monthly newsletter, but the thing is… i live in indonesia….

  11. Karol Nowak

    Hmm, this will sound pretty interesting that's for sure. Those are some good players that will be writing, and that I like. I'd probably try a monthly newsletter. I'd also would try out the monthly fee for plan B.

    Well, Six Prizes Underground is going to be pretty interesting for sure. I definitely can't wait to see it, because I think this part of the website will help a lot.

  12. Chris Barrieau

    That's all great, really. =] I definitely don't doubt Adam in any way. I also never meant anything bad towards Adam either… ^_^” I was just saying that I'm not used to paying for stuff over the Internet, and therefore are still a little hesitant with it, and I'm sure I'm not alone out there. That's all I meant to express by that, really… My apologies if it sounded otherwise. =]

  13. Carver Warning

    i realize now how hard a magazine would be to do shipping, printing, etc…

    i realize that for adam, it might be too difficult to do a full on magazine. and i would be up for online content.

    the magazine would just be darn cool :)

    more than the magazine though is the quality of the articles. i feel like if i had an assurance of quality i would be willing, even with great players writing.

  14. Takettsi Johnabaki

    SkyAoiSora, the thing about paid content in Pokemon is that it is MUCH better than about anything you'd get otherwise. Everyone – Adam included – has a tangible motivation to help a portion of the Pokemon TCG community become better and more informed.

    My point is this: _something_ has to give. And what subscribers have to give is dwarfed by just about every other expense related to the Pokemon TCG.

    (As a side note, I doubt he'll do anything to diminish the free content on 6P. If anything, he'd probably feel obliged to show “previews” of 6P Underground content as a way to lure people in.)

  15. Matthew Tidman

    Months ago I commented that it would be easy to steal the content if it was posted online, but the more I've thought about it, the more I've realized that's really a non-issue. I mean, it's only slightly less likely for someone to get the printed newsletter and then type it onto their computer to post online. If people want to steal, they will and as long as a fence is being put up you don't have to hide things in Ft. Knox.

    Of the two plans, I like Plan B the best. I completely agree with Kenny that print medium, while still alive, isn't necessarily the best option with this kind of content. Also, side note, I really wish TPCI did have an official Twitter… so addicted.

    To add to Plan B a bit, you mentioned once upon a time that you'd love to be able to reimburse the writers for Six Prizes in some way. Would it be possible to do a credit system so that any time a writer's article was posted on the public side of the site they were given a credit that would allow access to a story. It's not cold, hard cash, but it does reward players for writing good articles. Just a random idea I had.

  16. Brandon Bittinger

    I agree with you no matter what you do people are going to find a way around it. I still think that Plan B is the best idea because you save money, time, and it is just plain easier. There are a lot of ways around some of your concerns to, like copy and paste, witch is going to be the bulk of your problems. I am not positive but I think there are ways to disable printing as well then your main problems are going to be people who take the time to reproduce the articles (typing, rewriting, ect.) and anybody who trys to hack into the system.

  17. Brandon Bittinger

    Also if they do find a way to copy and paste it to another forums or some place couldn't you just ask a mod or admit to remove it?

  18. JWittz

    Lol I love how my credibility is simply that I AM J-Wittz : P. I guess winning a regional only counts if you're in Texas ;)

  19. Kenny Wisdom

    Plan B is the best, in my opinion.

    – Firstly, I think there's no reason to spend time and money producing something physically anymore. I remember last year when there was a TPCI twitter account and I was like “Oh, wow, that's awesome, they're extending into social media.”, and then on the same day that it turned out to be fake, they released a magazine. That just seemed like such irony to me. I work in shipping books, zines, pamphlets, etc. so I know the industry isn't dead, I just don't see how there's much of a point to spend more money and time doing it this way.

    – I know that copying the articles is a concern, but if there's anything that Napster, torrents, etc. have taught us it's that people are going to steal. If you send a newsletter people will copy the list by hand, or scan it, fax it, etc. If you do a website people will copy/paste (although you can prevent that), or take screenshots, etc. There's no way this information is going to be completely protected.

    – I'm not a big name, but you know I'm willing to write for you anytime you want, man.

    – I also think the “pay a monthly fee/pay one time.” idea is FANTASTIC, and definitely helps the above distro model. Such a great idea, Adam. This would help people be able to afford any content they wanted (as they could wait for a specific piece, etc.), but also give them the option to have it all.

    – There are a few more ideas I'd like to talk to you about privately if you have the time, but I think there's a lot that could be done with this format. The first of which is to give out, maybe once every 2 months, an Underground article for free, just to give people a taste of what their missing.

  20. Thanos Prokopidis

    Just a question, will these writers be “committed” to write only for that newsletter? Because the whole idea will be kind of pointless if, say, Fulop posts his article on the Gym or Kettler posts it on HeyTrainer.

  21. Joshua Pikka

    You did get 2 of the 3 biggest players on the scene right now to write, so thats good. I still wanna see Pooka in there though.

    My advice to you Adam is slow down and take your time on this. It would be nice to have a pretty fancy magazine-ish news letter. It would cool for people to send in their pictures of Pokemon and have articles from a bunch of people, along with the articles from the pros.

    Thats something I would subscribe too, but that is a lot of trouble for you to go through.

  22. chrataxe

    In all fairness, Texas winning Regionals in Texas counts as winning 2.

  23. chrataxe

    Is there an echo in here? Does it keep resonating “Magazine?!”

    Adam, I think you know my stance on the magazine.

  24. Adam Capriola

    The real need to protect the content is so that someone couldn't post log-in credentials on another forum, allowing dozens of people free access.

    I could see that type of thing realistically happening.

    E-mailing a PDF and mailing a physical newsletter probably have about the same chance of being shared. That would take at least some effort for someone to either scan the newsletter, host the file somewhere, or forward the e-mail, EACH time. With the log-in thing someone could get access forever.

    I actually found some really killer PDF protection software that can limit the number of computers the file is opened on. That would prevent the file from just being posted on some forum and downloaded by everyone.

    Step ahead of you on your last point…that's something I've definitely been considering. If your article makes it public, then you get a credit to see an Underground article. Should make me pickier about submissions and improve the submission quality altogether.

    P.S. I think I need glasses…I'm using my Macbook Pro 13″ for the first time and the font looks small. :(

  25. Adam Capriola

    The advantage to physical media is that you feel like you are getting more for your money, even though you would be getting the same content online.

    I found software that can protect files well, I need to look into membership stuff tonight. The more well protected the content is though, the less likely people will be to make the effort to republish it. People are lazy. It takes more time to type a list than to copy and paste it.

    I am definitely planning to give free Underground stuff out…to launch I'll probably give people a free month trial period and throw some full Underground articles out from time to time.

    Shoot me an e-mail if you want to talk about other stuff (I still need to write that letter for you).

  26. Adam Capriola

    By the time I would find out about it and somebody potentially remove the content, it would have probably been viewed by plenty of people. I wouldn't want to get into a whole mess about contact mods about that kind of thing anyway. Once somebody pays to see something, they can do whatever they want with it.

  27. Takettsi Johnabaki

    Oh no! Trust me: you didn't sound like you were being “doubtful” or anything of the sort – I just figured it'd be a good idea to point out the finer details. If not to you, then it helps mentioning them either way.

    The pay model _works_, and it works especially well in Pokemon since the concept of paying for strategy hasn't caught on yet.

  28. Adam Capriola

    Thanks for the input man. :)

    The content contained in the articles will be top notch. I don't think most people realize how few really good players there are at this game. Most people are average at best.

    The few really good players have a lot of interesting things to say, I think everyone will really enjoy reading their work.

    You could spend hours combing through other forums and MAYBE finding some valuable information, but it's probably not worth your time. I used to do that and I would rarely find any golden nuggets. The really good people keep their lips sealed about the best strategies and lists.

    Also thanks for checking the site every morning. :)

  29. Adam Capriola

    Great points John…the content you guys will be getting is better than anything you can find anywhere.

    If I was still really actively playing I would post my lists and strategies on the site, but it is hard to manage this site and play at the same time. To get that stellar content you will have to pay some money, but for the people that want that kind of thing, I'll make sure it's worth it for you.

    And seriously think about how much you of a commitment most people make to the game already. You pay for cards, sleeves, gas money, take off work to spend weekends at tournaments…that's a lot of money and time!

    The cost for Underground will be small in comparison to what you already put into the game. I guarantee the hours the newsletter could save you from testing will be worth it.

  30. Adam Capriola

    I am definitely really thinking everything out. This won't be starting up until after Worlds anyway, so we have 2 full months to think about things. I'm just going to try and give weekly updates on what I am thinking.

    I would love to get Pooka to write but I haven't been able to get in contact with him.

    The magazine is really out of the question because of the price, I sure it would be super expensive. Plus there are relatively few people who would want to advertise in it; I can barely find anyone to advertise on here.

    BUT if it's something I did online, I could turn it into a magazine type format. I could save it as a PDF and distribute it. I might need software for that kind of thing, but we'll see. For now I'm going to keep it somewhat simple.

    Information also has a somewhat short shelf life in the TCG world, so a monthly magazine may hold little value.

  31. Adam Capriola

    I'm not a lawyer, but if I am compensating the writers well I'd hope they wouldn't post their articles elsewhere. It wouldn't be in their best interests because in the future maybe I wouldn't let them write if they did that.

  32. Adam Capriola

    lol I forgot what you won, I think I may have everyone else's dates wrong too. Will add your regionals win. :)

  33. Adam Capriola

    I would e-mail you the PDF or we'd be doing onsite protected content, so no worries…

  34. Adam Capriola

    Thanks for the comment Drew. I don't play the VG but what is Smogon exactly? It's just a forum right?

  35. Adam Capriola

    Yeah I don't know about copyrighting, I'm not a lawyer or anything. This isn't like confidential government information anyway…there is only so much that can be done.

    I expect (actually, encourage) people to share a subscription or go halfsies on single article purchases with a friend, this is a social game so you should have at least 1 friend to practice with. :)

  36. Thanos Prokopidis

    I'm not talking about competition between sites here, just the fact that if I write something, it belongs to me, I can use it however I want. If the writer is not committed to keep the article 6PUG-exclusive, they are free to post it anywhere, it's totally up to the them to decide whether to follow the logic route or the who-cares route.

    Of course I'm not talking specifically about you and Fulop, you were just exust examples, I don't even know you guys. ;)

  37. Takettsi Johnabaki

    _if I write for 6P Underground, then I will NOT post any exclusive content on Heytrainer unless I'm given explicit permission to_. I can't speak for Fulop, but since he did a very good job of respecting Drew Holton's old website when he wrote there, I'd expect nothing less than absolute confidentiality.

    As for the 6P/HeyTrainer dynamic…It's a little unusual: other than the occasionally passive wisecrack here or there (me drawing an “I Scoop” shirt parody as my HT avatar, Jason Chen calling “heytrainer.com” a weak website for strategy, etc), I don't think they've ever really sought to compete with one-another.

  38. Takettsi Johnabaki


    Well here's a compromise: if Adam puts “Admin of HeyTrainer.org” for me, then he can put “2010 Regional Champion” for you, lol.

  39. Will Youngblood

    I'm new to 6P but I find myself checking the site more often than not. I like reading the tournament reports and random articles but I tend to gravitate towards deck analysis and articles of similar nature. I play a little VG and this has been brought up before but smogon is an awesome website. It is a forum but it has a VERY detailed list of every pokemon. It goes in depth on stats and different move sets. It not only lists this information but explains how to use the pokemon and move sets effectively. I understand that it it hard to compare VG and TCG but if there was some way to compile articles or opinions of these respected players in this way I would be much more likely to pay. The only idea I have for this is doing it by pokemons name, every card in modified format, or by metagame decks and cards. I would love to see something along these lines on the website.

    That brings me to my next point. Because I personally like the idea of having an database like format on the website that means I'm partial towards having no newsletter or magazine but just having a protected “members only” portion of the website where this exclusive database and other articles (including tournament reports and what not) would be found. I don't know if anyone at all sees eye to eye with me on this but I figured I'd throw in my 2 cents to discuss pros and cons. I understand its harder to protect online content but it is also much more cost effective and probably more manageable for you [Adam]. Lets be honest if the site fails its because you [Adam] got tired of the upkeep, which would be completely understandable if you had to put together and mail newsletters while keeping up with the site itself. The option I am talking about would probably allow the writers to write articles or whatever it may be and post it directly to the site without directly involving you. I don't know if there is a way to give them that kind of access but if there isn't, worst case scenario is you have to copy and paste from an e-mail.

    Hoped this helped or at least brought up some discussion points! haha

  40. Drew Stillwell

    Yeah, but it's also got a “strategy pokedex” that has become arguably the best source of competitive pokemon strategy on the internet. Every pokemon (in every tier) has its own set of analysis and strategies, and they are constantly reviewed/updated as the metagame shifts and new sets are discovered.

    Smogon obviously started small, and got to be this big over a long period of time, which is why it has enough players to write up articles/analysis (for free!) and keep the site up to date.

    I don't even know if this is possible, given the short periods of metagames in the TCG (new sets every few months rather than new games every few years) but it would be sweet if 6p could try to be like that.

    just a thought

  41. Adam Capriola

    Interesting idea with the database comparison. I'm not totally sure that
    would work with the TCG just because things change very quickly.

    I guess the way to do it would be to just have a database of every cards and
    then list what decks it's played in and how it's used. Might be kinda cool,
    thanks for the input. :)

  42. Matthew Tidman

    You might even just require exclusivity. Say you have a month when the article is 6PUG-exclusive and then they are allowed to post it anywhere else they want to. Also after that month was over you could post it as a sort of preview on 6P-free as a “Hey! Look what UG subscribers are getting a month ago. You're so far behind now.”

  43. Adam Capriola

    Not sure yet, still trying to figure the price out.

  44. Will Youngblood

    yeah i like that idea. of course you could leave out commons/uncommons of pokemon that arent used often. if you were to mention these cards it would be under its evolution or mentioned in relevant decks. that would reduce the initial amount of work. If this actually happens or you seriously consider it. I would help out in developing some entrys. I dont know how i could unless i somehow can access it and fill in the tedious parts. i.e. retreat/weakness/attacks/ type/ HP. all of that stuff. cause we both know no one wants to hear my opinions on the cards hahaha. if you're ever interested in help with this or something else LMK

  45. Matthew Tidman

    Currently the way I think it works is that anything that is posted to the site is copyright of SixPrizes.com. Your helpful line of text at the bottom of every page ensures that without you having to do anything extra.

    However, anything written is also owned by the writer who has the ability to use it how they see fit. Now, right now I don't think there's anything that can be done about that because looking back through the submit an article page it's not discussed at all, but it would be very easy to add a block of text that said, “Upon submitting this article you agree to let SixPrizes.com publish your article. They have soul right of publish. Any reprinting must be approved in writing or via e-mail by the administrative staff of the SixPrizes.com. By clicking the “submit” button you agree to abide by these terms. If SixPrizes.com declines to publish your submitted article within a reasonable amount of time (a month, maybe?) all rights of publishing revert to the author.”

    Of course, the only reason to add such text would be to create a legal standpoint in case you wanted to take a writer to court over flagrant misuse of an article that they submitted in good faith. I honestly couldn't see something like that happening unless someone was wholesale ripping off the site, which is not impossible, but unlikely.

    I'm not a lawyer, just a graduated journalism major, so I may be somewhat off base here.

  46. Matthew Tidman

    I should have suggested this awhile ago, but just popped into my head.

    Does anyone remember TopDeck Magazine? Back when I was first getting into the card game (when there were only three sets released… I feel old), Wizards of the Coast did a magazine for all of the card games they put out. Usually there were a couple of good strategy articles for Pokemon, but my absolute favorite thing that TopDeck did was include a Pokemon TCG puzzle. You were given a game in progress and you had to figure out how to win the game by the end of your turn.

    It was a ton of fun an really required players to think critically about the game. I'd love to see something like that on 6PUG. I don't know if I could come up with ingenious puzzles, but if anyone was able to that would really awesome and definitely something I'd be interested in.

  47. Mewuk85

    Sweet those people will be great to hear from. cant wait. Whats the cost of plan b.

  48. Travis

    This is sort of a stupid idea but Ive seen similar stuff on other sites/forums.

    There could be some sort of “token” system. By token i mean a ticket or pass for the content.

    for example, say you want to read a write up of a winners decklist, that could be worth 2 tokens. Then a different article, lets say a tech list sort of thing, could be worth 1 token. I hate to put value on someones service as it can seem rude to make one more expensive then another, but then you could have a token buying system, where you buy them in bulk. say $2.50 for 5 tokens, $10.00 for 25, etc.

    and then on top of all of that, you could also have a yearly subscription so they have unlimited access to all of those.

    But back on to what i can contribute, id really love to design the magazine if that ever comes to fruition. I have a lot of experience in photoshop and would love to contribute to the community.


  49. Travis

    i also forgot to include the fact that tokens can be rewarded for article authors, and people who post well thought out posts on the forum.

  50. Jay

    Yea Diego is good, he's big in his country but he also has several Worlds Top cuts (at least 2 Top 8s)

  51. Collan Baker

    That TCG puzzle sounds so fun, haha I think I'd love that.

  52. Mees

    Also, i don't know how it works, but there is a way to make a webpage non-copypastable.

  53. Eelis Peltola

    Oo, something I wrote was important. :D It's great to help the community, even if it was something as small as giving ideas or making out points. You should try that too!
    # Jason Chen (Brain surgeon) <– Made me lol. And still, that guy's kudos just rose in my eyes(not that I'd know him in the first place, but brain surgeons are just cool).

    On a more serious note, I still don't know which one I like, Plan A or Plan B. I'd be more comfortable with B, if there just was a way to make the site non-copypastable.
    Also, Slowdog's idea of individual watermarks sounds good. You'd just have to make it really big or something, so that it'd be hard to take off.

  54. Slowdog

    Wow, these articles really suck, since they have nothing to do with the pokemon tcg. Well, hoping for something better tomorrow.

    Anyway, if you use a pdf i recommend making each one unique (ie. the one you send to PhatMonkey29 has his nickname watermarked).
    This makes it a lot harder to share without allowing you to know who the culprit is.

  55. Jean-Philippe Chen

    erm about that golden nugget thing Adam just said, would'nt it be wiser for the better players to keep thier lips sealed INSTEAD of posting it? I think it would be more beneficial to the author as in a TCG you always want the upper hand so it's better to have a few tricks up your sleeves.

  56. Adrien Boulet

    Too bad quality articles will be restrained to non-skilled people who are ready to pay in order to get the infos, while going to events or simply talking to people going to these events will get the same infos for free :(

  57. Adam Capriola

    Hahaha I couldn't remember what you've won, I know you've been killing it
    all year though.

  58. Rokman

    After abandoning this site after I saw a few questionable articles come up (pokegymers writing them) I'm actually intrigued by this idea.

    I'd prefer actual mailed newsletters. Just seems cooler.

  59. walker page

    i don't think people are going to pay for premium content. this site is really ugly. i wouln't.

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