Egg-Meg: Optimism for new seasons

Hello everyone, Brit Pybas here. Now with the season being over for most, the vast majority of you are worrying about rotation, but fear not for I may have the solution for the MD-On season. I call it Egg-Meg and it has been sitting in your collections since HGSS.



3 x Chikorita
2 x Bayleef
3 x Meganium Prime
2 x Chansey PL
2 x Blissey Prime
2 x Uxie
1 x Uxie LV.X
1 x Azelf
1 x Chatot MD
2 x Crobat G
1 x Luxray GL
1 x Luxray GL LV.X

21 Total


3 x Pokémon Collector
3 x Bebe’s Search
4 x Cyrus’s Conspiracy
1 x Palmer’s Contribution
1 x Luxury Ball
3 x Pokémon Communication
1 x SP Radar
3 x Pokéturn
3 x Rare Candy
4 x Super Scoop Up

26 Total


4 Call
5 G
4 Double Colorless

13 Total

Now at first, this deck may look awful, but usually that’s how my ideas originally come across. Look at it a little closer and you’ll see the synergy. The whole deck revolves around the simple concept of keeping your main Pokémon alive and if you’ll look at the list, you’ll soon see how easy it gets the combo off.

pokemon-paradijs.comMeganium Prime
Most people wrote this card off when it came out. “The power is nice, but man, that attack could use some work” is a paraphrase of what I heard from my fellow league mates. Two Grass and two colorless may seem like a lot to ask for, but not if you can manipulate its power and let it live through the entire game.

Blissey Prime
I’ve always found this pink guy to be one loveable fluff ball Pokémon and I jumped at the opportunity to use him in a deck. Little did I know he would be a part of one of my greatest creations. Its attack isn’t great, but three colorless for 60 isn’t bad. It could kill a Garchomp C I suppose. Blissey is amazing simply for its power, “Blissful Nurse” which allows you to discard all energies off a Pokémon to fully heal it.

Now if a Pokémon takes three energies to attack, it doesn’t seem very practical to discard all of them for a simple heal, but here is where the synergy lies. You use “Energy-Trans” to move energies off Meganium, drop the Blissey and BAM. Suddenly your opponent has a fully healed Meganium to deal with. The deck runs four Super Scoop-Ups to make sure after you finish this combo you can immediately pick the Blissey back up and get ready for the next time you need to heal your precious Meganium.

pokemon-paradijs.comWith that in mind, I knew that I had a solid combo to work with. My next step would be to tech the deck. First with Claydol gone, I knew draw was going to be a problem. I pumped up my Uxie line and added the Level X, which should allow for quicker draw. Azelf was used to grab key Pokémon from prizes. Chatot was also thrown in there for bad starts and this cute little bird is not a bad starter. I knew I loved using the Cyrus engine from my previous decks, so I knew it could work here and Crobat Gs would be great for adding damage and they would allow me not to use Expert Belts. With them, I could 1-shot pesky Pokémon like the infamous Jumpluff.

Next I tried working with things like Garchomp C. LV.X and it was just a bit too hard to get off with Meganium needing the DCE. I thought another healer in the deck may add another layer of complexity to the deck, but it just didn’t work.

“Well if Garchomp didn’t work, try Luxray. He is best card in the format for a reason”
-Keelan Day, a fellow league member

pokemon-paradijs.comLuxray? Such a strange premise for a healing deck. Perhaps there were words of truth to my friend’s words. At first I was skeptical, but it turns out to work perfectly the with deck. Tanking with Meganium and having your Bench-sitters “Bright Looked” into the active makes it near impossible for your opponent to control the game. Luxray allows one to manipulate your opponent’s energy attachments and it lets Meganium kill the things they want alive.

There you have it. That’s Egg-Meg in a nutshell. I’ll admit, it’s no LuxChomp and no one will probably ever consider it to be the best deck in the format, but that’s ok with me. The deck is a total blast to play and has a ton of tricks up its sleeve. When your opponent first sees it, they’ll think you are a total scrub, but after you’re done beating them, they’ll be flabbergasted by its ingenuity. Feel free to discuss matchups and ask questions, and I’ll interject where I can with my own insights.

This last year wasn’t a great one for me. I had a lot of personal problems ranging from relationships to a near addiction to Smirnoff ICE, I nearly died in one of my biannual car crashes and I totally bombed Nationals, but with decks like Egg-Meg, I am somewhat optimistic. I do not know what the next set holds for the MD-On format, but I am confident that this deck should be able to hold its own with nearly anything. I hope you guys enjoy the deck and I hope to see you all sometime this season.

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  1. Chris Barrieau

    Hey doeigts =]

    I think this looks like a pretty fun deck to fight. I have a few questions to ask about this deck here, in terms of matchups, etc..

    1. I personally haven't tried using Chatot… And I also notice you have many supporters in your deck. You have an 11:15 Supporter/MiscTrainer ratio, which I find to be a little high? (But that's only in my opinion and based off the decks I like to play). If there's one thing I hate, it's getting stuck with a hand full of supporters and slowing down your individual turns and deck-scrolling. However, my favorite turnaround for that is Sableye SF. Most people use him for the Donk, but in decks where the donk cannot be taken fully advantage of, I think he's a great starter, simply because he goes first, and allows you to use a supporter from your deck. Sableye Impersonating a Pokemon Collector is, in my opinion, a very good start. (Its only weakness of course is Judge.) But my real question (sorry for ranting :P) is, what is your opinion on replacing Chatot with Sableye as a backup starter?

    2- With Meganium inflicting 80 damage per turn, in both early and late game, how does your deck fair up against other tankers such as T-Tar? I am definitely acknowledging Meganium's very high HP and Blissey's ability to heal up to 6 times per game. However, 80 damage isn't all THAT much (even though it is a nice blow) and against a tanker deck, I think you could have some trouble? What if you get unlucky with SSU's? What is your opinion on your constant damage output versus today's main tanker decks?

    3- How easily is Meganium taken down by Fire decks? And are there many fire decks in your area? (Mainly referring to the possibilities with Ninetails HGSS) (PS are there any pokemon with firestarter pokepower in MD-On? Firestarter: once per turn, attach a fire energy from your discard pile to one of your benched pokemon)

    Also, please know that in no way do I intend to say your deck is bad by finding its “bad parts” or something like that. I'm only trying to learn more about your deck and see how it is played, and if need be, how I can edit it to my liking if I ever decide to play it, and how that would turn out.

    Thanks =]

  2. Chris Barrieau

    :O Ho-shitz. You're right. That would indeed be quite the problem in a deck like this…. :S

  3. chrataxe

    Wow, that is a pretty cool combo. But, like espy 87 said, you can't move the DCE. That with only 5 grass energy…I don't know. 80 damage isn't too bad, there are a lot of decks that do that or less (Luxchomp) and others that do similar (Gyarados). Might want to consider a Shaymin (land) X for more life, combined with an expert belt, that boost your life to 210 and your attack to 100. My son used to do that with Torterra even before UL came out. It was hard to get rolling, but man it was hard to take down.

  4. Karol Nowak

    Man, this appears to be one very interesting deck. A deck using Megaium Prime looks pretty interesting. In fact, this deck appears to be the Meganium/Blissey combo. I always seemed to think that maybe a combo like this could do fine, and I think this article seems to show the potential it has. What I can say is that this is one very nicely written article. Great job writing it.

    My suggestions would be that since you seem to utilize Uxie Lv.X, you could try an Unown Q to make the retreating on the Uxie easier when you level up. Otherwise, that would be about it.

    Yep, nice deck and article. I enjoyed reading it.

  5. espy87

    seems like a fun deck.
    the only thing that is a downer for me is that you can't move the double colorless before you use blissful nurse

    blissey just never seems to work for me

  6. Chris Barrieau

    Hahaha that's true…. :P I think this deck could use some Life Herb. :P And yea, PowerSpray.. ouch. Considering this deck can only heal a max of 6 times, power spray could ruin this deck. Nice touch. =] :P

  7. Ed Mandy

    I (and my wife) used to run a deck based on this principle back in the day. It used Alakazam to move damage and Pokemon Center to heal it. When I saw Meganium and Chansey, I thought about building her a deck to exploit the same old idea. I thought she'd like the nostalgia of it.

    In fact, I ran an Alakazam/Center deck in an unlimited event earlier this year. I wrote an article about it and even mentioned the Meganium/Chansey bit in a comment.
    Here: Unlimited Alakazam Chansey Pokemon Report

    I never got around to building it, so thanks for making the idea into a reality. I'll have to mess around with it and see how it goes. My wife might play some cards with Team Omar tomorrow night, so maybe I'll surprise her with this.

  8. Karol Nowak

    But it is a good thing that this deck is running 4 Double Colorless Energies at least.

  9. Chris Barrieau

    Hmm… True… But couldn't you simply get rid of this problem by running more Grass energy in addition to the DCE? That way, you use a GG-DCE to fuel your tank, heal it when you need it, and re-attach DCE's, but also while you're doing this, keep attaching Grass energy when you get a chance. That way once you reach 4 Grass, you won't be discarding energy anymore. =]

  10. Raizar

    I think this deck can have a lot of potential and this was a very good article to show that this can be a fun combo. I think Shaymin X can be a nice tech, give Meganium Prime 190 HP or even 210 with Expert Belt. The new Vileplume that locks trainers could also help against Power Spray when facing SP.

  11. Robpamrobjes

    To fix your dce problem with Blissey, attach your dce after you use blissey's body so u don't waste any dce.

  12. Martin Garcia

    Mmm i see a problem with the luxray, since you dont run any switch nor warp point, how do you plan to retreat megan to lv up either uxie or luxray?
    You should consider adding a few of those, warp energies, or at least an uknown Q, since you cant be wasting DCE to retreat all the time.
    Also, as some ppl here said, seriously consider shaymin land forme, +40 extra hp is absolutely awesome, specially in a deck that can heal like this one, and since we are at that, 1 or 2 expert belt here would do wonders.
    Since you dont run BTS (which i think you should) maybe try to max out the candies, and drop at least 1 cyrus, its not that needed in this deck.
    Other than that, nice concept, and well written article, try to work it a little, and lets see what happends.

  13. George Win

    WOW! Doeigts hit a home run this time! This creation maybe just as good as your “Gengar C” States winning deck, or the “Chicken Boo” decklist everyone and their mothers were talking about at nationals. While I feel sorry for your bad luck and challenges this season, I honor you for being able to STILL provide the pokemon community with helpful insite. I know I'm going to try this out, because while I am skeptical, I built your Gengar C decklist and found it was probably close to the BDIF. Maybe “Egg-Megg” will give me the same results :)

    BTW Are you going to the TCG World Championships in Kona, Hawaii? I saw you at nationals but was too shy to introduce myself. I regret that decision as you are in my book regarded as an amazing rouge player, and would love to get to know you. Hopefully I see you there, a player of your caliber deserves and hopefully will be in Hawaii.

  14. Collan Baker

    I knew this was going to happen. People constantly write off every single idea because of a single card.
    If everyone is so scared of powerspray then why run uxie?

  15. Chris Barrieau

    …Yea but there are other situations where you will need to attach DCE before you use the power in order to reach the four-energy requirement. Furthermore, Blissey's healing is a power, not a body. It makes a big difference. Bodies are ongoing effects. Powers you activate on the spot and use at specific times.

  16. Kyle

    BDIF= Best Deck in Forma(Almost posted the deck without the e but with an I)

  17. Chris Barrieau

    Oooh ok. thank you. =] Any idea what the Chicken Boo deck is though? o3o

  18. Anthony Desiata

    lol im playing toolbox so i can stop uxies… haha power spray is an amazing card in the right hands.

  19. Duane Johansen

    I ran a deck like this for a city championship. The problem was that there wasn't enough bench space to always be able to do what I needed to do. I'd drop the Crobat G's and Turns for that reason and add some more grass energy.

    I ran it with Shaymin X to max out the tanking capabilities, but it took too much to get set up for it to be really effective. Good luck with your list, though.

  20. Duane Johansen

    One can tech in Metapod to remove the fire weakness.

  21. tim h

    for the record, you can move as many grass energies as you want per turn. That means power spray does nothing. Of course you mean uxie, but every deck is damaged by power spray.

  22. Anthony Desiata

    you dont spray the magain you spray the blissey and make him flip for ssu and such.

  23. Alex Pike

    Or just a guy whose sexiness is too great for you to comprehend ^^

  24. knowng

    How about adding roserade from unleashed so that you can hit them with status effects when you play energy and then just move the energy where you need it with leaf trans. If you did this I would drop the dce for rainbow energy so that when you drop it on roserade they are poisoned and confused at once. You can move the rainbow energy with leaf trans too. To fit this in I would drop the luxray line and without luxray you dont need the dce for retreat because you wont need to retreat as much. Just an idea but this deck seem pretty good and like a lot of fun. Gengar C was awesome I played it at nats and it got me to top 128. Keep up the originality!

  25. Karol Nowak

    Hmmmmm….interesting point. It looks like that idea can work out pretty well too.

  26. Karol Nowak

    Well, remember, you may not always go against SPs. Uxie is still nice for drawpower. In other decks like Machamp or Gengar, you probably won't be seeing any power sprays. Plus, if you want to use Uxie more effectively, you can use the Lv.X. The Lv.X also has a very nice Poke-power, and it won't be that easy to power spray as its Poke-power is easier to use.

  27. Collan Baker

    First off, my comment about Uxie was sarcasm directed at the previous poster.
    Second, “you may not always go against SPs” is exactly what my point was.
    Third, Uxie lv. X's Poke-power is not “easier to use”, in fact it's harder to use considering you have to get the X active before using it, and usually the one card you get from it isn't worth a Spray.

  28. Karol Nowak

    Oh, O.K, now I see. I didn't really know your comment was really just sarcasm. Looks like maybe I should read more carefully next time.

  29. Chris Barrieau

    But Rainbow energy states that it provides every colour of energy, while it is already attached. It is not a grass energy. So playing it from your hand doesn't count as attaching a G or P energy.

  30. Luke Santos

    Because the attacks take quite a few energy blissful nurse is not very helpful.

  31. eli moses

    eveelutions is going to be big after the format 2 because of the espeon and the new leafeon

  32. Chris Barrieau

    Oh? Cool! T hanks for letting me know about this, man! =]

  33. mewuk85

    Blissy prime what a nasty card on both ends. depends on how u use i rite.

  34. Tyler Coles

    I have been playing a deck really similar deck and people at my league called it a rougue deck. Do you know if it is considered a rougue deck? I dont think it is, but they sure do. Now time for how well it plays. The only problem I ever have with deck is that the Trainer/Supporter ratio is quite high. Does anyone know what I can do to get around this? Other wise it is good after 3-4 turn set up, which may seem high, but actually it isn't that bad, because you can heal until your fully set up with blissey. I also play this deck at my weekly local tournament, and I have Top Cut the last 5/8 weeks with 1 being 1st place 3 2nd place and 1 fourth place, which I think isnt half bad considering that there are 3 people at my locals that are going to worlds. Too bad I cant go this year. I missed qualifying by 4 spots. :( Maybe next year. ^_^

  35. Peter Lo

    1. Warp Point? Otherwise how are you going to get out your Luxray GL? Yes, Warp Point is from MD.
    2. I've explored the same idea before (DP-on, and no Luxray), and what I found was rather than scooping the Blissey, why not just scoop the Meganium?

  36. matt mona

    i really dont think tis deck is worth it just use low energy attacker like gyrados doing no energy for 90

  37. applepeel

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  39. Shaina Harmeyer

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