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Hello! I have been a visitor to this site for quite some time and have decided to submit an article on a deck which I find to be interesting. I was looking through cards from MD-on the other day to see if there are any cards which might be fun to use when I stumbled upon Magnezone SF (Lightning). With a Poké-Power that seem to go well with Raichu HGSS as well as an attack that allows Magnezone to be switched with a benched Pokémon (and has the opponent switch his or her Pokémon if it does), I toyed around with the idea of a deck with Magnezone, Raichu and Spiritomb AR in it.

Before I move on to the strategy, below is the decklist:


3-2-3 Magnezone SF
2-2 Raichu (MD-HGSS)
4 Spiritomb AR
1 Uxie LA
1 Azelf LA
2-2 Claydol GE
2 Unown Q MD


4 Bebe’s Search
4 Pokémon Collector
3 Judge
2 Sunyshore City Gym
4 Pokémon Reversal
3 Expert Belt
2 Pokémon Communication
2 Rare Candy
1 Luxury Ball
1 Night Maintenance


6 L


pokemon-paradijs.comSpiritomb will be used as a starter for the trainer lock and to evolve the benched Pokémon early game. As the game progresses, Spiritomb acts as a trainer lock and with an Unown Q attached (or discarding a Lightning energy, which can be retrieved later on), is able to retreat to make way for Magnezone’s “Gyro Ball” attack. With an Expert Belt attached, Magnezone is able to deal considerable damage to the opponent’s setup.

As the opponent’s hand builds up with unused Trainer cards, Judge can be used to minimize his or her hand back to 4. Raichu can then be used to deal 120 damage with an Expert Belt attached without (as much) worries of the opponent being able to set up. By using Magnezone’s Poké-Power “Super Connectivity”, Raichu will be able to use its attack the next turn as well. As Raichu has no Retreat Cost, it also has the choice of retreating to use Magnezone’s attack instead and set up the Trainer lock again.

pokemon-paradijs.comSunyshore City Gym is used to prevent an auto-loss against Donphan decks, as any Lightning Pokémon’s attack is not affected by Resistance as well as having no Weakness. As Spiritomb will be the active Pokémon most of the time, more Supporter-based Pokémon search is used.

The rationale behind 3 Expert Belts is to have them attached to Magnezone and/or Raichu faster, as Magnezone’s “Gyro Ball” attack with an Expert Belt would deal 80 damage, which would 1HKO Pokémon usually seen in play such as Claydol and Uxie. Furthermore, an Expert Belt on Raichu would mean 1HKO-ing Garchomp C LV.X and Luxray GL LV.X, avoiding them from being Poké Turn-ed or healed from “Healing Breath”. Lastly, 4 Pokémon Reversals helps in bringing out Pokémon which can be 1HKO-ed.

That is it for this article! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Adam Capriola

    Oh man you're right, that totally slipped my mind when I was editing this. Yeah Alvin what were your intentions with this article?

  2. Karol Nowak

    Definitely, this is a pretty interesting idea. I seen a deck like this in Midwest Regionals, and it didn't do so bad. It certainly created a creative twist, especially on how Magnezone SF and Raichu make an interesting combo.

    As for the list, I think it is pretty solid. The only thing is, I'm not so sure if 2 Rare Candies will be enough to let you reach a Magnezone or Raichu faster, so I would run some BTS just in case.

    Other than that, the deck seems pretty good. Definitely it is a nice idea.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, that's right. Wasn't this article intended to be for MD-on? If that's the case, how come Claydol and Night Maintenance are in here?

  3. Derrick Li

    I believe he wanted to look at ideas for cards md-on not the decks.

  4. jconti

    I am a pokeparent who tried playing a Magnezone/Spiritomb/Raichu deck for Nats and am a decent player and the deck did miserably. It is very Pokepower dependent so it got demolished by a Dialga SP deck and also lost a squeaker to of all things an Ampharos deck when it was able to shut down my Pokepowers. Its a fun deck and hopefully you will be able to overcome these problems where I wasn't able to. You may want to add an Engineer's adjustment as both a drawer supporter and as a way of getting lightning energies in the discard pile.

  5. Perry Going

    this deck may be too slow without claydol. And also donphan will eat this deck alive.

  6. Jean-Philippe Chen

    theres spirittomb so theres no need for that many rare candies =O

  7. Jean-Philippe Chen

    advice:use magnazone x :O and run one metal. since you can use the power to bring it back and attach the single metal, it actually buys you 1 turn. And that can really help

  8. Karol Nowak

    That's why Sunyshore City Gym is in this deck. This stadium gives all lightning Pokemon no weakness, and resistance isn't applied to a Pokemon when a lightning Pokemon attacks. What this means is that Raichu and Magnezone won't be taken down in one hit by Donphan, and Raichu and Magnezone can hit the Donphan slightly easier than they usually can (Raichu and Magnezone bypass resistance because of Sunyshore).

  9. Sledd

    Engineer's seems like it may be good in this deck. I suggest putting in 2. I think that, if you put the right techs and stuff, get all of the supporters and trainer lines right, this deck can still compete with Dialga decks. Plus, this deck does have a little advantage of Dialga because both Raichu and Magnezone have -20 resistances to metal, which should help from being OHKO by Dialga.

  10. Sergio Ortiz

    Quite interesting, i've been playing this for a while back on 2009 city championships (obviously with raichu MT) now this raichu seems to be a better choice, nice article dude!

  11. alvin88

    Hi guys,

    I did initially tried using all cards from MD-on (Engineer's adjustments also used as draw power), but from trying out this deck, opponents with Claydol refresh their hands much faster. The conclusion that I arrived to was that I should be using Claydol in this deck until the rotation. Then, both the opponent and I wont have that advantage :P. With the release of the new set, perhaps a more efficient draw engine/combo is possible (such as the Raichu prime mentioned by Jason Windham?).

    Also, I was looking for ideas using cards which are legal past rotation. Almost gave a rogue deck in a previous article a go before I realized that one of the main cards used isn't MD-on.

  12. Alex Pike

    A very interesting article giving light on some unseen cards. Was brilliant to read. It's nice to see someone looking at Magnezone, I've been looking at them for a while in my folder but as have yet, not found a good use for them. Good to see someone has managed to figure something out with it :)

  13. jordan baker

    wow this deck could actually be really good, i'll have to do some testing of my own with it.

  14. Toby Woolner

    I really like the idea, 120 every turn is pretty sweet, keep up the good work.

  15. Tyron Ullman

    What I want to know is why I must care? I mean, not to say that what youve obtained to say isnt important, but I mean, its so generic. Everyones talking about this guy. Give us one thing much more, one thing that we can get behind so we can experience as passionately about it as you do.

  16. Lilian Sheldon

    Im not gonna lie, youve lost me here. I know that you just meant well and you clearly know what youre referring to, but I cant say that I get where youre coming from. In the event you want men and women to comprehend your points, you must consider the other side with the argument, too. Youve obtained a wealth of knowledge, Ill give you that. But, quite frankly, you turned me off with your tone.

  17. Annmarie Kepani

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